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2007 July

I have a Diamond Heart

What ifs – What if the Armageddon type predictions (End Times, 2012, Nibiru, etc) are just Thoughtforms

Please don’t feed the Negs


Reiki: Universal Healing Energy. Heal Yourself. Heal the World.

2007 August

On Using Reiki to Heal Past Life Issues

All-Purpose E-Z Incantation of Invocation & Invitation for Sublime Divine Felicitous Facilitation of Angelic (and Other) Assistance

Shielding with Archangel Michael’s Pillar of Light

This Planet is Programmed to Self-Destruct!

a thought for the day

The Voices In My Head Tell Me to Drink Water

Basic Psychic Shielding

Starchild Global’s Latest: ‘Crossing the threshold Activating the Infinity Codes Energies for August 2007′

A Note On Communicating With Spirit Allies – You don’t have to hear them for them to hear you

Book Review “MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program”

Who Ya Gonna Call? Archangel Michael!

Celestial Energy Transmissions and Attunements: The Perseid Meteor Shower (Updated)

A Few Thoughts on Karma

Things I Wouldn’t Touch With a 10 Foot Pole (Or Who Ya Gonna Call Part II)

Soul Retrieval

Custom Energy Transmissions & Attunements

Laying on of Paws: Attuning Pets to Reiki

Book Review: ‘The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka’

How to Channel Healing Energy Without Reiki

Heal the Earth: Offering Reiki to Nature Spirits

Too Much of a Good Thing

Soul Retrieval II: Reconnection

Make A Reiki Box For Mulitple Distance Healing

Starchild Global Earth Log August 2007: The Shift is Here…Celebrate…and Walk in Trust

Regarding Yourself With Loving Kindness

The Moment of Your Soul’s Creation: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Daily Exorcizes: All-Purpose Energy Clearing Invocation *Includes Spirit Releasement aka Exorcism

‘Ascending Together…No One gets left behind’ Celia Fenn Earth Log August 25, 2007

Soul Retrieval: Return to Sender

Empowering Affirmations With Reiki

Healing Your Birth and Conception: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Healing Old Injury: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Celia Fenn Aug. 31: Choosing Simplicity and Creative Compassion…and Releasing “Addictions” to Suffering

2007 September

Celia Fenn Energies for September 2007 Endings & Beginnings & Your Responsiblities in the New Energy

Free Reiki Attunement Sites

Clearing and Shielding Your Home A Process by Amorah Quan Yin

5th Dimensional Heart Chakra Activation with Master Jesus channeled by Michelle Eloff

Starchild Global Earth Log 6th September : The Intensity Increases… and remembering John Denver

StarchildGlobal ‘Navigating Multi-Dimensional Reality: Tools For A New Way Of Living’

Just When I Thought That I Was Out They Pull Me Back In

Aligning With The Highest Possible Future Earth

Ghosts Are Not Pets

You must save yourself before you can save others

Send Reiki To Your Highest Future Self & Future Earth: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Celia Fenn: Ascension Shock & The Deep Healing of the Human Heart

9/11 Eclipse: A Portal Opens for Release of Collective Trauma

Lunar/Solar Eclipse doorway

Celestial Energy Transmissions & Attunements: Ceres

Connect With Your Inner Child: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Releasing Karmic Vows & Agreements

Starchild: New Earth Healing Techniques for the 21st Century

How to get rid of songs and jingles stuck in one’s head: A Reiki Healing Experiment

5th Dimensional Base Chakra Activation with Lord Hilarion via Michelle Eloff

Reiki Balloons: A Reiki Healing Experiment

When I Was Big And You Were Little: Spontaneous past life recall in children

Starchild Global Earth Log Sept 20 The Ongoing Energies…and a New Adventure for all of us

Self-Healing to Reduce Overload

Healing Repetitive, Habitiual, Reflexive, or Obsessive Thoughts & Worries: A Reiki Healing Experiment

All Heaven is Breaking Loose!

Sometimes spiritual expansion is such a pain in the neck…

Healthy Fear: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Connect With Your Higher Self, Guides & Higher Powers: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Reiki Showers: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Magdalene Flame Activation & Ceremony of Fire

Goddess Venus and Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff

October 2007

StarchildGlobal Energies for Oct 2007: The Awakening of the Planetary Heart and Ascension to New Earth Consciousness

Please put me out of work before I even get started

Healing Your Original 8 Cells: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Organ Transplants and Cellular Memories

Thought for the day

If you have trouble waking up even after a good sleep….

Is it time to take responsibility for humanity’s psychic pollution of the Earth?

StarchildGlobal Living in the New Earth You & Your Cyrstalline Body: Part I

StarchildGlobal You & Your Crystalline Body Part II

StarchildGlobal You & Your Crystalline Body Part III: Coping with Ascension Symptoms

DNA Healing: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Love Your Mother’s DNA: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Heal Your Ascendents (Ancestors): A Reiki Healing Experiment

Lady Mary Magdalene – Planetary Grid Activation

A Few Suggestions On How To Cope With Incoming Energies

StarchildGlobal EarthLog Oct 7, 2007 The Creation matrix & the Adventure Principle

Group Reiki Healing Experiments

MerKaBa Balloons: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Reiki Showers with a Chakra Bath : A Reiki Healing Experiment

New Earth, New Life Anchoring Channelling with Master Kuthumi and Mary Magdalene

You Are The Chosen One With Special Powers & Abilities!

Sirian & Pleadian Group Anchoring of New Morphogenetic Field Experiment

World Peace in 60 Seconds: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Responsibility and vows, agreements and karmic contracts

5th Dimensional Throat Chakra Activation from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff

5th Dimensional Third Eye Chakra Activation

‘Your Role in the Ascension Process’ Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

Anchoring the 5 Fold-Flame in the Astral Body channeling via Michelle Eloff

Heal the Ley Lines: A Reiki Healing Experiment

On reluctance to take back personal power including psychic abilities

5th Dimensional Crown Chakra Activation with Lord Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

22:22 Star Gate Anchoring from Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

A Well Placed Cho Ku Rei Can Work Wonders

Heal Your Life Year by Year: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Send Reiki The Future: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Accelerated Past Life Clearing w/Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

12 Pathways of Destiny & Accelerated Planetary Emotional Body Matrix Clearing w/ Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

Star Goddess Li-Ha & the 7 Pleiadian Goddesses of Starlight Star Code Activation via Michelle Eloff

Healing Request: Fires in S. California, USA

StarchildGlobal Earth Keepers and Ocean Keepers: Creating the Paradise Earth

Bringing humanity, the Earth, and all beings into balance

Starchild Fires, Full Moon and Point Zero….the point of the Great Shift

Mary Magdalene channeled though Michelle Eloff Feb 25, 2005

Water Consciousness Global Water Healing Program

Entity Detachment & Advanced Transmutation through Sacred Geometry. Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians

Rainbow Bridge of Ascension a Message From Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

StarchildGlobal Earthlog Oct. 28th : The Joy and Compassion Choices

StarchildGlobal: Finding the “Point of Power” and Activating the Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Changes Channeling from Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

Healing Request: Tropical Storm Noel in the Gulf of Mexico

Starchild Energies for Nov. The Great Shift of 2007: Awakening Human Angels to the Light and Joy of the Creative Process

Helping Those Who Have Crossed the Veil: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Healing Request: Volcano Mt Kelud E Java Indonesia, Flooding in Mexio

ON 11:11:11 Act for Peace

12th Dimensional God/Goddess Consciousness Activation and Anchoring by Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

New Earth Grid Anchoring in Dubai Oct 22-2007 via Michelle Eloff

Healing Request: Mr Kelud; Tabasco, Mexico; Carribean islands

The Path to Global Peace Starts in Your Heart

The Wave of Love ~video~

A Fulfilled Negative Prophecy is a Failed Prophecy

Healing Request: Storm Surge in North Sea Expected in UK, Netherlands, Germany

Fault Lines, Hot Spots, & Divergent Boundaries: A Reiki Healing Experiment

11-11 A Prayer for Peace

Starchild 11:11 : The Diamond Grid and the “Sacred Heart” of the Planet

The Rainbow Warriors ~ video ~

Healing Request: Oil Spills in Azov Sea, SanFran Bay USA, more

Healing Request: Cyclone Sidr @ Category 3

Weather Working: Keeping & Restoring the Balances Between All Life

11:11 Stargate Energy Anchoring Experiment

Planetary Healing Request: Cyclone Sidr Aims @ Kolkata (Calcutta)

DailyOM on Playing Mind Games

Intension setting, Manifestation, Abundance gridding and Creating your day

Planetary Healing Request: Earthquake 7.7 in N. Chile, Cyclone Sidr

11:11 New Earth Portal Activation by Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

Planetary Healing Request: Cyclone Sidr, Earthquakes in S. America

Reiki Re-Attunements

7:7 Gateway & Magic, Miracles, Abundance Manifestation Channelling

Starchild Earthlog Nov 18th The Earth Awakens to the Light…..the Increasing Light Velocity, the Turbulence and the Intensity of our Passions

Psychopomp – Assisting Others Across the Veil: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Starchild Earthlog Nov 21st Dreaming Peace for the Whales of Planet Earth

Psychopomp – Assisting Others Across the Veil: A Reiki Healing Experiment

5D Crown and 3rd Eye Combo Activation Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

The Power of Gratitude and Blessing

Healing the Wounds of History JFK: A Reiki Healing Experiment

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