StarchildGlobal EarthLog Oct 7, 2007 The Creation matrix & the Adventure Principle

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I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and the
channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find
them so as well!

Diamond Heart

by Celia Fenn

October 8th: The Creation Matrix and the Adventure Principle:
October continues to be a time of pressure and change for all of us. As we move into balance within ourselves and move onto the new Creation Grid or matrix, we are being urged to release and let go of all our old energy programs and beliefs. For if we do not, we will continue to create these distorted patterns, and will not be able to reach the frequency or level of the new energy grids.

You cannot be in the New Earth energy and continue to create in a distorted way. That is why so many people are having to confront their own old energy patterns of distortion right now. As the Magdalena grids clear and come “online”, those who have been using the old “feminine” patterns are having to confront what I would call their “victim” dramas. These are those creations where you star as the tragic victim of other people’s actions and feelings. Of course, these are your own creations, and you have to take responsibility for setting others up to be the “abusers” so that you may play the victim.

This energy was made very clear to me in the past week on my trip to Montsegur in France. This was the place where the Catholics wiped out the Cathars, and firmly set the “victim/abuser” energy into the Earth’s grids as they closed down the Feminine grid, except for the “victim” energy which was a distortion of the power of the Magdalena grid which carried the energy of the Divine Feminine. From this moment flowed the energy of the witch hunts and the persecution of the Feminine principle, as it manifest in its intuitive and spiritual power. It is this old and traumatized energy that is being released from the Earth grids right now as the Feminine principle returns in all its Solar Power.

How does one best handle these feelings and energies as they whirl around right now in the process of releasing and healing and clearing. Well, Archangel Michael speaks of the skills of Creating in Balance and of using the “Adventure Principle”. When you create from a Heart that has balanced the Masculine and Feminine, and where both are equally powerful, then you will have no distortions. And, when you see life as an adventure in which you can play and have fun, you will avoid the need for manipulative emotional dramas as a way of creating with others.

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Diamond Heart

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