Just When I Thought That I Was Out They Pull Me Back In

Posted on September 6, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Archangel Michael, Attachments, Cleansing Techniques, Energy Cleansing, Psychic Hygiene, Thoughtforms |

It is so very easy to get sucked back into the habits of fear and worry. I drag myself up out of my own whirlpool of fear only to fall into the latest fear du jour on the evening news (Flesh Eating Bacteria! Shark Attacks! Internet Predators! Internet Predators Infected With Flesh Eating Bacteria Attacked by Sharks!) or dramas of those around me. Before I know it I break out worry warts the size of the Himalayas. dang.

With practice it gets easier to get out of the fear traps and better yet not fall in them to begin with. Grounding and shielding is vital. Never underestimate the power of group mind. Disconnect from those group thoughtforms by cutting cords. If you do Reiki try using SHK and Raku to cut connections. Call on Archangel Michael and the Defender Angels to transmute the negative energies in those fear thoughtforms and help you be healed of what ever vulnerability that allowed you to get hooked to begin with.

You may find like me that it is not just your own issues rearing their ugly heads. Try these techniques and if you are still wound up it really is your issue. Personally I found many times it was a combination of me and other’s stuff. It is so much easier to take on my issues when I am not trying to heal something I can’t because it wasn’t me.



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