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A Well Placed Cho Ku Rei Can Work Wonders

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Reiki symbols are a useful way of focusing intention. Cho Ku Rei can be used is so many ways.

Draw it on your walls and the center of a room to break up and clear harmful, stagnant energy and just generally purify the atmosphere.

Do the same in person or from a distance drawing Cho Ku Rei & Sei Hei Ki on the boundaries of your property so that only that which is of the Light may cross the property line.

Draw it above your chakras and drop it in (visualize it gently floating into the chakra like a feather falling through the air) to clear blockages and transmute negativity. I have found it very useful this way for headaches.

Draw if over your food (or under the table aimed at your food) to improve it’s vitality.

Use it to clear and charge your crystals and gemstones.

Use it (& Sei Hei Ki) on your phone, TV and computer to reduce energy pickup from others.

Draw it on the shield you coat your aura with. I like to place it front, back, right, left, above, and below.

Draw it on your hands before treating to reduce energy pick up either way between you and the person you are treating. Do the same after plus draw Raku between you to clear the connection that did form for the purpose of treatment so it won’t continue after.

Clear your aura by sweeping your hands over it with the intention of collecting harmful energies as if you were dusting an object then draw Cho Ku Rei to transmute what you have collected on your hands. I have cleared other’s auras and then rolled the energy into a ball and placed it in their hands to demonstrate the amount of harmful energy they pick up in normal circumstances and the importance of clearing it. Then I draw Cho Ku Rei in their hands to transmute the psychic gunk instantly.

Experiment and find other uses for this and the other symbols. Remember Reiki truly cannot harm it simply will not work if it is not needed or refused or in excess of what is needed.


Diamond Heart

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A Few Suggestions On How To Cope With Incoming Energies

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1 Water – drink as much as you comfortably can without adding anything more than a bit of fruit juice. Artificial flavorings and fake sugars are especially no-nos. If you can’t stop using such limit it as much as possible.

2 Move – walk, dance, exercise in any way you enjoy. If all else fails walk laps around your living room or shut the curtains, turn on some good music and dance like a little kid who doesn’t care that it’s moves are not correct or that someone might think it silly. Dance bad On PURPOSE!!! Do not over do though! This isn’t about pushing yourself to the limit. it is about good health!

3 Eat Good Food – eat the best diet you can afford. avoid chemicals as much as possible. eat reasonable amounts of protein. avoid junk food or at least limit it as much as possible. It isn’t healthy to over or under eat. And it still isn’t healthy to eat a whole bag of chips just because it is organic ;-p

4 Practice Energy Work – If you already do Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation or similar practice good! keep it up and if you feel the call take it to the next level of practice. If not find one that suits you and start doing it regularly.

5 Psychic Hygeine – practice grounding and shielding regularly. Shield yourself, your home, and vehicle to filter out negativity letting only the tiniest bit to let you know if there is ever anyone or anything you should be avoiding. Clear your own energy and home. Use smudge, music, Reiki (a few CKR can work wonders), ask guides for help. Don’t forget the land below your home and any public areas near by which are fair game for clearing without permission.

6 Work With Your Guides & Allies – Remember you don’t need to sense or hear them to get their help! Keep talking asking them for help. I always ask when I think they might be able to assist saying something like ‘please help with this situation if you can and if not thanks for listening!’. Eventually you will learn a method that suits you for communication whether it is via a pendulum, gentle impressions on your mind you previously dismissed, automatic writing or something else.

7 Self-Attunements – ask your guides and any other beings of divine light and divine love who have your highest good as their intention to infuse you with whatever energies serve your highest good at this time including anything that will help you adjust to all the energy changes. If you have a particular request for help say “if possible I wish to heal this problem or release this issue’. Currently I feel most people are and will continue to have more trouble adjusting to the energy changes instead of violent weather and earthquakes.

And I suspect that the more of us become properly acclimated to the more powerful energy frequencies the less effect it will have on the physical plane. Think of it this way – if one gets one’s back adjusted by a chiropractor or an osteopathic doctor there is more crunching involved the futher out of wack one’s physical form is in. Yet if one’s vertebrae move back in before the treatment means less crunching. I am doing my best to get my vertbrae into proper position so when the Great Earth Adjustment occus it will only be a gentle little adjustment 🙂

oh one more thing – dry brushing before bath or shower is wonderful. Just rub down as vigorously or as gently as you like with a bath brush before getting in. Also salt rubs are nice. Again rub down as vigorously or gently as you wish but with epsom salts. If you channel Reiki send yourself it as you do it.

Diamond Heart

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Just When I Thought That I Was Out They Pull Me Back In

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It is so very easy to get sucked back into the habits of fear and worry. I drag myself up out of my own whirlpool of fear only to fall into the latest fear du jour on the evening news (Flesh Eating Bacteria! Shark Attacks! Internet Predators! Internet Predators Infected With Flesh Eating Bacteria Attacked by Sharks!) or dramas of those around me. Before I know it I break out worry warts the size of the Himalayas. dang.

With practice it gets easier to get out of the fear traps and better yet not fall in them to begin with. Grounding and shielding is vital. Never underestimate the power of group mind. Disconnect from those group thoughtforms by cutting cords. If you do Reiki try using SHK and Raku to cut connections. Call on Archangel Michael and the Defender Angels to transmute the negative energies in those fear thoughtforms and help you be healed of what ever vulnerability that allowed you to get hooked to begin with.

You may find like me that it is not just your own issues rearing their ugly heads. Try these techniques and if you are still wound up it really is your issue. Personally I found many times it was a combination of me and other’s stuff. It is so much easier to take on my issues when I am not trying to heal something I can’t because it wasn’t me.


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Soul Retrieval

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A person’s spirit can fragment from trauma. Usually the fragment(s) will leave the body sometimes retreating to a safe place in spirit realm, others get stuck in the place of trauma. Sometimes fragments get stuck in other people. Sometimes this even happens though a love connection, friend, family, or romantic, where one or both people give fragments to the other. Think of all those who say they feel as if part of them died with the loved one. And still other times not all of the soul can fit into the body in a lifetime. At times the body is not energetically strong enough to hold that much of the soul so the more high voltage bits must wait until an incarnation occurs where the physical form is suitable. For example I have an bit from a starseed lifetime waiting right now for me to heal enough for it to integrate with the current me. One more thing.

Additionally people commonly leave personal energy behind in places they spend a lot of time at, experienced trauma, or simply loved being there. Have you ever noticed how the energy changes as you live or work in a place for a time or how it shifts when there is a new co-worker? BTW beds are the worst for collecting harmful energies because people tend to discharge it strongly as they sleep. Always be sure to clear a strange bed before sleeping in it.

To start regaining any missing pieces simply ground, shield, and ask your guides to retrieve soul or personality fragments, personal energy or anything else that is YOU, take it to a safe place for cleansing, healing and repair as needed, and once it is ready and you are ready ask it to be gently reintegrated into your current being. Do whatever self-healing practices you know to prepare for the re-integration and keep asking your guides for help with this. You may feel your energy shift right away as your fragments are retrieved before anything is rejoined to you.

While I don’t think the personality bits and energy is as important as the soul parts I noticed a significant change when I started asking for those things to be recovered as well. Places that I lived before that I remembered with excessive longing have only a wistful hold on me now. I feel less out of sorts when returning home after visiting relatives. Sometimes I deliberately, consciously infuse a tiny bit of my personal energy in the room I am staying at to make it more comfortable for the duration and remove it before I go.

I had come across references in soul retrieval in several books and experienced several spontaneous soul fragment returns during bodywork. What triggered me to try it on myself was reading “Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness” by Shakuntala Modi a psychiatrist. She helped her clients though hypnosis not neoShamanism. It was a facinating, and at times creepy, read. Unfortunately google books does not have an excerpt. If you are interested in reading this book check your local library or try worldcat here and try for an interlibrary loan.

Soul Retrieval II: Reconnection

Soul Retrieval: Return to Sender releasing soul fragments you have collected


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Things I Wouldn’t Touch With a 10 Foot Pole (Or Who Ya Gonna Call Part II)

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I fear I may have not recommended enough caution to be used in my previous post when dealing with stronger negs. I have met people who are willing to trust in their good intentions and some white light to go ahead and tackle a probable demonic possession themselves. Intention is powerful, white light is powerful but you won’t know if it is powerful enough without trying it out and I prefer the way of caution. Unless I have been trained in something that could cause harm by qualified teacher I won’t do it. In those cases I call in someone qualified whether human or spirit being to take it on. But then even if I was not a natural cautious fuddy duddy in the case I mentioned in the previous post with the suspected possession I was corded by the entity and people could physically take a hold of it. Once I was done panicking I called on Archangel Michael who removed the cord and eventually the entity. I had to ask almost every day for a week before I got a message that it was gone it was so strong and dug in.

Before attempting to deal with a tough thoughtform, attachment, or entity double check and ask your guides if it is safe for you to deal with it directly. Even if it is safe remember ground, shield , ask your guides (and Michael if you wish) for protect before doing anything. If it is not safe ask all beings of divine light and divine love willing and able to help, including Archangel Michael, to deal with it. Ever since the encounter I had with that entity I have asked every day several times per day for help removing anything harmful including entities, energies, thoughtforms, entities, implants, cords, etc. from everyone and everything I have the right to ask to be cleared. Then I ask for everyone and everything involved to be healed every which way possible including to the source of the problem, meaning what ever it was that allowed the negative thing to set up housekeeping in the first place. Finally I ask the harmful things be cleansed, healed, transmuted to positive energy, taken to a place where it can do no more harm until it is healed or if absolutely necessary and for the highest good of all beings annihilated.

I try to cover as many bases as possible so as much harmful stuff gets cleared in one go. I keep asking for all of this because I know that people keep creating negative thoughtforms unconsciously making them out of bad habits including thought patters such as “I will never get a good job, house, etc”. Then I look at the state of the world and I figure there must be some pretty nasty thoughtforms at work or being created there as well. The more harmful energies that are transmuted to positive the better.

When it comes to releasing stuck spirits who are not intentionally harmful it is still good for a bit of caution. They might strike out in fear managing to do a bit of damage. I admit I am a wimp. I don’t want to deal with even a triggered migraine if i can help it. If I suspect or know a person hasn’t crossed over after death I ground, shield, ask for protection, then ask my guides to call in the person’s guides to help it finally cross over. I offer Reiki to the guides and let them do their thing. Some thing it fun to have a ghost around the house. I think it cruel to leave a person stuck when they did not consciously choose that mode of existence. I don’t force spirits to cross over unless they are harmful. As I said before I call in all beings who have their highest good as their intention to help the person realize what state they are in so they can choose. Please don’t treat spirits like these as pets. They are people and deserve the same respect and dignity an ill and injured human being still in a body gets.

I have a bit more to say on soul retrieval and similar but this is getting a bit long so I will post this for now.


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Who Ya Gonna Call? Archangel Michael!

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Archangel Michael is the go to guy for dealing with all sorts of psychic nastiness. He will cut cords, exorcise entities, remove and destroy thoughtforms and egregores, transmute negative energy, help confused spirits cross over, help you shield, and much more. Ask and he will help you as much as he can. He is an extraordinary protector and defender. Call on him to protect your sensitive child’s dreams and he will stop nightmares picked up from others. Heck as him to help you shield your senses when you sleep and see how much more rested you feel in the morning without picking up on every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s trials and tribulations as they exude misery as they slumber. Everyone releases energies when they sleep so reinforcing your shielding beforehand is extremely helpful whether you call on Archangel Michael or not.

There are many often involved and detailed ways of clearing harmful things oneself. I confess to being lazy for I call on Archangel Michael to help me with these things all the time. It is quicker and undoubtedly much more effective than me mucking around trying to figure out how to perform an exorcism on an acquaintance showing distinct signs paranormal weirdness and who is more apt to think me ready for the looney bin than herself having an unfriendly visitor in her head. With less serious problems I do what I can on my own and then asking Michael to deal with the rest. When dealing with the stronger negs I have been advised to leave it all to him and other powerful beings of the light. If you ever encounter something you suspect is a possession or negative haunting ask Archangel Michael to remove it taking it to a place where it can do no more harm and if possible can be healed. Call in all beings of divine light and divine love to heal the de-possessed person especially that which allowed the neg to move in and set up housekeeping to begin with. This is one of the very few situations where i have not needed to get permission from the person being healed.

For removal of harmful cords or anything else simply ask Archangel Michael and your allies for their removal, healing, and transmutation of the negative energies. I don’t like to leave harmful energies lying around for the unknowing psychics among us to encounter and that might be of use to negative entities. Also negative energy can be like garbage attracting scavengers who will make the mess worse even though they are not capable of serious harm. Back to de-cording. Cords can be stubborn to remove returning again and again. Cut them three times per treatment for Body, Mind and Spirit. Sometimes this is due to karmic agreements so always ask for help releasing all karmic contracts that cause you harm starting with the cords. There are also cords that do not just transmit loving connections but negative emotions and physical illnesses of loved ones. Ask Michael and your allies to cut those that cause you harm if you wish to maintain the loving cords but check for regrowth due to habit or the wish to spare the loved one suffering. IMO it is not wise to take on others sufferings except as an occasional act and only when you know how to transmute and cope with the energy safely. It is better to help people learn to deal heal themselves as much as possible. Teach them the tools to deal with the troubles in their lives in a healthy manner as possible. Support them every step of the way but do not be their sole source of healing.

I will post a bit more here later 🙂

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Basic Psychic Shielding

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Grounding, Shielding, and Clearing are essential practices for good psychic hygiene. The more sensitive among us will find they feel their best when doing all of these on a regular basis. When starting out it is best to do grounding and shielding daily to establish them properly. Then experiment if you like to find out how often you need to ground and shield to feel your best. Personally I do them at least once per day and usually more. I feel best if I do them before doing energy work (Reiki, MAP, meditation, after energy work, and before sleeping. Sometimes I am simply too agitated to sleep until I shield my home as well as myself.

At it’s most basic shielding is simply wrapping your aura, the energy field that surrounds and encompasses your body, in a coating of energy with the intention of repelling anything harmful. One can visualize their aura coated in one color of light such as gold or a scintillating rainbow swirl. One can image a hexagonal gold mesh, white light, or a layer of flame. It is up to each person to choose what suits them best at that time. Sometimes I visualize being surrounded by an electric field that neutralizes harmful energy with an electric crackling noise like a bug zapper. Always set your shield to be permeable to positive energies so love and healing can come and go. If you are attuned to Reiki charge your shield with it and draw (mentally or physically) symbols on it. I particularly like using Raku because this symbol is used to separating people’s energy and earthing negativity (aka sending it to the earth for energy composting). Now while traditional Reiki masters say people can’t use the symbols until Reiki II and III I could after Reiki I. Some are horrified or offended for me to even suggest it to others. Well renegade that I am I say go ahead and try them if you like if you are are Reiki I. Try drawing CKR, SHK & Raku on your shield front, back, right, left, above, below and in the center on yourself, your car, your place of work, your home, and the property it is on then see how it makes the atmosphere change for the better. You need not do this in person, simply visualize drawing the symbols from a distance.

In general a person’s aura is no wider than the fullest reach of their arms. You might find yours extends too far away, too close, lopsided, weak in certain areas, or has holes. You can correct this by visualizing it being hole and perfectly egg shaped. Mentally or physically reach out and smooth your aura’s boundary smoothing any lumps out and filling in weak or holey areas. Feel free to ask your spirit guides and allies for help as well if only for the sake of establishing a working relationship with them so it will be easier to work with them on very serious issues. Imagine using blobs of colored energy to fill in the holes and weak areas or use Reiki if attuned. As always experiment until you find which techniques suit you and your issues the best.

Have fun and be silly. Use a phrase from a song you like that relates to what you are visualizing, make up a rhyme or borrow a scene from a sci-fi movie to inspire your shield effectively resisting even the most dreadful of energies. While the effects of shielding are serious one need not be solemn for them to work.

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The Voices In My Head Tell Me to Drink Water

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In both complimentary and conventional medicine practitioners encourages everyone to drink plenty of water. One bodyworker I have worked with always insists on her clients drinking water with a bit of lemon juice in it after a session. I who get few direction messages from my guides have received many a message to lay off soda pop and hit the water pitcher. I procrastinated, made excuses, and tried to compromise by reducing consumption to one cup a day. OK I would say one cup per day yet usually have two. Or more and say to myself it was OK because the rest of the time I only had one! Such a stupid thing to lie about even to myself.

Well in the end I gave it up. No soda for months. I started to detox with symptoms similar to the early stages of a sinus infection. Even with the detox my number of headaches greatly decreased both in frequency and intensity. After about two weeks the detox let up. Yay. Then a stressful event occurred and I decided to just have a little soda. Just one 2 liter bottle couldn’t hurt, right? BIG mistake. BIG BIG mistake. I got a migraine. My nerve endings felt fried extra crispy and my mood and manner were not kind, gentle and considerate. My sinuses plugged up worse than during the detox. My anxiety level rose several degrees to the verge of panic.

My other symptoms brings me to why I am posting about my little addiction here. My third eye started aching physically, my aura felt more permeable than usual, and empathically I felt raw and exposed. This made me wonder if others had noticed caffeine acting upon their psychic senses so I googled caffeine +psychic to find the very interesting channeling I will quote from below. Please read the entire article at the link since I can only quote a few paragraphs without permission.

Caffeine, the drug of choice

by Norma Gentile

Caffeine has the ability to open the 6th chakra, also known as the 3rd eye. It works on the innermost portion of the chakra, that which we would see as the core. Now remember that each sees and understands these things in a different manner, and each understanding adds to the greater whole of understanding.


The 6th chakra contains a number of interesting structures, which at this point in your evolution you typically keep closed. Ingesting larger amounts of caffeine causes the grids on these structures to decay. This allows the influx of energies into areas of your psyche that are private, and not meant to be shared. As a result there is a sense of being attacked by energies with a few words from a stranger, or from even the atmosphere or environment itself.

Your sense of privacy is heightened, and yet it is unattainable. Your ability to ‘read’ other’s is increased, but their pain, anger and other experiences seem to flood into your psychic mind, and lodge deeply in this core area of your 6th chakra. You become a channel for the world. Another vantage point is to note that the energies of other’s truly aren’t entering your mind. Rather, the shared experiences that exist in higher dimensions that link you with all others are being exposed. The grids on the core of the 6th chakra serve as a covering to multi-dimensional portals. When the grids are dissolved, as caffeine may do, the information from other lifetimes and probabilities can be accessed.

As a result, any energy to which you are exposed will trigger similar energies from all lifetimes, from all dimensions, from all probabilities to come into your awareness. No wonder caffeinated people tend to over-react! Since you as a race tend to notice what you call negative emotions much more than positive ones, you are apt to see these first.

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Reiki: Universal Healing Energy. Heal Yourself. Heal the World.

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One of the easiest and yet most effective healing techniques in the world is Reiki. What could be simplier than putting your hands on an injury to ease pain and speed healing? That is all there is to it. Got a bug bite? Put your hand on it. Burn yourself while cooking? Put your hand over it. Have a friend across the country in emotional turmoil and asking for help? Hold out your hands and beam Reiki that way.

You can learn Reiki in less than a day in a class by a Reiki Master for a fee. Or if you are lean in the pocket there are many kind Reiki Masters who will attune you for free via the Internet. Join the lists, read the files and discussions, then sign up for the attunements when you feel ready. Here are a few good lists to get you started.

Reiki_On – Free Attunements Reiki I & II for people and pets
Grass Roots Reiki – Free Attunments I, II, & III
Reiki_Path Free Attunements I, II, & III

In addition to healing Reiki can be used as part of psychic self-defense to help improve your shielding and by the simple fact that you have constant access to very positive energies it will be that harder for anything harmful to effect you. Many find it useful to draw, mentally or with your finger, the Reiki symbols SHK and CKR on their shield. If anything does effect you it will help you recover faster. The symbol Raku is particularly useful to use when removing cords and otherwise detaching from a person or group who is harmful. Now you do not need symbols, they are merely psychic shorthandto help you focus intent and possibly have a bit more umph to them because they are a positive thoughtform. Use Reiki as well when clearing your personal energy, home, vehicle, and place of work. Use it to clear public lands and government buildings if you wish. Offer Reiki to the Earth, to plants and wildlife, to the nature spirits and your guides. Experiment, have fun, and treat yourself every single day!

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Posted on July 28, 2007. Filed under: Books - Nonfiction, Psychic Hygiene |

Grounding and shielding are the most basic and fundamental techniques that are necessary for healthy use of psychic abilities. Many people live in their heads focusing their energy in that space. Others attempt to live half-way out of their body whether from traumatic events or illness that made life on Earth painful. Some attempt to avoid fully living in their body due to mistaken beliefs that Earth level existence and the human body is unclean, less evolved or simply some sort of mistake. My personal take is we are all here for good reason, that life on Earth in a human body is a great gift, and it is up to everyone to make the most of it. Do not be surprised if body issues and negative beliefs about physicality arise when grounding. If this happens take this opportunity to heal yourself. Don’t force it. Be gentle with yourself, breath into the difficulty and let it flow out of you. Invite your guides aid as needed (or simply for the joy of working with them).

The simplest way to ground is to focus upon your feet. Pay attention to every sensation from every part of your feet. Then visualize roots growing from the soles of your feet spreading deep and wide into the earth. If you wish for more detail imagine you are a tree with leaves gently swaying in the breeze with mighty roots sunk into the earth that drink in nourishment. If you relate better to things mechanical try visualizing that you have grounding wires from your feet into the earth. Play with the images until you find ones you relate to best.

Another technique that is useful to use if you are familiar with Chakras is to visualize that a grounding cord is growing from your Root Chakra down to the center of the earth. Alternatively grow one from your Root Chakra to your Earth Star Chakra (which is about 2′ below your feet) and from there down to the core of the earth.

Do this at least once per day. This is basic Psychic Hygiene that needs to be done regularly just as for good health people wash their hands and brush their teeth. I learned the concept psychic hygiene in the book ‘The Witch’s Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self Defense‘ by Reiki Master and Wiccan Christopher Penczak. For me this concept best expresses the importance of daily practice of grounding, shielding, and energy cleansing techniques. Now once a person has done these regularly for a period of time they may find that only doing them once per week is enough because with practice grounding becomes automatic while other more psychically sensitive individuals will find they feel at their best with more frequent practice. Those in healing professions whether of the conventional or complimentary variety will most likely find that daily use is best for both themselves and their clients.

~ Be Excellent To Each Other ~

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