Rainbow Bridge of Ascension a Message From Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

Rainbow Bridge of Ascension
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Wednesday, 28 September, 2005 at South Africa

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan,Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of faith, of trust, of insight and warmth. Greetings, beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones we come forth into the presence of the Christed light, to share energy and space with each of you and to anchor into all the levels of your being, your personal rainbow bridge of ascension. This bridge of light has been established for the purpose of creating a pathway for every soul to step into the higher aspect of their fully authentic self, at one with Christ, and the authentic plan of the golden world of knowledge and power which has been brought into a level of manifestation which all of you are currently aligning your consciousness with.

The continent of Africa is currently undergoing very deep change. Every human being currently living on the continent of Africa is undergoing very deep cellular transformation. This is emitting a vibration of energy, triggering powerful changes in other areas of the world contributing to the deep transition on a global scale. The emotional cleansing taking place in the United States of America is part of this purging of the old conditions that keep one trapped in the world created by the lower ego. The fires, and the earthquake in Peru, are all part of the vibrations aligning the consciousness of your world with the rainbow consciousness which brings all of humanity into alignment with the consciousness of all kingdoms of life, and in so doing birthing a level of consciousness within humans that will lead to humanity embracing every level of consciousness. As this occurs, so all forms of life will be welcomed into the greater scheme of the evolutionary cycle of your world and the greatest ascension wave ever to be experienced in the history of any planet in your universe will take place. Anchoring the rainbow light is a role you will take on and hold for the rest of your existence as a being within the pillars of light. Holding the rainbow bridge with the lords and ladies of the higher world of intelligence will ensure that all souls to come after you choosing physical incarnation will have to uphold the principals of light in order to be able to cross into the golden world of truth.

Your rainbow bridge is what will carry you from sixth to eighth dimension. Crossing this bridge will be necessary many times. There will be times where you find yourself moving from sixth to eighth dimension and visa versa. All of you are taking on the responsibility of ensuring the laws of the universe regarding the treatment of planet earth be acknowledged as laws insisting that one respect all creations of life, including mother earth. These laws are coming into effect. Mother earth has set very firm boundaries. Humanity is experiencing this impact currently. There is a great panic regarding oil supplies. Mother earth will withhold this substance within her body if humans insist to continue living ignorantly, and not taking responsibility for the emissions that are responsible for destroying her body on all levels. She will withdraw her support from all systems that choose to remain within the old paradigm. Have I made myself clear so far?


Beloved ones, all of you have made the transition into the quantum world and have grasped the understanding of why it is so necessary for the world to change its views, its attitudes and above all its behaviour. You are witnessing Mother Nature bringing change. You are witnessing her detoxification, power and her ability to set very firm boundaries.

This is not done to punish humanity. It is done out of Mother Earth’s self respect, teaching all of you the importance of self respect. Lack of self respect manifests in victim consciousness, and when one is wallowing in victim consciousness one becomes cemented in the matrix of poverty, conditional love, and lust consciousness. Her lessons and yours are the same, for you are one with her body; you are her cell receptors releasing old energy and anchoring new energy. As your cells do the same, so the microcosm and the macrocosm become one unified living breathing organism of love. The sixth dimensional fluid energy of life is making its way into the more physical aspects of your world. This is another reason why so much change is currently in activity. You are in the centre of the earth changes that have been predicted many years ago. You now have the ability to embrace the new energy and ensure the changes upon you are ones that anchor permanent change. You are the ones who carry it into the future ensuring that it becomes interwoven into the consciousness of humanity as a collective force. The rainbow bridge facilitates the reconnecting of the universal chakric system with every light worker on your planet’s system of chakras. It is not limited to the 7 major chakras of your physical body. It extends into all the other dimensions and their chakric systems. It extends into all your other dimensional bodies and your chakric systems within those dimensional bodies. Therefore seeing yourself from an aerial perspective you will clearly see layers upon layers of rainbow energy living and breathing, moving through all the dimensions. Each time a new level of your rainbow ascension bridge is anchored due to the fact that you integrate another level of higher wisdom and knowledge, you anchor more light on your planet; therefore you will become a living breathing walking being of rainbow light. Therefore all beings from the other worlds who see you, will see you emitting the rainbow vibration.

Beloved ones this does mean that people who interact with you will experience intense change in their bodies physically, emotionally and mentally. People who choose to interact with you on the long term basis will begin to experience massive shifts in their spiritual path. The world will never be the same again wherever you choose to go. It was predicted many cycles ago, that beings would come to the earth and would reclaim the prints and plans of the original seeds of life and carry these into the future and seed a new race and new world. You, the light workers of the planet, and the lightworkers spread across the globe, are the ones who were referred to. It is truly a cause for great celebration that you have chosen to respond to the call and to join your fellow lightworkers across the planet and bring the seeds to life. Brothers and sisters, we shall begin the anchoring of the rainbow bridge on the African Continent in this manner, and you will see many arcs of rainbow light spreading around the world bringing healing, awakening.

The rainbow vibration will bring understanding, insights, and immense clarity to people of the earth. The rainbow bridge is meant to liberate people from the controlling structures who abuse power with deliberate intention. The rainbow frequency will loosen all the pillars that stand as structures which uphold any system of negativity or old paradigm energy. The Samson of the universe has come. Your energy will continue to increase in its ability to emit vibrations of such a high frequency that it will destroy the darkness. We are celebrating the fact that so many of you have responded to the anchoring of the grids of energy, especially since the closing of the doors to the dark worlds that took place on 21 March of your year 2005. It is truly a magnificent sight to see energetically – how you have changed and how your energy is responding positively to the new energies since the holographic inserts of control and force have been removed. Your blessing for your dedication for your commitment to your path of healing is the abundant energy of sixth and eighth dimension. You have created the opportunity to experience love like never before. You have brought to yourself the opportunity to feel how great Father-Mother God’s love is for you. I guarantee you beloved ones, it is a love you to date have not experienced. You will find yourself in moments shedding tears of such gratitude as your body falls to the floor from the weight of the joy, the compassion, and the humbleness you will feel inside of you – the gratitude for the conscious physical knowing of how deeply you are loved.

The rainbow bridge opens the world of love for humanity. Beloved ones, the time has come to kick the behinds of those dark ones who have sabotaged the efforts of the lightworkers and leave them behind, leave the old world behind and embrace what you have created. Every activation of energy that takes place, every initiation you choose to participate in accelerates the vibration of your energy; it accelerates your personal life plan. This means you experience multi-dimensional living more than those who have not made similar choices. You begin integrating future lives into your current life time. All of you here have already integrated at least 2 future lifetimes and are living it. This is one of the many reasons why people are finding themselves being pulled in more than one direction. Their creativity is taking them in more than one direction. You are learning the true meaning of multi tasking and now it is not limited to ladies!


Gentlemen – the lady within you is learning to multi–task! And ladies, you are learning the practical aspects of creating life in a way that it supports you, not from a point of fear, but from a point of power. Do you all understand this so far?


The power of this energy is more than you can currently comprehend. In the abundance channelling, those of you who were present, I told you to affirm to yourself 22 times a day that there is more energy available to you than you could ever imagine in 100 lifetimes. Do you recall this? Share it with every one else. Let every one else grasp this fact. The more people who grasp this fact, the stronger the grids of prosperity consciousness become. The abundance you are anchoring on earth is not for the elite. It is not limited in any way whatsoever, and must be shared with everyone. All the words that I, Kuthumi bring to your planet, must be shared with all who are willing to hear the words. There is no ownership upon the wisdom of God. Do you all understand this?

Therefore take this wisdom beloved ones, share it, empower the people with the knowledge of spirit. The more people who grow from what you share with them, the stronger your world becomes. Imagine the collective consciousness as it is now, and instead of it being motivated by the power of the current levels of fear, it is motivated by love. Can you imagine this? Not really. I thought so. It is not an idealistic vision. Beloved ones, this is the plan in motion for your planet, and it is time to put aside the fears that what is being created will not materialise because the pain and suffering of your earth is too deep. There is no such thing. Love and light are far more powerful than pain and suffering. The more you believe this the more it will become a reality – this I assure you.

All the rainbow energies that come to life will touch the hearts of every human on the planet, and slowly but surely people will awaken and respond to the presence of the Christ within themselves. The coming of Christ is upon your doorstep. I am sure you all aware of the fact that it is the Christ within you that is coming. The eighth dimension is the final phase of the Christ consciousness grounding itself before it becomes a physical manifestation. That is why all of you are being challenged to look beyond the ego and see only light. You are being guided to move beyond the perceptions you have adopted and see light. You are being forced to recognise the illusion in the current world you are a part of and to bring in the light, for it is this light that shall shatter the illusion that governs your world in so many ways and on so many levels.

Now, all of you please make yourself comfortable in your seat, close your eyes, place both of your feet firmly on the earth. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth, allowing your body to relax and become comfortable. Continue to breath in deeply and exhale fully, and while you do this relax yourself and become present. (pause) Bring all of your consciousness to the current timeline. Concentrate on your breathing and this will bring you into the present moment. (pause) Concentrate on how your body feels as you breathe and this will anchor more of your consciousness in the present moment.

Using your imagination visualise a being manifesting before you. This being is the energy that you call Mother Africa. This being of great light embodies both masculine and feminine energy vibrations. (pause) She begins by welcoming you into the presence you have chosen. She offers you her support and protection, assistance and guidance in exchange for your choice to be an anchor of the rainbow light for Africa. (pause) Imagine her opening her mouth and a beautiful sound comes spilling over her lips, and the sound creates rainbow colours flowing together, dancing on the etheric waves of energy. (pause)

Continue to breathe in deeply and exhale fully. (pause) Imagine the magnificent sound creating the rainbow energy swimming around your physical body, caressing and soothing your energy field. (pause) Surrender to the gentle vibrations emitted by each ray of colour, and sense the recalibration of your energy taking place, realigning your focus, centering your energy, calming your mind and your spirit. (pause) As you continue to breathe, begin breathing the rainbow energy into your body. With each breath you take, the sound of mother Africa and the rainbow energy penetrates the very core of every cell of your body. (Long pause) Become aware of your heart chakra responding to the rainbow energy; if you cannot feel it, simply imagine it. (pause) Imagine your heart chakra expanding in size – very gently. (pause) Now draw the rainbow energy to focus its point of light in the centre of your heart chakra. (pause) Now imagine yourself breathing in the sacred sound of Mother Africa. (pause) Open your mouth and allow the same sound vibration to spill over your lips, and emitting the rainbow energy from your heart chakra. (pause)

Now the sound coming from you and everyone else participating in this project begins creating hundreds of rainbow vibrations of colour and sound. Imagine all the rainbow emissions coming together and uniting. (Long pause) In your imagination intuitively connect with a point on the African continent and imagine yourself anchoring part of your energy there. (pause) Now visualise all the rainbow energy emitted by all of you creating a bridge from where you have anchored yourself and stretch this bridge to another point on the globe that you are intuitively drawn to. (Long pause) You have now created the first anchoring of the rainbow light. This rainbow bridge of ascension is now initiating a reverberation of energy that will echo through the ethers and initiate a powerful surge of energy to flow through your world. This vibration will continue for the next 36 hours. This vibration will ensure that all energetic blockages that inhibit the rainbow vibration from taking its place upon all levels of Mother Earth’s body be removed. In order to continue it’s important that you repeat these words after me in your mind:

“I call forth the Lords and Ladies of Light responsible for creating the maintenance plan of the rainbow bridges of ascension for our magnificent planet, Earth. I call forth the power and light, the wisdom, the truth and the knowledge of Father-Mother God, and ask for this energy to be anchored in the centre of my being. I call forth the Angels of Light. I ask them to anchor their light in the centre of my being. I call forth the Archangels of Love and ask them to anchor their love in the centre of my being. I call upon the Lords and Masters of Abundance, and ask that their abundance be anchored in the centre of my being. I call forth the presence of the Divine Universal Mother and I ask that her energy be anchored in the centre of my being. I call upon the mighty masculine force of Father God. I ask that this energy be anchored in the centre of my being. I call upon the divine plan of my fully mastered and Christed selves on all levels of the highest vibration of light and I ask that this plan be anchored in the centre of my being.”

Take a deep breath in and allow this energy to settle in your body. (pause) Imagine all the levels of energy anchoring themselves. (Long pause) Now let us continue.

“I call forth the light and the courage emitted by Archangel Michael. With the use of this energy I command all destructive and limiting energies that manifest repetitive, self destructive behaviour, attitudes and manifestations of any kind, physical and discarnate, emotional or mental, be removed from my space, from my body, from my mind, from my heart, and from my spirit, from all aspects of my conscious self, all aspects of my subconscious self, and all aspects of my unconscious self, immediately under grace in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways. I command that all interactions currently taking place in my life that are contributing to any limiting experience, or supporting any old paradigm consciousness, behaviour, and attitudes be removed from my life, so that all parties can harmoniously, gracefully and miraculously find their authentic path of living. I now call forth the full manifested power of the present time line, future time line, and all multi dimensional levels of experience of my rainbow bridge of ascension, and command that it be anchored now. I call forth the divine power of my authentic self. I call upon my Christed self and anchor these aspects in the fullness of my being. I connect to the path of lightworker, leader of light, teacher within the light, and representative of Mother-Father God. I accept my responsibilities and commit to mastering the path. I commit to mastering the world of abundance, and I command my ego to step aside so that my fully mastered self may step forth and carry this power into the future.”

Breathe in deeply and allow these words to settle in your body. (Long pause)

Beloved ones, imagine your rainbow bridge of ascension merging with all the higher levels of wisdom, of consciousness, of truth, of knowledge and any other level you wish to associate with. (pause) Visualise the rays of rainbow colour energising your being and becoming magnets that attract the highest vibration of their consciousness. (pause) Now begin imagining all the aspects of yourself currently being faced with challenge, and see these aspects beginning to walk along the rainbow bridge of ascension, transitioning into the world of greater light where they will receive healing, and nurturing; where they will be transformed into the higher aspect you so desire to become, and the healed aspect will call forth to you the magnetic vibration between the two of you, will ensure that you become one. (pause) Now visualise a magnificent rainbow bridge emerging from Mother Africa’s heart. See this bridge expanding, and touching every continent on your planet. (pause) Imagine her grace, her light, her power, her creativity, her wisdom as a goddess and as a creator blessing every continent of the world. (pause) Look to the being called Mother Africa and see how abundant she is. Look at her and see her teeming with life, rich; see her filled with minerals, with energy; see her full of light. See the fullness of life manifesting all over her body and supporting all the life that is a part of her. (pause) Acknowledge that this wealth of energy is abundant in form, and in light, and its source is unlimited and will show the world how to tap into it. (pause) Imagine the rainbow bridge emitting from her heart chakra as fluid energy and imagine it penetrating every cell of Mother Earth’s body, blessing it with new life, with prosperity, with health, with happiness, peace, reunion, joy and laughter. (pause) Imagine this wave of rainbow energy activating the rainbow bridge of ascension within the heart of all the children of your planet. (pause) Imagine their rainbow bridge of ascension anchoring in the dimensions of truth. (pause) Imagine this wave of rainbow energy activating the rainbow bridge of ascension for all adults on your planet, (pause) all adolescents, (pause) all senior citizens and all other forms of life. (Long pause) It is you, the leaders of light, and the children of your world, who will ensure that Mother Earth makes the transition into the rainbow world which you have come to know as the Golden Age. This rainbow bridge will carry your planet’s consciousness through its initiations leading up to 2012. All those souls choosing to make their transition into the new world of golden energy and of quantum consciousness, will cross the rainbow bridge of ascension.

Take a deep breath in and anchor the rainbow light in your body in whichever way you choose. (pause) Imagine it anchoring in all your other bodies, and in all your alternate and parallel selves. (Long pause) The vibration of sound emitted by Mother Africa and by you will continue to reverberate and build more rainbow bridges. This rainbow energy will continue to sustain you for the rest of your creation.

Beloved ones it is time now for each of you to choose the kind of energy you wish to personally send forth upon the rainbow rays, and bless your planet with. In your mind please do this now. (Long pause) You are now to address Mother Africa and ask how you require her support and what you require it with (Long pause). Beloved ones if there is anything you need clarity with at this time, project this intention into your rainbow energy and ask that its vibration bring you the clarity and understanding.

Give thanks now to Mother Africa; (pause) give thanks to Goddess Gaia; (pause) give thanks to all the Lords, the Ladies, the Masters, the Angels and Archangels (pause). Give thanks to Father-Mother God; and to all the aspects of your self. (pause) Gently start drawing your consciousness back into your physical body. As you come back to present day consciousness remember the feeling of the rainbow energy. Remember to connect with your rainbow bridge emitted through your heart chakra as often as you can. If you find yourself in a situation where your challenges feel as if they are creating limitation and stagnation, simply imagine yourself crossing the rainbow bridge of ascension into the world of clarity and understanding. Call upon the vibrations of light emitted by the rainbow frequencies and you will be shown the truth. Start believing that you deserve the answers to your questions and that you deserve solutions to all that challenges you. Accept that you are not doomed to spend the remainder of your incarnation in confusion, suffering, pain, poverty or ill health. It is your divine right to be healthy, wealthy and happy. Own it, take responsibility for it, and make it happen.

Take another deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, stretch your legs, stretch your arms, rotate your ankles and wrists and come back to earth.

Beloved ones if there was any profound experience you had during the visualisation or any insights, please ensure that you write them down. I urge all of you to write down as much as you can remember of today experience so as to assist your integration process of the energy. Drawing the various rainbow colours on paper will also anchor the process for you and ensure that your integration be a harmonious one.

Now beloved ones are there any questions we can assist any of you with


Lord Kuthumi can you expand on what the Eighth dimensional energy is please?


It is the energy of Christed abundance; it is the dimension your world will step into in the year 2006. It is the dimension where all that one focuses on in abundance comes into being. It is in fact the place where 5D consciousness and 7D consciousness manifest itself in abundance. 5D is the dimension of instant manifestation. 7D is the entry to the quantum world of consciousness. It is, in other words, the dimension of magic, miracles and manifestation. Take these two energies, put them in 8D, add a sprinkling of abundance and see what you manifest! This is why we have often said, be cautious and alert, look at what you are investing your energy in. If you are focusing on negativity you will manifest it in abundance; if you are focusing on positivity, you will manifest it in abundance. All the lessons of 5D and 7D that you have been working with for the past two years will now culminate in 2006, and you will experience the physical evidence of that which you have been working with over the past 2 years, and even before then. Is this clear?=

Yes it is, thank you.


Lord Kuthumi, may I ask for some guidance with my radio programmes. Is there something else you want to tell me, some guidance, some love, some inspiration?


Sister, how about focusing energy on awakening people’s belief in their abundant selves? Open people’s awareness to their creative power so that they may recognise their manifestation abilities. Help them see that what they focus on is what they will bring to life. Stir the inner knowing. Awaken their inner god and goddess so that all may benefit from the eighth dimensional Christ energy. Help them understand what the coming of Christ is all about. What light, in fact is. Help them see the way they look physically, their level of knowledge, what they own, is not who they are. And that who they are in truth, can create everything they need so that they can carry their path of service into full manifestation. Is this clear?

Thank you, Lord Kuthumi, it is.

You are welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, I have a question about AIDS. What has caused this plague in Africa, and obviously in the rest of the world?


The core energy is lack of forgiveness. Beneath the lack of forgiveness is obviously anger. The generations have carried the imprint of anger and lack of forgiveness forth. Look at who has been affected most by AIDS and it will make sense. Do you understand?

How do we transmute this anger?

By working through it, rather than running away from it. A person filled with rage is often feared, yet if one sees the rage as pain and in fact another’s fear one can rise above the anger and fear and project love and forgiveness, for with understanding one is in a position to forgive. It is the victim aspect of self that holds onto pain and anger and cannot forgive – not the empowered conscious self. For when one stands in the light of consciousness and knowing, there is no reason to hold onto anger. There is no motivation to hold onto lack of forgiveness. Do you understand?

Yes I do, but what about all the children that are born HIV positive? Are they souls that have come back to work through anger? I don’t understand that.

I have said many have carried the imprint, and it is this imprint that must be reversed. The children who have come into life with the dis-ease must be raised differently, not held within the same template of anger, of poverty consciousness and victim consciousness that their parents were raised in. The mould must be broken. These children have the intelligence and the power to move beyond what came before them, to end the cycle of the genetic imprints of carrying the sins of their forefathers. Do you understand?

You see, all must understand that healing is not limited to the physical application of a pill or a potion. It needs to be addressed holistically. People need to be educated psychologically; they need to understand the psychology of the human mind. They need to understand what motivates the world, its thinking, its behaviour. With that awareness everything will change. It is already evident in the children of your current world. These children will not tolerate the old way of living being imposed upon them. Adults have been forced to find new ways to raise their children. Teachers have been pushed to find new ways to educate the children, to build relationships with them, and they have had to study the psychology of the modern generation. This triggers deeper inner knowings and understandings that the world is in a state of constant change and the children that shall be born from the current children will be even more advanced and so it continues. It is the same when adults have to deal with themselves; they too have to find new ways to deal with the inner child, to reassure the inner child, to gain the trust of their inner child and adolescent self. More and more adults are being forced to own their past and shed the victim cloak and stand assertively in the light of self respect, of self love and confidence. Many of you have done this, you have faced this – you have come through the initiations that have pushed you into the deepest darkest recesses of your wounds. You have come through it, you know more about yourself, and you see the world through different eyes. This will continue. Children will always show you, be it the inner child, or the physical child. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.


Master Kuthumi, can you maybe expand a little on genetically modified foods for us, and we how we can maybe bring it more to the attention of people in South Africa, especially for the younger children in their diets. Can you maybe just assist us with some information on this?


You are aware of the fact that genetically modified food is detrimental to the body? Its toxic energy has the same impact on the body as any preservatives and other toxic substances have. We will not separate it from things like preservatives, colourants, and artificial flavourants that have been put in foods for they are all equally toxic to the body. There are a number of people actively working already, educating the communities around nutrition. This is also being taken into schools, but the more the merrier, therefore if you feel driven in any way to make the information available to those whom you do not feel have it, then by all means do it. Is this clear?

Yes., thank you very much.

You are welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, hopefully you can help me with the planetary continental chakric system, and I just wanted to ask you if Russia, as being part of Asia, would be a throat chakra point?


It is, yes.

I don’t understand one thing you once said to me about Sicily being a right ovary, because I’ve placed Australia, along with New Zealand, as part of the sacral chakra.

What year was it that we said this?

I’m looking at some of my channellings from maybe three years ago.

Then we suggest you add layers to what you were given so that you can see the various dimensional bodies as they spin in rotation clockwise and anti-clockwise. Do you understand this?

No, not really.

Imagine taking an orange and slicing it in half. Imagine looking at one slice above your face and looking at another slice with your face looking down on it, aerial perspective, yes? Now imagine every segment of the orange being a dimension or level of energy and begin to rotate the orange; every segment becomes a spiral elevating the energy from beneath and above. This creates a 3 dimensional spiral. Do you understand? This means in fact, at the end of the day so to speak, that every place on the globe will in fact hold every level and vibration of every chakra.

That I understand. That’s become pretty apparent in the studies I’ve been doing. I think I’m looking at something very current so that Asia may at some stage, for example, have been another major chakric point.

Have you managed to determine which one?

It probably could have been a base chakra point, at some point, and I would say sacral at some point.

This is correct. Are you aware of the fact of how much child sex slavery has occurred in those areas?

Yes I am. And still is occurring.

Then it will make sense, not so?

Yes. Would it then be correct to look at it the way I’m looking at it – solely as a throat chakra at this point in time?

You know the throat chakra reflects solar plexus energy. Yes? Now when one looks at will and power one must address the base chakra and the sacral chakra. The energy of the will is held in the base chakra, in the coccyx in fact, and the energy of power is in the sacral chakra, for it is the feminine energy of receptivity and the ability to grow with the flow. When the base and sacral chakras are fully empowered the will of the individual is transformed from survival. You understand? And the victim consciousness that would come into being as a result of perhaps sexual abuse, would then manifest as self respect and power. Once the sacral and the base chakra hold the balance of the feminine and the masculine energy, it becomes one with the sun chakra. This fires the sunlight energy of the solar plexus, then all lower chakras, those beneath the heart, become one vibrating force, and the rainbow of the sun emerges. This particular rainbow of the sun energy is one that will only come into manifestation in 2009, as we observe the energy in its current state. It could be sooner, depending on how everything changes. This will then result in another chakra activating itself, which is in fact on the face between the nose and the mouth. Once this one has come into its full expression like that of the sun chakra, there will be the energy of the sun chakra having absorbed base, sacral and solar plexus, as being one vibrational chakric energy; the heart and then all the absorbed upper chakras. You will sit with 3 major chakras. This we are anticipating will then be coming into action in 2009. Is this clear?

Yes, it is. And then Antarctica? I’ve placed it as a base chakra at the moment.

That is correct.

Thank you.

You are welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, can you perhaps assist me in determining what time of the day I was born, because my mother has no clue.


Sister, we would suggest that you work with a numerologist. This process will be able to determine the closest time to your birth? Is this clear?

Yes. I just don’t understand how – is it a specialised numerologist or just any numerologist that could do this?

Someone specifically au fait with the human pin code.

Thank you. Lord Kuthumi.

You are welcome.


Lord Kuthumi, regarding something that was said in the channelling about the spirit not being exclusive …………..?


Sister, the information given through any messenger for the planet, is for the planet, and is not owned by any one given entity, therefore it means no one can claim information as being their own and therefore not give it to another. We are obviously quite aware of the fact that people who have committed to being lifelong messengers need to, how shall we put it, label their information in order to sustain their life through it which is acceptable; however, anybody withholding information from another out of ego motivation is breaking the laws of freedom of knowledge. Is this clear?


All the Lords, the Masters, the Ladies, the Angels, the Archangels, every other Spirit of Light who comes as a messenger, will always work through 12 anchors of energy. Is this clear? It answers your question?

Yes, thank you.

You are welcome. Blessings be with you.


Lord Kuthumi, when we do any kind of processing work, in any form, do we always have to process physically. Can we not have spontaneous healings? Are we not at that level, or can we not intend that?


By all means yes, you can intend for that, and the energy vibrations are changing to such an extent that one can manifest spontaneous healing. It has been the challenge for humanity to get their belief system around that one and accept that it is possible. Many associate that with miracles, and most people believe they are not deserving of miracles, whereas in fact miracles should in fact be a common day occurrence. Is this clear?

Yes it is, thank you.

You are welcome.

So it’s not necessarily up to the practitioner to believe it, but for the individual person as well…

Absolutely yes.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

And so it is then beloved ones that we bring this activation to its end through the transmission we are currently bringing forth. I Kuthumi, wish to offer each of you the blessing of deep awakening, awakening that reveals to you the full essence of your divine self. I wish to give each of you upon this day the gift of recognising the extent of your ability as a co-creator with Father-Mother God. I wish to share with all of you the experience of God’s love and how liberating it is, for as you step into the light of Ascended Masterhood so you come to look into the heart of Father-Mother God, and what you see is what saves you from the belief in suffering and pain. Christians have often said give your life to Jesus so you may be saved. The saviour is the Christ within you, the aspect that knows the power within Father-Mother God’s love. It is the aspect of you that has been beckoning to you all along to embrace positivity and light, to break away from poverty, from victim consciousness, from lust and conditional love consciousness. Therefore surrender your life to the light and you will be saved. You have saved yourself through your commitment to healing. You have saved yourself from punishment, from pain and suffering, because you have chosen to find the Christ within. Is this clear to all of you?


Beloved ones, I ask that you be receptive to these gifts so that the words of truth can resonate within your being. Share these gifts with others. Let the truth set all of you free. Free to express and to feel, to be and to create. It is your divine right.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the golden ray of love and wisdom. Rainbow blessings beloved ones. Adonai.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.co.za

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