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Book Review: ‘The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka’

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By Amorah Quan Yin

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This is one of my most favorite and regularly used books. It is a veritable library of powerful energy healing exercises in one book. I am afraid my copy is rather dogeared and bedraggled from constant use. Like the MAP process you sit or lie down and simply open a healing session – and it is OK to do most of them before sleeping so it’s OK to drop off. Unlike MAP you will be inviting the aid of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, not nature spirits. The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are Light beings from the Pleiades who wish to help humanity heal itself – and boy do they do good work!

The book is a wonderfully clear and comprehensive instruction manual to prepare for the work with exercises to clear you and your home’s energy, grounding, Aura healing, chakra and energy system clearing, severing negative psychic contracts, and decording. All of this before it covers Ka Activation, Dolphin Brain Repatterning, 12 different healing Chambers of Light, 5 different Love Configuration Chambers of Light and much much more. Heck I will just post the table of contents in a moment. There is too many good exercises in this book for me to not at least name them!

Chapter 7 Ka Activation
* Meeting the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
* Clearing and Activating your Ka Template
* Opening Your Ka Channels

Chapter 8 Dolphin Brain Repatterning
* Dolphin Moves
* Ethric Hands-On Dolphin Brain Repatterning

Chapter 9 Chambers of Light
* PEMS Synchronization Chamber
* Interdimensional Chamber of Light
* Quantum Transfiguration Chamber
* Integration Acceleration Chamber
* Ascension Chamber
* Sleep Chamber
* Stress Reduction Chamber
* Dolphin Star-Link Chamber
* Divine Axis Realignment Chamber
* No Time and Space Chamber
* Emotional Healing Chamber
* Multidimensional Healing and Integration Chamber of Light

Chapter 10 Love Configuration Chambers of Light
* Unification Chamber
* Angelic and Archangelic Chamber
* Divine Feminine Chamber
* Divine Masculine Chamber
* Yin/Yang Chamber

Chapter 11 Subpersonalities
* Integrating and Healing Your Subpersonalities
* Subpersonality Harmonization Chamber of Light
* Meeting your Inner Nurturer
* Meeting your Inner Child
* Meeting your Inner Warrior/Warrioress
* Meeting Your Inner Spirit
* Meeting your Personal Shield

Chapter 12 Additional Pleiadian Lightwork healing Techniques
* Cocoon Healing
* Clearing Erroneous Neural Pathways
* Self-Healing with the Quantum Transfiguration Grid
* Cellular Reorientation and Repatterning
* Restoring Life Force to Food

Chapter 13 Higher Self Connection
* Meeting and Blending with your higher self
* Divine Axis Alignment with your higher self

Chapter 14 Sustaining the Ka Work
* Ka Maintenance Process
* Ka Balancing Chamber of Light
* Recommendations for Ongoing Pleiadian Lightwork has two modified excerpts of this book. The first is a version of the Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light – one I personally have found the most useful . The second is a very effective energy cleansing technique for the home. Enjoy!

Self-Healing to Reduce Overload

Follow the directions on the above page just add that you want an Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light 😉

House Clearing for Ghosts and Spirits

Next say this invocation: “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I command that this home and grounds be filled with golden light from the City of Light where the Ascended Masters dwell. Only that which is divine may enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so. So be it.”

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Book Review “MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program”

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Book by Machaelle Small Wright

This is a wonderful book for it teaches you how to work with nature spirits, the Overlighting Deva of Healing, and the Great White Brotherhood to heal yourself and others. The basic process is to invite in specific beings to work on you in a coning of energy. You simply lay down and ask them to join you for the MAP Coning, describe your health problem in detail, then relax for the next 45 minutes to 1 hour. This, like Reiki, is not a cure all but a wonderful complimentary program that can greatly assist healing in everything from spinal alignment to phobias. I have used it to help with everything from the detox and adjustments in my energy system after Reiki attunements and with chronic sinusitis. Some problems show immediate  improvement, others takes repeated treatments. If you do this before sleeping leave yourself a note to close the Coning in the morning in case you fall asleep. It won’t do you any harm to leave it open all night, it just won’t do you any further good.

I have particularly found MAP useful in times of emotional crisis and
spiritual emergence. My team helped keep me functional and integrated
during times of great stress that normally would have flattened me.
They also helped keep from being popped out of my body during spiritual
expansion or deep healing occurred and smoothed the rough edges when my
Kundalini stirred. MAP is not only for purely physical or mental issues
so always ask your team because they probably can help.

The book
also includes instructions on how to open a coning for your children
and pets plus an emergency coning that one can at times be granted
permission to open on another’s behalf if they incapacitated. For
example I once was given permission to open an emergency coning for a
relative who just had a heart attack and on the way to the hospital in
no state to open one herself. There is also a process for people who
work in a healing profession such as chiropractors and reiki
practitioners to use to enhance their work. Finally there are optional
instructions on how to use flower essences with every type of coning if
one wishes. Flower essences are not something I have felt drawn to use
beyond good old Bach’s Rescue Remedy so I have never tried this myself.
Others have reported wonderful effects so if you already use flower
essences or feel the call to use them try it if you like.

BTW do
not be surprised if you can hear or otherwise sense your MAP Team even
if you normally do not notice such things. The first time I did a
coning it was with an energy healer who did not warn me that this might
occur. It startled me so to hear them that blocked that perception to
the point that even over a decade later I still don’t hear them. Maybe
I will try this as my issue for my next session and see what happens!

Google Books Listing

WorldCat Listing check for the nearest library that has this book

Excerpt from the 2nd Edition on the Perelandra website.

The third edition on Amazon

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Reiki: Universal Healing Energy. Heal Yourself. Heal the World.

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One of the easiest and yet most effective healing techniques in the world is Reiki. What could be simplier than putting your hands on an injury to ease pain and speed healing? That is all there is to it. Got a bug bite? Put your hand on it. Burn yourself while cooking? Put your hand over it. Have a friend across the country in emotional turmoil and asking for help? Hold out your hands and beam Reiki that way.

You can learn Reiki in less than a day in a class by a Reiki Master for a fee. Or if you are lean in the pocket there are many kind Reiki Masters who will attune you for free via the Internet. Join the lists, read the files and discussions, then sign up for the attunements when you feel ready. Here are a few good lists to get you started.

Reiki_On – Free Attunements Reiki I & II for people and pets
Grass Roots Reiki – Free Attunments I, II, & III
Reiki_Path Free Attunements I, II, & III

In addition to healing Reiki can be used as part of psychic self-defense to help improve your shielding and by the simple fact that you have constant access to very positive energies it will be that harder for anything harmful to effect you. Many find it useful to draw, mentally or with your finger, the Reiki symbols SHK and CKR on their shield. If anything does effect you it will help you recover faster. The symbol Raku is particularly useful to use when removing cords and otherwise detaching from a person or group who is harmful. Now you do not need symbols, they are merely psychic shorthandto help you focus intent and possibly have a bit more umph to them because they are a positive thoughtform. Use Reiki as well when clearing your personal energy, home, vehicle, and place of work. Use it to clear public lands and government buildings if you wish. Offer Reiki to the Earth, to plants and wildlife, to the nature spirits and your guides. Experiment, have fun, and treat yourself every single day!

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Grounding and shielding are the most basic and fundamental techniques that are necessary for healthy use of psychic abilities. Many people live in their heads focusing their energy in that space. Others attempt to live half-way out of their body whether from traumatic events or illness that made life on Earth painful. Some attempt to avoid fully living in their body due to mistaken beliefs that Earth level existence and the human body is unclean, less evolved or simply some sort of mistake. My personal take is we are all here for good reason, that life on Earth in a human body is a great gift, and it is up to everyone to make the most of it. Do not be surprised if body issues and negative beliefs about physicality arise when grounding. If this happens take this opportunity to heal yourself. Don’t force it. Be gentle with yourself, breath into the difficulty and let it flow out of you. Invite your guides aid as needed (or simply for the joy of working with them).

The simplest way to ground is to focus upon your feet. Pay attention to every sensation from every part of your feet. Then visualize roots growing from the soles of your feet spreading deep and wide into the earth. If you wish for more detail imagine you are a tree with leaves gently swaying in the breeze with mighty roots sunk into the earth that drink in nourishment. If you relate better to things mechanical try visualizing that you have grounding wires from your feet into the earth. Play with the images until you find ones you relate to best.

Another technique that is useful to use if you are familiar with Chakras is to visualize that a grounding cord is growing from your Root Chakra down to the center of the earth. Alternatively grow one from your Root Chakra to your Earth Star Chakra (which is about 2′ below your feet) and from there down to the core of the earth.

Do this at least once per day. This is basic Psychic Hygiene that needs to be done regularly just as for good health people wash their hands and brush their teeth. I learned the concept psychic hygiene in the book ‘The Witch’s Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self Defense‘ by Reiki Master and Wiccan Christopher Penczak. For me this concept best expresses the importance of daily practice of grounding, shielding, and energy cleansing techniques. Now once a person has done these regularly for a period of time they may find that only doing them once per week is enough because with practice grounding becomes automatic while other more psychically sensitive individuals will find they feel at their best with more frequent practice. Those in healing professions whether of the conventional or complimentary variety will most likely find that daily use is best for both themselves and their clients.

~ Be Excellent To Each Other ~

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