You must save yourself before you can save others

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Self-healing is not an indulgent luxury. If you neglect your own needs how can you do your best when assisting others? Remember that in airline emergencies people are told to first put oxygen masks on themselves before helping others because if they fall unconscious before finishing helping the other person neither of them will be saved.

Also consider the hundredth monkey type theories that a certain number of people must be at a certain level for the entire collective to rise. Every bit you heal yourself is one more one more drop of healing in the ocean so many have worked hard to create.

The world needs as many healers as possible so take care of yourself. Short on time and money? Sign up at one of the free Reiki attunement teaching sites and treat yourself every chance you get. Reiki yourself with one hand at stop lights or both when you are a passenger in a car. Simply place your hand on your thigh and let it flow – no one will ever know you are healing yourself. Reiki will flow where it is needed. Reiki whatever problem areas are in reach when you are utilizing the facilities in the throne room or again simply lay your hands on your thighs to let it flow where needed. Set the intention before going to sleep that you will from now automatically transmit Reiki to yourself (and any others who wish to receive it, if you like) when needed as you sleep.

Heal the world one piece at a time starting with yourself.


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Free Reiki Attunement Sites

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There are several places on the internet where Reiki masters are kind enough to offer free Reiki attunements. A few offer free attunements to offshoots of Usui Reiki such as Shamballa and Karuna KI. I think this is wonderful because still in many places it can be hard to find a Reiki master to get an in person attunement. Also there is the matter of money. I agree that Reiki masters have the right to charge for their lessons. They can’t live on Reiki energy alone just like the rest of the human race. Yet still it is sad that many people who would love to become Reiki healers cannot because of the cost. Lastly there are those with severe social anxiety disorders and agoraphobia who as much as they desire to learn Reiki cannot bring themselves to attend a class or even leave their home.

Here are a few of the sites offering attunements. Please check them out to find the ones that suit your needs, read the files, and when you are ready sign up for an attunement. Most teachers have Usui Reiki III as a prerequisite for learning one of the newer forms so I suggest you start there. If you go no further that is fine. Many find Usui Reiki all they need. Do what suits you the best! Our world needs as many healers as possible to heal our world and ease our way to 2012.

GrassRootsReiki Usui Reiki I, II, & III

Reiki_On Usui Reiki I & II for both people and pets

Reiki_Path Usui Reiki I, II & III plus others

ShamballaLove Shamballa Reiki plus many, many more. Explore the archives to accept previously sent embedded attunements.

DolphinHealing  Sekhem-Seichim Healing System

May All Beings Know Peace

May All Beings Love and Be Loved

May All Beings Be Healed


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Book Review: ‘The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka’

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By Amorah Quan Yin

WorldCat Library Listing

This is one of my most favorite and regularly used books. It is a veritable library of powerful energy healing exercises in one book. I am afraid my copy is rather dogeared and bedraggled from constant use. Like the MAP process you sit or lie down and simply open a healing session – and it is OK to do most of them before sleeping so it’s OK to drop off. Unlike MAP you will be inviting the aid of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, not nature spirits. The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are Light beings from the Pleiades who wish to help humanity heal itself – and boy do they do good work!

The book is a wonderfully clear and comprehensive instruction manual to prepare for the work with exercises to clear you and your home’s energy, grounding, Aura healing, chakra and energy system clearing, severing negative psychic contracts, and decording. All of this before it covers Ka Activation, Dolphin Brain Repatterning, 12 different healing Chambers of Light, 5 different Love Configuration Chambers of Light and much much more. Heck I will just post the table of contents in a moment. There is too many good exercises in this book for me to not at least name them!

Chapter 7 Ka Activation
* Meeting the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
* Clearing and Activating your Ka Template
* Opening Your Ka Channels

Chapter 8 Dolphin Brain Repatterning
* Dolphin Moves
* Ethric Hands-On Dolphin Brain Repatterning

Chapter 9 Chambers of Light
* PEMS Synchronization Chamber
* Interdimensional Chamber of Light
* Quantum Transfiguration Chamber
* Integration Acceleration Chamber
* Ascension Chamber
* Sleep Chamber
* Stress Reduction Chamber
* Dolphin Star-Link Chamber
* Divine Axis Realignment Chamber
* No Time and Space Chamber
* Emotional Healing Chamber
* Multidimensional Healing and Integration Chamber of Light

Chapter 10 Love Configuration Chambers of Light
* Unification Chamber
* Angelic and Archangelic Chamber
* Divine Feminine Chamber
* Divine Masculine Chamber
* Yin/Yang Chamber

Chapter 11 Subpersonalities
* Integrating and Healing Your Subpersonalities
* Subpersonality Harmonization Chamber of Light
* Meeting your Inner Nurturer
* Meeting your Inner Child
* Meeting your Inner Warrior/Warrioress
* Meeting Your Inner Spirit
* Meeting your Personal Shield

Chapter 12 Additional Pleiadian Lightwork healing Techniques
* Cocoon Healing
* Clearing Erroneous Neural Pathways
* Self-Healing with the Quantum Transfiguration Grid
* Cellular Reorientation and Repatterning
* Restoring Life Force to Food

Chapter 13 Higher Self Connection
* Meeting and Blending with your higher self
* Divine Axis Alignment with your higher self

Chapter 14 Sustaining the Ka Work
* Ka Maintenance Process
* Ka Balancing Chamber of Light
* Recommendations for Ongoing Pleiadian Lightwork has two modified excerpts of this book. The first is a version of the Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light – one I personally have found the most useful . The second is a very effective energy cleansing technique for the home. Enjoy!

Self-Healing to Reduce Overload

Follow the directions on the above page just add that you want an Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light 😉

House Clearing for Ghosts and Spirits

Next say this invocation: “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I command that this home and grounds be filled with golden light from the City of Light where the Ascended Masters dwell. Only that which is divine may enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so. So be it.”

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Custom Energy Transmissions & Attunements

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To receive a custom energy transmission or attunement

Ground & Shield

Call your guides and ask for what energies serve your highest good at this time. Ask that these energies come in a comfortable rate so you won’t end up overwhelmed, achy from energy blockages or detox too fast after. Sit or lie still while doing this and ask for signal when the process is over. Open your chakras a bit especially the crown heart hands and feet. You can visualize the energies flowing into you through your crown chakra then passing though the third eye, throat and heart. When it reaches the heart see if flowing down your arms and out your hands. Go back to the heart and send it down through your solar plexus, 2nd chakra, root then down your legs and out your feet into the earth. Check to see if you need to ground and shield again after. Also close your chakras up to the normal level or if you find yourself sensitive try mentally apply a patch of gold mesh over each chakra and around your entire aura to filter out any negativity you may encounter.

If at any time the energy is overwhelming either ask your guides to reduce it or totally stop it. Remember any time you can ask your guides to do this with anything you work with them. Any being who does not respect your free will is not a guide of the light so feel free to tell it to Begone never to return!

It is simple yet powerful. When I first attempted to channel energy it was to try to heal a sick pet. I would ache in my joints during the session although I had no joint problems. I didn’t know at the time that what caused the aches was blockages in my energy system. This is why I urge you to tell your guides to let the energy in at a comfortable rate. Even if you are an old hand at energy work you might still have times when more energy is available than you can comfortably deal with as your system’s capacity expands. Then there is the fact that energy work often shakes loose old emotions and issues that get stored when events are too overwhelming so you shut down. Again telling your guides should keep it from being more than a minor issue. Drink extra water, dry brush before bath or showering, avoiding junk food, walking etc. will help.

Now if you wish to get a specific energy again ground, shield, and invite your guides in telling them what you want. Ask for the energy asking that it only come to you if it is for your highest good and at a comfortable rate. Then sit or lay back and relax until it is done. Let’s say you are interested in directly experiencing the Opalescent Flame of Healing and Balancing spoken of in the August 2007 Energies channeling of Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn. Just ask for them and if you like use the basic visualization I wrote above. Adjust the rate as needed. After reground, shield and apply the gold mesh as needed.

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Celestial Energy Transmissions and Attunements: The Perseid Meteor Shower (Updated)

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Tonight is the height of the Perseid meteor shower this year. This photo of the shower in 2004 sends chills up my spine. I feel the urge to draw in the energy embodied in this celestial event. And so I rot myself into the earth and call in my guides asking them to help ensure only energies of the light come to me, just in case. I open my crown chakra like a peony blossom unfurls and drink it in. Again I ask my guides for help, this time in releasing any energy debris that inhibit the flow of the incoming Perseid energies. I tone as my solar plexus fills that region. I have drawn in Earth energies for years to nourish my being. What have I missed by not accepting transmissions such as these? I hesitated to accept them because I could find no precedent for it in my searchings. I am sure others have done this and even written of it. I simply could not find it.

This is fascinating. I try to channel these energies as if they are Reiki and I feel my palms grow cool and vibrate. I ask my guides if it is possible for me to be attuned to it for ease of channeling and would it be useful to others, again double check to ensure it is of the Light. Yes, yes and yes. This is going to take a while so I will close this post for now so I can be properly present for this gift.


*** *** ***

Update: I have attempted to embed the Perseid energy in this post. I have never tried to send energy via the internet before so I hope it worked!

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