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How to Channel Healing Energy Without Reiki

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1 Ground

2 Shield

3 Ask your guides to assist

4 Ask that whatever divine energies that serve the highest good of the ne to be healed be channeled through you at a level that is comfortable for both of you. Ask and intend for help to ensure that your personal energy does not go into the recipient. Ask and intend that you be as a clean hollow bone and that you be a pure instrument of healing acting for the highest good of all concerned.

5 Visualize the energies entering through your crown chakra flow down through the third eye, then the throat, then the heart. Let it continue
on though the rest of your chakras and into the earth. This will help keep you grounded, give you a mini treatment yourself, help heal your
energy channels so you can be a more effective channel in the future, and be of service to the Earth herself.

6 Continue with the visualization bringing back the focus to the heart chakra. Let energy coming from above flow from the heart chakra down the arms though the minor chakras in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and from the hands flowing outward. If at any time the energy becomes too intense for you or the recipient reduce the flow coming in through the crown. Imagine it coming into you though a faucet and you turning down the
level or ask your guides.

7 When finished thank your guides and the Powers as you know them for the energy telling them it is enough. They may stop the flow before this.

8 Ask your guides to remove anything you have picked up from the recipient and the recipient picked up from you and to deal with it appropriately for the highest good of all. If you wish glide your hands over the heal-ee’s aura to clear away released energy. Clap three times and shake your hands vigorously after.

9 Guide the recipient though grounding and shielding to prevent dizziness. Shielding is to help prevent the recipient from picking up other’s energy while their aura and chakras opened wide to accept the healing. A glass of water with a bit of lemon juice is always good after healing. If either of you are extra hungry have a snack high in protein like a few nuts. I know I used to be ravenous after energy work even if I had eaten not long before until I got acclimated.

For best results practice practice practice. Practice on yourself and on willing friends and family. Practice on your home, vehicle, and possessions not just crystals and such. Best of all (in my own opinion) get attuned to Reiki. It is a wonderful short cut that allows people with simple training to become channels for a powerful gentle healing energy. I channeled healing energies for years before I took up Reiki but never as powerfully as I do now. It is like finding out instead of just having an antenna I have a satalite system hooked up to my TV all this time. I just needed someone to show me where the On switch was hidden.


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Soul Retrieval

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A person’s spirit can fragment from trauma. Usually the fragment(s) will leave the body sometimes retreating to a safe place in spirit realm, others get stuck in the place of trauma. Sometimes fragments get stuck in other people. Sometimes this even happens though a love connection, friend, family, or romantic, where one or both people give fragments to the other. Think of all those who say they feel as if part of them died with the loved one. And still other times not all of the soul can fit into the body in a lifetime. At times the body is not energetically strong enough to hold that much of the soul so the more high voltage bits must wait until an incarnation occurs where the physical form is suitable. For example I have an bit from a starseed lifetime waiting right now for me to heal enough for it to integrate with the current me. One more thing.

Additionally people commonly leave personal energy behind in places they spend a lot of time at, experienced trauma, or simply loved being there. Have you ever noticed how the energy changes as you live or work in a place for a time or how it shifts when there is a new co-worker? BTW beds are the worst for collecting harmful energies because people tend to discharge it strongly as they sleep. Always be sure to clear a strange bed before sleeping in it.

To start regaining any missing pieces simply ground, shield, and ask your guides to retrieve soul or personality fragments, personal energy or anything else that is YOU, take it to a safe place for cleansing, healing and repair as needed, and once it is ready and you are ready ask it to be gently reintegrated into your current being. Do whatever self-healing practices you know to prepare for the re-integration and keep asking your guides for help with this. You may feel your energy shift right away as your fragments are retrieved before anything is rejoined to you.

While I don’t think the personality bits and energy is as important as the soul parts I noticed a significant change when I started asking for those things to be recovered as well. Places that I lived before that I remembered with excessive longing have only a wistful hold on me now. I feel less out of sorts when returning home after visiting relatives. Sometimes I deliberately, consciously infuse a tiny bit of my personal energy in the room I am staying at to make it more comfortable for the duration and remove it before I go.

I had come across references in soul retrieval in several books and experienced several spontaneous soul fragment returns during bodywork. What triggered me to try it on myself was reading “Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness” by Shakuntala Modi a psychiatrist. She helped her clients though hypnosis not neoShamanism. It was a facinating, and at times creepy, read. Unfortunately google books does not have an excerpt. If you are interested in reading this book check your local library or try worldcat here and try for an interlibrary loan.

Soul Retrieval II: Reconnection

Soul Retrieval: Return to Sender releasing soul fragments you have collected


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A Note On Communicating With Spirit Allies – You don’t have to hear them for them to hear you

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While it is much more interesting to be in full communication with one’s guardian angel, spirit guides and the like it is not necessary for you to sense them in any way in order for them to help you. Until the time comes that you can clearly communicate with your allies simply know they are there and keep asking them for help, healing and advice as needed. I am primarily an empath so even now I rarely get more than a sense that my allies are with me. I have had powerful healing occur without a the faintest hint of presence. For example I have used the MAP healing process for over a decade now much of it without being able to work the kinesiology communication the book recommends. I would simply open the Coning following the directions with long pauses since I could not confirm the proper connections had been established. It still worked just as good as these days with me using a pendulum.

So please don’t let your current lack of two way communication with your spirit allies stand in your way of learning to work with them.

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Basic Psychic Shielding

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Grounding, Shielding, and Clearing are essential practices for good psychic hygiene. The more sensitive among us will find they feel their best when doing all of these on a regular basis. When starting out it is best to do grounding and shielding daily to establish them properly. Then experiment if you like to find out how often you need to ground and shield to feel your best. Personally I do them at least once per day and usually more. I feel best if I do them before doing energy work (Reiki, MAP, meditation, after energy work, and before sleeping. Sometimes I am simply too agitated to sleep until I shield my home as well as myself.

At it’s most basic shielding is simply wrapping your aura, the energy field that surrounds and encompasses your body, in a coating of energy with the intention of repelling anything harmful. One can visualize their aura coated in one color of light such as gold or a scintillating rainbow swirl. One can image a hexagonal gold mesh, white light, or a layer of flame. It is up to each person to choose what suits them best at that time. Sometimes I visualize being surrounded by an electric field that neutralizes harmful energy with an electric crackling noise like a bug zapper. Always set your shield to be permeable to positive energies so love and healing can come and go. If you are attuned to Reiki charge your shield with it and draw (mentally or physically) symbols on it. I particularly like using Raku because this symbol is used to separating people’s energy and earthing negativity (aka sending it to the earth for energy composting). Now while traditional Reiki masters say people can’t use the symbols until Reiki II and III I could after Reiki I. Some are horrified or offended for me to even suggest it to others. Well renegade that I am I say go ahead and try them if you like if you are are Reiki I. Try drawing CKR, SHK & Raku on your shield front, back, right, left, above, below and in the center on yourself, your car, your place of work, your home, and the property it is on then see how it makes the atmosphere change for the better. You need not do this in person, simply visualize drawing the symbols from a distance.

In general a person’s aura is no wider than the fullest reach of their arms. You might find yours extends too far away, too close, lopsided, weak in certain areas, or has holes. You can correct this by visualizing it being hole and perfectly egg shaped. Mentally or physically reach out and smooth your aura’s boundary smoothing any lumps out and filling in weak or holey areas. Feel free to ask your spirit guides and allies for help as well if only for the sake of establishing a working relationship with them so it will be easier to work with them on very serious issues. Imagine using blobs of colored energy to fill in the holes and weak areas or use Reiki if attuned. As always experiment until you find which techniques suit you and your issues the best.

Have fun and be silly. Use a phrase from a song you like that relates to what you are visualizing, make up a rhyme or borrow a scene from a sci-fi movie to inspire your shield effectively resisting even the most dreadful of energies. While the effects of shielding are serious one need not be solemn for them to work.

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Shielding with Archangel Michael’s Pillar of Light

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Archangel Michael please give me a pillar of light to protect me from all harm. Please give my home, property and vehicle a pillar of light to protect everyone within from all harm.

As an Empath I have spent a good part of my life trying to find effective ways to not pick up on what others are feeling. An unshielded Empath is like going naked in a sandstorm. It means starting the day in a good mood only to be dragged down to the depths of despair when one encounters a depressed person. If you find your emotions change depending on the mood of those around you you too may be an empath. Or symptoms may be more subtle as you only pick up emotions from those closest to you. In any event it will not harm you one bit to try the treatment program most empaths find helpful – Grounding and Shielding every single day.

The easiest shielding technique I have learned is to request Archangel Michael to surround me with a Pillar of Light to protect me from all harm. Instantly I will feel whatever disturbing or irritating emotions I was picking up cut off along with a feeling similar to warm sunlight on my skin combined with a very gentle pressure complete surrounding me. At times splitting headaches will coincidently end within minutes of asking for the Pillar of Light. People I know who are not known to have minor much less strong psychic gifts have told me they feel as if the air is fresher and they feel more peaceful after invoking Archangel Michael’s aid.

Now to give credit where it is due. I found this technique in Christopher Penczak’s ‘The Witch’s Shield‘. In his book he credits John Armitage who is the founder of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, a Reiki offshoot. I highly recommend Penczak’s book not for just psychic self-defence but as a way for those psychically sensitive, seeking to develop psychic abilities, or energy healing facilitators to get and stay clear. I knew very few if any of those who have negatively effected me consciously intended to use me as their emotional garbage dump and yet I was harmfully effected again and again. You can check your local library for a copy, suggest they get one or request an interlibrary loan to find out if this book will be as useful to you.

~ Be Excellent to Each Other ~

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All-Purpose E-Z Incantation of Invocation & Invitation for Sublime Divine Felicitous Facilitation of Angelic (and Other) Assistance

Posted on August 1, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Co-Creation, Healing, Permission, Psi 101, Spirit Guides & Allies |

For yourself:

“I ask all Beings of Divine Light and Divine Love who have my highest good as your intention who are willing and able to help me please help me with _______ now. Please help me release and heal anything that blocks my request. Thank you all.”

Or for all beings:

“I ask all Beings of Divine Light and Divine Love who have all beings highest good as your intention who are willing and able to help us all please help us with _______ now. Please help us release and heal anything that blocks this request. Thank you all.”

Light beings respect free will and so cannot act without your permission and so we must needs request or otherwise grant permission for help. We have all been graced with a plethora of allies in spirit form. So please don’t make them sit around twiddling their thumbs (or ectoplasm) just because you are too busy feeling unworthy, unpsychic, or what ever the heck is holding you back from simply asking. They want to help as much as they can or they would not have taken the job.

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