On reluctance to take back personal power including psychic abilities

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Throughout ages of incarnations most humans have experienced very traumatic events. Many of use have left past lives due to violence done unto us because someone feared our abilities even those who never harmed another, and in fact helped others, with their gifts. Sometimes it was fear, sometimes it was in the name of religion, sometimes it was we got in the way of a person with more money and influence, sometimes it was an excuse to seize what property we owned. This can leave a residue of fear in a person making them reluctant to take up such abilities again due to vague yet powerful dread they feel.

Other lifetimes people made mistakes in spite of their abilities following false or self-bedazzled leaders, joining groups that do harm in the name of the good of that group no matter the cost, or otherwise suckered in and in the end doing harm to others. Great harm, regretted harm but still harm that cannot be undone. Again lifetimes that leave those who experienced them reluctant to take up their inborn gifts this time for fear they will harm others with them.

I have met so many people who have worked to release lifetime after lifetime of such traumas. I too have experienced such and the old habit of fear rears it’s ugly head. I have avoiding making any choice staying in the same rut mentally paralyzed with fear an then unnamed fear. I had a panic attack before my first Reiki attunement fearing ‘they’ were going to get me. ‘They’ being whomever burned me for a witch centuries ago.

I am lucky this time around. I life in America where would-be witch hunters are confined to burning Harry Potter books instead of human beings. The worst I will suffer is rejection and verbal insult as a crack pot. I remind myself of this as I again and again delve into the fear and memories releasing and healing them as I go. And I send Reiki to the places where people continue to be harmed for being gifted or just different. And I send it to the places where harm has been done to others for these reasons ancient past as well as the present hoping to help wipe this thoughtform from the earth for all time.

I offer Reiki through this message now to any who wish to receive for the purpose of healing this and similar traumas. May all beings be healed. May all beings know peace. May all beings be loved.


Diamond Heart

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