How to Channel Healing Energy Without Reiki

Posted on August 18, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Channeling, Energy Healing, Energy Transmission, Laying on of Hands, Psi 101, Reiki, Spirit Guides & Allies |

1 Ground

2 Shield

3 Ask your guides to assist

4 Ask that whatever divine energies that serve the highest good of the ne to be healed be channeled through you at a level that is comfortable for both of you. Ask and intend for help to ensure that your personal energy does not go into the recipient. Ask and intend that you be as a clean hollow bone and that you be a pure instrument of healing acting for the highest good of all concerned.

5 Visualize the energies entering through your crown chakra flow down through the third eye, then the throat, then the heart. Let it continue
on though the rest of your chakras and into the earth. This will help keep you grounded, give you a mini treatment yourself, help heal your
energy channels so you can be a more effective channel in the future, and be of service to the Earth herself.

6 Continue with the visualization bringing back the focus to the heart chakra. Let energy coming from above flow from the heart chakra down the arms though the minor chakras in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and from the hands flowing outward. If at any time the energy becomes too intense for you or the recipient reduce the flow coming in through the crown. Imagine it coming into you though a faucet and you turning down the
level or ask your guides.

7 When finished thank your guides and the Powers as you know them for the energy telling them it is enough. They may stop the flow before this.

8 Ask your guides to remove anything you have picked up from the recipient and the recipient picked up from you and to deal with it appropriately for the highest good of all. If you wish glide your hands over the heal-ee’s aura to clear away released energy. Clap three times and shake your hands vigorously after.

9 Guide the recipient though grounding and shielding to prevent dizziness. Shielding is to help prevent the recipient from picking up other’s energy while their aura and chakras opened wide to accept the healing. A glass of water with a bit of lemon juice is always good after healing. If either of you are extra hungry have a snack high in protein like a few nuts. I know I used to be ravenous after energy work even if I had eaten not long before until I got acclimated.

For best results practice practice practice. Practice on yourself and on willing friends and family. Practice on your home, vehicle, and possessions not just crystals and such. Best of all (in my own opinion) get attuned to Reiki. It is a wonderful short cut that allows people with simple training to become channels for a powerful gentle healing energy. I channeled healing energies for years before I took up Reiki but never as powerfully as I do now. It is like finding out instead of just having an antenna I have a satalite system hooked up to my TV all this time. I just needed someone to show me where the On switch was hidden.



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