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Releasing Fear with the Violet, Silver and Blue Flames Kuthumi though Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

Johannesburg : 11 April 2004


This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of freedom, release, relief and passion. Greetings, beloved ones. We welcome you, brothers and sisters of light. This evening we have present with us the gracious St Germaine to aid you with the releasing and healing of fear.


Welcome, magical souls of love. Your soul embodies all that is love. However, the journey to Earth presents one with numerous challenges that embody fear. Fear can be healthy when it protects one from seriously hurting oneself. However, it seriously hurts one when it becomes the controlling force in one’s life.

Your fear has reached the point where it has consumed a large amount of your vital force, leaving you feeling completely depleted at times. This taxes you emotionally, mentally, physically and, of course, spiritually. Fear acts as a pause button and can bring your life to a complete halt if you allow it to. This is sadly the case with a number of people. It is now a good time to assess where in your life the pause button has been switched on and where your life has come to a halt. In other words – in what area of your life have you stopped growing?

As long as fear is a ruling force in your life, you will have difficulty moving forward and manifesting your divine abundant rights. Hopelessness and disillusionment feed fear in many lives, but there is a way to move beyond this paralysing effect by using the blue, violet and silver flames of Light to dissolve it.

Visualize before you a blue flame . Begin to walk toward this flame; know that it is safe to walk into the flame for it will not harm you . When you are ready, step into the blue flame . feel your body surrounded by the blue flame . As you stand within the blue flame, begin to allow all your fears to rise to your heart chakra and be released into the blue flame . If you are finding it difficult to release the fear, imagine a door opening up within your heart, and allow all your fears to be released through this door.

Fear is simply an illusion created by a fearful thought. It is not real. Remember that the power you give to your negative thoughts and fears determines how much they are able to rule your life, for thoughts are energy. You all have the ability to create with your minds. So when you focus your mental energy on fearful and negative thoughts, you will create this in your physical reality. What kind of reality do you have? What kind of reality do you want?

Become more conscious of the thoughts flowing through your mind. Notice what happens when you are holding a negative or fearful thought and immediately replace this thought with a happy, positive thought. As you become aware of the patterns of your thinking, so you will be able to control your thinking patterns, as opposed to your thinking controlling you.

The mass consciousness holds much fear at this time. But as you begin to release these patterns of fear within your heart, you reclaim your individuality, and you are then free to walk your talk, to speak your truth from your heart, disconnecting from the mass fear. It is important that you remember that where there is love there is no fear. Hand over your fear, brothers and sisters of light, for the fear is not part of your path. It is not of the light; allow your fear to be released and healed.

Allow your heart to surrender the fear to the blue flame . See all your fears being dissolved . Now as your fears are being dissolved, allow the empty space to be filled with Universal Light. Breathe in the White Light of the Universe. Feel it fill your body . feel it fill your cells until your nerve endings are tingling and alive with the energy of the Universal Light. Feel the love, joy, the lightness of laughter, happiness and joy within your heart explode and merge with your energy field . Feel the joy of a peaceful heart . a heart that carries no fear, only faith . love . peace . abundance . health . truth and light .

Your dreams, brothers and sisters, become your realities. So create positive, happy, and prosperous futures for yourselves, for today’s thoughts are tomorrow’s reality. Create your life from your heart, from the truth that lives within your heart; enjoy creating an abundant and joyful future for yourselves and the loved ones around you. As you create from the truth within your heart, so you will encourage those around you to create from the truth within their hearts. Darkness cannot survive in the Light.

Live in joy, happiness, in love, and truth. When you wake each morning, be aware of your first thought, and make it a happy thought, for this thought will set the theme for your day. Make it a day of fun, creating your life in love, happiness and laughter. Remember, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come, but today is now. So make the most of it, so that tomorrow is filled with more light and love. Make all your tomorrows happy by living effectively and positively in today – for it is the present.

Now allow yourself to be sealed in the Universal Light. Allow the Universal Light to move through all of your energy centres, beginning at the crown, moving down to your base centre . connecting with mother earth so as to keep your energy grounded. Know that the blue flame is always available to you to burn away the fears that hinder your heart. Always allow the light to fill the space that has been left by the cleansing.

Now imagine a violet and silver flame igniting within you . In your mind, set an intention by saying “May these flames dissolve all and any negativity within me . that are hampering my movement forward on my life path. . May all negativity be replaced within me . with the Divinity of my Soul and its purpose.”

Now imagine the violet and silver flame manifesting around you and say “May the violet and silver flame protect me from and dissolve . all negativity projected toward me . consciously or unconsciously . by any and all beings . incarnate and discarnate. . May my truth be my motivating force.”

Do this last section as often as you like and at least twice per day – when you start your day and when you go to bed.

May the Love of God and His Light be the driving force that spurs you ahead and inspires you to embrace your true, authentic self. Blessing be with you. Farewell.

Beloved Leaders of Light, know that you are all very much loved. Know that you are always protected and guided. Trust in the invisible arms that hold you, and remember – we are only a thought away. We bless you in the love and light of the divine. Peace be with you all. I am Kuthumi – Lord of Light, Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in Love. Adonai.

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The Earth Changes Channeling from Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

The Earth Changes Channeling

Johannesburg – 02 August 2004
TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MICHELLE & THE LIGHTWEAVER PLEASE VISIT Please keep in mind that just reading this information will activate a process and shift for you. It is not the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, but you will still benefit from reading it and aligning your consciousness with the associated Master.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom, to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of deeper understanding, of expanded consciousness, of integration and of _expression. Greetings, beloved one’s. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you all upon this evening, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved one’s, as we gather with you this evening in the presence of the Christ consciousness, we bring to you as a group, and to you as individuals, information that we trust you will integrate in a manner and that will serve to awaken deeper levels of understanding within the hearts and minds of your fellow travelers, as well as within your own heart and mind.

More and more people ask “What is happening to this planet? In the year 2012, will everything come to an end?” Much of the information that has been written to date has manifested fear in people’s hearts and in their minds. Because they do not understand that humanity as a collective consciousness can affect how the changes impact on your planet and all its inhabitants, they feel afraid about the current & upcoming changes.

It is important that you understand that this kind of change has happened before. The planet has experienced polar shifts before. This is evident in history.

It is also important to know that humanity, in this particular timeline, has an advantage, which could in fact pose a problem, but with understanding the problem can most certainly become the solution. The difference is that humanity has far more knowledge and far more intellect than the last time the planet went through this kind of shift.

Other earth changes that have been recorded in your Earth’s history have been the times of Lemuria, and the changes of Atlantis. History is repeating itself where humanity has reached the point of self-destruction because of the lack of light. I say “lack of light” because of the lack of understanding and the lack of sufficient knowledge that can empower people to fully understand what consequences their actions create. So let me make it very clear that the darkness I speak of, is the darkness manifest due to a lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, and lack of wisdom, as well as the lack of love. Without love, light does not exist. Without love and without light, ignorance, fear and negativity become the order of the day.

Now if you observe the changes that have taken place within humanity’s consciousness over the past 25 years, you will notice there has been a steady progression in the expansion of consciousness. The consciousness I speak of is that of awareness, where more light is coming in the form of awareness, knowledge and understanding. However with this knowledge, more questions are arising, and with more questions come more answers, and with more answers therefore, more questions. And so the process begins to mushroom into a whole new and even more profound level of consciousness.

During the time of Atlantis people had learned how to utilize the power of nature by harnessing its forces. However, due to lust consciousness, being the abuse of power, greed and selfishness, the process of self-destruction played out. This was a time, one might say, when the lords of lust and the lords of light were in battle. The battle that took place was also between many highly adept alchemists, wizards, sorcerers and witches – the great manifestors.

This is where we could say white magic and black magic played itself out, hence the lords of light and the lords of lust. Those of lust consciousness adopted a belief in fear, in lack and in loss, and through that wanted to control and own most of what was in their environment. Their belief was that the more they could control and own, the more power they would have. That power would maintain their comfort zone and be a manifestation of more power. Therefore, no loss and no lack. This abuse could not be tolerated and as I have said, it moved into a process of destruction.

Now your planet and present timeline consciousness has been playing out along very similar veins. Most of you are already aware of the fact that 10% of the earths population either controls or owns 90% of the earth’s resources. This is in itself a severe imbalance. Modern technology has unraveled the use of other forms of technology that you would not be able to begin to comprehend. You would honestly believe that it is a manifestation of some kind of science fiction novel, or movie. But let me tell you, it exists. The researchers of your governments do not sit and play computer games all day. Serious research is conducted 24 hours of every single day, of every year. That research of technology has manifested in many levels of separation.

Now without going into too much of the highly sophisticated and advanced technology that the scientists of your planet have figured out, we will speak about technology that all of you are familiar with, of all of the gadgets that are supposed to make your life easier. Many of these gadgets emit radioactive rays. This impacts upon the environment. The radioactivity breaks down the negative ions in the environment, creating positive ions, which is a form of pollution, which not only weakens and breaks down your organic vehicle, but it does the same to everything else that is organic in the environment.

There are already people within media who are gaining more interest in the earth changes, and we believe that not too long ago it was written in one of your newspapers that the magnetosphere over Southern Africa is becoming weaker and weaker. The earth’s magnetic field, which is responsible for maintaining the magnetosphere is becoming weaker because of the pollution of various frequencies impacting upon that particular structure of energy.

Three thousand kilometers beneath the earth there are immense changes happening as well. The inner core of the earth is expanding. There are other core points of the earth that are cooling, which is also resulting in many of the weather changes upon your planet. All of this activity is for a purpose and has manifested as a result of certain actions.

Now it is important that we explain every aspect of this to you, so that you can see that it is a natural process and one that could not be avoided, because it is a part of the evolution of the planet as a being. And it may not need to manifest to the extent that it may manifest, if humanity as a consciousness can begin to pull together and live a more conscious lifestyle. So here we shall begin to speak more of what is happening to the earth, and then we shall move on to how humanity’s consciousness can contribute to supporting the changes as opposed to making them worse.

In fact your solar system is moving into a new energy space. There is already scientific documentation that this is happening, and I urge you to find out more about this. This solar shift is impacting upon the magnetic fields of other planets and affecting their atmospheres. Mars has already experienced changes where there has been a thickening of its magnetic field. Jupiter is experiencing magnetic shifts. Uranus’s magnetic field has already doubled in its intensity, and Neptune and Uranus appear to have had a recent polar shift. Other evidence that things are changing within the solar system is that since 1975 volcanic activity upon your planet has increased by 500%. Since 1975 earthquake activity has increased by 400% and between the years of 1963 and 1993, the manifestation of natural disasters such as floods, tidal waves, hurricanes, twisters etc, have increased by 410%. All of these are as a result of many of the changes that are taking place within your solar system, and not just upon your planet.

Of course it is important to know that the sun itself affects your planet and that the moon is undergoing shifts. Its magnetic field is also increasing. Now, as this is happening and the magnetic field on planet earth is decreasing, many things come into play. The impact of the lessening of the magnetic field on the human as a being is not entirely known as yet. We can however say that what humanity is currently experiencing within themselves, is as a result of the weakening of the magnetic field.

One of the side effects of the weakening of the magnetic field is people having difficulty maintaining balance within their bodies energetically. It will also affect people in that they will have difficulty maintaining physical balance, not being able to literally, stand up properly. Mood swings are another of the symptoms, and the emotional body becoming erratic and volatile in its _expression, and in the person’s ability to try and maintain some level of balance. People may find that at times this is easy, and at other times extremely difficult.

This is why the masters and many other grand teachers have been stressing the importance of becoming more consciously aware of how your actions affect the planet. Blindly moving through life with absolutely no consideration for other forms of life has created problems. The ozone layer is becoming weaker. This you have known for a very long time, but what we have found is that still much of the human race has not grasped how serious this is. Much of the human race has not grasped it because they do not understand it. Why is this? Because humanity still to a large extent believes in separation and duality.

Now no one can blame humans for thinking this because everything in your world confirms and affirms separation. If you are not united, as in physically joined to a tree, to a flower, to an apple or a banana, to a monkey or your mother, then how on earth can you be one with it? We say this because this is how many humans understand energy. Many people do not see the physical manifestations of Spirit, so if God is not dropping in for tea, (or any of the masters or angels) then how on earth can it be real, and how can you be one with it?

Therefore it is up to each and every single individual, through their own experience of manifesting unity, to guide others to understand the same. If a person does not understand that using products that are full of chemicals, are going to poison the earth, there is absolutely no reason for them to stop. But if people begin to understand that if you use products that poison mother earth, the seeds that you plant will produce poisonous food, which will then be lacking in nutrients and vital minerals. Your cattle will begin to die, or even worse they will produce young with deformities. Even their children may be born with deformities. The lack of education regarding such subjects has become a problem beloved ones.

Now moving out of rural consciousness and into suburban consciousness, there are even those who we would consider more dangerous, who do the same thing. The difference is that they have more resources at their disposal to cause damage. Let us look at the major companies of the planet that are responsible for manufacturing products that have poisons in them which are poisoning the earth. Because they are such large entities very few people will make a stand. One of the reasons why a stand is never taken is because the majority of society has absolutely no clue as to what is going on, but it is becoming evident by the impact that it is having upon your children. For those of you who are becoming more and more sensitive you are finding that your bodies are beginning to reject certain foods, and certain drinks, and that you are reacting in an allergic manner to products used upon your bodies, and in your environments. All of these beloved ones, are also red flags to show you that something is not working in harmony with the earth. What is being created and produced en masse is not for the good of the whole.

Now some people, (maybe even those who may come to read this material), may think, “Oh my goodness, there’s someone else, another conspiracy theorist, running off at a tangent.” This has absolutely nothing to do with that. This is fact. And if anyone who wishes to take the time to research the archives of many research institutions, and many of the faculties in government, you will find hard evidence that this is in actual fact true. The more you know, the more tools you have at your disposal beloved ones to make changes.

What we are trying to explain and bring into understanding, is that to become more conscious, is to become more responsible. The more responsible you are, the better the chances are that mother earth will be able to completely detoxify herself, and to bring her body back into balance. How do you think your body would be able to function, if every single day you were pumping very dangerous poisons into your body. Add a little sprinkling of rat poison or a few of the ingredients of many of the detergents used to your salad dressing, and see what that does to your body. This is what is happening to mother earth. She is being poisoned. This is also contributing to the shifts, because she as a body is also having to adapt and to support herself, in bringing her health back into balance.

Now let us take you out into space again to show you why you are all one, and how everything affects everything, even if it is out of your vision. As a result of all the shifts taking place within your solar system, more and more plasma is growing. This is resulting in many of the planets becoming brighter. All you need to do is to look up at Venus, and you will notice how much brighter that planet has become. And the plasma is expanding and increasing in many other areas in outer space. With all of these shifts and changes, thickening on certain areas, and thinning in other areas, the dangerous gamma rays are slowly also beginning to seep through, and this is very dangerous to the human body itself.

Again, within your physical reality, if there is more conscious living, you will be able to make sure that the impact is not as severe as it has been in past shifts, and as severe as it can become.

Humanities consciousness is now undergoing an even deeper shift because you are moving out of 3 dimensional consciousness, and into fifth dimensional consciousness. The magnetic changes automatically bring this about. Your planet is also already fully in the photon belt, and the photon energy is impacting upon your lives, upon your emotions, and upon your world collectively.

The journey through spiritual evolution has brought about a lot of understanding, but it has also manifested an immense amount of fear. Much of what has been written about and predicted by many prophets has already manifested, however, much of it has not manifested. And it is important that we bring this information to you now, because this also shows you that what has been predicted can be reversed. All predictions are based on a probable outcome, which is information gathered and based on past predictable behavior. So if the predictable behavior is changed, the prediction no longer manifests. And this is the aim of making all of this information available to all of you, in order to make you aware of how these shifts and changes taking place in the consciousness of humanity and within the physical structure of your earth and the solar system, can bring about changes that will support your earth, as opposed to destroying her, as has happened in the past.

Here also, it is very important that we remind all of you that as you have consciously chosen to make changes in your life, you are contributing to the shift in the collective consciousness of your planet. Each individual’s change makes the collective change. The more you learn, the more you know, and the more others will come to learn and to know.

So the whole modern movement in spiritual evolution is great cause for celebration, because even though all of this activity is taking place on a physical level, spiritually man is evolving at a rate that has not ever been recorded in earth’s history. The combination of intellectual intelligence, coupled with the strengthening of emotional intelligence, is creating the integration of spiritual intelligence. Beloved ones, without spiritual intelligence, one cannot be balanced. So physiologically humans have evolved, and intellectually humans have evolved, and those were the first two aspects of humanities evolution. And now the vital conclusion of that evolution into the golden age is the union of emotion and spirit.

That union of emotion and spirit, brought into balance with the physiological process and the intellectual process, will bring all the elements together to allow the state of evolution and ascension that your planet is working towards, to happen. This manifests in the greatest blessing of all for your planet, and that is the marriage and union of spirit and science.

Therefore it is very important for each person to understand the science within themselves, to understand that spirit animates each one of you, and that there is a science within that animation. It is important to understand that everything that has brought life, as you know it into creation, was as a result of that fusion of spirit and science. One could not and cannot exist without the other, and growth cannot reach the full potential of _expression and experience without spirit and science together as one.

So the spiritual movement as it is becoming more commonly known at this time, is for a very, very valuable purpose, and all of you actively building platforms upon which to build your lives, are the catalysts in creating the union between science and spirit. Everything that is breaking down within governments and organized institutions and religion, is a part of that process of bringing about deeper understanding and awareness, and expanding consciousness. This is so that people can feel empowered to individually and collectively stand up to the powers of lust, in order to bring balance back to the earth, and to bring balance back to life. That balance will re-manifest itself as the process of evolution revolves through another spiral of geological _expression and physiological ascension.

Now let us also tell you that many of the changes happening in your solar system, which are affecting your earth, are impacting upon your physical body, which is also bringing about what is being termed as the mutation or awakening of dormant strands of DNA in the human body. The frequencies of the earth are also increasing, which is allowing less density to be present, and of course the less density, the faster the rate at which energy vibrates. Therefore one is able to shift into other dimensions of reality.

Many of you are experiencing instant karma. It is not so much instant karma beloved ones. This is evidence that you are working in fifth dimensional consciousness. The fifth dimensional consciousness is such, that as you think, so you create. So if you feed energy into fear, what happens is that fear manifests. You invest energy in light, and light manifests. Now what happens is that many people are vacillating between the two, because third dimensional lower frequency still affects many people. So, on your good days, you find yourself experiencing higher levels of consciousness. This is also influenced by the shifts and changes within the magnetic fields of your planet. The reason is that you too are made up of electro magnetic energy. Magnetite is present in the human brain, so it also impacts within all the aspects that the brain governs and rules, and even those that you have not yet tapped into. This results in the neurological system being affected.

So there you can see how you are all connected to every level of energy within, upon and around your planet.

Now the geomagnetic field of the planet is being affected by the electromagnetic energy that is being created through a lot of modern technology, and especially many of those that you are not aware of. This is impacting on the animal kingdom. Birds, whales and dolphins, mice, and even molluscs use the geomagnetic fields to travel. Whales and dolphins however use the total geomagnetic field, not to find direction, but to assess the depth of water to know where it is shallow and where there is land. Now, where that geomagnetic field is affected, whales and dolphins beach themselves. If you go back in history not too far past, you will see that when there have been times when dolphins and whales have beached themselves, the geomagnetic field has been going through a severe process of shift, a kind of polar shift. So in actual fact, the polar shift is already in motion and the so-called prelude is not such as many have believed it to be.

Again, this is the reason why we are giving you this information. Because the more you know how it is affecting your planet, the more you can do to ensure that what has been playing itself out, does not continue in its intensity.

So beloved ones, taking responsibility for your life as an individual, by imagining yourself as a planet, as a body of light within the solar system you can begin to understand how important it is to take care of that planet, and in order for it to provide all of the resources required for all its inhabitants to function properly and in optimum energy. You can call the inhabitants of the your planet (your body) your organs and everything else that makes that planet (your body) tick. By taking full responsibility for ensuring that you know as much as you can possibly know, about what your actions, your thoughts and your words do, the more you are able to contribute to the change. We are not speaking only of your physical actions, but of your internal reactions as well.

We said earlier on that the moon’s magnetic field is also increasing. Now I’m sure that many of you are aware of the fact that on the day prior to the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the day after the full moon, many people behave like lunar-tics, behaving in ways that are out of character. There is an immense amount of emotional energy during that time when suicides, murders, rapes and violent acts take place, more so on these three days than at any other time of the month. Now because the moon’s energy is becoming stronger, you are also witnessing many more violent acts. This is where the moon, in a way, is supporting the process of revealing what is out of balance in society, within their emotional and within their mental bodies.

So, the more spiritually aware you become, the more emotionally aware you become. The more emotionally aware you become, automatically your spiritual awareness expands, and with that, your intellectual awareness and strength can be utilized to create physical change, that will support the physiology of your body and the physiology of your environment. So everything works together. Again, a perfect example of how everything is interconnected. How the moon is helping mother earth, and how the shifts and changes going on within your solar system is creating that shift, not only physically, but within the planet’s consciousness, which is automatically allowing for the process of shifting into different dimensions to take place.

Many people have asked whether the day will come when they will be able to shift from one consciousness or dimension into another dimension, and be consciously aware of it. The answer is absolutely yes, because the more you take responsibility, the better your chances are of experiencing it. The more you take responsibility, the better the chances are of your planet surviving. The more responsibility you take for you, the easier it will be for you to lead by example. Always remind yourself that if you want to see change happen in your world and within the great community of the collective consciousness, and even within your own intimate space, you have to be that change. Therefore there is only one way to lead and that is by example.

The more you learn, the more you understand, and the more you know. Share this with others. If you observe someone doing something out of ignorance, and you feel the moment presenting itself is apt for you to go forward and share that information with the so called ignorant one, then go ahead and do it. For far too long people have retreated within themselves not wanting to get involved. Lack of involvement so to speak, has separated the majority of humanity from their spirit, from their heart and from their mind. So the separation of the heart and the mind is a direct reflection of the separation between spirit and science. And all of that separation has manifested in the different religions, each one of them condemning the other and trying to convince everyone that their path is the only path, and through that they create wars. No one wants to get involved. No one wants to take it upon themselves to truly walk their talk, to live that truth and to make the effort to find their authentic selves. Why? Because they might be judged, they might be criticized, they might be rejected for who they are and what they have to say. All the years of shutting up has manifested in what your earth is experiencing today. So beloved ones, the news for you is that it is time to come out of the closet, and to show your true colours.

Many of you sitting in your individual space, and we speak not only of those present here this evening, but also of the ones who will come to read these words, say, “I will serve, I want to serve, I want to make a difference. How can I make a difference? I will represent the divine. I will protect other kingdoms.” But the moment many are placed within that spotlight, all the fears, all the programmes and insecurities rise to the surface, and one shrinks within oneself. Beloved ones, we do not say this in judgment, we are simply expressing the observations that have been made with many who are truly wanting to go forward and make a difference. And you can, if you will all work together. Take responsibility for your individual process, but open your heart, open your mind and open your life to welcome those who have the same so called mission, and together you will achieve this. So, with expanded awareness comes more focus and concentrated effort. Those efforts have a stronger impact on the social environment and collective consciousness and eventually that becomes the norm, because more and more people will see beyond the illusion and recognize the truth.

The way this will happen is that the more people come out and speak about what they know, about what they have discovered and intuitively feel, and the more people research their intuitive feelings, the thoughts impressed on the mind, and find the evidence, the more people will sit up and listen. Many people have said, “I will only believe once I can see proof”. Go and find that proof. You will not find it sitting in the comfort zone of past belief systems and programmes, waiting for Commander Ashtar or any other being of light to manifest in your office, or between you and your television set, telling you “Here I am, this is real.” It is time for that spiritual movement to take place, in other words, the movement of spirit being motivated by your spirit, to do something different. And that will manifest through each one of you in your unique ways, and those unique ways will create a powerful collective group of energy that will be able to support the process of change.

Now we will start with the questions, because these questions will give us the space to give more of the information that is important to you.

Question: I would like to know what will happen to people on the planet in 2012, with the tectonic plates moving, which presumably they will do. What will happen to the people on the planet? Will it be that some of them will move into another dimension because they are vibrating at a different level?

Answer: First of all sister, the tectonic plates move quite regularly, and as we said earlier on, since 1975 the frequency of earthquakes has increased by 400%, which is as a result of that tectonic movement increasing. By the year 2012, there will be a great difference in humanity’s consciousness. The planet, as you know it, will not disappear. As the tectonic plates are shifting, certain parts of the world are sinking, and other parts are rising. In fact for the full cycle of the polar shift to take place, in a way that one would see for example, Australia disappearing, and Atlantis rising again, could take anything between 1200 and 5000 years. So when they speak of the year 2012 being the year of that shift, it is the shift within humanity’s consciousness. It is the way that humans relate to life. You are accurate however, with regard to the dimensions that people will be able to access. There are already human beings who are successfully moving between dimensions, materializing and dematerializing their bodies at will, and utilizing the systems of energy available to them to educate humanity. Some of the “advanced teachers” of your world, who utilize the combination of both science and spiritual technology, are those who are able to do this. These are the ones who understand those frequencies, and what they bring in the form of teachings are there to assist those who recognize the opportunity, and go with it. So from now, leading up to the time of 2012, there will be more and more opportunity for people to evolve spiritually, and experience those levels of ascension in a more conscious manner. There will also be the opportunity for those souls who are not at the point of wanting to do that, to exit the planet by leaving their organic vehicles behind. So far, according to current, let us say, galactic statistics, 1.5 billion of the earth’s population will successfully go through the process of ascension. As you will understand it, of being able to move out of the third dimensional lower frequencies of fear motivation, and of being controlled by poverty consciousness, lust, conditional love and victim consciousness. They will have moved into the higher realms of living through prosperity, unconditional love, victory, divine love etc. This is then known as the golden era.

Question: Is there a critical number of people required to make a meaningful change, and how far are we away from it….(inaudible)

Answer: You have already achieved the so called critical mass required to bring about those changes, which is why we said earlier on that it is cause for great celebration. South Africa is the leader of change for the rest of the planet, and many of the shifts and changes culturally, and spiritually will take place in this country. There is such a diversity of energy here that it is possible for this to take place, this was initiated by a great teacher who came into power ten years ago. This teacher who you so fondly call Madiba, is one of the grand masters of light who manifested in a physical body to initiate this change. This man, Mandela is known all over the world as being one of the leaders of the greatest change that has taken place within world affairs.

Other areas of impact that have already attracted the world’s attention is Zimbabwe. Harare will become one of the cities of light. You can imagine Zimbabwe as a woman heavily pregnant, who is now in her state of labour and preparing to give birth to that new child of light. Zambia is another place. There it is more the mineral kingdom that is undergoing a lot of change, in the sense of bearing the impact of what has taken the form of the rape of Mother Earth. Madagascar is another place where the mineral kingdom is bearing the impact of the rape of Mother Earth. It is clearly evident that Iraq; the Middle East and America are also being affected by the impact of these changes, and the impact these changes will be having upon those areas of the world, and the citizens of those places.

Russia will rise with very valuable information, and in fact some of the Russian scientists are among those we have spoken of, who work fully with spirit and science and are bringing information regarding the changes taking place on all levels of life physically and etherically. Asia will experience, what we might call a detoxification wave, where victim consciousness and lust consciousness will be exposed to the rest of the world, bringing with it immense shock. That detoxification process will be the catalyst in many other so called “cans of worms” being opened. England, with the eventual complete break down of the monarchy will also show an immense amount of change.

Question: Could you say more about……(inaudible)

The application of the consciousness of community, a kind of sisterhood and brotherhood, by those, we will call you, “wounded healers” coming together, to assist those who are still sleeping and whose wounds are so deep that they are unable to move beyond the abyss they find themselves in. In fact brother, it always and only boils down to one thing, and that is to do whatever you can in your power to lead by example, and to ensure that the example is for the good of the whole. When one lives with that intent, one automatically attracts to oneself every opportunity required to make it possible, and to make it a reality.

Question: Master Kuthumi, were the Atlanteans human in form and did they experience a polarity shift? ……(inaudible)

Answer: They were most certainly human in form and yes, and a polar shift did take place. This was induced by the manipulation and abuse of energy during that time. If you study the various levels of evolution within humanity’s intellect, within their emotional and within their spiritual development, you will notice that there has been a rapid expansion in that particular field, from that time leading up to the present day. As more and more energy is being utilized and people are understanding it in a different way, it does make it more dangerous. It is difficult to explain how much more, because the earth has not as yet experienced that particular impact. The earth has come close to complete destruction on several occasions, but it has never reached that point exactly, where there was nothing left. But if the evolution of humanity continues as it is, without anything changing from this day forward, and people stop their personal growth, and even reverse behavior to as little as fifteen years ago, within the next 200 years, planet earth will no longer exist. That is the difference.

People have asked why it is that the Masters now have such a keen interest in planet earth, and many other forms of consciousness beyond what you are accustomed to knowing. It is because Gaia has asked for this help. She has sent out an SOS so to speak, and we are responding. There are many other civilizations that have heard this and come forward to assist. This is another of the reasons why there has been such an explosion of information, and modalities. All of this has been made accessible in order for humanity to make the changes necessary. Her final SOS went out on September 11, 2001. You call it 9/11. That was Mother Earth’s 911 call to the Universe.

Question: I am aware that it is August again. Do you have anything to tell us about the opening of the Lions Gate?

Answer: This is the second wave of the Sun Chakra. Last year was the first wave of this activation, which is known as the Sun Chakra, and is situated between the base chakra and the navel chakra. The activation of that chakra brought with it a new wave of creative energy, and with that energy a new level of information and consciousness, and more opportunity for people to access information that has not been accessed before. We speak of this information being accessed through forms of creative _expression, and of the receiving of imprints through imagination.

The second wave is bringing about the feminine aspect of this. Last year was the masculine aspect of this. This was also initiated through the Venus transit, which took place not so long ago, and the Lions Gate that was held last year by the white lions, this year is held by the golden lions. This too, supports the influx of the Golden Children, who are being born at a rate of knots at this time, and is also one of the reasons why many women are bearing more than one child at the same time. Because these souls are coming to continue what all of you are, in a way, being pushed to initiate and carry forward. The second wave of the Sun Chakra is also allowing humanity to feel safer to go into them self and explore their own vulnerability. This is not having to be done with intent, because it is happening automatically. People’s lives are changing with little effort, and it is through the relating of masculine and feminine that many of these changes are emerging. So it is these two aspects or energies of that Sun Chakra frequency that completes itself in this year. Let us also add at this time sister, that one of the gifts coming from this energy, is that the “blind” will “see”, the “cripple” will “walk”, and the “deaf” and “mute”, will “hear” and “speak”. We do hope that you understand this?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, in this age of busy-ness that we find ourselves being caught up in so often, are there specific angels that we can call on to help us to expedite what we should be doing?

Answer: There are angels for absolutely everything, did you know this? So perhaps you can call upon the angels of unbusy-ness, yes? Or perhaps you just need to call upon your angel of balance, yes? Now, to be a little more serious sister, it is a state or process of becoming conscious of how one reacts or responds to activity in one’s personal life. Some people do not respond well to an immense amount of external activity in their lives, and are better suited to other activity of a more gentle nature. You are one of those who work well being more active, mentally and physically. Part of your process of change now, is taking the mental energy and allowing it to manifest through creative energy, creative _expression, and therefore the manifestation of new systems of living within your personal life. Note that much of this will automatically manifest through your personal process of addressing what you have set your intention to address. So it will show itself to you. It is then up to you to decide what you will do with that information and energy. We suggest that you ask Spirit to assist you in aligning your energy with all the levels of consciousness………….(tape ends)…….This is an individual journey.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, greetings. In January this year I celebrated the wonderful gift I received from Spirit. ……(inaudible). Is there something you can tell me about what I did to receive this gift. It’s important to me because it will serve as part of the experience for this process (of teaching).

Answer: Brother, it was a process of intention, and of you actively committing on a conscious level to making a change in your life, and consciously choosing to participate in a frequency that would benefit the whole, as opposed to any kind of selfish gain. You moved out of the matrix of conditional love and _expression, and you moved into the template of unconditional love and _expression. By living that principle, you attracted to yourself that blessing.

Question: (Inaudible)…..

Answer: Beloved sister, every person, who has come to this room and who will read these words, is experiencing this energy for a purpose. The reason why we say this is because all of you are a vital link in the chain of life, and it is what you choose to do, or not to do, that will determine the energy that you contribute to the changes taking place within your personal life, and to the planetary changes taking place. You are fast approaching a time of great change. This particular change may take you upon a journey, not only a figurative one, but a literal one. This journey will reveal to you a deeper understanding of everything that you have experienced in your lifetime to date. It will also help you understand the patterns you have manifested, patterns that cause limitation and even at times your own tendency to sabotage your own efforts. This will revolve around certain issues of trust in your life. There is a deep solar plexus healing taking place. The solar plexus is the seat of the emotions. It is a kind of emotional maturing that you will go through, and that process will in a way, catapult you into a new lifetime. That new lifetime, or experience, is how you will be able to best serve, or in other words, live your divine plan.

Question: (Inaudible)….

Beloved sister, this is not your choice to make. What you need to do is to live your truth. By living this truth, you will show the way, which means that when they are ready to join you, or fit in, or follow, the way will be clear for them to do it. As hard as it is for you beloved one, it is important for you to remember that you cannot force the change. You can only be it. Acknowledge that by you accepting their current place within their own personal development, they will be able to accept you in your current place and experience. In a way this is known as unconditional love. It is human to want to bring those whom you love along. But to unconditionally accept those whom one loves the most can be difficult. So it is to accept what you cannot change now, and to trust that it will change in its divine time. Your husband and your children have chosen a path. You are showing a way, and you need to allow them to also live the way that they have chosen.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, do you have a message for my friend, xxxx?

Answer: There are certain people on the planet who are known as “earth processors”. What we mean by this is people who not only go through their personal process of healing, but who also take on the process of the collective consciousness. This often manifests in severe depression, and people feeling they are completely disconnected from life, from Spirit, and even those whom they love. Many of them feel that life is one big cosmic joke, and sadly some have taken their own lives. It is important that he understand that he is one such soul. It will be of benefit for him to work with someone who understands this concept and who can gently guide him out of that state. Try to encourage him to do something creative, even if it is writing about how awful he feels.

So, beloved ones, we do hope that you better understand how you are all connected, and how all the changes taking place on a planetary level as well as in your solar system, are influencing your present experience. We hope you also understand that your present _expression of what you are experiencing, is affecting the impact of those natural changes. Remember that responsibility, expanded awareness, education and knowledge, do mean added power. The power to make an informed choice, and the power to make positive changes. This empowers you as an individual, and the more the microcosm empowers itself, the more powerful the macrocosm becomes. Therefore, the more you take back your power, and search for the truth that you are inspired to seek, the more you will be able to empower others. Each of you are able to do this in unique ways.

In your field of current life experience you will be given the opportunity to do this. Do not limit how this can happen through any narrow-minded expectation of how it can manifest. Simply open yourself and open your being. That energy emitted, and the intention set, creates a powerful energy. This strengthens the magnetic field of your planet. The more balanced humanity becomes in body, mind and spirit, the stronger your electromagnetic energy becomes. Therefore the output of magnetic energy is purer, which therefore enhances the magnetic energy of your planet. With sufficient people, collectively and consciously working towards this and taking individual responsibility, you will have a collective force taking responsibility, which can and we believe will, reverse much of the impact that has been written about and predicted, which has given rise to so much fear in the human race.

An example of this reversal is that Cape Town was predicted to be completely submerged by a tidal wave. Table Mountain would have been an island. However, due to the collective consciousness, effort and energy, the celestial body that would have impacted upon the earth that would have resulted in that tidal wave, did not manifest. That is the power of the human force. This is why we say that the more responsible you become and the more knowledgeable you become, the more powerful you become to make positive change. Look at your present field of current activity, and identify how you can make a difference. What can you do and how can you apply it? Look at what your current strengths are, your knowledge and wisdom, and how you can utilize it to make a difference, in your life, your family’s lives and in the lives of your community. The problem that has manifested in the dominion of the material world is that people spend so much time chasing money that they have forgotten to look at the community’s needs, and initiate change there. When the community is rich in knowledge, when they are rich in spirit and are equipped with the tools that will sustain their lives, everyone benefits. Wealth in all its forms, and abundance upon all levels is equally distributed, and that is one of the paradigm shifts that need to take place.

The polarity, which has consisted of the separation of male and female, is coming together. It is the union of the creative self, and the manifestor, the God and Goddess, that will allow this to be. The more you embrace spirit, your Goddess self, and the more you embrace science, your God self, the more empowered you will become and the earth shifts taking place will come into balance.

South Africa has energy available to it that can be harnessed. That energy harnessed and projected with the right intent, can bring healing to the rest of your world. Many of the new leaders of light are emerging from South Africa, and will spread through Africa. Mother Africa will give birth to some of the greatest bringers of change that the earth has ever come to know. All of you are a part of that process. In your unique and individual way you allow that to happen. This is why so much is changing so quickly for South Africans. This is why so many who have left the country are feeling the pull to come back, because they know that this is where change will come from. The activity taking place 3,000 km’s below your earth is also showing the change that is taking place deep within the core and the heart of Africa, and all Africans. So don’t be afraid to show your true colours. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation for a reason. Your true colours pave the way for the rest of the world. The shift in consciousness that will take place in South Africa, and will also show that the rapid depletion within the energy over this area will begin to strengthen a lot quicker than anywhere else around the world.

And so it is beloved ones that we embrace you in your full power and in the full light of All That Is. May each one of you feel the inspiration to research the avenues of information and energy that will bring you deeper understanding as to how you can and will bring about change. May you know in your heart, mind, body and soul that you are the planet and that you are the solar system, and that you are a reflection of everything happening around you, and that what is happening within you is manifesting outside of you.

May each one of you feel the faith inside of your heart to persevere and be patient and trust in your own ability. May each one of you trust that life will support you, and that life will bring you all that you need. May the light of the God/Goddess self, of your fully mastered self and the God/Goddess light of All That Is, be the beacon that guides you on the path to find your truth. May the love of your God/Goddess self and Source Of All Life, bind you to that truth. May all that you require manifest for you in harmony, under grace, and in perfect and miraculous ways. Know that you are the polar shift and you determine to a large extent how it will affect your planet.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Light and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in Love. Adonai.

Michelle Eloff
Metaphysician, Crystologist, Lecturer, Clairvoyant,
Teacher, Trance Voice Channel, Author, Counsellor,
Soul Coach, Conflict Management Mediator, Soul Psychology, Psychocybernetics.

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Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians

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I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians
Co-facilitated with Janosh

This was a very special workshop for me, since my meeting with Janosh was so obviously guided by Spirit. I had originally intended to do 3 workshops with other presenters, and then do this one with just myself and Archangel Michael. But, after meeting Janosh in Amsterdam, I was more than happy to share my “sacred space” with him. The image above comes from Janosh’s “Holy Grail” series, and incorporates the Magdalene energy, which is so much a part of the Grail legend and experience. For me, working with the Divine Feminine energy means that I work to carry this energy myself, and so facilitating with Janosh was a wonderful way of celebrating the coming together of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

This is probably my favorite image from the Netherlands tour. It expresses, for me, the essence of the Twin Flame energy, in Spiritual terms. It was taken in Janosh’s gallery in Amsterdam. I see the essence of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine coming together in the service of Spirit and the Higher Good. And this is essentially what the Twin Flame energy is all about. The image behind us, is one of Janosh’s works called “Time Shift”:

While we were there, we could definitely feel the energy of the Arcturians flowing from the vortex of the image and asking to be sent out into the planet as a way of reminding people of the huge shift and transition that is taking place between now and 2012 and beyond. There are many great cycles of time and experience that are at a point of change and transformation. The Cosmos is changing, the Galaxy is changing, and so is our Solar system and the Earth. We welcome in the New Solar codes that are being transmitted to us from the Galactic Center, and we thank the Arcturians for bringing us these powerful codes through the visual art of Janosh. Here is another image that I took in his gallery, expressing the transformations of the Earth within the Cosmos:

In our combined workshop, Janosh shared a Multi-media presentation that helped people to get in touch with their deep spiritual essence – what I call the “Cosmic Human”. It was a very powerful combination of visuals and music and meditation. This was follwed by Archangel Michaels’ channeled activations session called “The Perfection of Who You Are”.

Since Janosh and the Arcturians had worked to activate the “Cosmic Human” or the infinite part of our being, Archangel Michael worked to activate and transform the “lower” bodies, the Mental, Emotional and Physical, so that the transformations could be felt and experienced on every level.

The Perfection of Who You Are
An Activation/Meditation through Archangel Michael

To begin this meditation and activation, you will need to first connect with your “I AM” or Higher presence. This is what we call the “Cosmic Human” or “Human Angel”. That part of you that is infinite and eternal. To do this you can focus on the images above by Janosh, and allow yourself to feel that angelic and infinite presence within yourself.

For, as Michael teaches, Ascension essentially has two components, the first part is this connection with the Higher and Angelic self, that reaching up and finding that Heaven is within you.

The second part is allowing that “Heaven” to descend into the physical form, and this is the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. It is the process whereby Peace and Love will be brought to the Earth plane from the Spirit realm.

So, this activation enables you to prepare your physical being to accept the “Infinity codes” that are being transmitted to the Earth in 2007.

So, to begin the activation, breathe deeply and focus into your Heart Chakra.

Now, as you feel the energy within your Heart Chakra, feel how your higher chakras are open to the flow of energy from Spirit. The Crown is open, and then the Brow, and the Throat and the Heart. There is a clear flow of Spirit from the Higher Realsm and into your Heart Chakra. And so, as you feel this flow of energy, breathe deeply and say to yourself, I AM…..I AM a Cosmic Human…I AM…a Human Angel bringing Heaven to Earth.

And so, as you feel the Truth and Perfection of Who You Are flowing into your being, allow your Heart to open fully and to transmit the energies of Unconditional Love, Compasssion and Gratitude. Unconditional Love accepts All and Loves All. Unconditional Love is based in total Self-Accceptance. For All is beautiful and created form the great Love of the Source, and All is an expresssion of the Love of the Source. For the loving energy of Source creates according to the desires and wishes that you express. So, as you align with your perfection, you align with the Template of Perfection that was placed in your DNA by the Elohim angels who designed the human angelic form with all its potentials for you to explore. So, allow yourself to feel the Unconditional Love that flows through you.

Compassion is the energy that allows you to feel the path of others as if it were your own, for indeed it is. For, you are all One in your state of Love and Perfection. But, as you live on the Earth plane, you experience the blessing of individual consciousness, so you are able to exercise Compassion with Love, and bless the path and being of all who come into your life. For there is a reason for everything that you experience. For you are All One.

Gratitude is the mirror image of the Divine. For when you can look at all that you have created in your life, and say that it is good, then you are truly working with the Perfection of Who You Are. And when you express this gratitude, then your words and feelings flow to Heaven as a blessing that flows back to you, with more blessings and love.

And so, dearest Human Angels, now move your consciousness into your Physical Being, starting with your Mental Body and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Here, you can say to yourself, I am ready to release all old energy mental patterns that hold me back. I am ready to release all ideas and beliefs about limitation and lack, about pain and suffering, about low-self worth and judgment of self and others. In place of this, I am ready to embrace the new energy of Love and Abundance and Joy. For, as I clear away old patterns I create space for the flow of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude, to be expressed through my physical body, in ideas that create Joy and Abundance and Love. This expresses the Perfection of Who I Am.

Now, dearest Human Angels, move your energy to the next level, to the Emotional Body and the Sacral Chakra.Now say to yourself, I am ready to release all old energy emotional patterns that produce fear, anger, anxiety and stress. In their place, I am ready to embrace the the new energy of Love, Peace, Calm and Joy. I am ready to allow my Emotional Body to be used as an instrument to express the higher energies of Unconditonal Love, Compassion and Gratitude. All my emotions will be a reflection of these energies. This will express the Beauty and the Perfection of Who I Am.

And, finally, dearest Human Angels, allow your focus to move to your Physical Body and the Base Chakra. Say to yourself, I am ready to release all old ideas and energies and feelings and emotions about my physical body. I am ready to align with the Template of Perfect Health and Well Being that is within my DNA or physical akashic records. And , as I activate this template, I allow myself to experience perfect health and well-being. As I release all old energy ideas of guilt and punishment and unworthiness, I embrace the idea of my perfection and the knowledge that I can experience this perfection on the physical level as well. And so, I ask that as this template is activated, that I am empowered to release all the old patterns of disease and degeneration that are encoded in the DNA as well, that they may be released and replaced by the perfect codes of the Elohim template for Perfect Health and Well-Being. For this will express, on the Physical level, the Perfection of Who I Am.

And so, dearest Human Angels, as you finish these activations, breathe deeply and feel within yourself, the True Perfection of Who You Are!

And So It Is!

© 2007-8 Text by Celia Fenn, Starchild Global and Images by Janosh, Janosh Art
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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Entity Detachment & Advanced Transmutation through Sacred Geometry. Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

Posted on October 28, 2007. Filed under: Attachments, Channeling, Cleansing Techniques, Energy Cleansing, Entity Removal, Guided Meditation, Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff, Spirit Releasement |

I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

Entity Detachment & Advanced Transmutation through Sacred Geometry
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Saturday, 19 May, 2007 at Johannesburg, South Africa

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom, to greet each of you this morning and to bring unto each of you the blessings of trust, insight, receptivity and awareness. Greetings, Beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each one of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the Heart of Christ, and securely upon the Hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we gather with you in the presence of the Christ Light, we extend our Light, our Love and our Support to each of you in the creation of the geometric grids and energy formations that shall contribute to the clearing process you shall experience today.

The attachment of entities is something that is not paid much attention to. There is not much that is spoken about it either; however, it is important that people be aware of how the energies outside of the self, and through the self, impact on your life. There are a number of forms of entity attachments, a number of different types of entities, and these energies are able to interact with the 3rd dimension. Their realms within the 4th dimensional astral belt, is a realm that feeds the darkness, if we can call it this, of their consciousness – the awareness of the dark self, i.e. the awareness that exists within the unenlightened self. Darkness is only ever the absence of light, and when light particles become stagnant darkness ensues. Therefore to transmute darkness all one really needs to do is simply get the light particles active again. This is done through the powerful Law of Attraction through the Laws of Intention and conscious co-creation. This not only applies to the external world, but very much to yourself as well. You have heard of trapped souls, lost souls, you have heard of entities in the forms of other creatures – reptilians, draconians, greys, and many others. These are simply names given to a force that chooses to focus on darkness. Now that I have explained what darkness is, perhaps you will understand how it is that darkness comes into being and why.

When any person, regardless of who they are, regardless of their spiritual development, emotional or mental development chooses to focus primarily on darkness, or anything that lacks light, they stand the risk of attracting entities. That is not the only thing that attracts entities though; there are also many, many Lightworkers who attract the attention of such beings because of the amount of light emitted. These entities, even though they focus on darkness by choice, have an inner desire to be set free. But, because they do not know how, they remain within the quagmire of that darkness, desiring the light. The moment the light is seen they will gravitate toward it, and this is why we have said to Lightworkers on numerous occasions, that one needs to be emotionally mature, mentally mature, and spiritually mature within equal balance, because you can be as spiritually advanced as any of the greatest gurus on the planet but if you are in a state of emotional arrested development at the age of 5 and you spend your life reacting from the ego – entities will attach to that energy. And in fact it is the immature Lightworkers on an emotional level, or on a mental level, that run the greatest risk of entity attachment simply because the light of the spirit catches their (entities’) attention, they come forward, and oh my goodness, what a feast, because the emotionally or mentally unintelligent aspects of self, are delving in the darkness, dabbling with all of those negative energies. So, you are literally a buffet of both sweet and sour, main meal and pudding so to speak! (Laughter)

Many have said “But if I don’t pay attention to entities then why should they interfere with me?” Yes, that is correct. However, if you are focusing in any area of your life, on the limitations, the negativities, then you run the risk of an entity attaching to you. So, all the teachings that have come forward, all of the books that are available, and now even “The Secret” which I am sure all of you can see very clearly consists of all the messages that I, Kuthumi, and many of the other Ascended Masters have been delivering for the past 50 years to humanity through a number of channels. It’s all there – all the tools are at your disposal, and every single person has access to it now. The coming of “The Secret” so to speak, is the confirmation that mass consciousness is being given the opportunity to break free.

This has come about as a result of some of the “plug” removals that have taken place. I would like to just cover a bit of that topic before I continue explaining entity attachments. “Plugs” are implants that were placed within you at various times throughout your evolution. These have been placed there by a number of different entities for a number of different reasons, the main reason of course being to keep you in a state of dis-empowerment, to keep you a victim. But now you all know that you are only a victim once, and after that you volunteer for the experience. (Laughter) Just in case you were beginning to say “oh yes, I have been a victim, poor me!” (Laughter)

The removal of these plugs has taken place over a long period of time now at an accelerated rate, and most of you have had this automatically done by your personal guides. I, Kuthumi have performed this personally and there have been a number of other systems and modalities that have facilitated the release of these implants; the memory blockers, if you like. These were inserted within different areas of the body and interfered with the central nervous system, and the body’s ability to read energy in it’s surroundings. The dormancy of certain levels of the nervous system, and in fact the majority of the brain, has kept humanity ignorant regarding the power of the soul in a human body, therefore the power of the human. All of this is changing now; it has already been in a state of change and all of you are able to maintain these changes.

The “plugs” from the 7 main chakras will all be removed today, and with the help of the Pleiadian Masters and Lord Melchizedek with the sacred geometric formations that shall be brought forth, the next 33 days will be a process of simply dismantling all of these “plugs” so to speak, or transmuting the plug into a key, which in itself is a very powerful process. You have completed what is called the “Kali Yuga” – The Great Sleep. This ended a long time ago, and the more you have worked with yourself the closer you have come to reclaiming that full awareness, full consciousness, full memory recall. This memory recall will be attained in your current incarnation, if you choose so. And you will choose so simply by making the simple choice to practice the Divine Principles of Attraction, and becoming the master of your life.

Most of you have been exposed to a great deal of my teachings. And over the past 3 years specifically, my teachings have focused on guiding you, directing you into the self, into those places of power where “The Secret” as they now call it, exists. And now we tell you, you are going to find THE secret about “The Secret”, and perhaps there will be some deeper secrets about the secret of “The Secret”. (Laughter) Doesn’t this sound like a bit of an add on to the “Da Vinci Code”? Yes? (more laughter) Everyone adding their opinion and so on and so forth, so let us jump in before that starts! We are going to give you the secret within the secret and all their secrets! (peals of laughter) Perhaps you would like to divulge a few secrets? Make up your own secret, but of course it is no longer a secret because everyone knows about it! So why do they call it “The Secret”? Any clue? Me neither! (much laughter)

Understanding that the lighter side of life is what keeps energy flowing is what will lead you into the realms of full memory recall. Humour, laughter, lightness are all the key ingredients to maintaining those foundations you are creating for yourself. One of the reasons I have been emphatic over the last while about bringing forth information regarding the blackness of gossip, judgement, criticism and ridicule of others is for this reason. You cannot come into a full state of memory if you are holding on to darkness. When you sit in judgement of another, you are indulging in darkness. When you gossip about others, you are dabbling in darkness. When you sit with envy and hatred in your heart towards another you are dabbling in darkness. Jealousy, greed, lust; all of those vices are the portals to the dimensions of darkness. You have been on an intensive journey of moving away from those dimensional influences and into the fluid universe, which is what all the 6th dimensional work was all about that I delivered to you not so long ago.

The anchoring of the fluid universe – the 6th Ray of Fluid Love was a part of that, and perhaps those of you were participating at that time will remember that we said that no one will be able to access the true abundance of the Christ Consciousness through the 8th dimension unless, they come through the 6th dimension of fluid love. Everything we say is with purpose, because we are working with the bigger picture. We give you pieces of the puzzle, and we help you put it all together; all that we ask of you is that you listen, trust us, and apply what you are learning. Even in the moments when you think to yourself that your spiritual pathway is in actual fact a cosmic joke, and you have been the centre of the theme of the universe’s humour; or this channels favourite one – God has lost His marbles and turning her world upside down looking for them! (Laughter)

All of it this has a purpose; Spirit never acts without a purpose. There are an infinite number of plans coming together. There is a Plan A, most of you have a Plan B and C, the Universe goes all the way to Plan Z! (Laughter) There is never ever an aspect overlooked; everything is considered. Therefore when we suggest to you to take time to retreat, we are saying it for a reason. When we ask you to rest your body, to pay attention to what your body is feeling, we are saying it for a reason. When we say to you gossip, criticism, judgment, rejection & ridicule is black magic, we mean it. And this is not only when you project it to others; it is even worse when you do it to yourself. Don Miguel Ruiz, who anchored the teachings of “The Four Agreements”, acknowledges and reiterates the teachings of the Masters that gossip is the blackest magic of all because words are so powerful.

Now let me paint a picture here for you, beloved ones. Words are power, because they embody vibrations, vibrations that you might not necessarily feel, or even understand. But you do feel the effects of the vibrations of these words. When someone whom you care deeply for says “I love you”, your body responds in a positive manner. If something negative is said to you by the same person, your body goes into shock, it withdraws and feels emotional and often even physical pain. It is the vibration of those words as well as your understanding of the definition of those words that hurts you. Now that’s what it does when it is done face to face. When people sit amongst themselves with the sole purpose of gossiping about other people’s lives, simply because they do not particularly like their lifestyle, or the way they choose to think, or because they are jealous of the person, envy, or do not understand the person, then you are playing with fire. That energy creates the formation, the vibration of that energy is a callout to entities – “Hello, here I am, come and get me, I have some “food” for you, a whole big bowl of some really nice, yummy negative energy!” This is something that all need to be aware of.

Now it goes even bigger than that. How many times have you walked into your supermarket and there are magazines all over the place screaming out “LATEST GOSSIP!”? What energy is that emitting, huh? What is it inviting you to do? It is inviting you to get involved in the drama of other peoples lives, people you do not even know! It is distracting you from the purpose of your life, distracting you from what is important for you. It is much easier to hone in on, and harp on other people’s issues and point out how bad they are, how insecure they are, how out of integrity they are, and have broken down certain things which you believe were broken down, which you believe was lacking in integrity. Yet, you do not know the full essence of that individual’s life. If you are speaking about someone who’s had an affair and you judge them, “Oh my goodness, I thought he was so spiritual and so committed” or “Oh my goodness, I thought she was a healer, and look what she has just done”. What do know about their lives, and the circumstances that lead to their behaviour? You know nothing of it. You are focusing on the surface, and when you do this you open the trap doors of the 4th dimensional astral plane and you literally invite the negative energies in to join in on your gossip.

The other thing that you are doing – now that you know about The Secret and the Law of Attraction this should be easy – the words that you are speaking, you are speaking into existence for yourself! So what happens is, other people are going to gossip about you, point fingers at you, reject you and accuse you of being out of integrity, etc! Why do you think that is? Because you have spoken it into existence, you have focused on that, and you have woven magic. You have created your own black magic. This makes room for entities to attach and feed off the energy that you have created in that environment. The person or people whom you are judging, criticising or gossiping about, is then under psychic attack from you, and you will be held responsible for that. Every person participating in the activity of gossiping, etc. has incurred karma with that person, and it will have to be balanced. So, gossiping creates negative karma for you.

The person who is energetically at the receiving end is impacted upon dramatically, so much so that they can become physically ill. Have you ever been at the receiving end of someone’s criticism, accusations, judgments and gossip? Or should I rather ask, is there anyone here who has never experienced that? Is there anyone here?

Group reply: No

I didn’t think so. How did it feel? I’m sure that if you think back now you will be able to recall that it may have felt like all the energy was drained from your body, as if you became weak – shock, disbelief, sadness, grief, anger, guilt, and shame – all of these emotions inside of you. And these are the exact same emotions that are evoked in others if and when you do the same thing. So, entities attaching themselves is done in the twinkling of an eye, and they have greater access to you than you realize. It is vital that you understand the subtleties of attracting them into your space. I must add at this point that when one is speaking to one other person, maximum 2 other people about an issue you have, someone else, or your thoughts or your feelings regarding the actions of another, or getting something off your chest so to speak, it is a different scenario, because your intention is not to gossip or attack, your intention is to release, to have a shoulder to cry on, someone to give you perhaps some directives, insights or clarity around what you are feeling. In some cases it will require you and 3 other people so that the structure of the 4 elements is in place. You always bring Spirit into that situation where Spirit mediates the energies and facilitates the transmutation. But if you have an issue with someone and you are speaking to perhaps one, two or three of your very best friends, or a very good friend and a therapist, that is fine. But then going on to every other Dick, Tom and Harriet, speaking about the so called injustice that this person did to you …well then my beloved darlings, you are gossiping! You are creating psychic slush which will attract to you an entity to feed off of that energy. Plain and simple. Is this clear to all of you?

Group response: Yes

Very well. The other reason behind me giving you this information is because you do not have to waste your precious energy and precious time focusing on the dramas of other people’s lives, when there is so much in your own life that requires your attention. And it may not necessarily be issues that need to be fixed; that energy you can use creatively instead. That is energy you can use to fuel your life, to be inspired, to come up with new creations, new ideas, to invest that energy in your life, in your service work, in your healing practice, in your career, or whatever it is you choose to do. Draw that energy into YOU and direct it along the flow of your purpose and your plan. Remember, being lured into conversations about other people’s lives, other than in a healing situation, is being tempted to ignore your own life. You are being distracted from what is important. So, negativity literally drives you to distraction. By ignoring the self you drive yourself to distraction; fearing silent time with the self drives you to distraction; fearing creation drives you to distraction. Fear period, drives you to distraction.

So, an entity is let in. What does it do? It attaches to you through the most vulnerable chakra, usually the solar plexus or the sacral chakra. After a period of time you feel listless, depressed, angry, everything is irritating you, everyone you see irritates you, and everybody’s issues irritate you, and the more irritated, frustrated and angry you become the more delicious a meal you are! So that entity will ensure that your focus remains on more negativity because that’s what feeds it. As much as it desires the light, it needs what keeps it alive – your fear, your negativity.

Anything angry attracts negativity. Now, I am speaking not about having a bad day, or a bad few days. When it goes on and on and on, then you have a 98% chance that there is an entity attached. Sometimes, entities attach through a living space. Entities may be within spaces you physically enter into. It could be a home you move into, land you are living upon, a place you visit, even driving through an area that you sense as being extremely heavy and dark has these negative presences. They exist because negativity exists. They will latch onto you if you choose to harp on negatives and I repeat, this does not apply to having a bad day or a bad week, but during that time I urge you to do something about it, to take yourself through a process to get to the depths of what is aggravating you. There are a number of modalities, and I know most of you already have your therapists that you visit. Keep them busy, thats what they are there for! This will clear you.

The lighter you keep yourself, the more difficult it is for them to attach. Why? Because the vibrations of light are so fast and so high they are unable to attach to it because their frequency is a lot denser than that of light, so there is no means to “hook in”, or to latch on, or extend a cord into any of your vulnerable chakras. Many times entities use situations where drugs are involved; even where excess alcohol consumption is involved, that brings about this creation. This particular creation is a kind of template, a signature, a calling card if you like, that alerts the entity to your availability. Now, utilizing drugs and the over-indulgence of alcohol on a regular basis is very dangerous. Alcohol consumption creates a channel within the body which passes through all the chakras and as it passes through these chakras it leaves a seed of negativity. Therefore alcohol consumed on a regular basis plants these seeds. You are conceiving these seeds through the excessive alcohol because of it’s vibration and in terms of what it does to the body, which causes the degenerative process.

Now drugs have a different effect on the body to alcohol. Where alcohol has a more physical effect drugs work on many other levels, and impact on the 3rd eye and crown chakras the most. It begins the degeneration of the pituitary and the pineal glands impacting tremendously on the hypothalamus. This moves into the cerebral cortex of the brain where another degenerative process begins. Now if drugs and alcohol are being consumed together, all the brain cells that are being dehydrated swell to allow for more of this negative energy to enter into the body. A dehydrated body is very vulnerable to negative energy as well. Now when the brain is so toxic and intoxicated by both the substances, oh my goodness, you have literally opened the gates to hell, so to speak. Especially with individuals who have no idea what they are opening themselves up to.

Many have said using mind altering drugs, when you know what you are doing, is safe. No it’s not, especially if there are still traumas locked in your body. If you still have deep wounds, you are running the risk of opening yourself up to something that you may not know how to deal with. Alcohol does not have the same impact as drugs do; what we say is, be very careful of any individual coming to you under the guise of Spiritual Journey, or any kind of introspective journey utilizing mind altering substances. If you are completely clear in all your processes, then by all means go for it! But if there is any trauma still in your body/cells, then you are putting yourself at great risk, even if there are facilitators holding you in the space. You open yourself to the astral world where things exist that you cannot even comprehend. The reason they exist is because humanity has brought it into existence through negativity and fear, and each of them build upon themselves. So being in an environment where there is a lot of alcohol consumption, drug abuse, means not only are you partying with your friends but with a couple of invisible buddies too! And who’s to say what’s on their menu?! (Laughter)

Most of the alcohol and drug related entities are probably the size of a 2 year old child, yet, the orifice known as the mouth looks like one of your sea creatures called the shark, and this entity literally clamps into the Seat of the Soul, which is located at the back of the neck over the occipital area where the medulla oblongata is. It then feeds a pipe into the Seat of your Soul, all the way into your cerebral cortex, extends it into the pineal gland, into the pituitary gland, and literally sucks the light out of you. It also feeds off all of the information in your brain, it feeds off all of the information in your Cerebral Spinal Fluid because it can tap into your central nervous system. Therefore, it has access to all your parallel existences, and God help any one of your parallel existences having a hard time because, oh my goodness, it is going to pull that negativity into your space as well. Which is why individuals have had so called exorcisms performed where they are literally possessed by aspects of their parallel or alternate selves that have been so traumatised by an event, and then having part of their energy self yanked through time and space and merged with your template. This is also where entities seeking an avenue of expression can take over your energy and direct itself through your life. This has happened and does still happen. This however happens 9,5 out of 10 times to people who do not know what they are doing, playing with energies they do not understand, which is why ignorance is so dangerous.

If you are drawn to anything, research it before you become involved in it. If you are going to go on a holiday, surely you would like to know where you are going, what is there and where you will be staying? If you are going to embark upon a new career, surely you are going to find out more about what that career entails, more about the company you might choose to apply for a job with? In your physical life you do that, why not with the rest? It is just as important. All of this information is very important because you are going to come into contact with individuals who are suffering as a result of entity attachments. It may not be as intense as a possession, but individuals who are so down, depressed and disillusioned with life that they do not know what to do, where to go, or whom to turn to. These are the kinds of people that will be drawn to you. And with this knowledge at your disposal you will be in a position to inform them with vital, valuable information, educating them as well as yourself.

Today’s lesson goes right into the very core of your being, because it is not just about judging or gossiping about another, it is about you. It is also about the intentions that drive you, that become a part of your grid determining your external life. As more and more plugs are removed, the more you remember, the more you become aware of, the more attractive you are not only to physical human beings, but to those other entities as well. You are however empowered with the knowledge that they cannot interfere with you when you know what to do. So, this bit of theory so to speak, is the very important ground plan for you, the foundation that you will work from. I must add, Lord Melchizedek is asking me to repeat to you that it is vital that you do not become involved in other people’s drama through gossip, judgment, criticism, ridicule etc, because it will reverse the creation of the sacred geometric forms we are about to create with you. In fact, he is saying that everything that will be done today will either be dismantled or completely reversed by those kinds of energies because it will turn the light particles into dark, stagnant energy. So any kind of density; deliberate density, will stop what you are going to do today.

So beloved ones, be aware of who you place yourself with – that is the power of discernment. Be aware of the conversations you get involved in. Be aware of your reading material, what you watch on your television, because even what you watch on your television, what you hear on your radio, what you read in a book, all influences your thoughts. It is a vibration. You become involved in what is being played out through these mediums and it becomes a part of your reality – which is why humanity experiences the level of violence, victimization, hatred and destruction that it does. Because what does the average human on Planet Earth indulge in most of the time? Just have a look at the top selling movie titles in movie houses, the top selling magazines, the lyrics to the music on your hit parades, and there you have your answer. That is how powerful the Law of Attraction is. That is how powerful you are, every single one of you on Earth, because humanity has created the world you live in. Your world today is an outer reflection of the inner world of every human on the planet.

So, let us begin with the energy aspect of today’s transmission. Please make yourself comfortable.

Relax your body by breathing in deeply, exhaling fully and just allowing your muscles to become soft, and shut your eyes if you haven’t already. Take another deep breath in, exhaling through your mouth, allowing all the muscles in your body to relax. Become aware of relaxing the muscles in your scalp, the muscles around your eyes, the muscles around your mouth, your jaw, and your neck. Drop your shoulders, relax your chest, relax your stomach, allow all the muscles in your back to relax, your arms, your hands. Allow your hips to become soft sinking into your seat. Relax your upper thighs, relax your calf muscles, your ankles and your feet, and breathe.

We ask you now to consciously invoke the presence of all your personal guides, Masters and Angels, (pause), and accompanying them is Lord Melchizedek, and 13 of the Pleiadian Masters of Light. (pause) These 13 Pleiadian Masters represent the 12 strands of your DNA and you, the conscious human self being the 13th element. They represent the 12 pathways of your destiny, the 12 aspects of your masculine and feminine, the 12 months of your year, the 12 hours of daylight, and the 12 hours of night time, with you always being the 13th element.

Lord Melchizedek represents the empowered decision maker, action taker, and teacher, guide and instructor with you through your intuition. When you are ready allow the 13 Pleiadian Masters to step into your sacred energy field, and to gather closely around you. As they do this, they link up with your 12 strands of DNA (pause). The 13th Pleiadian Master links up with you, the human you are here and now. (pause) They also send energy out to six parallel lives representing past, and six representing future, all linked from you here and now; the 13th element. (pause) They connect with the 12 months of your year, the 12 hours of day, and 12 hours of night, the six aspects of your masculine and the 6 aspects of your feminine. (pause) Breathe as this grid is constructed, and relax. (pause)

Lord Melchizedek now manifests himself directly in front of you with the Pleiadian Masters gathered closely around you. He looks into your eyes and asks you to please hold his gaze. (pause) While he does this, he now begins to emit a powerful sound vibration from his throat, which extends to your throat chakra, (pause). This vibration now begins creating a ripple energy through your energy field, and through your six past and six future time lines. Your six masculine, your six feminine aspects, and all the other energies and locations the Pleiadian Masters are linked into. This ripple vibration embodies Divine Decoders that automatically begin activating the grid of entity detachment. This grid is always divinely created by the Divine Mother and the Divine Father at the moment you come into Being. It is a Divine Expression of our Cosmic Parents as was created for this very purpose, but could only be integrated when you were ready; when you asked for it. The reason being, that this cloak creates a kind of invisibility so to speak, around you. However, it also requires of you to embark upon a powerful journey of maturing. Therefore any aspect of you that is in any state of arrested development will be addressed, and will be urged to be revived, so that it can catch up with the rest of yourself.

So, beloved ones, if you are consciously willing to embark upon this journey of maturing, and are consciously willing and ready to undergo the journey of reclaiming the aspects of you that have been in an arrested state of development, then give Lord Melchizedek the go ahead. If there are any of you who do not wish to do this, then we ask you please, if you would be so kind as to move out of the circle for now, and rejoin us when the activation is complete. (long pause)

Imagine a slight tingling sensation moving up your spine, some of you may even feel a warmth accompanying it. (pause) Become aware now of this energy coming into your base chakra from the centre of your pelvic area, up your spine, and imagine it penetrating your brain stem as it moves it’s way into the Pineal Gland, the Pituitary Gland, and all the cells of your brain. (pause) As this energy flows up your spine, it begins to filter into the spinal nerves until it is completely at one with your central nervous system. (pause) This is the connecting cords that link you to this cloak, which is the Sacred Cloak of Divinity which holds the internal Blue Print of our Cosmic Parents, which becomes your shield of invisibility. (pause) The energy along your spine might intensify, some of you may feel it concentrating on a specific chakra; just allow it to flow and breathe into the chakra if you feel any energy becoming stuck or too intense. (pause) Visualize it as a free flowing river of light. This energy comes from the core of Mother Earth’s body, which is a physical manifestation of an aspect of our Divine Cosmic Mother, and it is from this physical aspect of her that she feeds the light into you. (pause)

You will now begin to notice that Lord Melchizedek’s eyes become lighter and almost fluid-like. (pause) Your vision might become slightly blurred as you continue to look at him, and you will notice that out of each eye a 3-dimensional star tetrahedron comes forth hovering between you and he. These two star tetrahedrons come from the heart chakras of our Divine Cosmic Parents, and as you observe them you will notice they move towards each other, becoming one. (pause) Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale this star tetrahedron expands and it continues to expand until it can comfortably accommodate you, the Pleiadian Masters, your guides, and Lord Melchizedek. (pause) All we ask you to do now is just let your body respond to the energies that you are now being exposed to. These energies are being emitted from the star tetrahedron, very finely tuned energies that penetrate your 4 lower bodies, and begin restructuring the systems through which you respond to life. (pause) It also begins penetrating the 7 chakras of your physical body, and activates the transmutation process of any plug into a key, a key to the door of your freedom. (pause)

Lord Melchizedek now raises his hands; he opens his palms and thousands of geometric shapes, forms and energies spew forth from his hand chakras, and they begin to swirl around your body creating a vibration that initiates the most powerful entity detachment you have experienced to date. (pause) Just breathe as these energies merge with your energy field, each of them embodying a very intricate system of information. They open the pathways to the light, through which all density passes, and is transmuted into light. (pause) These thousands of sacred geometric shapes, forms and vibrations completely alter the sound of your vibrational frequency, and increases it’s pitch which automatically dislodges any entity-like attachment in the form of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, belief systems, perceptions, expectations and fears. Just allow it to happen. (pause)

The 13th Pleiadian Master very gently places the palm of it’s left hand over your crown chakra to ease the flow of the energy coming out through your crown. The vibration coming from this Master’s hand also expands the Pituitary Gland’s capacity to absorb light, and filters it into the Pineal Gland, and this begins to alter the physiological structure of your eyes, your ears and your ability to more freely utilize your 3rd eye. (pause) The physiological changes that will take place as a result are part and parcel for this particular healing and release. (pause) The transformation that you have said “yes” to is, and will continue to alter the structures of your life, ensuring that anything reflecting the entity attachments, the limitations as a result of the plugs and other implants be removed completely, resulting in you standing within the essence and presence of one of your most pristine life templates. What this will do for you beloved ones, is literally give you a clean slate. Many of you will find yourself making changes at an extremely rapid rate. All of these changes are direct reflections of the changes you are making inside of you, as a result of your choice, your willingness to be free of all the attachments in your life, everything that represents stagnation, darkness, illusion, limitation, and everything that carries the message that you are trapped, that you are powerless, will be removed, will be transmuted, will be transformed because through your maturing process, none of that will be able to remain either.

You have chosen a complete refurbishment of your life. (pause) The body which is your home, the structure of your life, therefore, your physical home, your physical career, people that have been a part of your life, things you have been involved in may all change, because it is no longer a part of you. Take another deep breath in and relax (pause) The frequency at which the sacred geometric creations are now being implemented within your energy field speeds up and our Cosmic Parents; the Divine Father God and the Divine Mother God now step into this space and they personally place the cloak over you, blessing you in love and acknowledging the choice you have made today. And it is through this choice that the revelations will come. (pause) It is through this choice that you will be released from the cycles of darkness, the attachments to any dimension of darkness, and you step into your role as an Emissary of Freedom. (pause) Breathe in deeply, exhaling fully, as you allow this cloak to settle. (pause)

Now the 12 Pleiadian Emissaries begin moving around your body in an anti-clockwise direction. As they do this they are emitting energies that are creating an anti-clockwise spiral around you, and as this spiral moves it begins to suck out of your energy field, and especially the 4 lower bodies, any residual attachment energy from any entity in any form whatsoever, through every dimension, every parallel and alternate reality, through every aspect of your masculine and your feminine self, through every thought process motivated by your emotional, by your spiritual and by your physical self. (pause) All of the portals to the 4th dimensional astral plane that have been active in your energy field are now placed within an incubator; those portals will not be shut down, they will simply be held within these incubators. These incubators will at a time in your journey completely transmute them into portals that lead you into the dimensions where the Almighty I Am Presence and Monad Self exists. But there is a journey that accompanies it, and you will know when the transmutation process has taken place. (pause)

I want you now just to observe what is going on in your mind, your feelings, your emotions and your body. (pause) An incredible adaptation is busy taking place in your body, not just cellularly, not just through your DNA, but atomically; the particles that exist between the atoms inside your body are readjusting themselves because the frequency is completely different. You are already different; your choice to cease dabbling in darkness has changed you forever, your choice to participate in what is unfolding today is a step into a new dimension within the fluid universes that will lead you into worlds of immense creativity, recognition, realization and activity. Therefore, any plugs that were in your chakras that have been transmuted into keys will be utilized to open those dimensional passages into the fluid universe and this will happen gracefully, and automatically. Breathe in deeply. We notice that some of you are feeling a little queasy. The nausea is related to fear; my words have brought up a sense of unknowingness, not knowing what to expect, that classic fear of the unknown. Just breathe through it and let it be transmuted into the excitement of the potential of what the future brings you. (pause)

Breathe into the back of your neck, as some of you are also experiencing some tightness and discomfort in that area. Rotate your neck if you must. Just allow this flow to happen. The pain, the nausea, the discomfort, the fear are all reactions from the ego. You are leading now. You are quite capable of showing your ego that you know that by trusting Spirit, trusting you, everything always will be perfect. (pause)

Now beloved ones, Lord Melchizedek begins changing the flow of energy, the Pleiadian Masters now begin to walk in a clock-wise direction, creating a clock-wise spiral which now begins to absorb an immense amount of geometric vibrations specifically which is a sound very new to the cells of your body. This particular sound rearranges the form in which the cells usually lie, this form creates a new formation, this formation in itself becomes genetic designs that will be carried through to the future. These geometric forms become geometric pictures which form the new genetic design that supports not only you, but your children. Now continue breathing as you visualize this powerful sound moving into you and through you along the genetic frequencies connecting with your children if you have any, and moving out to connect with your biological parents and siblings if you have any, regardless of whether they are all in physical form or not. (pause) This activates the same opportunity for them, the opportunity to make the choice as to whether they will continue to dabble in the dark side or choose to step into the lightness of living their own life, taking responsibility and allowing the maturing process to unfold. If your children are under the age of 10, they will have automatically chosen what you have chosen today and will follow in your footsteps. (pause)

Now beloved ones, we ask you to spontaneously allow any geometric shape to enter your mind (pause). Fill this shape with the most brilliant and powerful light and energy you can imagine. (pause) Now direct this geometric form to where your home is geographically located, and imagine this massive form filled with this powerful light and energy very gently descending upon your home. (pause) Expand it so that it envelops the entire property upon which your home stands. (pause) Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out blow and this activates the energy within the sacred geometric form. (pause) And this releases the clearing power, the transmutative power within this geometric form, and takes every ounce of negativity in your home, transmuting it. It absorbs it from animals in your home if you have any, it completely transforms the life force of the flora in your home and on your land. The structure of your home begins absorbing this light, and the transmutation has begun, the release of those entity attachments is now fully active.

Everyone living in your home will undergo the same process. Anyone who enters your home with ill intent will automatically be placed within a specific geometric field which will contain their negativity, or they will leave within a very short period of time. People within your home, sharing living space with you in the form of domestic helpers, house mates, lovers, a partner who has completed your contract with, fearful children who do not want to claim their own independence and move on, and tenants, will be affected by this and will move from your space if they choose not to integrate the lightness of life into their space. This powerful energy that you have created and this geometric form will also serve as a vehicle of invisibility around your home, shielding you from the influences of the negativity of the collective consciousness. It does however require a large degree of awareness on your level. Your level of awareness is high, therefore you need to tune in, you need to be aware of what is happening in your home, around your home and the moment you feel uneasy, a little down, bring in this energy and reactivate this geometric grid.

If you go into a negative space, bring these energies into you. However, if you choose to fall into the realms of ignorance once more, it will take as little as 5 days to completely dismantle these geometric grids, simply because the density that that negativity embodies dislodges the high vibration of the light; the light literally pulls away from it, especially if there is an intention of rejecting that high frequency light, which is why you will experience separation of sorts; for those who embody the density, that choose to reject the high vibrational intensity of the light; it will separate. But what you will be left with is far more valuable than anything material upon your planet you could ever imagine, even all the money in the world.

Take 3 deep breaths in and out, as Lord Melchizedek and your Pleiadian Masters now begin to recalibrate your body, realigning all of the energies (pause) For now we just want you to relax and become soft inside (pause) Give yourself over to the light, the light you have attracted, the light you have co-created (pause) Imagine yourself walking into the life you so deeply desire (pause) Imagine yourself absorbing the light within that life, and everything it entails (pause) Remember to focus on that which you choose to create, that which you choose to feel. (pause) You are programmed to do it, because it is the magnetic law of the universe, and cannot be any other way. This law works all the time, regardless of where you are, who you are, or what you are thinking, saying, or doing. It is working. (pause)

Take another deep breath in, relaxing. (pause) Please remember this clearing will continue. The next 33 days are very important. You will continue to be held within the grids that have been created – Lord Melchizedek present, the Pleiadian Masters present, and your personal guides. You can use these processes for protection for yourself and for your loved ones simply by projecting a geometric form that comes to mind, like you did for your home just now. (pause) The clockwise spiral begins to slow down until it is vibrating in perfect alignment with the chakras of your physical body, and everything inside you and all around you comes into a gentle state of peace. (pause) And relax. (pause)

Give thanks now for all you have received, for all you have learnt. Give thanks for everything that has been transmuted, and give thanks for everything that shall move on to follow it’s own path, should it not resonate with the divine path you have chosen. (pause) We ask you now just to be still within the presence of Father-Mother God, receiving the blessings and love of our Cosmic Parents. (pause) While their energy fills you, may we remind you of how deeply you are loved, honoured and guided, and that you are not ever left alone. (pause) Use your power, be that power, and live the life you deserve. Remain within the silence for at least another minute. I am Kuthumi, blessings and Adonai.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

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A Well Placed Cho Ku Rei Can Work Wonders

Posted on October 22, 2007. Filed under: Cleansing Techniques, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Energy Cleansing, Energy Healing, Psychic Hygiene, Reiki, Reiki Healing Experiments, Reiki Healing Project |

Reiki symbols are a useful way of focusing intention. Cho Ku Rei can be used is so many ways.

Draw it on your walls and the center of a room to break up and clear harmful, stagnant energy and just generally purify the atmosphere.

Do the same in person or from a distance drawing Cho Ku Rei & Sei Hei Ki on the boundaries of your property so that only that which is of the Light may cross the property line.

Draw it above your chakras and drop it in (visualize it gently floating into the chakra like a feather falling through the air) to clear blockages and transmute negativity. I have found it very useful this way for headaches.

Draw if over your food (or under the table aimed at your food) to improve it’s vitality.

Use it to clear and charge your crystals and gemstones.

Use it (& Sei Hei Ki) on your phone, TV and computer to reduce energy pickup from others.

Draw it on the shield you coat your aura with. I like to place it front, back, right, left, above, and below.

Draw it on your hands before treating to reduce energy pick up either way between you and the person you are treating. Do the same after plus draw Raku between you to clear the connection that did form for the purpose of treatment so it won’t continue after.

Clear your aura by sweeping your hands over it with the intention of collecting harmful energies as if you were dusting an object then draw Cho Ku Rei to transmute what you have collected on your hands. I have cleared other’s auras and then rolled the energy into a ball and placed it in their hands to demonstrate the amount of harmful energy they pick up in normal circumstances and the importance of clearing it. Then I draw Cho Ku Rei in their hands to transmute the psychic gunk instantly.

Experiment and find other uses for this and the other symbols. Remember Reiki truly cannot harm it simply will not work if it is not needed or refused or in excess of what is needed.


Diamond Heart

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Is it time to take responsibility for humanity’s psychic pollution of the Earth?

Posted on October 4, 2007. Filed under: Books - Fiction, Cleansing Techniques, Energy Cleansing, Quotes, Spirit Guides & Allies |

Just thinking out loud, so to speak, here…..

I have been starting to feel that the Earth is not a helpless victim of abuse by members of the human race but that she is a loving Mother trying to take on and transmute as much of it as possible to give everyone a chance to get things right. Especially those who might possibly change their ways and make full use of their gift of physical incarnation. A friend once said to me that Gaia wants to give us a Garden of Eden which gave me those signifigent chills I always get when someone hits the nail on the head. Gaia is our loving Mother. She is trying to give all of her kids a good life and protect as many as possible from abuse by our siblings.

Then there is what I have read from many seperate sources that Gaia and the nature spirits try to take on humanity’s emotional emissions to try to keep the world in balance. At times this leads to violent weather and earthquakes as theyt ry to discharge that unchecked energy. Again this made some sense to me considering how badly I personally am effected by one person’s pain or anger. That energy is going somewhere.

And so I trying to make logical sense out of things that may not conform to logic I wonder how much is the bad weather around the world and violent earth movements caused by human negativity? Even if it is only a fraction of a percent I feel it would be worthy to explore energy clearing and healing as a way of helping Gaia to balancing things less dramatically. Just as humanity is being forced to confront the fact that pollution is having dreadful effects upon all creatures including human beings I think psychic pollution is part of the problem albiet to a lessor extent.

In any event clearing harmful energies from the world will benefit all the sensitives amongst us who are currently suffering from all the pain they pick up from the rest of us. Personally I think that is good enough to try clearing the harmful energies, but then I am one of those sensitives.

I know there are people out there already doing different work to clear negativity alone and in groups. I hope my meanderings here encourage others to give it a whirl as well. You too might find you feel better in general when your local environment is cleared periodically.

yours in rampant speculation

Diamond Heart

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Reiki Showers: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Posted on September 25, 2007. Filed under: Cleansing Techniques, Energy Healing, Laying on of Hands, Psychic Healing, Reiki, Reiki Healing Experiments, Reiki Healing Project |

I love to do this in an actual shower to combine the relaxing effects of hot water with Reiki, especially the day after doing hard work that left me with aching muscles or if I feel like I might be coming down with a cold. Another excellent time to use Reiki showers is to flush one’s system before doing energy work and again after to clear away any debris. You need not do this for long just a minute or two can make quite a difference I have found.

Ground, Shield, Invite your Guides & Allies to help and support
Draw or image above your crown chakra any symbols you feel the need to use and ‘drop’ them down in to begin the clearing

Or for a quickie treatment just put your hands on top of or above your head and send Reiki down into your body. Use intention to sweep away aches and pains, blockages in your energy, stuck emotions, colds and other illnesses or whatever else ails you. If you find that position uncomfortable simply lay your open hands palm up in your lap or beside you if you are laying down and send Reiki fountaining up and over to flow down through your crown chakra flushing away anything that does not serve your highest good. Fill your aura with and coat it with Reiki as well.

Here is another version of this technique when you wish a longer and more detailed treatment Reiki Showers with a Chakra Bath

Diamond Heart

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StarchildGlobal Ascension Shock & The Deep Healing of the Human Heart

Posted on September 8, 2007. Filed under: 2012, Angels, Animal Healing, Archangel Michael, Ascension / Descension, Attachments, Celia Fenn, Chakra, Channeling, Cleansing Techniques, Co-Creation, Energy Cleansing, Energy Healing, Grounding, Healing, Hundredth Monkey, Laying on of Hands, New Age, Paradigm Shift, Spirit Guides & Allies, Thoughtforms, Transmute, Visualization |

This is not a recent channel yet I found it of importance at this time. It covers several questions I had and confirms some things my guides have been transmitting to me. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful.

Diamond Heart


Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


This article or channel was originally given as an individual channel for a client. Archangel Michael asked me to publish it as an article, with the client’s permission. He felt that the information given here is important for all humans who are going through the “completion” phase of the Ascension process right now.

The client originally asked two questions that were interrelated for her. The first was about the deep depression she was feeling, and about why she felt that she did not want to be here on the planet any more. I have been receiving an increased amount of mails from people saying much the same thing. Where, they ask, is the Joy and the Fun?

Then she asked about a soulmate relationship that had seemingly been brought to her almost as an answer to her prayers, but that had caused the collapse of her present partnership and had not brought anything else in the way of joy and love at this time. She felt confused and a little cynical and disillusioned about this as well.

This was the answer from Archangel Michael:

Dearest One, after the 11:11 stargate in November of 2005, the energy on the planet began to increase in Radiance and Intensity, allowing the first wave of Ascension candidates to break through to the Ninth Dimension of Consciousness. At this level, you take on “Global Stewardship and Mastery”. You are really in the graduating class of the Ascension process!

But, the irony with this phase of the Ascension process, is that you are required to be absolutely GROUNDED and connected to the Earth, otherwise you will spin off into illusions and delusions. So the “Ascension” becomes a “Descension” into your body. And this is a full “descension”, you have to incarnate fully and completly in order to carry the high vibrational energy of expanded consciousness.

Now, as you fully incarnate, maybe for the first time in your life, you may experience two important reactions. Firstly, your body comes under a great deal of physical stress, including depression, and secondly, you begin to see that much of what you have believed and accepted has been illusion. But these steps are a necessary part of the process.

Firstly, the Depression that you feel. Depression is a Base Chakra issue. It is caused by blockages in the base chakra that do not allow enough of the vital life force to reach the physical vehicle. So the person becomes tired and disillusioned and cannot see a way forward. The base chakra also carries the memories and impressions of your childhood years.

Initially, as you incarnate fully, the base chakra begins to clear, and you feel very tired and irritable, since the energy levels in the base chakra are being gradually raised and increased in the grounding process. There may also be anxiety episodes and insomnia, as the increased energy stresses the body. But know that the body will find its balance, the body is designed to stay in balance.

Now, know that there have been repressions and blocks that have been in place for many many years, that involve deep feelings and childhood memories, but the body will heal and find the balance once it is allowed to release these FEELINGS and replace them with new feelings. For the key here is FEELINGS.

As the base chakra clears, you are put in touch with all the feelings and reasons that initially made you close off and create blocks and repressions that you may have successfully carried all your life. But, now you connect with your Inner Child on a very deep level. You start to feel isolated, vulnerable and frightened. You become very aware of pain and suffering, and you don’t understand why you chose to come here.

In short, you are connecting with the deep hidden FEELINGS of your Inner Child. As the Heart opens in the process of Ascension, you begin to connect with the deep memories of the Heart that lie beneath the rational mind and that often motivate much of your subconscious behavior.

The heart is wounded by the experiences of childhood. You were unable to express your love, you felt isolated and cut off from Spirit, and you did not want to be here. These are the deep memories of the Heart. These are the deep memories that you are clearing away and healing. You are healing the deep wounds of your childhood heart.

And so, you are being given this time to really connect deeply with your heart and to FEEL what needs to be felt, in order to heal and release.

The healing will not come from telling yourself that everything is fine. People told that to you all your life. You need to FEEL that on a very deep level. To feel within your Heart and Soul that all is indeed well, that being on the planet was a good choice, and that you are here for a reason. And above
all that you are SAFE.

Now, it may seem very different to you, for when you look around you see war and suffering and pain. But know, that these are choices that are being made, and you do not have to be part of these choices, you can make another choice. And know too, that if those who chose violence understood that their choices come from a deep fear lodged in their heart’s in their early years, they might choose differently as well. In fact, they may well do so, as now is the time of the deep healing of the Human Heart.

So, understand, dearest souls, that you are now truly feeling, rather than thinking. And you are learning to listen to what your body feels, and to learn to align those feelings with the impulses from your Higher Self and Soul.

Know that the loneliness and the isolation are illusions from childhood, as your soul leaves the radiance of the soul family and takes on material form. Matter feels dense and dark, and the soul feels panic and loneliness and abandonment as it struggles in this new place. And so all the “mythologies” of “dark” and “light” and struggle are born. It is time to release them and understand that they are no more than childhood stories that you made up to explain why you felt so lonely and alienated and lost. You are no longer children. You are empowered beings of light and you live in the Radiance of Divine Love.

It is time to begin to see and perceive and feel the “Oneness” and the Unity and the Love between the souls who are the Human Family.

So, dearest soul, as you deal with these deep feelings of depression and shock, know they are illusions. You are always loved and you are always connected to the Source and to the Light and Love. You can never be alone because you are part of the Great Heart of the One!

And so it is, that this feeling of being alone and lost is a FEELING. It is a genuine soul feeling from your past, and many past lives, that needs to be addressed and dealt with. And you can do this by gently telling that Inner Child that it can release those feelings and see them as illusions. Allow yourself to see and FEEL the light that warms you and holds you and know that it is indeed safe to be here.

And that you chose to be here for a reason, and that as you grow and heal in your heart, that reason will become ever clearer to you.

And that reason will be Joy and Love and Growth! You will see the adventure of life as it is meant to be!

As for the Soulmate issue, well we can tell you that as your soul clears away old issues and your heart becomes “clearer”, you begin to connect with people on the Heart level and the soul level. That is because you can now “see” with your heart or with your feelings. But, often this gift is in advance of the deep healing that needs to occur in other aspects of your being. And so it is that you may attract a soulmate before you are fully ready to manifest the relationship. You see the soul is ready, but the physical reality is not yet. Spirit is always ahead of physical reality. This is part of
the necessary alignment between soul and body that constitutes “grounding”. The soul must wait and work with the body.

So, you may be like a little child, wanting to grab the candies before they disappear. In effect the soul is learning to work with the heart and the feelings and the body, and to let you know that you must wait until all is in place before manifestation can take place.

This is the law of “Divine Timing”. The soul may show you a perfect soulmate because you are now sensitive enough to perceive the voice of your soul right now, but you still need to wait until material conditions allow the manifestation of that relationship ,which exists in the spiritual, to be grounded into
the physical. This happens in Divine Timing and not in your timing.

And so it is, that you are right that you need to wait. Be accepting, but wait and get on with your life. Your Higher Self and Soul will guide you to the
manifestation of that relationship when the time is right.

In the meantime, accept that you are in transition, and that things are changing rapidly in your life. Maybe these changes are too rapid, and you are feeling a little shock. At times like these, you need to really call on Spirit for help and guidance and support. It will be given. For what is happening here is merely an alignment between soul and body. If the soul is more powerful than the body, then there will be a period of adjustment as they calibrate to the speed of the other.

And feelings of shock, anxiety and not wanting to be here are part of the deep stress of this new alignment between Higher and Lower

But, at the end of this process, you will have a fully healed and opened heart, and your Higher and Lower aspects will be fully aligned.

And then you will be ready to manifest and create and experience the deep joy of the physical plane on the New Earth.

As for your spiritual work, know that the most important work you can do now is connect with your inner turmoil and find peace. This will complete your Ascension, for you are in the final phases, the grounding phases of the work. For the goal of Ascension is to bring heaven to earth, and not for you to leave the earth.

So, as you align with Spirit you will find peace and joy. You will release the depression and you will become a fully integrated human angel.

It is indeed a great privilege and an honor to be among the first wave to experience the completion of the Ascension process, as you finally heal your Heart and come into complete physical balance.

Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself, spend time in peacefulness and tranquility. But above all, know that you are deeply loved and supported as you do this important transitional work.

© 2006-7 Celia Fenn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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Just When I Thought That I Was Out They Pull Me Back In

Posted on September 6, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Archangel Michael, Attachments, Cleansing Techniques, Energy Cleansing, Psychic Hygiene, Thoughtforms |

It is so very easy to get sucked back into the habits of fear and worry. I drag myself up out of my own whirlpool of fear only to fall into the latest fear du jour on the evening news (Flesh Eating Bacteria! Shark Attacks! Internet Predators! Internet Predators Infected With Flesh Eating Bacteria Attacked by Sharks!) or dramas of those around me. Before I know it I break out worry warts the size of the Himalayas. dang.

With practice it gets easier to get out of the fear traps and better yet not fall in them to begin with. Grounding and shielding is vital. Never underestimate the power of group mind. Disconnect from those group thoughtforms by cutting cords. If you do Reiki try using SHK and Raku to cut connections. Call on Archangel Michael and the Defender Angels to transmute the negative energies in those fear thoughtforms and help you be healed of what ever vulnerability that allowed you to get hooked to begin with.

You may find like me that it is not just your own issues rearing their ugly heads. Try these techniques and if you are still wound up it really is your issue. Personally I found many times it was a combination of me and other’s stuff. It is so much easier to take on my issues when I am not trying to heal something I can’t because it wasn’t me.


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Daily Exorcizes: All-Purpose Energy Clearing Invocation *Includes Spirit Releasement aka Exorcism

Posted on August 22, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Attachments, Cleansing Techniques, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Egregore, Energy Cleansing, Energy Healing, Entity Removal, Healing, Psychic Healing, Reiki, Spirit Guides & Allies, Spirit Releasement, Thoughtforms, Transmute |

Ground and Shield.

I ask all Beings of Divine Light and Divine Love to aid me now. Please remove from me, everyone and everything I have permission to request healing for all that is harmful. All harmful energies, attachments, agreements, contracts, contacts entities, possessions, cords, connections, implants, thoughtforms, or anything else that is harmful. Cleanse, heal, transmute, or remove all that is harmful as fast as comfortably possible. Please fill me, everyone and everything I have permission to request healing for with as much Divine Light and Divine Love as we can comfortably hold until nothing harmful including illness can abide in us. I ask for this though and though out all levels, all the (energy) bodies, all the lifetimes, dimensions and modes of existence and between them. Heal all the damage and bring the healing into the present now. Thank you.

Everyday for sometime now I have asked for healing for all beings including exorcism as needed. I do not thing possession is a common thing but after witnessing something I can’t call anything else I know it occurs. Since I like to clear myself and my home daily I decided to include all things that I have the right to ask for healing for. I can’t clear a person’s property without permission while I can clear government property and buildings barring only the living quarters of elected officials. Public roads, lakes, etc. all are ethically fair game for clearing. Rather than name each and every place and thing I tried to come up with the least wordy all purpose prayer with some help from Diane Stein’s Essential Energy Balancing books. I have personally found them helpful even the first one which is not laid out nearly so clearly as the the following workbooks. If you are curious about these books read the previews available at Google Book Search: Essential Energy Balancing I, Essential Energy Balancing II, Essential Energy Balancing III.

May All Beings Be Healed.


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