You Are The Chosen One With Special Powers & Abilities!

Posted on October 14, 2007. Filed under: Hundredth Monkey, New Age, Paradigm Shift |

Actually the fact is we are all the chosen ones. Every last person on earth is. Even the ones who don’t act nice.

You see this time around it isn’t one chosen one saving the world. This time it is has been a massive group effort to improve the lot of all. It has been up to each and every one of us whether we go that way or take a different path such as Bad Example Highway (which sometimes joins with or Moat In Another’s Eye Lane for a bit).

So my fellow terranauts the mission, if we choose to accept, is not impossible. In fact it is inevitable at this point. The only difference we can make is how smooth can we make the transition to the new age.

You see so many times I read about what magnificent powerful and amazing we all are. We can manifest everything we desire. And so on and so forth. But then some put limits on this saying there still will be trials and tribulations, earth changes and physical destruction. After reading things like that for years I finally went ?!?!?!? and wondered if I and everyone else is so darned powerful why do we still have to experience that? Maybe expectation of destruction as the only path to change is one more thing to release. Then I found this channeling though Celia Fenn which gave me hope I wasn’t nuts to feel this way after all. I know how badly habits are hard to break and here is one many millennia old. And so I keep a space open in my heart and my mind to let this future reality come to gentle fruition. I try to let the old drop away like the autumn leaves, no longer needed, drift with ease from the trees knowing that in the spring a new vigorous set will burst forth bigger and stronger than before.

Diamond Heart


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