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It is an interesting synchronicty for me to come across and finally read Earth Keepers and Ocean Keepers : Creating the Paradise Earth from Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn tonight. After posting my request for healing in Southern California I settled down to send more Reiki that way. Beings of light appeared to assist staring with Thunderbird who then took me to meet a fire Goddess of the American Southwest. Then Thunderbird took me to the ocean where I met a being who lives in the ocean. Down deep where the pressure is great is where he was. I think he may be an orca but I am not sure. He pressed me to force humans to change their ways, to stop polluting the world and driving everything out of balancing. I refused saying I would not do so even if I could force people to my will. I told him the most I would do was encourage people to work in concert with Nature to bring things back to balance and do what I can personally. It must have been a test because after that he agreed to help. I then offered myself as a channel for any and all energies that served the highest good and made sure to specify only what I can comfortably channel as I felt these beings were quite powerful and could easily fry my psychic circuits if they did not take care. When the energy flow let up I thanked them and they left.

Later I was surfing the internet and came across that channeling. hmmm. Does this mean I am an Earth or Ocean Keeper? I don’t know. I do like the idea of helping manifest the Paradise Earth and the sooner the better! Oh well until I find an How To book for this I will do my best to keeping going with the flow and keeping my promises to beings kind enough to help me.

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Heal the Earth: Offering Reiki to Nature Spirits

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Ground, Shield, Invite your allies to assist, then mentally call out to the nature spirits in charge of the land you live upon and all it’s plants and animals. Just in case specify that you only wish to work with beings of the light. Ask them if they would like to accept Reiki to heal and balance for the highest good of all beings. Even if you don’t get a reply that you can perceive you can offer Reiki by letting it flow with the intent that it only goes to those who wish to receive it. Send until the flow stops of itself indicating the Spirits have accepted all that they can for that session or end it sooner if you wish by saying Reiki Off. If you like make an appointment to meet with them again to send more Reiki or simply contact them at the time you wish to offer it. Thank the Nature Spirits for letting you be of assistance, thank you allies, reground if you need to and go on with your day.

I started experimenting with offering Reiki to the spirits of the land and the devas watching over all life to help clear and heal the area i live in. Uncleared old negativity here kept attracting more negative energies. I am sure this wasn’t good for my health in general but in particular it was my empathic sense that was suffering from this. I tried clearing the home and land in different ways including asking Archangel Michael to help. I figured with the damages done on the energy in this area that the nature spirits and devas could probably use help as well. I knew that Machaelle Small Wright who wrote the MAP book also has written some highly regarding books on working with nature but they required kits and flower essences I could not afford. I already had Reiki so I decided to wing it and see if I could facilitate healing with it instead. I can feel the difference in the land and see the difference in the plants flowering more vigorously than ever and only small incursions of bugs like japanese beetles which normally devour many of my plants.

I have branched out a bit offering Reiki to public lands from roads to national parks after distance clearing them to the best of my ability. Um actually Archangel Michael’s because I always ask him to remove anything strongly harmful that I shouldn’t tackle myself. I can’t do anything for lands I don’t have permission from the owners’ to work on. The closest thing I have been OKed so far to do is to send packets of Reiki to a public area with the intention that anyone who wants it can have it human, animal, spirit. Think of it like putting up a bird feeder to benefit the birds nesting in your neighbor’s trees. the birds are free to come and get it if they wish. Sometimes I do this offering distance Reiki at major road intersections. Every bit of healing benefits all beings including me so ultimately it is quite selfish of me to wish to help others be healed 🙂 I want my life to be as enjoyable as possible and if I have to make others happy to achieve this so be it!!!

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Book Review “MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program”

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Book by Machaelle Small Wright

This is a wonderful book for it teaches you how to work with nature spirits, the Overlighting Deva of Healing, and the Great White Brotherhood to heal yourself and others. The basic process is to invite in specific beings to work on you in a coning of energy. You simply lay down and ask them to join you for the MAP Coning, describe your health problem in detail, then relax for the next 45 minutes to 1 hour. This, like Reiki, is not a cure all but a wonderful complimentary program that can greatly assist healing in everything from spinal alignment to phobias. I have used it to help with everything from the detox and adjustments in my energy system after Reiki attunements and with chronic sinusitis. Some problems show immediate  improvement, others takes repeated treatments. If you do this before sleeping leave yourself a note to close the Coning in the morning in case you fall asleep. It won’t do you any harm to leave it open all night, it just won’t do you any further good.

I have particularly found MAP useful in times of emotional crisis and
spiritual emergence. My team helped keep me functional and integrated
during times of great stress that normally would have flattened me.
They also helped keep from being popped out of my body during spiritual
expansion or deep healing occurred and smoothed the rough edges when my
Kundalini stirred. MAP is not only for purely physical or mental issues
so always ask your team because they probably can help.

The book
also includes instructions on how to open a coning for your children
and pets plus an emergency coning that one can at times be granted
permission to open on another’s behalf if they incapacitated. For
example I once was given permission to open an emergency coning for a
relative who just had a heart attack and on the way to the hospital in
no state to open one herself. There is also a process for people who
work in a healing profession such as chiropractors and reiki
practitioners to use to enhance their work. Finally there are optional
instructions on how to use flower essences with every type of coning if
one wishes. Flower essences are not something I have felt drawn to use
beyond good old Bach’s Rescue Remedy so I have never tried this myself.
Others have reported wonderful effects so if you already use flower
essences or feel the call to use them try it if you like.

BTW do
not be surprised if you can hear or otherwise sense your MAP Team even
if you normally do not notice such things. The first time I did a
coning it was with an energy healer who did not warn me that this might
occur. It startled me so to hear them that blocked that perception to
the point that even over a decade later I still don’t hear them. Maybe
I will try this as my issue for my next session and see what happens!

Google Books Listing

WorldCat Listing check for the nearest library that has this book

Excerpt from the 2nd Edition on the Perelandra website.

The third edition on Amazon

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