All Heaven is Breaking Loose!

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Yesterday I was reading a response to Celia Fenn’s latest and found that most fittingly the respondent’s sigline is All Heaven Is Breaking Loose. So many sensitives have been feeling seriously overwhelmed. Me I am lucky as I am only mostly overwhelmed! This is not a bad thing because what is happening really is what that sigline said. We are all being inundated with powerful positive energies preparing us for Ascension. Most think this is leaving the Earth and physical form behind. I am one of those who thinks and feels we are preparing for
Descension. We are bringing Heaven down to Earth. Either way in the end remember to take care of yourselves so you can acclimate to the changes as best you can. Eat as healthily as possible, get at least a little exercise, drink water, etc. Look at the bright side of this massive influx of energy is shaking loose old stuff we will all be better for releasing and transmuting to make room for yet more excellent energies. Remember when the intensity increases to come back to your center. Don’t attach to what old miseries surface. You are not the pain , the fear, the anger. You are experiencing the pain, the fear, the anger. Let them flow through you and away for good! Let go, let flow, and know that your guides are always with you waiting to assist with this process.

Let go

Let flow

Come back to your center

Celebrate because all Heaven is breaking loose!


Diamond Heart

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