Please don’t feed the Negs

Posted on July 26, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Egregore, Paradigm Shift, Spirit Guides & Allies |

What are negs? Negs are negative Thoughtforms and Egregores. Negs are also beings, in or out of physical form on our plane of existence, that are harmful. All feed off negative energy. Some act to create negativity to feed off of, others are opportunistic scavengers. I say these things not to make others paranoid but to encourage others to take control of their own energy. In other words reduce psychic littering that strengthen the Negs. Just as it is not wise to toss meat scraps around one’s home if one wishes to avoid creatures ranging from stray dogs to coyotes, it is wise to properly disposed of one’s own psychic trash. I will be going more into this in future posts when I have the time. For now consider the concept of Psychic Hygiene and Energy Composting. Look up Grounding and Shielding ( Reiki_On has some good files on this as well offering free attunements to Reiki I & II for free). There is no need to fear Negs. There IS need to learn to deal with them in the most effecient way possible.


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