5th Dimensional Third Eye Chakra Activation

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds her writing and
the channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will
find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

Please note, even though this information was channelled by me in 2005 already, this is the first time it is being published. Kuthumi & St. Germain indictaed that the information is highly relevant at this time. Enjoy!

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.co.za Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of awakening, of integration, of synchronicity and of peace. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ, and securely upon the hands of God.

Divine ones as we gather with you at this time in the presence of the Christ energy we bring to you individual blessing as requested by your soul, we ask you to open your energy to receive these energy blessings in order to assist with your personal processes of healing on which ever level currently required.

Today we assist this group in fully activating your third eye chakra of the fifth dimension. The fifth dimensional consciousness is one of a high frequency vibration, it acts instantly and even as you project a thought unconsciously it manifests, that is how quickly this energy works. Another reason why it is so vital to work with your personal development and awakening process, in order to know as much as you can about yourself in every given moment and at the same time consciously making the effort to reprogramme the subconscious in order to ensure that which is fed by the unconscious is of a high vibration, not of the old paradigm third dimensional conditioned consciousness.

Beloved ones the pineal gland which emanates frequencies of energy through the third eye chakra is currently undergoing changes within the energy bodies, resulting in this gland re-manifesting its original shape and size. The shape and size it was when you were a child. One of the reasons children are generally more connected to spirit so to speak than adults, is because their pineal gland still holds the full presence of their Christed consciousness. As they are affected by projected conditions it does change and when puberty sets in the pineal gland begins to shrink and becomes as it is now in your adult body.

One of the reasons, esoterically that is, why the pineal gland shrinks when one’s puberty begins is because the changes hormonally facilitated through the pituitary gland do not vibrate in unison. The consciousness of the individual is a so called denser vibration and instead of all three levels ascending to the next level of higher consciousness it becomes distorted and there is insufficient light to ensure that the pineal gland maintains its fullness of being. Therefore the more consciously you work in developing your clairvoyant abilities, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities the more light you draw into your being. This results in enough light to hold the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the thyroid, the thymus, the thalamus and the hypothalamus glands all of which are affected by your spiritual development and are also affected by the quotient of light present in your energy bodies at any one given time.

A number of people have found problems manifest in their thyroid gland as their spiritual path unfolds, this is one of the side effects of re-structuring the spiritual anatomy of the light bodies and the thyroid gland then needs to experience a cycle of so called detoxification in order to rid itself of the limiting third dimensional conditioning that it has stored in itself during the course of the individual’s lifetime. Therefore consciously committing to awakening your higher senses assists you in maintaining physical health as well.

Activating your fifth dimensional third eye will also support you during the next eight years as you shift, as you grow and awaken even further and ascend the spiral of light into the higher levels of consciousness that you are divinely planned to experience. The ability to be receptive to telepathic communication and the ability to telepathically communicate with other human beings and light beings is becoming a vital requirement in this current time of awakening. You see it is not up to the higher beings of consciousness to descend in order to teach you and present to you what you need in order to evolve. There comes a time where human beings need to raise their vibration and meet these beings of light halfway. That time is now.

The beings of higher consciousness are descending as far as they can, now it is your turn to raise your energy to ascend in order to continue your evolution on all levels. By trusting the process of higher sensory awakening you open worlds of experience and opportunity. Worlds of higher wisdom, of highly advanced knowledge that you by divine right are able to re-learn and have access to. The opportunity presented to you beloved ones is to move beyond the boundaries of third dimension, fourth dimension and step completely into fifth dimension.

So now let us assist you in making this a reality, join me now as we journey to the world of Shamballah, into the sapphire temples.

Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Breathe deeply all the way to the pit of your belly and as you exhale release whatever negativity or density weighs you down. Continue to breathe in this manner. With each breath in and out acknowledge that you become more relaxed and more centred and aligned with all the levels of your higher self, your higher light and higher consciousness.

Now imagine yourself standing in a magnificent garden, one of such beauty it takes your breath away. Take a look at all the magnificent creations around you. Feel the peace of this sacred place, filling you and nurturing your inner child. Begin to walk along the path way before you and ahead of you imagine magnificent golden gates, closed, as you draw nearer imagine two magnificent dragons on either side of the gate. These dragons are part of the energy system of Lady Kwan Yin and are guardians to the golden gate which takes you into the world of Shamballah where the temple of sapphire light is manifest.

Greet these beings of light. Ask their permission to enter through the golden gates of Shamballah and tell them why you are asking their permission. The gates will open the moment they give their consent. If these gates have opened, step through them. You are now in the sacred gardens of Shamballah. Slowly follow the path before you and become aware of a brilliant light approaching you, as this light draws closer you will see a magnificent Archangel of light, also known as Lord Metratron, coming toward you. Greet him, give thanks to him for coming to meet you. He turns around and begins to go in the direction he has come from, follow him. He leads you to a magnificent temple made of pure sapphire, the light of the sapphire shines in all directions. This light filters through your bodies, enters every cell of every organ of your body. It dissolves negative, stagnant and dense energy in your physical, emotional, mental and subtle bodies. Become aware of how you are feeling physically or emotionally, just be. Breathe the sapphire light into your body, open your arms and allow it to filter through you. Allow it to wash over you, allow it to swirl around you.

Lord Metatron now signals for you to follow him into the sapphire temple. As you enter the temple give thanks that you have been welcomed into the sacred temple and make your way to its centre.

While you are standing in the centre of the sapphire temple, all your guides, your teachers, all of your guardian beings and your healing beings manifest and form a half circle behind you, creating a sense of support. Each of these beings greet you by opening their heart chakra and projecting a ray of magenta light to your heart chakra. Simply imagine these rays of energy entering your heart chakra from the back, filling you up with this magnificent magenta energy.

You are now to look into the eyes of Lord Metratron. As you do so, you will see a third eye manifest in the centre of his forehead, as you do this, an eye manifests in the centre of your forehead. These eyes also make contact with one another. This creates a pyramid of energy. The upper triangle between your third eye and physical eyes representing the higher mind of Father God. Another triangle manifests from your two physical eyes down to the point of your chin representing the higher wisdom and consciousness of the Mother Goddess.

Focus now through your third eye and imagine that you are seeing everything around you through your third eye only. Now become aware of the spiral of sapphire light manifesting between you and Lord Metatron. This spiral expands until you are fully absorbed into it. The faster it spins, the higher your energy frequencies vibrate until eventually the vibration is so high it manifests in a brilliant white light which merges with the sapphire light. As this spiral continues to spin around you and you are completely filled with and enveloped by this brilliant white light and sapphire light imagine your crown chakra opening and allowing this light to filter into it through your pituitary gland. It makes its way into your pineal gland. Allow your third eye chakra to open completely to accept this light. Imagine this light moving into your thalamus and hypothalamus glands. If you don’t know where they are, the energy will find its way.

Now imagine this sapphire and white light moving to the centre of your brain and it fills your brain with this energy and pulsation from inside out and as it does this, it opens all the channels of your higher senses. Now let this white and sapphire light filter down to your neck, open your throat chakra to accept this energy. Move it into your shoulders and down your arms into your hands and allow the chakras at the palm of your hands, chakras in your elbows to open and accept this energy and light. It moves down into your heart chakra, open it and accept it. It fills up your spine and moves down your back. It fills your lungs, your stomach, your intestines, all the vital organs in your abdominal region. Open your solar plexus chakra and your sacral chakra to accept and fully absorb this energy and light. Move it into your hips. It fills your pelvic area, open your base chakra and absorb this energy. It makes its way down your legs, into your knees, open your knee chakras and absorb this light. Down your shins and calves into your ankles, open your ankle chakras and absorb the energy and light. Move it into your feet and open the chakras at the soles of your feet to absorb this energy and light.
Then release it into Mother Earth.

Your body is now vibrating and pulsating with a sapphire and brilliant white light. You have now completely activated your sapphire sheath. The body of energy and the light that will nurture and maintain your fully active and open fifth dimensional third eye chakra.

Lord Metatron now extends both his hands, palm open and in the centre of his palm of each hand is brilliant sapphire crystal, one blue and one white. Focus your eyes on these crystals. Take note of which colour sapphire is on which hand, in other words through which eye you are connecting with which colour sapphire.

Lord Metatron now asks you to step closer and place your hand palm downwards on top of his and on top of the sapphire gems so that they touch your palm chakras. You are now merging with the light of Lord Metatron and your energy is being imprinted with the sapphire codings of higher wisdom and knowledge as taught by Lord Metatron within his school of higher learning. Every cell of your body vibrates with gratitude as it absorbs this light, the light of wisdom, the light of knowledge. It vibrates with the absorption of the light of inspiration, the light of insight, of clear sight and of foresight.

Now make full eye contact with Lord Metatron again and if you are giving full conscious permission to be initiated into the sapphire
temple of Shamballah, to receive teachings of light from Lord Metatron and you are consciously willing to commit to working with the conscious development of your higher powers and all the tools embedded in your third eye, then please repeat out loud after me. Your silence will be interpreted as your will not to be initiated into the energy grids that we are currently creating.

Begin now and repeat after me: I, and repeat your name, consciously commit to honour and accept my higher duties of light in accordance with the higher planes and plans of light as given by Lord Metatron and my soul. I consciously commit to opening myself to healing the power of the sapphire energy, to heal and release, to dissolve and negate all negative and limiting imprints, imprinted in this lifetime and past lifetimes that have manifested as an inability or fear, subconscious or unconscious block to fully utilising, developing and mastering my clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient powers, including my ability to communicate and receive transmissions telepathically from the highest beings of light. I now consciously accept full initiation into the sapphire temples of Shamballah and the higher school of Lord Metatron.

Take three deep breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth and allow the vibrations that he is emitting to fill you. Feel these energies move through every fibre of your being.

Let us continue now: I consciously request that all the Grand masters and teachers and the emissaries of the greatest light and wisdom, the purest love and truth assist me in opening every area of my physical brain required to be open and fully receptive so that I may become fully clairvoyant, fully clairaudient and fully clairsentient.

Three deep breaths in through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Allow the resonance of this energy to move through you and ground itself.

Let us continue, say: I, and your name, fully accept the responsability (tape ends).

(Tape begins – side B) (people still repeating after Kuthumi): Of consciously asking and choosing for all of my third eye abilities to become fully active. I commit and agree to serve God, to serve the Mother Goddess, Lady Gaia and the whole of humanity in any way required through the utilisation of my abilities. I acknowledge to fully honour and respect these responsibilities and at all times and in every conscious way to be an ambassador and representative of the highest and purest orders of love and wisdom, light and truth.

Take a deep breath in and out.

Lets continue: I consciously accept, acknowledge and understand that if at anytime I consciously abuse my powers and harm anyone or anything in any way whatsoever that these powers will immediately be disabled and my third eye will resort to a third dimensional frequency.

Beloved ones take a moment now, continue looking into Lord Metatron’s eyes. Search you hearts and ask yourself what exactly are you wanting to create in which ever manner you choose through the manifestation of these powers becoming an integrated part of your life on all levels.

When you have this clear in your heart verbalise out loud to Lord Metatron what exactly it is you are choosing.

Lord Metatron and all those beings of light who are there to suppo t
you acknowledge you have said and in this moment the white and sapphire gems of light are fully absorbed into your palm chakras and become one with your energy systems. Lift your hands now from the hands of Lord Metatron, draw them together in a symbol of gratitude. Touch both your centre fingers to your third eye as you bow in gratitude to Lord Metatron and give thanks.

Manifesting now within this presence is a magnificent crowned eagle representing your ability to utilise your higher powers of receptivity to see beyond all illusion. To utilise your gifts of newly found unlimited vision and to use this to help yourself and in so doing helping the rest of humanity to awaken to their same ability. Imagine this crowned eagle on the shoulder of Lord Metatron, this magnificent creature bows before you. The crown on his head stretching out to the centre of the sapphire temple. Imagine now the sapphire light becoming visible just above the eagles beak in what would be the place of his third eye. The sapphire ray of light connects directly with yours. This is this creatures blessing and acknowledgement, acknowledging your power, acknowledging your authentic self and honouring the path you have chosen.

Breathe deeply in through your nose filling your lungs with the sapphire energy. Repeat this twice more and on your third out breathe hundreds of sapphire and white shiny butterflies manifest, flying around you, each one bringing a blessing , gift, a vibration of light that will assist and serve you. A gift and blessing that you will be able to extend to others. Sapphire energy brings butterfly blessings. These butterflies will remain within your sapphire sheath and as you absorb each gift and blessing, so the butterfly becomes one with your energy. This means that when you absorb it, when you have integrated it you are ready to extend it to another. You will pass the butterfly blessings onto the rest of the world until there are billions of energy butterflies filling the energy bodies of Lady Gaia until your world becomes a body of butterfly blessings.

It is time now to give thanks to Lord Metatron once again, to give thanks to all those being of light that have been present to witness your initiation and activation, give thanks to the devic presence of the sapphire family. Give thanks to your soul for making the choice to step into the fifth dimensional world of more expanded awareness and more conscious and responsible living.

The parting gift Lord Metatron places a magnificent white and blue sapphire gem around your neck, it hangs over your heart chakra, he places the palm of his right hand over your third eye and as you breathe in you absorb your sapphire mandala of energy, your sapphire signature of higher truth.

He removes his hand and with the thumb of his right hand placed on your third eye he activates your fifth dimensional third eye chakra symbol. This is now fully active, it will be seen and recognised by all beings of higher consciousness. You will be accepted and acknowledged as a being of light, actively practising the higher service of light. Give thanks. Place both your hands over your heart chakra and as you draw your hands away from your heart extend a powerful ray of love in gratitude. Turn around and make your way out of the sapphire temple. Make your way to the golden gate of Shamballah and as you do so give thanks to the gardens of Shamballah for blessing you with their beauty and pure energy. Step through the golden gates, they will close behind you, promising you access at anytime. Give thanks to the dragon beings of protection. Begin to draw your consciousness back into your physical body. Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out acknowledge that you are grounding yourself back into your physical body. When you are ready open your eyes. When you are ready I will answer any questions.

Q; Lord Kuthumi, what are the implications for me and the work on the sapphire tablets given what you have just taken us through? (rest of question inaudible)

K: Beloved one the butterflies are fully active now which means the sapphire tablets have had their final breath of life activated, breathed into them so now it is time to give them a body of ___expression. Do you understand this? However we are aware that your current tablets are fragile so had suggestions for you. As you have done with your bears, you have made them into a deck of cards, yes? Do the same with the butterflies and we would also suggest creative work where people make their own replicating what you have already created. Therefore the butterfly they chose to replicate or butterflies, indicates the sapphire tablet they working with and based on the information you channelled will give deeper insights to what exactly it is they are working with. Is this clear to you?

Q: Why would they need to create it?

K: In order to manifest healing. Certain individuals need to experience the process of physical creation, this becomes a grounding conduit for the healing energy they are tapping into and needing to manifest. It may be worth your while and more viable perhaps to have sapphire butterfly creation workshops where groups can come together creating their butterflies and in so doing experiencing individual as well as group healing. Sister you are a powerful group healer and at times it may be better suited to your own energy for you to work with groups rather than individuals. Do you understand? It will also be easier for Lord Buddha and Archangel Michael to channel the levels and vibrations of energy through you required to facilitate the needed healing. Do you understand?

Q: Yes. What have the butterflies being doing up till now?

K: They have been supporting the process of creating the template of light that was required to make this very first activation possible, for the third eye chakra that is. Their manifestation also created a light vehicle that could assist each person in being able to hold the vibration of their sapphire sheath. When white and sapphire and blue and sapphire emerge. The very highest levels of intuitive power, the language of the Goddess can come into being. So the sapphire tablets are also the voice of the inner teacher. The Goddess, you understand?

Q: Can I ask why there are white butterflies flying all over our city?

K: Are you surprised? White represents higher wisdom, it is the light, the mother/father God present and available to all who recognise it. Sapphire blue is the light and highest frequencies and vibrations of the wisdom of mother/father God also made available to all who will recognise and accept it. That wisdom is then channelled through the throat chakra. You understand?

Q: Lord Kuthumi, may I ask a question that may not necessarily be related to the meditation that which done?

K: You may, it is obviously important for you.

Q: I just ask on the 11th to be shown in my dreams clearly and with clarity the life long spiritual path now that we have often spoken about. I was shown a name very clearly, I am just asking for confirmation, is it him and is it the same path now I had in a lifetime in Greece?

K: Yes it is. Is that clear enough?

Q: Yes I take it as complete and total confirmation even though I am told otherwise.

K: Take it as complete and utter confirmation in accordance with the divine plan and highest will of your soul and his soul. Do you understand what that means?

Q: Yes I do. Thank you Lord Kuthumi. Lord Kuthumi is he aware of it, as I am?

K: Let us ask for permission to tap into his energy field, one moment please. It appears he is conscious of this, yes.

Q: Because I have worked with him on a professional basis and with this kind of work, so I just continue then and let it run its course.

K: Precisely, which is why we said to you a few minutes ago in accordance with the divine plan and the highest will of your soul and his soul. Is this clear?

Q: Yes. Thank you Lord Kuthumi,

K: You are welcome.

Q: (Inaudible). whatever I am destined to do but I am not sure where to begin and how to do it.

K: Sister take some time to think about what you truly enjoy investing your time and energy in at this current time in your life that will give you a very clear indication as to what your next step needs to be and trust that each and every step that needs to come from that one will automatically evolve as a result of your current initiation. Is this clear? Let us also add at this time confirming what you were told a little while ago allow the animal kingdom to facilitate your current shift. Is this clear? We would suggest feline or birds, however if you are drawn to something other than that honour your own self. Is this clear?

Q: Inaudible

K: The very first thing for you to do sister is to trust implicitly from this moment forward that you will be shown exactly what to do and when to do it. The initial process as a result of your initiation is about trusting what you are receiving and developing higher levels of sensitivity, receptivity so that you can hear, see and feel what spirit is presenting you with. We would suggest that you keep a journal of what you are receiving through thought impressions, in other words, telepathic communication. What you are receiving in the form of healing, what you are receiving in the form of stimuli in
outer reality, what is being conveyed to you verbally by others.
Write down your doubts, write down your fears. Persevere, be consistent and diligent and you will quickly recognise how you utilise these new powers, you will recognise your ego and you will recognise your higher voice.

Q: (Inaudible). will she be able and can she bring her autistic children into a meditation?

K: Most certainly yes. We would suggest using meditation, different kinds of meditation with them. Meditate with them touching something that embodies life energy, life force examples would be crystals, flowers, sometimes even animals and perhaps taking them to places where animals are utilised for the purpose of rehabilitation to receive energy in exchange as they are rehabilitated, would be ideal.
Is this clear?

Q: Lord Kuthumi, she wants to know if there is a connection between the colours in the ? and the colours in the meditation we have done today.

K: We believe there is, does she?

Q: With regards to the projects I am engaged in (inaudible). Could you tell if this book idea is a good idea?

K: Is this regarding past life information? We see it as suitable, we have an additional suggestion to make to you as well, there is another person whom you can involve that will also give you a valuable contribution and will be able to assist you in accessing more of your own story and that is sister Nasim. Of course with both of your consent. Is this clear? You are welcome.

Q: Is there anything you suggest I do in order to improve my radio programs, I am going to be doing them in two languages. (Inaudible).

K: Beloved sister, technology is a powerful tool of communication and transmitting of energy. We would suggest that you physically create an energy template. A template that represents the soul consciousness and intention of the purpose behind your show. Every time you are one air, either place your hands upon this template or visualise this template enfolding everything animate and inanimate in the environment you will be occupying and ask that the energy of the template extend out to touch the heart and the minds of all those souls incarnate and discarnate who will receive blessings, help and answers through what you are offering. Is this clear? You are most welcome.

Q: By now I know what I have to do. I wanted to ask you, I went for a Bio-energetic Stress Test and all my glands were out and I am on medication, and also chronic fatigue came up as well. Is the medication helping my glands? Is there anything else I can do?

K: Beloved sister, the process that we took you through today will most certainly contribute to this as we explained if you will recall, one of the reasons why the glands do become out of sync, so to speak. So the more energy you draw into your space, the easier it will be for your glands to become balanced. The medication is assisting your process but be receptive to your body for it will tell you when exactly you need to stop the medication, is this clear? You are welcome.

K: Sister have you created your golden mandala’s as yet?

Q: I have done one.

K: Then use it. Lie yourself on the earth and place the mandala between your physical body and the earth at which ever chakric point you feel drawn to and then set any intention you choose to, in other words any process of healing, of integration that you would like to have facilitated. You understand? You are welcome.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, can I as another question about my template? Can I create it on a crystal? Can I programme the entire template on a crystal?

K: Yes. This is possible.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, can I also ask one more question please? This relationship, man I have been shown. I would also ask to be shown my soul purpose, is my soul purpose connected and related to the relationship with this man?

K: It is a part of it but not entirely in it’s totality, you understand?

Q: Yes and also, do I need to do some healing and clearing related to the lifetime we shared in Greece? I have done some work.

K: It appears there is still energy in the throat chakra area and you can ask your healing angels to assist you with this.

Q: Can Felix access the wisdom of the Masters and the light in Shamballah?

K: Are you asking if he may or if he is able to?

Q: If he is able to?

K: Yes. Most autistic or what is considered mentally challenged child is able to do this.

Q: Will it help to wear a sapphire at this time?

K: Most certainly yes. If you are able to, we would suggest all of you connect with this energy physically. You can use either the sapphire crystal or the gem. We will say whatever you can afford, yes?

And so it is then beloved ones that we bless each one of you with the sapphire light and with butterfly blessings. We acknowledge your authentic self, it’s truth and it’s light. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, carry and comfort you and know that not ever are you alone for we are all one and we are with you always in all ways. May the light and love of the Mother/Father God be eternally present. An abundant source of inspiration, of motivation and of healing. May all always be well in your world.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and greet and bless you in light. Adonai.

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