All Heaven is Breaking Loose!

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Yesterday I was reading a response to Celia Fenn’s latest and found that most fittingly the respondent’s sigline is All Heaven Is Breaking Loose. So many sensitives have been feeling seriously overwhelmed. Me I am lucky as I am only mostly overwhelmed! This is not a bad thing because what is happening really is what that sigline said. We are all being inundated with powerful positive energies preparing us for Ascension. Most think this is leaving the Earth and physical form behind. I am one of those who thinks and feels we are preparing for
Descension. We are bringing Heaven down to Earth. Either way in the end remember to take care of yourselves so you can acclimate to the changes as best you can. Eat as healthily as possible, get at least a little exercise, drink water, etc. Look at the bright side of this massive influx of energy is shaking loose old stuff we will all be better for releasing and transmuting to make room for yet more excellent energies. Remember when the intensity increases to come back to your center. Don’t attach to what old miseries surface. You are not the pain , the fear, the anger. You are experiencing the pain, the fear, the anger. Let them flow through you and away for good! Let go, let flow, and know that your guides are always with you waiting to assist with this process.

Let go

Let flow

Come back to your center

Celebrate because all Heaven is breaking loose!


Diamond Heart

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Self-Healing to Reduce Overload

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Everywhere I go people are talking about being overwhelmed so I am reposting this link to an healing process adapted from The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka by Amorah Quan Yin. This is exercise I have used the most from that book. It, along with the other chambers of light, have been a vital and powerful set of tools in my healing journey. Now the exercise is not identical so I suggest adding a request for the beings you invite in to help you to give you an Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light.

also to help deal with the influx of positive, albeit overwhelming, energies I suggest asking your guides to do what they can to help including working with you as you sleep. As you know beings of Light cannot do things like that without permission so remember to grant it.


Diamond Heart

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Book Review: ‘The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka’

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By Amorah Quan Yin

WorldCat Library Listing

This is one of my most favorite and regularly used books. It is a veritable library of powerful energy healing exercises in one book. I am afraid my copy is rather dogeared and bedraggled from constant use. Like the MAP process you sit or lie down and simply open a healing session – and it is OK to do most of them before sleeping so it’s OK to drop off. Unlike MAP you will be inviting the aid of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, not nature spirits. The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are Light beings from the Pleiades who wish to help humanity heal itself – and boy do they do good work!

The book is a wonderfully clear and comprehensive instruction manual to prepare for the work with exercises to clear you and your home’s energy, grounding, Aura healing, chakra and energy system clearing, severing negative psychic contracts, and decording. All of this before it covers Ka Activation, Dolphin Brain Repatterning, 12 different healing Chambers of Light, 5 different Love Configuration Chambers of Light and much much more. Heck I will just post the table of contents in a moment. There is too many good exercises in this book for me to not at least name them!

Chapter 7 Ka Activation
* Meeting the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
* Clearing and Activating your Ka Template
* Opening Your Ka Channels

Chapter 8 Dolphin Brain Repatterning
* Dolphin Moves
* Ethric Hands-On Dolphin Brain Repatterning

Chapter 9 Chambers of Light
* PEMS Synchronization Chamber
* Interdimensional Chamber of Light
* Quantum Transfiguration Chamber
* Integration Acceleration Chamber
* Ascension Chamber
* Sleep Chamber
* Stress Reduction Chamber
* Dolphin Star-Link Chamber
* Divine Axis Realignment Chamber
* No Time and Space Chamber
* Emotional Healing Chamber
* Multidimensional Healing and Integration Chamber of Light

Chapter 10 Love Configuration Chambers of Light
* Unification Chamber
* Angelic and Archangelic Chamber
* Divine Feminine Chamber
* Divine Masculine Chamber
* Yin/Yang Chamber

Chapter 11 Subpersonalities
* Integrating and Healing Your Subpersonalities
* Subpersonality Harmonization Chamber of Light
* Meeting your Inner Nurturer
* Meeting your Inner Child
* Meeting your Inner Warrior/Warrioress
* Meeting Your Inner Spirit
* Meeting your Personal Shield

Chapter 12 Additional Pleiadian Lightwork healing Techniques
* Cocoon Healing
* Clearing Erroneous Neural Pathways
* Self-Healing with the Quantum Transfiguration Grid
* Cellular Reorientation and Repatterning
* Restoring Life Force to Food

Chapter 13 Higher Self Connection
* Meeting and Blending with your higher self
* Divine Axis Alignment with your higher self

Chapter 14 Sustaining the Ka Work
* Ka Maintenance Process
* Ka Balancing Chamber of Light
* Recommendations for Ongoing Pleiadian Lightwork has two modified excerpts of this book. The first is a version of the Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light – one I personally have found the most useful . The second is a very effective energy cleansing technique for the home. Enjoy!

Self-Healing to Reduce Overload

Follow the directions on the above page just add that you want an Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light 😉

House Clearing for Ghosts and Spirits

Next say this invocation: “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I command that this home and grounds be filled with golden light from the City of Light where the Ascended Masters dwell. Only that which is divine may enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so. So be it.”

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