Soul Retrieval: Return to Sender

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I apologize for not including this in my first post on soul retrieval. I did not intend to draw out the topic like this I simply blanked on this very important step when posting.

We all need to release anything we have picked up from others including soul fragments and personal energy in order to heal ourselves. Few consciously exchange energy. It is the majority of us who do this unconsciously literally leaving pieces of ourselves in loved ones, places we lived, pets, and possessions. Other times pieces are taken by abusers or lost to trauma. Consider our common turns of phrase like “She put everything she had into that project”. “when he died he took part of my heart with him” or even songs like “I left my heart in San Francisco”. Well it is high time to not only reclaim our missing parts but to release that which is not ours – to give back the pieces that we were given or took to the original owners.

Simply ask your guides to gently remove anything that is not yours, whether soul, personality fragments, personal energies, or something else, cleanse and heal it all, then send it to a place of safety wrapped it in a cocoon of Divine Light and Divine Love until the owners are ready to reclaim their parts. Ask for help in healing any harm caused by these energies and if you can do Reiki or similar self-treat. Large energy shifts are not desirable so do this as many times as needed every few days until your guides tell you there is nothing left to release.


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