5th Dimensional Throat Chakra Activation from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds her writing and the channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Thursday, 13 January, 2005 at Johannesburg, South Africa

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you all at this time and to bring unto each of you the blessings of wisdom, integration, divine union and divine manifestation of every truth that resonates with all that you are. Greetings.

It is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold each on of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we gather with you in the presence of the Christ consciousness, it is that we ask you to surrender your energy to the presence of your higher self, to surrender to the presence of your personal healing angels and to simply experience the love and light present. This brings you into perfect alignment with your higher self. It centres you within the core light of your Merkaba. Beloved ones as we gather here today at this time of sacred expression and sacred experience, we deliver a message of deeper understanding regarding the choice of activating your 5th dimensional throat chakra.

The throat is the mechanism you use to express your thoughts, to express your feelings and every single one of you present here today have experienced either the process of death or incarceration as a result of utilising your throat chakra to speak what you believed was your truth at that particular time. That experience resulted in you deciding, on a level, to shut down and not speak your truth, to not voice what you felt or what you thought because it manifested in an experience of deep pain and suffering. Therefore for you as a group today, beloved ones, the Lords of Light gather to support you through a process of healing as well as an activation and initiation so that you can once more to find your voice and feel safe in speaking your truth, expressing your divine will, expressing your needs,so they may be met. The throat chakra impacts on your solar plexus chakra. This is one of the reasons why a number of people find that what they are afraid of feeling they cannot express and what they fear saying they have difficulty digesting.

We would like you now to make your physical body comfortable.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath through your nose, exhale through your mouth settling yourself comfortably into the chair you are sitting on. On the next in breath, draw your breath all the way down into your base chakra, and as you exhale, release any stress, anxiety or tension you might feel. On your next in breath, ask Master El Morya to link his energy directly with your throat chakra and as you exhale release any fear that you feel in your body. (pause) Find your own comfortable rhythm of deep breathing. (pause)

Now imagine yourself entering a sacred garden. This is the sacred garden of safety that your inner child journeys to to experience healing. Take some time to wander through this garden, and observe what is in it. (pause) Take deep breaths in of the clear, pure fresh air and allow the high vibrations emitted by the plants and the mineral and animal kingdom of your sacred garden to be absorbed by your body further assisting the process of rejuvenation. (pause) Still moving through your garden, look down and you will notice that you are walking along a path. Follow this pathway all the way into the centre of your garden. (pause) Within this place are a set of magnificent golden gates. On either side of the gates is a magnificent dragon. These are the guardians to the entrance of Shamballa. Greet them and when you are ready ask their permission to enter the sacred world of Shamballa. If permission is granted, the gates will automatically open and you may enter. (pause) Continue to follow the path deeper into the sacred land of Shamballa and become aware of a being of light approaching you, and as this being draws closer you recognise him as Lord El Morya of the First Ray of Will and Power. He now indicates for you to follow him. You continue walking along the path following Lord El Morya to the heart of Shamballa, to the Aquamarine Temple. When you reach this temple, wait outside. Lord El Morya enters. Before entering you need to ask the devic energy of the Aquamarine Temple for permission to enter its sacred space in order to experience your initiation. If permission is granted, the energy opens and welcomes you in. Make your way to the centre of the Temple to where El Morya stands and as you walk through, notice ALL of your guides, the angels and archangels who work with you, loved ones, teachers and friends of light are also waiting for you.

As you stand before Master El Morya, become conscious of your breathing again, take a deep breath in and as you do this become aware of and Aquamarine energy entering your body. As you exhale the Aquamarine light fills your body even more. Take another deep breath in through your nose and fill your throat chakra with this Aquamarine light. Then let it move all the way down to your feet and into Mother Earth. (pause) Again breath in your own comfortable way ensuring that you breathe deeply. (pause) The Aquamarine energy is penetrating the cells of your body, and your organs and filling up your energy field and all of your subtle bodies. Master El Morya asks that you simply stand within his presence for now so that the Aquamarine light can bring your body into full alignment and balance so that you can align with your Aquamarine sheath. While this takes place Master El Morya would like for you to know that the activation of your fifth dimensional throat chakra upon this day brings you into a new state of being. Because you are being offered the opportunity to move into a higher level of consciousness – the fifth dimension, you are allowing yourself to experience further growth and gain understanding of how the spoken word manifests realities in your life. It is necessary that you become conscious of what you say, for every word that you speak is an energy with the potential to manifest positivity or negativity.

Your words have the power to destroy or build. The Aquamarine light that you are currently integrating is dissolving many layers of third and fourth dimensional astral energy that has fuelled any belief systems around self hate, self doubt and self rejection. For you as a group specifically Master El Morya has agreed to assist you and serve with you at this time through the spoken word so that you may serve humanity by understanding that communication is a tool which can be used to destroy or to build. And that if communication is deliberately deceitful, that energy impacts not only on yourself but the environment. People need to learn the dynamics of energy created and manifested by the spoken word. You will also come to understand the importance of speaking your truth. What this means is that it is important to express your feelings. To express your thoughts. To share your wisdom. A number of people do not understand what it means to speak one’s truth or to live one’s truth. It is not entirely something you are aspiring to. Your truth is with you all the time. That truth changes as you do. Let the truth that you experience in each moment by living it manifest the opportunities for you to lead by example and to learn more about the truth you have accepted as your own. Ask yourself if what you have adopted as the truth is in actual fact what you believe, what you feel and what you think, or is it someone else’s truth which you have absorbed as your own, adopted and assumed to be something that it is aligned with you. By understanding this you gain clarity regarding what your truth is. It is also important that in building your relationship with your guides that you build it through verbal communication with them. Verbally communicating with spirit strengthens the power of what you are intending. It forms a system of energy and light that magnetically is integrated with the energy around you. This is emitted into the ethers, which is further absorbed by other frequencies of energy, which then manifests in an experience. The experience supported by those beings of light whom you work with. You see beloved ones, most of what one experiences, in fact happens in the mind. There are emotions and feelings, thoughts raging through your bodies every millisecond of every day and even in your experience in your sleep state. Very little of it is in fact expressed through the throat chakra. The purpose of your personal initiation and activation today is to assist you in defining your truth so that you can express it in a way that supports you. By doing this you set the intention with spirit in a manner of speaking so that spirit may further assist you in manifesting your true roots.

Your throat chakra is directly linked to your etheric body. This is the body where your blueprint is also held. The spine links to this body. It is the 5th body of your energy bodies. Therefore, what you speak about yourself impacts on that body. Because it is such a high frequency body you can manifest disease in it, through the words that you reiterate. Therefore if your communication is one of lack, one that is infected with poverty consciousness and victim consciousness you manifest it in the body. The verbalisation of diseased words are then also absorbed into the body and it impacts on how you experience your blueprint. It is VITAL that you understand how energy affects energy. Remind yourself to say what you mean and to mean what you say.

The Masters have taught silence for a purpose, because within this silence you can hear what your truth is. For then you hear the inner chatter of the mind. You hear the inner chatter of you wounded inner child, your wounded adolescent self and you come to understand how that communication manifests in physical verbalisation which in turn manifests the quality of life you experience in your physical life. Humanity spends so much time chattering about things that make NO SENSE. By this we mean it does not stimulate the highest senses. Either it confuses or it desensitises you because the energy emitted is infected with fear, with negativity and with limitation.

It is important to know what is going on in the world so that you can contribute as you have chosen to the uplifting of humanities consciousness. You have the power to choose what you will say, how you will verbalise what you are choosing to say. And whether what you are saying is in fact benefiting everyone around you. One of the reasons why gossip is so destructive is because it pulls down the quality of energy in the environment. Speaking negatively of others, judging, criticising out of turn is not only detrimental to the other party but to yourself. At this point I must also make it clear that it is important to be able to express negative emotions and feelings. Therefore spaces have been created in the form of counselling sessions, therapy or healing times spent with friends or family, where you can sincerely speak of what wounds you, what pains you, what has caused you suffering so that the inner child can voice its pain. Destructive energy that we speak of is when people gather together and maliciously speak of another in a negative way. Or when one deliberately verbalises mistruths about another. That energy will automatically and instantaneously manifest in that persons 5th dimensional body and the malicious gossiper or the deceitful messenger will experience what you have come to now as instant karma. Because that is what 5th dimensional energy does.

Master El Morya is Lord of the First Ray. The ray of Will and Power. This ray is often associated with the base chakra but it is also associated with the throat chakra because all the rays impact upon all of the chakras and today precious souls, you will integrate the 1st Ray of Will and Power into your 5th dimensional throat chakra. You will activate the qualities of this ray alongside your fellow brothers and sisters. And you will work in the ashram of Master El Morya as a messenger of verbal communication to assist humanity on their path of awakening to 5th dimensional consciousness specifically. Part of your role beloved ones is to help people understand how destructive negative speaking is. By hearing negative words, you know exactly what is going on in the individual’s heart and mind. Some of you will find that your current practices as channels and counsellors will increase in a sense of attracting those who are extremely self destructive by what they say about themselves and others. The rest of you may find yourselves manifesting situations where you are in the company of others who are speaking negatively about people who you may or may not know. You will be required at that particular time to bring to the attention of these people what exactly it is that they are doing. So you will be catalysts of the 1st Ray of destruction and re-construction. Your words will shatter illusions. Your words will create the world that you will experience because your words will reflect what you feel and what you think. You will come to realise what your truth is by what you say because you DO speak your truth and live your truth in every moment of every day. It may not necessarily be your higher selves truth, but it is the truth that you have adopted, that you experience because you are expressing it.

Beloved ones your bodies have now fully absorbed the Aquarian energy of the Aquamarine. This Aquarian energy is bringing you into alignment with your Aquamarine sheath. This Aquamarine sheath is the gateway into the Aquarian Age of consciousness. Your throat chakra is the bridge between your mind and your heart. This is the reason why opening the Aquarian gateway is so important. You are drawing upon the 5th dimensional consciousness of the Aquarian Age, which will help you to lead by example and serve as Leaders of Light to assist the rest of humanity in moving into the Aquarian Age in understanding 5th dimensional consciousness, and by recognising what they voice. You will see very clearly how easy it is to see what a person’s truth is by what they say. You will find that with the activation of your Aquamarine sheath it will become very easy to psychically feel when a person is verbalising an illusion or speaking words of deceit deliberately. This becomes one of your tools of power which will further serve you as an Emissary of Light. Master El Morya will assist you with this quality to break down those matrixes of deceit and deception that are created deliberately by those locked in fear who perpetuate the energy that feeds the 4 destructive matrixes of lust, poverty, victim and conditional love consciousness.

Most of you have been initiated into the ashrams of a number of different Masters and have activated most of your 5th dimensional chakras. These activations add to your list of qualities as a Leader of Light. It is important you understand that what you are activating and being initiated into is for the purpose of leading the world into the 5th dimension and in so doing you are escorting Lady Gaia into the 5th dimension. Therefore, whatever 3rd and 4th dimensional energy limiting you will fall away. (throat clearing from someone) Yes, clear that throat chakra, sister! Some of you might find that you will have to cough up what you have been holding onto. Some of you may find that you will have a number of frogs in your throat. Cough them up. Let them out. Allow the cleansing to take place. Our suggestion to all of you is to ingest tissue salts #4, 2 at a time, 4x a day. This will support your throat chakra with any inflammation that might physically manifest as a result of this clearing process. We also suggest you work together with all the therapists and friends that you trust and verbalise what you fear, what you are angry about, disappointed about, because you need to get it off your chest. This is preparation for the heart chakra’s activation and opening. Whether you choose to do that 5th dimension activation or not is not the issue. But this activation is opening the way for your heart chakra to experience a new level of healing.

Now take your focus back to the Aquamarine Temple you are standing in. Close your eyes in your imagination and imagine Master El Morya projecting a ray of energy into your throat chakra. Imagine the feeling if you don’t feel anything physically. Imagine this ray of aquamarine light clearing your thyroid and parathyroid glands. Imagine a magnificent brilliant clear aquamarine liquid filling up these glands clearing them completely. Now imagine this clear pure brilliant aquamarine light filling up your larynx. Feel it moving all the way up to your tonsils, whether you have them or not, and the little tongue at the back of your mouth. Imagine this aquamarine light penetrating the 7 cervicals in your spine in your neck. Imagine it filling your Adams apple and your neck muscles. This aquamarine energy is shifting lifetimes of scar tissue, of shock and of silence that you have experienced through all the DARK ages, specifically through the Piscean Age. Now imagine this Aquamarine energy filling your jaw – upper and lower. Now this is the reason why you are using the First Ray of will and power because you also hold your will in your jaw. In your imagination imagine this Aquarian light filling your gums and your teeth, your tongue, the roof of your mouth, your cheekbones, the cartilage in your nose all the way into your eyes. Allow it to filter into the entire skeletal structure of your skull and draw it all the way back down into the 7 cervicals of your spine.

Master El Morya asks you to remember at this time that for you as a group specifically you will be clearing many levels of past lives. The reason why this is being reiterated is so that you can understand emotions or feeling, thoughts or visions imprinted on your mind that come to you that make no sense. You can understand that they come from the past. Speak out about what you are seeing. Speak out about what you are feeling. If there is no physical human who you can speak with, take yourself to a quiet place in nature or in your own safe place and speak to your guides. Verbalise it beloved ones (end of side 1….)

Fill your lungs. Breath deeply all the way down, exhale and know that it is safe for you to feel these past lives and to fully express the higher levels of truth that make up your higher self. If you feel pressure building up in your head, simply allow the energy to be emitted through your crown chakra. Release it. You do not have to hold on to it. This energy now moves into your ears. Every area of your body from your 7 cervicals, from your thyroid gland all the way up to your crown is full of aquamarine light. Master El Morya now steps forward and places the palm of his left hand on your throat chakra and the palm of his right hand on the back of your neck and millions of vibrations of aquamarine crystalline energy flood into your body. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, your aquamarine sheath becomes one with your electric body. As you breathe in again it moves into your etheric body. As you breathe in again it moves into your mental body. In the next in breathe it moves into your emotional body. On the next in breath your aquamarine sheath is integrated and aligned with your physical body.

Master El Morya now steps away from your body and takes your hands in his. He asks you in your imagination to open your eyes and look directly at him and you will see his eyes are the colour of brilliant aquamarine. Master El Morya now asks you that if it is your conscious will, your conscious choice and decision to be initiated into the ashram of the 1st Ray to serve alongside him and to serve with him that you are to please repeat the words verbally that he shall now give to you. Again if it is your conscious wish and will, please repeat after us

I (name) consciously choose to be initiated into the ashram of will and power of the 1st Ray of divine light of the 5th dimensional task of service with Master El Morya. I consciously acknowledge that this choice requires that I consciously commit to my personal path of healing all issues related to my throat chakra and any other area of my subconscious and past lives selves that prevent me or inhibit me in any way what so ever consciously or unconsciously from fully expressing my divine truth, from fully expressing the divine truth of God.

Breathe deeply into your throat chakra, beloved ones, and as you exhale release any energetic seals, any energetic cords and chains that bind you to the mutation.

On the next in breath, breathe the Aquarian energy into your heart chakra. Again repeat after us

I consciously set the intention with the Lords of Light, with the Great White Brotherhood of Light and the Emissaries of Light who work with Lord El Morya that I be of service to the growth of humanity and the awakening of truth that is in divine alignment with the universal truth of the Mother Father God that will free every man, woman and child to express their divine truth, whatever that truth may be.

Take another deep breath into your throat chakra and as you exhale, release any fear of serving as a verbal messenger of light. Continue to repeat after us

I (name) commit to the path of service as a messenger of light and fully accept and understand that this requires of me the verbalisation of truth to the best of my conscious knowledge at any and every given time.

Breathe in deeply. As you exhale release any tension or fear in your body. Now all those beings of Light that are with you in the Aquamarine Temple begin to hum the vibration of energy which increases the intensity of light that you are absorbing into all of your bodies. It is safe for you to experience this energy. Know that this increased vibration in energy is activating all the feeling senses within you that will assist you in feeling, sensing, and understanding so that you can speak truthfully – so that you can communicate the truth. This increase in vibration manifests a porthole through which your inner child and adolescent self can pass through, automatically drawing these aspects of your consciousness into the 5th dimensional realms that the world of Shamballa embodies thereby giving you an avenue of expressing whatever truth your inner child or adolescent self feels, which needs to be expressed.

To further support your process of liberation, imagine now, manifesting alongside El Morya to your left side is your inner child and to the right is your adolescent self. Imagine Master El Morya placing his arms around both of these aspects of yourself welcoming them into the Aquamarine Temple of Aquarian Consciousness. Remember to breath beloved ones. Allow the energy to continue moving through you. As the vibration increases in intensity, any other past life aspects of yourself that have been trapped in any parallel reality in the past of your current self as you consciously know it, is released and drawn into the same 5th dimensional consciousness leaving behind the limiting experience of 3rd and 4th dimension astral energy. Imagine your energy field expanding with every breath that you take. That expanded energy field expands your crystalline Aquamarine sheath and absorbs your inner child, absorbs your adolescent self with all the aspects of yourself that have been trapped in any limited parallel experience and bursts forth into an explosion of light that obliterates any wall of limited experience, that incinerates any veils of limited experience, and shreds the veils of illusion, and Master El Morya hands you the gift of new vision. He hands you the gift of new expression and welcomes you into the world of 5th dimensional consciousness.

Beloved ones over the next 15 days Master El Morya will work with you on the inner plains through your light body and will also work through you in your physical conscious reality. This will manifest in a variety of ways. We have covered some of them already. So when you feel the urge to speak, speak. Master El Morya will speak words of light through you. He will also speak words that will manifest as a catalyst to destroy deliberate illusion to shake those awake who would become complacent in their comfort zone of illusion, and who have become rooted to the comfort zone of illusion. Who have become rooted to the comfort zone and cesspool of judgement and criticism of self and others. That in itself is an automatic process whereas one judges and criticises others it is done to the self as well.

You will also serve as sounding boards for others to verbalise their pain, their fear, and their sorrow. It is vital you know that it is not yours to absorb and your Aquamarine sheath is your shield of protection. Words of destruction, words of criticism and negativity will bounce straight off it and dissolve into nothing, having no power over you in any way whatsoever.

If it is again your wish and your will, it is now for you to grant full permission to El Morya to work with you in any way that is in accordance with the highest will of your soul, the divine plan of Mother Earth and all of the souls who you will come into contact with and when you are ready say

I (name) give permission to Master El Morya and the Emissaries of Light that work alongside him and with him to bring truth. And so be it.

Beloved ones take a deep breath into your body, absorbing the vibrations of humming energy that your guides are projecting towards you and as you breathe out, their humming gently comes to an end. El Morya now hands to you, your inner child and your adolescent self an Aquamarine crystal. He indicates for you to place this over your throat chakra and to imagine this crystalline energy melting into your throat. It manifests a symbol of light in your etheric body. This symbol shows all who see you on the inner plains that you are an initiate of the 5th dimensional ashram of Master El Morya of the Aquamarine temple and that you serve in this manner. Therefore any soul trapped within the astral plain as a result of deceit, mistruths, and negative wording that has been said of them, who have not been able to move forward will find you and you will be able to assist them in moving into the realms of light. You will accompany them to the Aquamarine Temples of healing in Shamballa so they will be free.

You now have the opportunity to ask Master El Morya any questions you choose trusting the answer will come through him to you either through the spoken words or through your own feelings and thoughts that you will speak to others about.

When you are ready, give thanks to Master El Morya for taking you through your initiation and succeeding in activating your 5th dimensional throat chakra. Give thanks to all those beings of light who work with you and who have witnessed this initiation. Thank them for their contributions. Give thanks to the Aquamarine and Aquarian energy of new light. Give thanks to your inner child and adolescent self, to your current conscious self and to all the higher divine aspects of yourself for participating in the Sacred Ceremony of Light you have experienced today. Beloved ones, surrender to the aquamarine energy that washes away all limitations, that washes away all fear, the aquamarine energy that shatters all structures of deception and illusion. Know that you are free. Know that it is your divine right to discover and live your truth at all times and remind yourself that your truth has changed, is changing and will always change as you evolve, and as you grow. Do not prevent your truth from changing for fear of having been wrong because no truth is ever wrong, it just is. Speak out about what you are feeling in the moment. Always be true to what you believe is true, and new truths will always come to you to support your journey home.

When you are ready, you may turn around and make your way out of the Aquamarine Temple giving thanks to this consciousness for holding you. Make your way along the path until you find yourself exiting the grounds of Shamballa and you find yourself back in your sacred garden. Give thanks to the gardens of Shamballa, give thanks to the guardians of the Shamballa gates for granting you access, give thanks to your sacred space and draw your consciousness back into your physical body in your current time line by taking a deep breath in through your nose, drawing your energy into your body to your base chakra, exhaling drawing it all the way down to the soles of your feet and into the earth. Take another deep breath in and become more conscious of your environment, feeling the chair you sit in, hearing the sounds around you seeing what your physical body feels like. Take a deep breath in, grounding you completely in your current world. And when you are ready, you may proceed with questions either of a personal nature or regarding what you have just experienced.

Q: Burning pressure in my chest area. Great pain. Could you please enlighten me as to what it could be …

A: Beloved sister, the manifestation of this is as a result of all of the emotions and feelings that have been burning to come to the fore. These are issues related to your belief systems what ever those may be, not limited to spiritual but to every aspect of your life that may have caused you limitation or lack in any way whatsoever. Experiences where you were you were consciously aware of having to sacrifice or compromise your truth, having to keep quiet in order to keep the peace or to not be criticised, rejected or ostracised for what your felt or thought at that time. Do you understand it?

Yes master Kuthumi, but is there something that I could do possibly now to ease it a little?

A: You do not have to apologise to us. Sister we suggest then that you take yourself off to consult with a homeopath. Explain what you are feeling and they will give you something that will assist you. The reason why we are suggesting this specifically is that a homeopathic solution or remedy is what is needed as opposed to any other substance to ease the fire in your chest. You will be asked questions which means that a specific mixture will be made for you uniquely which is what your body requires. It is then vital that you reflect on what we said to you earlier and begin processing those particular issues. Is this clear to you?

Yes Master Kuthumi. Thank you very much.

You are most welcome. Blessings be with you

Q Master Kuthumi. May I ask a question about the Marble Hall area on the platinum ……. Would that be the throat chakra extension.

A: it most certainly is sister. The area you refer to is one that has 12 layers of consciousness. These 12 layers are linked to the 5th dimension, 6th and 7th dimension. There is an immense amount of psychic activity taking place over that area. There are also shifts taking place geologically within that area and weather patterns will change dramatically as a result within that area. The water levels will rise. Do you understand this?

I do. I wonder also whether they are on the same liniment as the crown chakra and the third eye. If you run interception lines off the fault lines that occur in that area, it takes you to the middle of ………..

A: This is why it is 5th dimension. Yes. Throat, third eye and crown. Do you understand?

Yes. How do you get a rise in water level?

A: The water will rise from the inner earth. There are many underground lakes in that area. Do you know this? Because of global warming, the water levels are already rising within the earth over that area and this will result in many of the water levels rising there. There will also be changes in the weather patterns there as we have said from intense heat to intense cold. This may be experienced quite rapidly after one another and not always necessarily separate from one another. We would also ask you specifically sister to monitor lei lines of energy that run through to the Barberton basin that spread out to the Timbavati, that connect back in the Dullstroom area and moves out to Badplaas and Warmbaths. Do you understand? This line of energy is in actual fact a symbol that is manifesting as one of the seven sacred seals of consciousness that will emerge as a result of the old seals being broken. Because of your geological background, you will be able to understand how the old seal breaking will affect the emergence of the new seal. And it is at this time therefore that we would like to ask you please to work closely with this channel in pin pointing the seven sacred seals of consciousness that will arise around the planet as a result of the work that all of you will be doing through the 5th dimension, 6th dimension and those of you who choose any of the 7th dimension initiations will bring about as well as any conscious choice in participating with the seven seals of consciousness being broken and reintegrated. Do you understand?

So this is an old seal that has been broken?

Yes, but as the old one shatters the new one automatically emerges. You see these are the seals of the 3rd and 4th dimension that have been broken. You can call them the astral shield. Do you understand? Or seals rather that will free humanity to move completely into 5th dimension and further experience the higher dimensions beyond that. Do you understand?

Now we know many are BURNING to know what our perspective is on the tsunami of late. The tsunami that took place was one of the first of seven such natural disasters that will take place in different areas of the globe. This is part of those old seals shattering. It is vital beloved ones that you see these shifts as a natural part of Gaia’s cleansing process and that all souls who experience release from their physical body as a result of natural disaster do not suffer in that process. Do you all understand this? Now, the survivors, especially the ones of the current tsunami have played a major role in uniting the community of your world. They have served the purpose of awakening humanity to the energy of compassion. They have awoken humanity to the energy of humanitarianism and have served Gaia in opening many of the heart centres of the planet which impact directly upon the sacral as well as the solar plexus and throat chakras of humanity. Perhaps some of you are aware of the fact that the tsunami that took place was initiated by an initial shift that took place in the area of New Zealand. It was an earthquake and its ripple effect manifested in the first great shift of taking humanity into 5th dimension.

Q: Master Kuthumi, in the past couple of months we have heard of a number of pods of dolphins and whales beaching along our coast and along other parts of the world. Would they somehow feel the tremors starting and was that perhaps why they beached themselves?

A: That is true. In fact sister, nature has been speaking to humanity for many years already. Nature has been calling out to humanity to honour the earth, to honour the natural cycles of life because they have known where it is heading.

Q: So they were bringing us messages. Instead of really looking into the sea for instance, they were dissecting them and looking to see what was wrong with the mammals themselves?

A: Well it was appropriate, because there were things found within them as well which has further aided the understanding of the scientific aspects of these manifestations. Do you understand?

Now, this is where we need to say that there have been thousands of messages presented to humanity about the coming of the earth changes and that the disrespectful behaviour towards Mother Earth will result in a massive cleansing process taking place. Humanity has been told that souls will leave en masse as part of the cleansing process. New souls will come in and those of you who were present may remember that in November 2004, I spoke specifically of the pearl beings who would incarnate in Asia and that a wave of energy would wash clear this area. The children who left during the tsunami, many of them will reincarnate as pearl beings. It is vital that those of you who are conscious make it known to humanity that this is what spirit has been speaking of for aeons of time. The Native American Indian elders have been warning humanity of this also for ages. In the beginning of time, humanity was told, “work with Mother Earth. Honour her body as you honour your own”. Humanity has manifested in this situation of immense self disrespect, therefore there has been little respect displayed for Mother Earth’s body so this cleansing process has been inevitable and for one such as you sister who has studied geology you can see that it is a natural cycle, an automatic process of cleansing and shifting and change that takes place because Gaia is a living breathing entity just like your body is – just like you go through changes and when your physical body becomes over loaded with toxins, it will detoxify itself, not so? So, sister Salome, do you have any comment to make regarding the inevitable natural changes that Mother Earth goes through? That from a geological and scientific perspective can add to the understanding of what she is going through at this time?

I think that …….

Now do you understand why you have activated your 5th dimensional throat chakra today?

…I’ll have to talk…

And boy, do you have a lot to say!

I’ll be terrified!

So beloved sister, if it is your wish and your will I Kuthumi and Master El Morya, Archangel Michael, Lord Buddha will assist you in speaking these words of truth and fact and that is the mergence of spirit and science. Many will come to hear what you have come to say. Trust us. You are welcome.

Q: Master Kuthumi, you speak of the tsunamis in South East Asia as one of seven. Are we going to see the others follow in rapid succession within this year or will it be staggered?

A: It will be staggered sister, but let us say that with these changes it will be water that cleanses and earthquakes will contribute to this because as your cranial plates shift and change so the cranial plates of Mother Earth, the tectonic plates, also shift and change. As more energy comes into the meridians of her body, the lei lines are re-energised so further shift takes place. Do you understand?

Q: Will there be other natural disasters in the offing so to speak? Will there be a mass exodus as there was in South East Asia?

S: There will be another 3 mass exodus’ altogether as we can see currently at this time. Now this is a great teaching for all of you loved ones because as we have said the souls that have chosen to leave are leaving for a purpose, you know already that your earth is over populated. Many of the souls leaving have chosen that as their means of passing over. The challenge is that those of you who are aware of earth changes coming that you do not become trapped in the illusion of fear. Do you understand? What will be will be. Many of the natural disasters have not manifested. The mass exodus’ that we speak of may not even manifest in the way that you are currently imagining, so allow what each soul has chosen to manifest as they have chosen. Do what you can in your personal will and power to assist those who come into your energy field to awaken to their 5th dimensional power, their will, and their ability to speak their truth, because that is what your role is. If each and every single human being can serve as they have chosen to and as they have been asked to, so the global community of service manifests and a support structures of massive degrees are implemented.

End of tape

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.co.za

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