5D Crown and 3rd Eye Combo Activation Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

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Diamond Heart

5D Crown and 3rd Eye Combo Activation

Journey into the Sacred Diamond and Sapphire Temples of Shamballa with Lord Maitreya and Metatron, and raise the energies of your crown and 3rd eye chakras into the 5th dimension. Deep and mind altering.
Ascended Master Kuthumi:
Through Michelle Eloff©
12th February 2005
5D Crown and Third Eye Combo Activation

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of independence, the blessings of further awakening, the blessings of activation and initiation.

Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Sisters of light, as we stand in the presence of the Christ Consciousness with you, it is an honour to stand within this light, and to welcome your light into the presence of All That Is.

The journey of initiation is one that you will experience throughout the duration of your lifetime. You have done this in past lifetimes and you will experience it in future lifetimes. Initiations are a part of the process of awakening. An initiate is often tested, not because Spirit has nothing better to do, but for the purpose of assisting you in realizing how the lessons that Spirit presents you with, are to be applied in the system of living life. On many occasions a master will deliberately present an initiate with a lesson for the purpose as we have said, of seeing how well the lesson has in fact been learned.

Many times the masters, your masters and teachers, present themselves to their initiates in many different forms. More and more this is happening, however, it is not very often that the master or teacher is recognized. Because of the level of spiritual acceleration your planet has been through, more and more people are being presented with the opportunity to experience collective initiations such as this group today. This is for the purpose of bringing your planet into a higher state of consciousness so that those who still follow can find their way through the darkness; the darkness within themselves and the darkness being manifested around them as a result of their projected belief systems.

Your belief systems have manifested a different reality for you, and that reality has offered you this opportunity today. As a group you have chosen to accelerate your 5th Dimensional activation at a far more rapid rate than other groups have. However, you are prepared for this and have been preparing for this for some time now. When more than one chakra is activated at a time there are many levels of energy integrated into one’s body system.

The two most powerful vibrations that humanity is learning to integrate at this time is that of light and sound. These two energies are what make up just about everything that you are conscious of and much more of what you are unconscious of. By working with two chakras at a time you are also activating multidimensional levels of consciousness for yourself, as well as working with parallel aspects of yourself to manifest in a different reality. This means that as part of a group soul you are drawing other members of your group soul into an accelerated process of integrating 5th dimensional consciousness, and awakening to the gifts that come with that awakening.

Your bodies may experience physiological change; there may be physical sensations within your body that you experience. Some of you may experience it in the form of an emotional detoxification and others of you may experience it in an influx of very powerful inspirational creative energy. It does not matter how you experience it. What is important is that you do experience it.

The Masters of the Light have also chosen to make it a part of their duty to teach people the importance of spiritual well-being, and also to understand how important it is for the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body, to be as balanced and as clear as one’s spiritual body is. Without the four systems of light, the four bodies, being aligned and balanced, one can never truly achieve the higher levels of initiation.

There are a number of initiations that all of you will go through. And in the not too distant future more initiations will be presented to people on this path; more intensified lessons revolving around initiation and ascension. Those who choose to embark upon the path of intensive training regarding the various levels of initiation will find themselves working for a period of 12 to 24 months, per initiation. All in all, one needs to go through 5 levels of physical life initiation, before one is reconnected with the spiritual hierarchy of the highest levels of life that exist beyond the 66th dimension.

Once that has occurred, then one experiences a whole new level of spiritual rebirth and awakening. That rebirth and awakening expands one’s senses beyond what one can imagine at this time, and that is when one is taken through many new lessons of integrating the universal wisdom and understanding that Power is what drives Love. The power of light is what gives birth to love. The power of love and light combined, manifest the power of wisdom. The power of wisdom gives birth to additional love.

When one learns the laws of the inner planes one finds that the world that one became accustomed to is truly a drop in the ocean of experience to be gained within the expanse of all universes and the wisdom, knowledge, power and light held within it.

Today you are all being supported in lifting your energy into the 5th dimension. The energy of light and sound is what will carry you. Light and sound alters the vibration of your body internally and externally. Therefore the adapted vibrational frequencies within the cellular structure of your body manifest a sound. That sound completely restructures and constructs new structures of light, which you learn to grow into and then to grow through, which brings about higher frequencies of sound.

One of the reasons why this place that you are currently residing in (Johannesburg), and its surrounding areas are experiencing so many thunderstorms specifically, is because thunder is, in truth, the sound that spirit makes every time it connects with the earth. For the past 24 hours there has been a constant rumbling of sound around this area. This has been the grounding of a new structure of light and sound for your Gauteng area. Johannesburg has opened its base chakra to welcome those 5th dimensional levels of light and sound.

What affects the base chakra affects the crown chakra and vice versa. Therefore much of what will be done today will filter through the energy systems all the way to London, England. There will be opportunities for those of you who have it in your divine plan to make your journey to London to carry the energy physically, of what is also being grounded upon this day.

The Great White Brotherhood, and 144 Archangels of the Elohim, have gathered around your earth plane to ensure that this energy is grounded in the proper manner.

This also results in tremendous shifts of consciousness for Jhb and its surrounding areas. Residents of these areas will find a sudden spurt of activity manifesting in their lives after a recent period of extreme fatigue, and listlessness. Some have experienced physical illness in the form of colds and flu like symptoms. Many people have been battling with headaches; others have been battling with processes within the base and sacral chakras. This is the body’s response to those new energies grounding themselves today. Those energies have shifted within their bodies in order to raise their bodies to the higher dimensions of light and sound.

So let us now begin with the process of initiating your energy fields and activating them, bringing you into the temples of Shamballa, the world of light and sound, through which all earthly beings must travel in order to move to the higher realms of experience. As we work with you for the duration of this morning, this is when the completion of the integration of the energy within the base chakra of this area of your planet will take place.

Place your physical body in a comfortable position, closing your physical eyes. Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose, filling your lungs. As you exhale allow your physical body to relax and to become more comfortable in your chair. On the next in-breath, breathe in through your crown chakra filling your lungs, and as you exhale, exhale through your base chakra.

Continue to breathe in and out; in through your crown and out through your base chakra. As you breathe in this manner, you bring in light and you release sound; you breathe in sound and you release light. Breathing in this manner also activates the light and sound frequencies of higher intelligence within the cellular structure of your bodies, which accelerates the process of integrating the light and sound of your higher self, and the light and sound vibrations of higher intelligence.

With each in and out breath, imagine your body becoming more relaxed, at ease and at peace with the process of absorbing light and sound to your physical environment and into your body, as well as your emotional and mental bodies.

Now when you breathe in, imagine yourself breathing in light, and as you exhale imagine exhaling sound. On the next in-breath imagine inhaling sound and as you exhale, imagine exhaling light. In – through the crown, and out – through the base.

On the next in-breath, breathe in through your crown chakra, and exhale through your base chakra. When you next breathe in, breathe in through your base chakra, and exhale through your crown chakra. Do the same in the sense of breathing in light and exhaling sound; inhaling sound and exhaling light.

Now on your next in-breath, breathe in light through your third eye, and exhale sound through your sacral chakra. And then remember to breathe in sound, and exhale light.

On your next in-breath, inhale through your sacral chakra, and exhale through your third eye. Repeat the process inhaling light and exhaling sound; inhaling sound and exhaling light.

Sisters, your pituitary and pineal glands will experience a further increase in energy vibration as a result of breathing in light and sound in this manner. We suggest you practice this way of breathing on a daily basis to keep the flow of light and sound moving in a balanced manner through your body; from your crown to your base, from your base to your crown; from your third eye to your sacral, and from your sacral to your third eye.

These two glands in the body – the pituitary and the pineal – are two of the most important glands in the body at this current time, esoterically speaking. These glands are responsible for maintaining the levels of light coming into your body through your pineal gland, and the levels of sound coming into your body through your pituitary gland. Many people have been experiencing difficulty within their sleeping patterns, and difficulty coping with different pitches of sound as a result of these changes.

Your pineal gland is undergoing change in a sense of speaking, of mutation, as it is expanding to it’s original size, prior to the onset of puberty when the pineal shrank to its current pea size in the adult brain. The pineal taking its original shape is a harmonious transformation, and not one that would be considered dangerous in normal medical terms. It is not an inflammation of the pineal as a result of disease. It is an expansion of the pineal as a result of light.

Sound affects the hormones. As sound settles itself within the body the hormones find a level of balance, which brings other levels of experiencing light into balance. Therefore the endocrine system finds a sense of balance, as do all the other systems of the body, which are affected and influenced by the pituitary and the pineal glands. The glands for the planet – the pituitary and pineal – will experience as much shift and change. It will appear as if more and more light is coming into the planet in order to reverse the experiences of darkness as a result of the pineal gland shrinking. Sound will also increase in its process of integration to raise humanity’s consciousness.

This may result in uprisings of negative energy in different areas of the world, for the reason of having to manifest that balance. When a body comes into healing and balance, it has to rid itself of whatever causes the disease and illness in order to maintain perfect health. The same will happen to Mother Earth’s body, and to bodies of systems of rule, like governments etc, that are experiencing diseased effects within these bodies.

The natural disasters you have witnessed to date have been Mother Earth’s emotional detoxification process. The processes of detoxification that have taken place between her third eye and sacral chakra – the emotional body (water) – and things such as earthquakes and shifting of the earth have been the detoxification of the combination of her physical and mental body – through the crown and base charkas.

Because of the manner in which we are performing the initiations today, we are able to describe the process of shifts and change in this manner. As the crown chakra holds these new levels of sound, so the base chakra can hold new levels of sound, which means that the lower denser frequencies of third and fourth dimensional base chakra energy, can be lifted to fifth dimension for the planet as a whole.

As the third eye holds the new frequencies and vibrations of light, more light can be held within the sacral chakra, therefore releasing humanity from the lower vibrations of third and fourth dimensional sacral chakra experience, and into the higher experience (of fifth dimension). This is also why there is so much change taking place within the areas of money, power, sexuality, survival and spiritual awakening. So rejoice in being a part of the great shift; in being a part of the group of souls who agreed to assist the process of raising humanity’s collective consciousness to a higher level. It is important to know that not everybody will do it, but there will be enough – because there are already enough souls who have sent out the call for support to integrate fifth dimensional energy.

Continue now to breathe deeply – in and out – in a comfortable rhythm for you. Imagine yourself manifesting in the heart of a magnificent garden; the sacred garden of light and sound, of love and wisdom, of power and truth; the garden that your inner child travels to for healing, for nurturance and for support. Simply take some time to observe your surroundings and to become one with this high vibration of light and sound, of love and wisdom, of power and truth – breathe it into your body.

Imagine yourself looking down now and seeing a pathway manifest beneath your feet. Follow this pathway through your garden, until you find yourself standing before two magnificent golden gates. On either side of the gates there is a dragon – the dragons of Lady Kwan Yin’s energy – who are the protectors of Shamballa. You need to ask to ask permission from these dragons to enter the world of Shamballa. If permission is granted, the gates will open and you can make your way through them. Continue walking along the path.

Now imagine a light approaching you and as this light moves closer you recognize Lord Maitreya, within this powerful frequency of emanating light. He welcomes you into the world of Shamballa; he takes you by the hand and leads you deeper into the gardens of Shamballa, into the worlds of light and sound, where many different frequencies of energy are manifest. The deeper you go into Shamballa, the stronger your body responds to these energy frequencies. These frequencies of energy help your body realign itself with the higher levels of light and sound; the inner worlds of light and sound.

Lord Maitreya leads you to the Diamond Temple within Shamballa; a magnificent creation of light, manifested out of diamond. Upon reaching this temple Lord Maitreya will leave you at the entrance, and make his way into the centre of the temple. When you feel ready ask permission to enter and make your way to the centre to stand before Lord Maitreya.

The light vibrations emitted from the Diamond Temple begin to increase as it feeds all the systems of your body with the higher levels of light, increasing the light quotient that you can integrate during this time. Lord Maitreya welcomes you into the Diamond Temple and acknowledges your choice to receive your initiation of light.

It is now time to call in those other beings of the light, whom you work with. In your mind invoke into the Diamond Temple the presence of all your healing angels of the light.

Call upon the presence of St Germain and his Five Ascension Flames.

Call upon Lord El Morya and his Red Ray.

Call upon the presence of your Christed Self of the light.

Invoke the presence of your Higher Self of the light.

Call in all your Master Teachers and your Master Guide.

Invoke the presence of the Mighty Elohim.

Invoke the presence of the Great White Brotherhood.

Invoke the presence of Lord Buddha.

Invoke the presence of your inner child and adolescent self.

Call upon the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light who work with you, to join you.

Invoke the presence of your brothers and sisters of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.

Invoke the presence of your brothers and sisters of the Andromedan Intergalactic League of the Light.

Call upon Lord Arcturus and his highly advanced technology.

Call upon Lady Venus…..

……and any other beings of the light that you have a special affinity with, who you would like to have present with you at this sacred time.

The presence of all these beings is there for the purpose of supporting your journey. They are there to inspire you and to witness the levels of change taking place within your consciousness. All of them will assist you. As you serve they will support you in service and will very often guide you to help you understand what the path of an initiate requires, and what is required from the initiate on the path.

Many times the initiate is required to work with himself or herself so as to be able to properly assist others. However through the process of serving the self, one is also required to be of assistance to others through sharing the healing process that one is in the process of mastering, and processes that one has mastered.

Life is the great conduit that holds all the initiations, beloved ones, and it is vital for all of humanity to realise that the gates to heaven are found on earth; not in the sky. One has to find God on earth, in order to be able to find God in heaven. The level of consciousness that one embodies at the point of death is the level of consciousness that one experiences in the after-life. One does not experience instant illumination at the point of death. Illumination must come through the journey walked on earth, because that is where it matters most.

Earth is a piece of heaven. It has been taught for aeons that heaven is something outside of you, up in the sky, and that hell is a place in the core of the earth, in which you will burn for all eternity. Understanding needs to be born within the crown chakra, heart chakra and base chakra of humanity, to realise that heaven is within, as is hell. And one’s state of mind, ones belief systems, are what determine whether one is burning within the pits of hell or living within the blissful state of heaven.

As you evolve and as you complete your various initiations, the more you master your emotional body and your mental body, the easier it is to deal with the tests and the challenges that are presented to you. One of the most important initiations that one needs to go through is mastering the emotional body; detaching emotionally. This does not mean that one is never empathetic or compassionate, or that one does not consider another’s feelings. In a state of emotional detachment one does not become caught up in the glamour and illusion of the third dimensional world. One is not caught up in the fears fed through the astral plane.

Mastering yourself is very important. It is serious business, so to speak. (Tape ends…) Shirking ones responsibilities of exploring the spiritual path have also come to a close.

Lord Maitreya and Lord Metatron are here today to show you as a group the importance of this, and this will be revealed to you on a continuous basis throughout your future.

So now, having welcomed all these beings into your space, being aware of how important it is to enter heaven from earth; to move into a heavenly state of mind by mastering the earthly experience, one understands the process of the chakric system evolving. In other words, ascending the spiral that was originally descended.

Lord Maitreya asks you now to look directly into his eyes and to become aware of the power of Light within them. As this occurs, Lord Metatron, the Archangel of all Archangels and the Lord of Light, manifests alongside Lord Maitreya. Metatron is there to support you in a grid of light for the duration of your activation with Lord Maitreya, who manifests a grid of sound to support your body through this transition. This sound vibration activates your diamond sheath, one of your crystal bodies, that makes up the full manifestation of your fifth dimensional body of crystalline light.

Lord Maitreya begins to emanate various levels of sound from his crown chakra, which is automatically absorbed through your crown chakra, and all these sounds begin to loosen belief systems and attitudes within you that have kept you trapped in the belief that your purpose in life is to suffer, to struggle and to experience endless pain, because only then would you be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven.

Beloved ones, it is important now to open your energy; to understand that with the initiation currently taking place with the filtering of sound into your body, that as sound dissolves density, so it becomes easier for you to tap into the original wisdom, purity and innocence of the child spirit; the spirit of purity, of innocence and wisdom, that bound you through the cords of light to the spirit world. One needs to become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, one needs to reclaim one’s purity, one’s innocence – in other words, one’s inner sense – in order to embrace that wisdom and light that the child is fully conscious of on many levels when it enters into the third dimensional world.

Your initiation today is helping you remember the purpose of life; to remember that coming to earth was for the purpose of raising humanity’s consciousness; for the purpose of learning just how powerful life is; how powerful sound is; that the vibrations of light and sound destroy all worlds of density that harbour darkness and pain.

Lord Maitreya asks each one of you to remember the journey of life as being an opportunity to explore a new world; the opportunity to break out of limitation. You are in a free-will zone, therefore, free your will and use it. Will yourself to be free. Every time you comply; every time you compromise your truth; every time you deny it, you are giving away your ability to use free will.

Conforming to a limited system is not the utilisation of free will, because the will is trapped within a limited consciousness and belief system, and does not have the full freedom to be expressed. Opening your crown chakra to these vast energies of sound stir memories in you of what it was like to be fully liberated; to experience the full will of your heart, of your spirit, and the free will of Mother/Father God working through you. Your purpose in this lifetime, beloved ones, is to recognize that you are channels; channels through which energy flows; energy that brings change to humanity. You are conduits of light and sound.

Lord Maitreya is the Universal Logos for your universe. He is the Lord of all Lords, the King of Kings. He is the greatest being of light and sound currently working in your solar system, and it has become time for those initiates who have walked a number of initiation pathways already, to consciously wake up to the next initiation. The more conscious you are made of your initiations, the faster you grow, the more awareness you gain, the closer you become to Mother/Father God, and the sooner your teacher of flesh, who is an Ascended Master in physical body, will find you. Remember, when the student is ready, the teacher will come. We guarantee each and every single one of you here today, that your teacher will come. The question may be whether you will recognize your teacher or not.

Take a deep breath in through your crown chakra, and as you exhale, imagine frequencies of sound moving beyond your physical body into all your subtle bodies, drawing more and more power into your being. The power of this sound expands your crown chakra, and draws it past the density of third dimension. It draws it through the fourth dimension, and harnesses it in the fifth dimension. Lord Maitreya explains to you now, that the diamond energy of the crown chakra of the fifth dimension is about to manifest in truth, because sound as vibration destroys illusion. Truth is what is left behind. This sound gives birth to light and that light expands itself through all the different facets of truth. Light becomes a prism of different colours and energy emanated in all directions. That is what you are being prepared for. Today your grooming has reached a new level, and you are ready to move in a new direction.

Those of you in the corporate world or in the world of business, your light is vital. The way the prisms shine through your energy systems; the way light and sound will be emanating through your crown chakra and through your third eye chakra, will shed light on all that is being held in darkness. And this is the purpose for you being there at this time. Those of you in the healing field, you are also there for the purpose of bringing those new frequencies of light and sound into that world. There is an immense amount of density and of darkness within the healing fields because many healers have as yet not mastered their emotional or their mental bodies. They have not mastered the lower ego. Therefore the lower ego is still in competition with others. War rages between healers, mediums and psychics, just as war rages between corporate companies and nations; it is all there. Mastering the emotions, mastering the mind, puts the lower ego in check. The higher self takes over. That is when true spiritual work is done; that is when one is a true spiritual professional. Master the skill of your path.

Spirit is in every area. Being a spiritual professional in the corporate world is necessary. Being a spiritual professional within the healing field is necessary, and in every other field of life, including parenting, in relationships, in one’s attitude and relationship to Mother Earth, to the animal kingdom, the plant, the vegetable, the herb, the mineral kingdoms; all is one. And where one is missing, one is incomplete.

Lord Maitreya asks you to breathe these words into your consciousness. Breathe it into your subconscious; draw that sound into your unconscious. As this sound expands through all those levels, your diamond sheath merges with all your subtle bodies, and in so doing draws the consciousness of all your multidimensional aspects including your parallel reality selves, into the Diamond Temple, as you stand fully present within the presence of Lord Maitreya.

Now if it is still your conscious wish and will to continue on the path of fifth dimension as an initiate and as a light worker, please then repeat this affirmation after me, out loud.

* “I, (and state your name), call upon the Great White Brotherhood, to assist me in integrating with Lord Maitreya, the levels of sound, that move my physical body, emotional and mental bodies, fully and completely into fifth dimension. I ask that beloved Lord Maitreya, hold me within his grid of pure sound, as I release myself from the lower ego, and choose to embark upon the journey, of mastering my emotional and mental selves”.

Take a deep breath in, breathing this into your body. All the energy is set in place to honour what you have asked. Take another deep breath in, and as you breathe in imagine your diamond sheath becoming more and more a part of you. Now let us continue.

* “I ask Lord Arcturus and his highly advanced technology to support me in manifesting balance, healing and alignment, with the highest levels of light, with and for, my parallel selves, and my multidimensional aspects. I ask that all darkness and pain, that holds me within third and fourth dimensional consciousness, be raised to fifth dimension, where I may recognize the light, within its purpose, for serving me”.

Take a deep breath in, breathing this into your body, and as you exhale, surrender, to what Lord Maitreya has brought you today.

On your next in-breath, acknowledge that Lord Arcturus is there to assist and support you, and will utilize their advanced technology to assist you in gaining the clarity you require, to understand how your challenges in this life time have in fact been your initiations into the higher worlds, and the gifts that they bring you.

* Let us continue. “I consciously acknowledge, that by accepting this sound into my body, my mind and my spirit, I move beyond the density of the third dimensional world’s consciousness, and I am welcomed into a whole new world, of expanded consciousness and awareness. I commit to the path of exploring this, and I commit to sharing with my fellow brothers and sisters, the advanced information and consciousness I will come to embrace”.

Breathe this in deeply, filtering it into all the levels of your minds.

* “Now, I ask Lord Maitreya, to release all the subconscious programmes from my subconscious, that keep me trapped in an experience of limited thinking, and a limited experience of expressing my will. I ask that my subconscious be opened to the higher worlds of light and sound, and that my conscious consciousness, be opened to the higher worlds of light and sound. And so it is, and so it shall be done.”

Breathe this deeply into your body.

Lord Maitreya now asks each one of you, to start chanting the Oum mantra. Begin all at once.




Take a deep breath in now through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, allowing all of the energy that has been released from your subconscious, all that has been released from your cellular structure, to dissolve into the nothingness.

Let your body absorb, like a sponge absorbing water, all the new sound of Mother/ Father God; the sound of the higher planes; of love, of wisdom, of light and truth, that you had forgotten. The absorption of this sound gives birth to an added dimension of power. This is there for the purpose of showing you how necessary power is, in order to propel you forward.

It is also for the purpose of showing you that power serves humanity, for it is, through power that new sound and new light can be brought forth.

All of the Beings of Light currently present with you in the Diamond Temple begin to chant the Oum sound now. The vibration of their collective chanting rearranges all of the electrons, the protons and the neutrons, that originally gave birth to life. This rearrangement manifests a divine alignment of power, a divine manifestation of sound and light. The manifestation becomes an emanation of this divine power – light and sound.

Lord Maitreya now steps forward and places the palm chakra of his left hand upon your crown chakra, and places the palm chakra of his right hand in the area of your base chakra. Imagine him taking in a breath that fills his lungs with the greatest sound of purity that you could ever imagine, and as he exhales, he exhales this sound through your base and through your crown chakra, manifesting in a great gust of wind through your body which literally blows out all of the dust and cobwebs; all of the areas in your body which have not been utilized, or forgotten.

Imagine the chanting of the Oum mantra increasing in vibration, and as this vibration increases, rumblings of thunder manifest within your crown chakra, shifting the energy within the cellular structure of your brain, bringing light and sound into its structure, so that you may remember the power of All That Is, and who you are. These rumblings of thunder move throughout your body, as the power of sound continues to be filtered in through your crown, and through your base, by Lord Maitreya, bringing everything into its perfect alignment, dislodging everything that is no longer required. Take a deep breath into your lungs, drawing this sound in deeper, and as you exhale, it settles peacefully within your pituitary gland and your crown chakra.

Lord Maitreya now moves his right hand from your base chakra area. He places it upon the left hand he has upon your crown chakra. The Oum mantra increases in vibration, its power so intense that it manifests a symbol in the form of light, which Lord Maitreya places within your crown chakra. This is your fifth dimensional crown chakra seal of light. Take another deep breath in, as the seal is absorbed into your crown, ensuring that the openness and clarity of the flow of sound and light within your crown chakra will be maintained.

Beloved ones now imagine expanding your energy beyond the Diamond Temple. Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out expand your energy beyond Shamballa, expand your energy beyond all parameters you can imagine. As we do this 77 levels of sound begin to spiral in a downward motion to your earth plane, specifically over the area of Johannesburg and its surrounding areas. Visualise this powerful spiral of sound, clearing density in its wake. It draws the wind with it, the wind bringing about the shifting, blowing through the body of Mother Earth, like Lord Maitreya blew through yours. Visualise that spiral of sound, connecting with the earth of the area of Johannesburg, and all its surrounding areas, and as it connects and is absorbed into the earth, that sound dissolves all the darkness, the limitation, the fear, the pain and suffering that Mother Earth has held in her base chakra.

Imagine that sound giving birth to a powerful light, and as you breathe in, that light contracts to a tiny, tiny light, and as you exhale, imagine that light exploding like a nuclear bomb through her base chakra. Imagine that blast of light destroying the templates that held the matrix of lust consciousness, of poverty consciousness, of victim and conditional love consciousness over this area we speak of for the last 44 thousand years.

Those of you here today, and those you will read these words in the future are supporting Mother Earth’s chakric system and her subtle bodies in absorbing the new levels of sound. Those who will come to read these words in the future, will make an energetic link with what has occurred today, and will support the maintenance of this new grid of sound for the base chakra of Mother earth in this particular area, and on this particular grid of energy of her physical body. Her subtle bodies also have base chakras. Those are situated over different parts of the world, which will also experience these shifts and changes, so as you welcome this sound into your own crown chakra, you welcome that sound into the base chakra.

You are geographically located on the base chakra, for the purpose of being able to serve through the crown chakra, from the higher levels of light, as opposed to the baser levels of the ego. You are now ready to serve in your capacity as a leader of light through the vibrations of sound, to dissolve all of that which has manifested limitation.

The challenges that come in the form of lessons and tests by the masters are in truth what keep you motivated to continue your search, to continue growing. The moment that one becomes complacent on the path is when one stagnates. Just when you think you have mastered it all, your master will show you how much you have mastered by presenting you with a test. See this as an opportunity to show your master how much you love him or her, by responding to it. It is an honour and a privilege to be tested by your master. It is not a punishment. Your master will not test you if he or she does not think you are capable of working with it.

Beloved ones, you have entered the world of initiates; you have entered the world of higher levels of initiation. The twelve earthly rays of light that currently govern your planet are moving through your body at an accelerated rate. Six cosmic rays of advanced energy will come to merge with your energy field. We suggest that you work with the eighteen rays, understanding how each ray influences you and how it supports you, so that you may understand the worlds beyond the third and fourth dimensional world, and how you can grow further into them.

Moving into a different reality requires the effort to learn about it. You will not be able to function properly within the higher worlds if you remain limited in the third and fourth dimensional consciousness, within the belief systems and conditions that you were programmed with. Ask to be shown what to do. Ask for your master guides and teachers to show you what you need to invest your energy in, and follow your heart.

The chanting begins to slow down in vibration. It becomes softer, and this softness brings about a sense of peace to all your subtle bodies. Lord Maitreya removes his hands from your crown chakra. He now hands you a rod made of gold, silver, platinum and titanium. On either end of this rod are two diamonds. Along the shaft of the rod, are a further seven diamonds, different in colour. This is your staff of sound through which you can transmit light to the world, to the other kingdoms of your world, to your multidimensional selves and parallel selves.

Recreate this wand if you can. It is not necessary to use all the same materials. As a replacement you can use Quartz crystal and copper, or quartz crystal and wood. Use the wood of a Pine tree. Utilise different crystals of the quartz crystal family specifically for the seven stones down the shaft, and use this as your staff of light. Use sound beloved ones; mantras and your voice, by speaking truth to manifest the light of truth in your world.

All the vibrations of sound that are being created by the chanting are absorbed into your energy field, and expand your energy field 144.4 feet around your physical body. Your energy field is a vibration of sound and will remain so for the next 14 days. It is important that during this time you do not expose yourself to too much density. Therefore keep your mind positive; keep your thoughts clear. Communicate with spirit as often as you can. Use the art of creativity to keep your energy flowing. Use music that stimulates your energy to keep the frequencies of sound active within your energy field.

Lord Maitreya steps forward and hands you your staff. He places upon your crown chakra a scintillating diamond which is absorbed into your pituitary gland, and will serve as a beacon of light and sound as it unites with your pineal gland through your next initiation. Lord Maitreya gives thanks to you for your conscious choice to step into the sound chambers of Shamballa within the Diamond Temple, for receiving your initiation of sound; for welcoming the true sounds of your soul, which will bring about the full manifestation of the different levels of purpose within your life.

Remember as you complete each initiation, your life purpose changes. As you master each aspect of yourself therefore, your truth changes; therefore automatically your life purpose changes yet again. The purpose of life is to find God in everything, so that when you move into the other worlds you know exactly where to go.

Some of you may be utilized at times to serve as messengers and channels of light and sound, to deliver messages to those who are about to make their transition, to remind them that if they found God in their earthly life, there is no reason to fear the afterlife, because they will find Mother/Father God there too. Some of you may find yourselves in the position of having to assist people who feel that God has abandoned them. They cannot hear the voice of God in their heart. Remind them to open to the world they are in, in order to receive the blessings their world presents, and the gates of heaven will open.

Beloved ones, it is now time to transfer your energy from the Diamond Temple, to the Sapphire Temple. Archangel Metatron has already made his way to the Sapphire Temple where he awaits you. So now give thanks to Lord Maitreya for the journey you have just experienced…..(tape ends)

…..Give thanks to all those beings of light who are with you and ask that they will move with you to the Sapphire Temple, before you leave the Diamond Temple. Give thanks to the Diamond Temple for holding you in its energy of powerful sound, and know that at any time you may return to the Diamond Temple of Sound, and that within these sound chambers you can use the high levels of its vibration to shift dense energy, be it a dis-ease, a depression, a limitation or a fear.

When you are ready take a deep breath in. As you exhale, bow before Lord Maitreya, turn and make your way out of the Diamond Temple, with all the beings of light accompanying you. Walk across the garden to the Sapphire Temple that awaits you. Do not enter until you have asked permission. Only then may you proceed to the centre of the temple where Lord Metatron awaits you.

Lord Metatron welcomes you into the Sapphire Temple. The consciousness and being of the Sapphire Presence welcomes you into its temple. The Diamond Temple fed you with light, which manifested sound. The Diamond Temple held the frequencies of sound through light. The Sapphire Temple holds the frequencies of light through sound. These frequencies filter into your body, expanding your energy field now to 155.4 feet beyond your physical body.

The light emanated by the Sapphire Temple activates the Inner Eye of your being. The pineal gland has within it what looks like an eye; a physical eye. This eye however can only look upward; it cannot look down. It has the same cones within it that your human physical eyes have within them. This allows the lenses to regulate the light, another reason why the Inner Eye is linked to the pineal gland. The pineal gland regulates how much light comes into your body. The more consciously you work with bringing light into your life, by releasing and letting go of darkness and those shadow aspects of yourself, the more enlightened you become. Mother/ Father God sit within your Inner Eye. When one is taught to see through the eyes of God, one is being asked to utilize the Inner Eye.

It is often said that one’s master is closer to the self than one’s own heart is, and that is because your spirit, your soul, is linked to you through your third eye; that is where Spirit links to you. Therefore it is closer to you than your physical heart is, because your soul and spirit reside within the third eye.

One of the most exciting changes currently happening for your planet is the shift into fifth dimensional consciousness. It is raising humanity’s energy to a new level of interacting with Mother/Father God; a new level of interacting with the Self. This is another reason why the masters of the light will not give you information that deprives you of a life experience. We are aware that this has already been discussed with some of you, if you were present with St. Germain. The more you insist on asking a source outside of yourself what you must do, why you must do it, when and how you must do it, the more you will remain in third and fourth dimensional consciousness.

Every time you choose to give your power away to an outer source, you draw your energy out of fifth dimension and into third and fourth dimension. This means a greater investment of energy to draw yourself out of that density, and back into the light. Your higher bodies are being linked with fifth dimension, which means you will not completely descend, but your emotional and mental bodies will. And this is where you will find yourselves experiencing frustration and deprivation again; the poverty consciousness, the victim, the lust and conditional love consciousness patterns. All the answers are within you because God is within you.

Therefore if you require an answer to a question, ask Mother/ Father God; ask beings of light to help you find that answer; to show you the path to clarity. Then use your Inner Eye, your inner sense, to recognize what is shown. There is no harm in sharing what you feel with others, asking for support, asking for guidance from one’s whom you love, or a trusted teacher. It is however important that you are clear in yourself that you have gone through the process of self searching, before you have gone outside of yourself. Many times the answer to the question may in fact manifest through an outer source; the outer source bringing the information, which gives you the inner realization of the answer to the question.

There is absolutely no harm in confiding in someone. It is in fact important that one creates community, or a group of support systems, as in friends, family, healers, teachers, therapists, whatever it is, who support your path of self empowerment; who will acknowledge your journey and your search – and who will not deprive you of the experience – just as the teachers of the higher worlds do. Going to fortune tellers, psychics, mediums and channels, to ask what you should do, why you should do it, how and when you should do it, gives your power away to that medium, to that channel, to that psychic or clairvoyant. Asking for support, for a deeper understanding regarding a situation, so that one can make an informed decision, is very different. So use discernment when you feel you need to seek such guidance and advice.

Asking questions like, should I marry this man or woman, or is this the right man or woman for me, or should I change my job right now, or should I or shouldn’t I….. gives your power away. Use your inner compass to determine the direction you should walk in. By doing this, you draw the fibre of spiritual belief deeper into your system. When you give your power away to another source to make your decision for you, you separate yourself from Spirit. That is why when one acts based on what a psychic, or clairvoyant, or channel, or anyone for that matter, has said, and it does not manifest as they have said it would, you give your power to them yet again by becoming angry or disappointed because it did not manifest for you. You give your power away because you blame them for your life not working out.

You, and only you are responsible for what you experience in your life; how you allow your belief systems to support you or to paralyse you. How you allow your attitudes to inspire you or to paralyse you is your responsibility. Therefore, using the inner light and the inner eye to seek the truth, you understand what limits and paralyses you, and what supports and inspires you. And miracles happen, because then you feel safe (enough) to surrender and trust the second initiation, releasing the emotional and mental bodies; surrendering completely to the master, Mother/Father God. Trusting implicitly in that Force to guide you, because it is the Source of all truth, the Source of power, and the Source of wisdom. Without mastering this you cannot complete your initiation of the earth world. You will return over and over and over again to complete it. Many past lives over the past two and a half thousand years have been for the purpose of trying to complete an initiation. This is why this time is so glorious, because many initiations are being completed at once, whereas in the past, at times not even one initiation was passed in a lifetime.

This shows you how far you’ve come, and how capable you are, and it is up to you how much you will choose to see inside yourself, reflected in your outer world. Learn from that, as opposed to giving your power away to someone or something, to tell you what to do, or to prove to you how good you are.

The reason why we have spoken about this is because the third eye impacts upon your sacral chakra, the chakra of creativity. It is through that chakra that you experience how you emotionally respond to money, to power, to your sexuality; how you use energy to manipulate, or how others use that energy to manipulate you; in other words giving power away. No one can take your power away from you unless you give them permission to.

Perhaps now many of you will understand why, for the past two years, we have been working so intensely with humanity, to release their poverty consciousness, their victim consciousness, the lust and conditional love consciousness. It has been an initiation. Those of you who have been following it for that period of time, even (during) the past twelve months, you are entering another phase of your initiation. This is what this particular fifth dimensional initiation is all about, for your third eye, that is. It is about seeing the value of remaining self-empowered. Being self-empowered is being empowered with the force of Mother/Father God. It is being in touch with the Source constantly.

Lord Metatron asks you now to breathe in deeply through your third eye, to move that energy to your sacral chakra, and as you breathe out, simply to allow all tension to spill out of your sacral chakra. Once more, take a deep breath in through your third eye, and as you exhale, allow all fears of utilizing your power to spill out of your sacral chakra.

The Sapphire Temple absorbs that energy and transforms it into pure light. Continue to breathe in this manner, breathing light into your third eye, and releasing whatever is dark within you through your sacral chakra. It spills into the Sapphire Temple, is transmuted into light, and that light is fed back to you.

Lord Metatron now asks you to open your third eye. Imagine it as a physical eye, opening, lifting its lid, to look directly into the three eyes of Metatron. You would consider them to be two physical eyes, including the third eye.

Looking into the Three Eyes of Light forms the triangle of Power, of Light, and of Wisdom. This manifests another triangle in the opposite direction, of Love, of Knowledge and of Truth. This creates the Star of David. Using a ray of light from his third eye, Lord Metatron now projects this Star of David to your third eye. Open your third eye to absorb that template of light. As you breathe in draw the Star of David all the way into your pineal gland. Now imagine, with this Star of David in the centre of your pineal gland that a burst of light manifests, filling your pineal gland with the light of Mother/Father God. That inner eye, the eye described within your pineal gland, begins to open, as your pineal gland begins to transform itself from a shrivelled pea, to the plump, round perfect shape the pineal gland was always meant to be, just as it always was when you entered the world as a fresh being in human form.

Imagine that light moving out of your pineal gland, filtering into the cells of your brain. As this light filters into your brain, it manifests sparks of light, which activate the dormant cells, and as time passes you will learn how to use those cells. You will learn to use those cells the more you learn to use your inner light, your in-sight, to find the truth, the answers to your journey, through working with the Source of all life, from the inside out.

Every time you take responsibility for your journey of learning, every time you take responsibility for mastering an aspect of yourself, successfully completing an initiation, more of your brain becomes alive. The God Mind, which uses the brain, has more room to express itself. Your mind is separate from your brain; the mind uses the brain as a tool of communication, of transmitting information, visually and audibly. In order to develop your clairvoyant, your clairsentient, and clairaudient abilities, you need to be filled with light; your pituitary gland needs to be nourished by the light. Imagine being in a dark room, searching for a pen. You will never find it; turn on the light however, and it becomes a much easier task. That is the same when it comes to mastering these skills.

Because your third eye chakra is being raised to the vibration of fifth dimension, it is also required of you, more importantly than previously, to tap into the higher levels of the light. To move beyond the astral plane, and to ensure that you set that intention, ask that your consciousness receive guidance from the highest planes of Light, Wisdom, Love and Truth, Knowledge and Power, so that you can trust that the source from which you are receiving, is of a much higher vibration than what you have previously been exposed to – through perhaps, people like fortune tellers. This is a whole new world of receiving information, and you becomethe receiver and the transmitter.

As this information now unfolds in your consciousness, your Sapphire sheath begins to vibrate. This is another of the bodies of your crystal form; your fifth dimensional body of light. Visualise more and more light filtering into your pituitary gland, as this occurs, your Sapphire sheath becomes stronger, brighter and more powerful than before.

Take a deep breath in as you draw this light in, and as you exhale, imagine your Sapphire sheath coming closer, filtering through all your subtle bodies, like a colouring placed in clear water. Take another deep breath in, and as you exhale that Sapphire light merges more and more with the Diamond Sound of Light of your Diamond sheath. Don’t rush it. Let it be a gentle process.

Now beloved ones, it is time for Lord Metatron to raise you into that fifth dimensional grid-work. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, repeat after me.

* · “I, (say your name) consciously request that Lord Metatron, raise the vibrations of energy of my third eye, into the fifth dimension, bypassing the astral plane. I ask Lord Metatron, to sever the cords of illusion, to dissolve the veils of illusion, that have prevented me from seeing the higher truths of the higher worlds. I ask that my emotional and mental bodies, and that the physiology of my physical body, and the super-consciousness of my spirit body, travel in unison, and be raised to work completely from the higher levels of the light”.

Take a deep breath in as you draw this intention into your body, and as you breathe out extend this intention out to the Sapphire Temple, where Lord Metatron accepts this intention. He steps forward, placing the middle finger of his right hand directly over your third eye. The pulsations of Light are filtered through his light body, into your physical body. These emanations of light dissolve those veils, and sever ties to illusion.

Now take the middle finger of your left hand, and place it directly over your third chakra. So, Lord Metatron is able to link your physical body and its physiology, with all the levels of light that you are integrating through your emotional and mental body, and through the super-conscious of your spiritual body. The middle finger is your finger of intuition; it is the finger that connects you to your third eye. Now imagine a powerful red laser beam being projected through the middle finger of your left hand, through the very centre of your pineal, dissolving any blockages within it as a result of your third and fourth dimensional conditioning and programming, that prevent you from fully integrating your fifth dimensional consciousness.

In your imagination, close your physical eyes if you have opened them. Still with Lord Metatron’s middle finger on your third eye, he affirms to you that you are a being of the light, and that being filled with light serves not only humanity but, you (also), in a capacity you are currently unaware of. Because you have not experienced these levels of light in this incarnation before, it is vital that you do not limit your experience by pondering on the past, or limiting your future experience by imagining things that could go wrong, or telling yourself that this stuff does not always work. The more light you bring into your body, the more you work with your truth, and the more fibres of belief are grounded within you, the more you will witness the miracles. That has always been the key.

Lord Metatron asks you to hold that in your mind. Remember that the key to experiencing the miracles of Spirit is expanding your consciousness, and bringing in more light, by surrendering and trusting, and by setting the intention to move your consciousness beyond the collective consciousness, beyond what the world has come to accept as a norm. Set your intention to move beyond that. Set your intention to increase your spiritual intellect, and your spiritual knowledge to higher levels. Ask that you receive the teachings of spiritual technology. And if this is your wish and your will, tell Lord Metatron now, that this is what you wish to do.

Lord Metatron and Lord Maitreya will accompany you to the inner planes, to their higher schools of learning, where each of you will be taken through specific programmes to learn to use the power of sound and the power of light in your physical world, and how to move through your initiations at an accelerated rate so that you may take more initiations, and achieve a level of ascension that only Ascended Masters have achieved before. That is the blessing that Spirit has given humanity. You have the potential to ascend as an Ascended Master in this lifetime. You however need to commit to it. As we have said, your teacher will appear. Your master of light will come to you in flesh, and will take you through the final initiation, which will initiate you into becoming an initiator of the new initiates.

Take a deep breath in through your third eye, as you breathe out, push the energy down your spine, out through your base chakra and into the core of mother earth, grounding this information in the body of your flesh, as much as it has been held within the body of your spirit. This light will keep your emotional body and your mental body light so that you can absorb the teachings of light. You are called light workers for a purpose; light warriors, light weavers, light walkers, leaders of the light; because that is what you embody. Now, you can embody more of it.

* · Now repeat after me, “I consciously ask Lord Metatron, to assist me in expanding my consciousness, so that I may absorb more light, and be a powerful emanator of light.”

Take a deep breath in as you draw light into your body; as you breathe out imagine this light emanating from your body. Each of those beings of light present with you in the Sapphire Temple, ignite a ray of light from their third eye. They ignite a ray of light from their sacral chakra and project this light to your sacral chakra and to your third eye. Take a deep breath in as you welcome this light into all your bodies, including your physical body. As you exhale, surrender to the light of integration.

* · Now repeat after me, “I ask Lord Metatron, to fully assist and guide me, to teach and train me, through the process of taking me through the initiations of light, to be able to utilize, my powers of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, through the fifth dimension, and through the higher dimensions of light.”

Take a deep breath in drawing this intention into your body, as Lord Maitreya embraces you, as Lord Metatron embraces you, and your healing angels embrace you. As this occurs your Sapphire Sheath is merged completely with your body, and your energy is completely elevated into fifth dimension.

* · Now repeat, “I acknowledge that it is still required of me to live in the third dimensional world. However, I accept and understand that my consciousness is of the fifth dimensional world, and as a leader of light, I shall lead those of third dimensional consciousness who are willing to come into fifth dimensional consciousness. Through this process, I honour and commit to the path of maintaining my consciousness through fifth dimension and above. So it is, and so it shall be.”

Draw your hands together over your heart chakra, taking a deep breath, drawing this commitment into your being. Beloved ones, Archangel Metatron now asks you to make a commitment to your inner child and to your adolescent self. The commitment is a form of promise that you will continue to walk in the light, to work with light, and to work within the light, for there are truly only three paths home. One path is the dark one; black magic. The second one is the path of white magic. The third one is the path of the master.

The path of white magic still works with those souls within the third and fourth dimensional plane. The path of the master works with the dimensions of five, and beyond. The teachers and the leaders of light, who work through white magic support the process of the elements and of the animal kingdom, and the mineral kingdoms, of the plant and vegetable kingdom. To unite their energy with those of third dimension, the dark path, that of black magic, is also the path of ignorance. So choose your path wisely. This is why we say, promise to yourself that you will always walk in the light; the light of knowledge, the light that supports you in taking responsibility, the light that wins wisdom, the light that feeds power, the light ……(tape ends)

When you are ready, affirm to Lord Metatron, that you are willing to make this commitment to your inner child, and to your adolescent self. Do this by addressing your inner child, and addressing your adolescent self, by saying that you make this commitment, and add the words of light in, that you choose. We shall give you a moment to do this now. When you are done, ask Lord Metatron to seal this commitment with Light.

Lord Metatron now takes the middle finger of his left hand, and dips it in a bowl of liquid light, and places this liquid light over your third eye as a form of anointing. This anointing dissolves all the barriers of limited sight that have been created through the belief systems you have adopted as a result of your conditioning, and all the programming that you are exposed to on a daily and nightly basis.

For the next seventeen months, you will receive instruction from Metatron and Lord Maitreya within their schools of light. You will work through their ashrams, to bring about the opportunities of presenting light to others. Some of you may do this in the form of teaching, some of you may do it in the form of healing and some of you may do it in the form of communicating, such as counselling, speaking motivational and inspiring words. Allow the light to show you.

As you complete your various initiations through the years and months to come, your clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient powers will increase, as long as you are bringing in light. You have requested that they work only through the higher dimensions. Therefore, if you descend your energy back into the lower dimensions, you will not have access to those powers, just as it has been in the past. Be conscious of your choices, of your actions, of your thoughts, of your words and of your feelings. This gives you power over your emotional body; this gives you power over the ego that influences the mental chatter. You are the master of your bodies. Your bodies do not master you. The lower ego has been the driver thus far. Now you are taking over the controls.

By choosing to participate within these initiations, you have made that choice to take full control of your life, to work in divine alignment with the higher powers that be, for you too are a source of that power.

Take a deep breath in. The liquid light filters its way into the centre of your pineal gland. Lord Metatron now asks you if there is anything specific that you require him to assist you with in any area of your life. If so, discuss this with him now. Set your intentions with him, and surrender the process to him. This will be your first lesson in utilizing your new fifth dimensional powers. We shall give you a moment now to do this. Please remember to ask that this manifest in accordance with the highest will of your soul, and of your divine plan.

Lord Metatron manifests an orb of white light, which you may place your intention into. As you set your intention into this light, affirm that you release it to Spirit, in order to assist you through the fifth dimensional energy dynamics, to manifest whatever it is that you have asked for assistance with, in your physical world. When you are ready, release this orb of white light that holds your intention, and as you release it, affirm that it is time now to trust that Spirit will bring you the clarity, the insight, the support, and whatever else it is that you have asked for, over the next few days, so that you may truly understand how quickly the power of light works.

If you find yourself doubting or becoming fearful, stop yourself immediately; take that fear, and take the doubt, place it into an orb of light, and send it off into the ethers. Remind yourself of the light of Lord Metatron, the power and light of Mother/Father God, and breathe that into your body and tell yourself, I have handed this over to Spirit, and Spirit will provide the answers, or the solutions, or the means to manifest what I require, in perfect and divine time. Then continue what you are doing. Do this as many times as you feel afraid. This will condition your lower ego to surrender to light. This further absorbs those fibres of spiritual belief into your body, which in itself is another powerful initiation, which you will work with as well.

Lord Metatron now confirms that your energy is in its totality and completeness raised into the fifth dimension, including your parallel aspects, and your multidimensional aspects. They are all working collectively, in the here and now to work with the fifth dimension.

Beloved ones, it is also now time for you to bring your focus to your planet again, and as you do this, imagine the presence of a further 144 great Emissaries of the Light who join the 144 beings of the Archangelic League of the Light. They bring the next spiral of energy to your planet, being brought specifically to the heart of Johannesburg. Because Johannesburg is known as the City of Gold, it is the place where Golden Consciousness will be born. All of you who have been drawn to Johannesburg, or who come to Jhb at different times; those of you who have come from other countries and those who will come from other countries; come to receive the energy integration of the Golden Consciousness, which you then physically take back to wherever it is you are if you are choosing not to reside permanently in the golden basin.

Those of you who reside permanently within Johannesburg, wherever you may travel to, you take the Golden Consciousness. This is where the proverbial Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow is situated. South Africa is the Rainbow Nation. Johannesburg is the Pot of Gold, and all of you have that Golden Consciousness within you, to take it to the next levels. Embrace your Golden Consciousness. The 288 beings of the light, who hold the earth at this time, hold you in your journey.

Continue to breathe deeply in and out, as this energy is drawn down to the earth, breathed into Mother Earth, and the template is laid to rest that further supports the manifestation of the Golden Consciousness for your planet. As this energy continues to ground itself upon the planet, it is absorbed into your physical body. Lord Metatron now takes one white sapphire crystal and one blue sapphire crystal, and one at a time he places them over your third eye. It becomes liquid energy and as you breathe in, it is breathed into the centre of your pineal gland both the white, and the blue sapphires.

Lord Metatron now asks you to extend the middle finger of your left hand to him, and he places upon it a ring with a white, and a blue sapphire gem in it; the link to light and sound; the power of your third eye and crown chakra united as a force of Love, as a force of Power, as a force of Wisdom and a force of Truth, that gives birth to further light and to further sound.

Give thanks to Lord Metatron for your gifts of light. Those beings around you increase the amplification of the light they have been projecting to you. This extends your energy field 288 feet beyond your energy body. Your energy field is filled with a mixture of light and sound all the atoms vibrating with life. These atoms serve to attract more energy to you; energy that will further serve you to raise your consciousness and to expand your light and to increase your sound.

On the next in-breath, imagine light being breathed into your pituitary gland and pineal gland simultaneously, and activating your fifth dimensional clairvoyant abilities to their full capacity. Take another deep breath through your pineal and pituitary simultaneously, and bring the light in to activate your clairaudient abilities to their full fifth dimensional capacity. Do the same for your clairsentient abilities. On the next in-breath, Lord Metatron seals your energy field of 288 feet in a powerful crystalline shield, protecting you so that you may absorb these light emanations, that you may integrate these pulsations, that you may become one with light and sound. You may use that visualization as a means of protection, directly from Lord Metatron, on a daily basis if you choose.

Once more give thanks to Lord Metatron for the initiation of light that you have experienced. Take your inner child and adolescent self by the hand, and draw them into this powerful energy field of light, so they are sealed within this grid with you. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, imagine Mother Earth being sealed in the same grid of light.

Give thanks now to all those beings of light whom have witnessed your initiation. As you do this, they begin to withdraw the ray of light. This does not deplete you in any manner. You are sufficiently filled with light. As you take another deep breath in, the sacred seal of light of your fifth dimensional third eye chakra, manifests itself in that chakra, so that all who see you upon the inner planes, recognize you as a fifth dimensional initiate of light and sound.

Give thanks to yourself for making this journey. Give thanks to the Sapphire Temple for holding you within her powerful body. Lord Maitreya blesses you and assures you that it is safe to make your way back into the third dimensional world. He assures you that you will always be linked to your fifth dimensional body. He reminds you to remain linked to the light.

When you are ready, make your way out of the temple. Once more give thanks to it. Slowly make your way out of the gardens of Shamballa, and as you make your way, give thanks to the world of Shamballa for welcoming you so that you may have completed these initiations. When you reach the gates, you may pass through them, and once more give thanks to the dragons.

Make your way through your sacred gardens. By taking a deep breath in, start drawing your consciousness back into your physical body. Take a deep breath in, drawing your consciousness down your spine, out through your base chakra and rooting you to Mother Earth. Take another deep breath in, drawing the energy down your spine, down your legs, out through your feet, and rooting you to Mother Earth. Take another deep breath in, feeling your body in the room, in your chair.

Beloved ones, the journey that you have just taken has been one into a very deep aspect of the fifth dimension. Because you also facilitated the process of grounding the two new grids and mechanisms of light for this area, you may find that your energy is extremely sensitive for the next few days, which is why we have asked you to be gentle with yourself. We do understand that some of you obviously have commitments, and will be exposed to harsher environments where there is perhaps noise pollution. Just ensure that you are protected within those environments, and all will be well.

If your body does manifest an emotional detoxification, simply go with that process. We suggest that you feed yourself large doses of Rescue remedy. We also suggest Tissue Salt no 6 to assist you with that. If your body manifests a process of physical detoxification, we suggest that you give yourself dosages of Tissue Salt no 4, and no 8. Tissue Salt no 8 will support the muscular system of your body to release what it has been holding onto as false support mechanisms, and you will be able to integrate your new support mechanisms of light.

Beloved ones, so it is that we embrace you in your new grid of light and sound. We support each one of you in the manifestation of your new fifth dimensional world. We shall assist you and guide you through the process of adapting to the new world, as you release the old ways of your old paradigm.

Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you through this time, and trust in your abilities to bring about the manifestation of light through different mechanisms of manifestation in the sense of the spoken word, a gentle touch, gifts that may be shared with you – or which you share with another. Know that we are all one, and that we are with you always, in all ways, and may the light of the higher worlds be at one with you, be at one within you, and all around you, and may the sound of Mother/Father God’s heartbeat be the one that comforts you through this transition.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in Love. Adonai.

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7:7 Gateway & Magic, Miracles, Abundance Manifestation Channelling

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

7:7 Gateway & Magic, Miracles, Abundance Manifestation Channelling
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Friday, 7 July, 2006 at JHB, South Africa

If you have ever wondered if we are doomed to remain in poverty and lack forever, then I suggest you read this and open your mind and heart, and allow it all in!

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of, love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of flow, abundance, joy and celebration, greetings beloved ones.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi!

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Brothers and sisters, today is the day, of magic and miracles manifesting within the heart of humanity. All of you here today are open to receive the abundance blessings the Great White Brotherhood and Lord Merlin have brought forth for your planet. This energy is one to be utilised with wisdom, integrity and sincerity. One that we bring to the light workers of the planet, for you have earned your right to utilise the power manifest within all systems of creation and continue to create that which shall empower human kind.

I Kuthumi, will hold the vibrations of your 4 lower bodies to integrate the energies Lord Merlin shall bring forth today. I prepare each of you now for the drawing in of this energy and I shall take my leave to make way for Lord Merlin and I shall communicate with you later, therefore blessings and Adonai.


I am Merlin, greetings and welcome


I stand within the presence, of the 7th ray, of indigo light. This light I bestow upon each of you for the purpose of bringing forth the magic of the violet energy. I, Merlin and St Germain, are very busy at this time bringing to humanity the Violet and Indigo Rays that shall result in many levels of humanity’s consciousness being set free.

For many cycles of human evolution people have experienced entrapment of the consciousness, resulting in humanities belief that to serve the light of spirit one must live in a state of poverty. The energies we anchor on your earth today come to serve you and come for the purpose of shattering the old belief system that a saint is simple in pocket and mind. I tell you now that is no longer a truth and in fact never was a truth. You deserve to live your life abundantly, to experience the abundance of the creative universe and to make use of that power to empower those who have as yet not reached the same level of consciousness illumination that you have.

We are present here today to assist each of you in activating your abundance chakras. These chakras are held within the throat chakra area. Perhaps many of you are not aware of the fact that your throat chakra is a very powerful manifestation tool. Each word that falls from your lips creates an energy resulting in a constructive force or a destructive force.

Very recently Kuthumi spoke of the energies coming forth that are breaking down the constructs of deceit, illusion and deception. That is very active at this time and you will find in many areas of your own life where there has been deception and deliberate deceit and illusion of any sort it will fall revealing to you the authentic form of love behind it.

Living your life applying golden wisdom and drawing consciousness from the golden dimensions equips you with the inner knowing and know how regarding the manifestation of alchemy. You are the forerunners in the anchoring of the new vibrational template for Goddess Gaia as a single entity of consciousness, as well as every single human being upon the planet, which merges with Gaia forming the collective consciousness.

At this time I Merlin, am working with a total of 1,4 million souls, light workers in fact, to bring into physical manifestation the divine gold print of the original golden age that you are all ready to live in. I have spread my energy far and wide, for it is this creative energy that will inspire and empower people to make the differences that will make the difference in many people’s lives.

Yesterday, the light workers were given their wings; you earned your wings, you stepped into the angelic realms of communication and service. This means, for those of you who weren’t present yesterday, you are officially angelic messengers of Mother-Father God. With it comes responsibility. Every level of light that one lives within consists of a set of principles that one must live by which results in additional responsibility to be taken.

Before we go into the activation of your abundance chakras, I must first inform you of the responsibility you will be taking on in your choice to allow this new 7:7 gateway abundance energy to filter into your life. This gateway is bringing to the etheric body of Mother Earth an imprinted coding that shall be held in place for a period of 5 years at which time the gate will be closed. This is not for the purpose of depriving anybody of that energy, it is simply because there will be new energies that shall then come forth.

Therefore it is vitally important that those of you who are receptive to these new energies take action, in other words strike while the iron is hot. This energy is unlike anything you have known before. For some of you at times it may be “too good to be true” and Kuthumi spoke about that yesterday I believe.

You have all called for the forces of abundance to come into your life, you have begged and asked us to give you leeway, to have mercy on your soul and the Great White Brotherhood has granted you your wish and the energy is before you. The big question is, do you have the guts to embrace this energy? Are you willing to toss out all your old belief systems and create something new, because can I tell you something now, it is all those old bloody belief systems that trip you up!!


It is all that other nonsense that you choose to hold on to for dear life that leaves you standing in the same quagmire of nonsense, day in and day out. So I ask you, do you have the guts? We have risen to the occasion. Will you? Will you?

Yes, laughter

We will see about that! It is very important that you understand that for the majority of your life you have been exposed to negative imprinting. If in this particular incarnation you have not experienced tremendous amounts of negative imprinting revolving around financial abundance specifically, then, in parallel lifetimes you are probably experiencing this. Now, for those of you who don’t know, there is in fact no such thing as a past life. It doesn’t exist. Oh gosh, you thought I believed in reincarnation!


I do but I don’t, the reason why I say that there is no such thing as a past life is because everything is in a parallel or alternate existence, so what you believe as being a past life is in fact a parallel lifetime. All the timelines are being experienced simultaneously. You are not just the one bit of human flesh that you see everyday, in the body that you have created for this timeline. You have hundreds of other creations; all facets of the original monad, having an experience in either a human body or any other form that you decided would best serve your journey as a soul through many timelines.

With that made clear let us go back to what we were talking about. Those belief systems, that encoded energy is stored within your subconscious. When you experience situations you draw information from your subconscious. The first time you experience something negative or positive, the subconscious stores the information and every time you have an experience that vaguely resembles the original experience, the subconscious emits that original response or reaction. This is why many people find themselves having great difficulty and feeling very frustrated when with every ounce of their conscious being is wishing and willing to change their situation. But if the subconscious is not co-operating, it is like running into the same old brick wall every morning and not getting the message across that there is a brick wall!


So the 7:7 gateway is taking you into the quantum fields of energy through the 7th dimension for a very important reason. The reason being to flush your subconscious of all the old negative belief systems around financial abundance. Now some of you may already be experiencing financial abundance but there is a part of you that is afraid that perhaps you will not have enough. Some of you may be very successful, but find yourself at times struggling with the fear that you may not be able to maintain the success, therefore your intention or your motivation is not one purely of love, it is in fact one of fear, the fear of failure. So you know who you are and I trust you know why you are here today.

If any of this applies to you, you will then understand that the subconscious flush is very important for all of you. Many people in this room today are having to deal with the negative programs around money taken on from their parents, and others of you are experiencing the negative imprint from religion relating to wealth and abundance. All of this will be flushed out of the subconscious. It will however take approximately 3 to 6 months for the energy to be completely cleared during which time you will be faced with the opportunity to prove yourself right, because you said to me you had the guts to do this and override the old programs of a negative, paralysing and sabotaging nature.

When you are presented with millions of rands, dollars, pounds etc, how will you handle it? What will you do with that money? What will it do to you psychologically? Will your belief systems result in you squandering it or giving it away, because you are too afraid to keep anything for yourself? These are very important questions, ones you must ask yourself because the energy we are bringing today has the potential to result in millions of rands coming your way. How will you handle it? What will you do with it? Or will you run away from it? This is why I said, many will be faced with the challenge of “this is too good to be true.” And, the cherry on top of that cream cake..


…is that it will come to you with ease. Now I know, as do all the other masters of your universe, that humanity finds the simplest things the most bloody difficult to do! (Laughter) Now where does that logic come from, where does it come from? Do any of you have any idea? (pause) It comes from your ego! There are many levels of your personal fear that you are now in a position to give the boot permanently. Use that image in your mind of literally booting that old paradigm belief system out of your life permanently.

Brothers and sisters, being here today will change many areas of your life because you are welcoming the 7:7 energy into your life. Whether you will utilise it to its fullest potential or not is bottom line, your choice. I am here to tell you that we have heard your request and we are bringing you the means to manifest the miracle of magic in your life and yes, it will be easy and sometimes it may appear to be too good to be true, but the time of struggle as we have promised in the past, has come to its end for those who are willing to embrace the opportunity.

With this amount of financial abundance all spirit is asking in return is that you utilise it wisely and that you utilisepart of it at least to empower those who live in a state of poverty consciousness because they know no better, those who are victim to the abuse of power from others. The Great White Brotherhood has agreed to bring this energy forth because we see the potential for setting millions of souls free. With this amount of funds at your disposal you will be in a position to take children off the streets, put them in homes, clothe them and teach them life skills, educate them.

You will be in a position to bring in therapists if needed to help these children heal the wounds of their past. You will be in a position to assist adults who have made mistakes in their lives that they are now paying the price for. You will be able to help women in abusive destructive relationships to build their faith in themselves you will be able to help the animals of your planet, the environment of your planet and things like saving the whales will become a piece of cake.


With a cherry on top, why? because you will have the finances at your disposal to do it. You just need to get past that initial program of it is too good to be true and the other one that many of you grapple with is, “I don’t deserve it”. You may not say it consciously, but subconsciously that is the belief that a number of you live by each day.

How many of you work yourself into a state of stress everyday just to make ends meet and come the end of the month you are lucky if you have a few pennies in your bank account?! How many of you spend most of your month worrying about the end of the month and when it comes there is a sigh of relief when you get your pay check and then you panic again because the pay check doesn’t stretch far enough and then you start worrying about the next month? Do you understand? Do you get the picture?

It is not meant to be like that, but you are ready to show the rest of the world that it can be done. There is another energy present today and he is in actual fact in physical body on your earth at this time who is carrying a large part of my energy and he has shown the world the power of belief in self and the magic of miracles and the miracles that exist within magic. This man began his journey in his adolescent years. He in fact through his choices, has been holding the 7th dimensional gateway with me Merlin for the last 20 years. He has made choices in his life at this time in the form of service to humanity and he has been serving humanity to a large degree already, but now it is time to give the power to the people and the person I speak of all of you know, it is Sir Richard Branson.

This man is a representative of the 7th dimension of magic and miracles and he is here to show humanity that you can be a person of integrity and a person of creativity living life to its fullest and never losing touch with spirit. He makes dreams possible for many. Today I anchor the DADA program Dream A Dream Alive. This program I Merlin, am overseeing personally and we ask all of you either in your personal capacity or as a group to implement systems that will empower the people of your community. There are many areas that will benefit humanity. An example would be teaching children to sustain themselves throughout their lives. Giving the basic education needed but bringing out their talents, creating communities where people can work the earth growing organic fruit and vegetables which will feed the bodies of people in a healthy way.

Light workers, the list is endless and all of you have your own creative projects and ideas to assist people with too and we ask you to dream it alive and to be an angelic messenger for those who need the assistance. Do you understand this all so far?


Now let us begin with the energy work and activating your abundance chakras. Therefore I need you to close your eyes and make yourself comfortable in your seat. Take a moment to concentrate on how you are breathing, be sure you are taking a deep breath in through your nose and exhaling fully through your mouth.

(Pause) Imagine your chakras aligning and your body releasing whatever stress or tension is held within it. Take a moment to invite your personal guides and angels into your personal sacred space. If you are giving permission for your abundance chakras to be activated, then give permission for me Merlin to step fully into your energy field to facilitate it.

(Pause) Call upon any animal or mineral guardian or guide that you work with whom you wish to have present today. (Pause) Begin imagining a magnificent violet ball of light forming around you. This violet light consists of billions of vibrations of energy, and each spark of energy creates an ignition of consciousness within your body.(Pause)

Imagine the violet ray penetrating what you would perceive as your subconscious mind. (Pause) Now visualise the violet ray washing through your subconscious and initiating the process of removing your debilitating negative and self-sabotaging belief systems around financial abundance and deservability.

(Pause) The pulses of energy in the violet ray begin to stir new life in the subconscious, which will result in the manifestation of a new morphogenetic field around you that will store the information of abundance in all its forms. You will be in a position to draw information from this morphogenetic field to motivate you in the direction of soul liberation, financial freedom and spiritual illumination.

Open your energy field to welcome the energies now passing through the 7:7 gateway. You are now being flooded with the magical energy of the quantum world, breathe this energy in and allow it to extend into all your bodies and every fragment of energy existing in parallel and alternate realities extending into all the multidimensional aspects of yourself. (Pause)

Now become aware of a beautiful golden light emerging from within the violet ray. (Pause) This golden light is the golden consciousness you have created. This is all the baser aspects of yourself that you have already turned into golden wisdom. Imagine this gold energy washing through your subconscious and becoming one with the violet ray. (Pause) Take a deep breath in through your nose exhaling fully through your mouth and giving yourself space to breathe the energy in and to allow it to penetrate the very core of your being. (Pause)

Imagine the golden energy within the violet ray moving down to your throat chakra. Very gently it moves in an upward spiral direction and then remains in one place the spiral rotating in your throat. I, Lord Merlin and Lord Kuthumi, approach you. I place the palm of my left hand on the front of your throat and Lord Kuthumi places the palm of his left hand on the back of your throat. Imagine the warmth of our hands touching your skin. (Pause)

Take a breath in and as you exhale we activate the energies you require to bring to life your abundance chakras. Imagine brilliant gold and violet balls of energy coming to life in your throat chakra. There are 144 of them all together. These golden violet balls of energy are your abundance chakras. Some of you may be feeling a tingling sensation in your throat as a result of this. You may feel as if your throat is expanding. Just breathe into the process.

Now what will happen is you will retain 44 of the abundance chakras in your throat chakra the other 100 are going to begin to move into your spinal column and will be held within your spine from cervical 1 all the way down to the coccyx. When you are ready imagine 100 golden violet balls of energy filtering into your spine at cervical 1. (Pause)

Remember to breathe in deeply and exhale fully as you need to give your body space through the utilisation of breath to bring the energy in. When you stop breathing the energy stops flowing.

The reason we have left 44 abundance chakras in your throat is because it is the number of the Master Inventor. This energy facilitates the creation of new foundations, foundations that shall be able to hold the new inventions of creation, systems that you will create as a result of this new abundant energy.

The 100 abundance chakras now flowing up and down you spine between cervical 1 and the coccyx bone, will ensure that all the chakras from the throat to the base are kept in alignment with the principles of abundance, integrity and sincerity. This will also continue to facilitate the alchemy practise of turning your base aspects of consciousness into golden consciousness. So take another deep breathe in exhaling fully acknowledging the Master Inventor energy that you are now anchoring throughout your entire chakric system.

The anchoring of this energy is now emitting very small but powerful vibrations that shall create magnetic frequencies to attract to you the opportunities to bring the financial abundance you deserve into your life. I, Lord Merlin now move my hand from your throat to your heart and place the palm of my right hand in the small of your back. Kuthumi moves his left hand to the solar plexus and places his right hand over your heart chakra at the back. Breathe in as the energies are shifted through your chakras and another very powerful vibration of your personal power is stirred deep within your solar plexus and heart chakras, and within your base and your throat.

Imagine opening your 3rd eye and crown chakras and imagine the flow of the 7th dimensional energy of magic and miracles filling you up through your 3rd eye and crown. (Pause) Imagine this energy filling every cell in your body, your bones, your organs, your blood. Let it fill up your flesh, right under your skin, until it starts to seep through every pore of your skin. It begins to fill up your aura and from your aura it moves into all your light bodies including your emotional and your mental bodies.

Now inside the silence of your mind please will you repeat these words after me.

* I, ….. and state your name, consciously and willingly open every aspect of my being to fully and completely accept, integrate and completely anchor on earth all the abundance the Great White Brotherhood and Lord Merlin have brought to me today.
* I willingly take responsibility for all this abundance and assure spirit that I will use this abundance to empower myself and all of those who magnetically find me, and to whom I am magnetically attracted to assist.
* I consciously request that the Great White Brotherhood utilise the Violet Ray with the Golden Consciousness energy to continue the flush through my subconscious of all old paradigm belief systems that have prevented me from experiencing abundance in all its forms simultaneously.
* I now open myself to align consciously with the Great White Brotherhood and in so doing open the avenues of communication which I understand the Great White Brotherhood will utilise to communicate to me projects of light they wish me to be a part of and in so doing, bringing magic and miracles to the lives of others.
* I acknowledge my truth and I am willing to acknowledge my power and use it to set myself free and for the greater good of the whole.
* I am willing to be open-minded, to be receptive and do whatever it takes to make my life worth living. And so it is and so it shall be.

This commitment and invocation beloved initiates has created a magnetic field around you that will ensure that all opportunities that could bring financial abundance to you that you deserve come to you under grace in perfect harmonious and miraculous ways.

Be receptive it is very important, listen to what people have to say to you, follow your instinct, allow the inspiration of spirit to motivate you in directions that will lead to you being free and being in a position to free those who have been waiting for you, their angelic messenger.

My time with you is now coming to an end we wish you to stay in this state of altered consciousness because Lord Kuthumi needs to complete the process with you. It has been my honour to bring forth the energies to you to activate your abundance chakras with Lord Kuthumi and I assure you of my constant presence. I am only a thought or a call away, you need not use your cell phone jut say “Merlin”.


I will reveal myself to you through the number 7 and when you see a 777, know that I am in your head!


That’s how close I am. The triple 7 is your signal to get your butt into gear and believe in yourself. To believe in the power of the creative forces, that exist within you and all around you. This is your time of learning how when one works in unison with the elements, when one surrenders to synchronicity, you are guaranteed the magic of miracles. On that note I will take my leave leaving all of you with a great big sloppy kiss on your forehead!


Lots of love and I will be in touch, I promise, be well, farewell.

I am Kuthumi and I return at this point, greetings beloved ones.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi

Beloved ones you are still being held within the violet ball of energy with the golden consciousness in it. We have settled your 144 abundance chakras. It is important however that if any of you are planning on having any massage done on your body over the next 14 days that your spine is not massaged. This area of your body is at this time very sensitive and will be for the duration of the next 14 days.

Please take a deep breath in through your nose now, exhaling through your mouth and allowing all the energies that you have breathed into your body to settle comfortably. The energies you have welcomed into your energy fields are ones that will affect your life for the rest of your days on earth.

I cannot even begin to tell you how magical the energies are and this past week has been a celebration of incredibly beautiful and very powerful energies. We celebrate when we see how many of the light workers are consciously willing to consciously open themselves to take the energy in, to use it and to grow with it.

Beloved ones I must also add at this time that the Great White Brotherhood has called you all together, specifically for the purpose of integrating an aspect of the 7:7 gate. This portal then becomes a part of you and you become a guardian of the 7:7 gate, a guardian to the quantum world of magic and miracles. Sir Richard Branson has been the main overseeing gatekeeper for this dimension for the physical earth plain specifically, simply because he is in a physical body. That energy is now being spread to all the other light workers and specifically the 1.4 million light workers Lord Merlin is working with.

It is of the utmost importance, that we anchor the abundance grids before the end of 2008 for that is when many new ascension waves will come forward opening the way for you to all move into very new realms of experience in life and yourself. The wisdom of the ancient ones is coming to bless all of you. They have made their connection with those who are ready and willing to work with them. The magic of life is a gift to be shared, it is a gift to be experienced in its fullest. What is the use of a gift unopened, shoved in a closet gathering dust? You may be in dire need of something very important, but because you never bothered to open the gift, you didn’t know it was in you closet. It is exactly the same with the energies that spirit presents you all with.

Take another deep breath in beloved ones and breathe out. The violet ray is now completely sealed in your sacred space body. Your merkaba body is integrating these very important abundance chakra energies. For the next 24 hours you may be very aware of your merkaba body physically or consciously. If you find yourself feeling very light headed or feeling as if you are standing on a raft in the open ocean, just sit down physically on the earth and imagine yourself connecting with mother earth and her wrapping her arms around you and holding you close to her body.

I wish with all of my being I could verbalise to you what you have experienced today and what the Great White Brotherhood has brought to humanity over the past 12 days. The best way for us to share this with you is by asking you to be receptive to the magnificent energies that are around you, to respond to the inspirations, to respond to the knock on the door of your heart, opening it to welcome your soul in. This is the 1st day of the rest of your new life.

As Merlin said “are you willing to respond, are you willing to take full advantage of that which you have intended for that spirit has brought?” Many times you ask, and you ask, and you ask and we knock, and we knock, and we knock, but you don’t open the door and the reason why you do this is because you are afraid that what stands behind the door may be something that affirms your fears and your belief in lack rather than it being the answer to your prayer.

That time is over, you are experiencing the Golden Age already, you do not have to wait for 2012. You are the forerunners in the Golden Age movement and the reason why we use the word movement is because the energy is moving forward. You are the lions roaring your truth, no longer do you walk in sheep’s clothing. All of you were born to be different, so don’t try and fit into systems that do not support you. Look at yourself in the mirror and love all the parts of you that are different, that are wild, wacky and wonderful.

Do not be afraid of what others may think of you or say about you because you have chosen to be true to yourself. What is more valuable to you, denying your truth to fit into the comfort zones of others so they can feel comfortable with you therefore you’re supporting their illusion, or standing fully in the light of your truth, roaring your truth and living your life to its fullest?

The modern age is a wonderful one. Spiritual illumination is rushing through many hearts and minds of women, men and children on your planet. Give them a chance to experience you authentically. The more you hide behind your mask the more difficult you make it for people to experience the truth of you. The game of hide and seek has long ended. Step out from behind the closet you have been hiding behind or in and show yourself. Your true colours are not something to be ashamed of. Your true colours are what have earned you your wings. Your true colours are what have gotten you to the point where you are now.

It has taken courage to face your ego, it has taken strength and perseverance to believe in yourself and not fall back into the old way. You have stepped out of many comfort zones. You are almost at the top of the mountain of this one last hurdle that shall take you into financial freedom, a position that many of you have called for because of your desire to set other souls free. Many of you have said “I want to help humanity but how can I if I have no money?” Now you are getting it and you can do what you have come to do. I Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, walk before you and behind you, I walk beside you to your left and your right, I am above you and I am below, I have you surrounded!


So beloved ones trust in those many invisible arms that hold you and know that not ever have you been alone. You have walked many pathways, some have been more challenging than others and in some you experienced very, very, horrible traumatic deaths and other experiences but you, the person you are now in the body you have chosen now is responsible for paving the way, for the other aspects of yourself, to come into full consciousness.

You have, until the 21st of December 2008 to get your act together so to speak. During this time, leading up to 2008 in December, the masters will work very closely with you. Many of the star beings and the ancient ones will become an almost tangibly feature in your life at times. Yes, you will have many jaw dropping experiences, especially when you ask for something and a split second later your answer is there. Prepare yourself for this, I assure you initially it will be a shocking experience because you are not used to it. It is the same as seeing a ghost for the 1st time, I wonder who is whiter when that happens?


You ask to see, you ask to receive, you ask to hear but what happens when it comes to crunch time? Beloved ones, it is important that you know how deeply we love you and how much we appreciate everything that you do, for we in the higher dimensions are not always able to work in the physical realms as you do and you are our arms, legs, eyes and voices in the physical world. So we bring you your reward and it will not be limited to financial abundance. If you are willing to open your heart to love it will come. If you are open to opening yourself to yourself you will experience the bliss of self love and confidence like never before and this has absolutely nothing to do with vanity.

I repeat, you are the forerunners in this time of awakening. There are 100s and 1000s of you all over the world and we are transmitting our messages to all of you at this time. Take a chance and believe in yourself. The best way to develop self-respect is by taking a risk, for then you learn more about yourself. Do the things you have not done before, especially the things you have not done because you have been afraid of making a fool of yourself, or failing or disappointing others or yourself.

Act with integrity and sincerity and throw all caution to the wind, let your hair down and live a little to begin with and then we hope that you will live a lot!

The other aspect of today’s energy with regards to the magic and miracles, is the very powerful creative energy Lord Merlin is anchoring. He is the ultimate master of creativity in this Galaxy. He will be anchoring some very important grids at the Point of Gold, in September, with the Sirian Maters. The Sirian Masters are Dolphins for those of you who did not know this. The Point of Gold is Ponta Do Ouro in Mozambique. This is one of the most powerful points in Mother Earth’s emotional body at this time and also within the Indian Ocean specifically. The energies that are being anchored at that particular point are filtering through the entire body of water of Mother Earth’s body emitting the frequencies to help stir to life the creative force within humanity. This means you will also be able to experience longevity like never before. Throw away your jars of cream ladies..


..and indulge in some light, laughter and creativity which is the essence of love and is the fountain of youth and you will be glowing with light because you are in love with life and you are creating and you are giving, receiving, being and doing, living your life to its fullest, your wrinkles will disappear! Perhaps a little laugh lines, but that comes with the territory of laughing all the time. You could also develop yourself a very firm tummy with all the laughter.

Beloved ones this will extend the life span for humanity. It is this act of creativity that shall bring many senior citizens back to life. This energy is to be shared with all even children who are considered mentally incapable of comprehension. The mentally challenged, as they call it, are very aware on other levels and will benefit too. Do you all understand this?


Very well, the Great White Brotherhood are now ready to seal all the 7:7 gateway energies in your energy field and all your bodies leading all the way through to your monad.

Take a deep breathe in exhaling through your mouth and giving thanks for all the energies you have integrated today. Give thanks to the Great White Brotherhood, give thanks to Lord Merlin, give thanks to all your personal guides, helpers and guardians who have witnessed this beautiful process today.

Before you give thanks to yourself welcome a disk of emerald green light given to you by one of the Lords of Manifestation known as the Ascended Master Hilarion. He places this in your throat chakra. This emerald vibration emitted through the disk formation aligns with the energies that Lord Thoth anchored yesterday. Give thanks to Lord Hilarion and now give thanks to yourself for making the choice to experience today’s magnificent ceremony. Know that you will remain within the violet ray ball of energy around you and with this knowledge begin bringing yourself back into your physical body. Deep breath in exhaling through your mouth, moving your energy down your spine, down your legs and out through the soles of your feet spreading roots to the heart of Mother Earth’s body and anchoring you firmly back in your physical consciousness. To get the energy flowing rotate your neck, rotate your shoulders, pull them back and straighten your spine. Rotate your ankles and move your legs backwards and forward at the knee, rotate your wrists and all is flowing freely.

We bring to all of you, the profound blessings of universal love, trust and inspiration. You have welcomed the presence of spirit into your heart, into your mind and into your body. This presence will become a tangible feature in your life. You will be assured of this, people will notice the difference in your energy and will comment on it. You will feel different.

Take time to do things that result in you feeling full of abundance. If you are a lady or a gentleman who likes to dress up, dress yourself up so you feel rich, abundant, and energetic. Create the focus for yourself that you deserve to have all your needs met, that you deserve to feel that you deserve to love and be loved, that you deserve to be heard, to see and be seen. Acknowledge that you deserve the grace of spirit, the support and protection of spirit and begin playing with the idea that you are a free spirit, that you are simply moving beyond the ego game and stepping into opportunities of lifetimes that reveal to you the proof that you are a forerunner in the full anchoring of the golden age of complete soul liberation on earth.

In order to free others, you first must be free. The Great White Brotherhood has asked me to convey to you once more their gratitude and their love for you. Over the next 7 months, the Great White Brotherhood’s energy will be in very close proximity to the earth plane. This means the possibility of energies clearing faster than they have before is very strong. Your subconscious clearing may result at times in you feeling slightly disorientated, perhaps not knowing where you going especially when you are in your car on your way somewhere and you suddenly forget where you are, need we mention names?


Beloved ones, you are in a reorientation program, you are being re-orientated in the Golden Age energy. You are no longer in 3rd dimensional consciousness energy. You have moved beyond the 4th and 5th dimensional energy. You are active in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th dimensional conscious energies. Even though you are living within a 3rd dimensional earth plane, you are moving between dimensions, you are living multi-dimensionally. Sometimes you might feel that you are beside yourself because you are.


It will take some getting used to. This means you can be in many places at once, ladies. Beloved ones, jokes aside now, it has truly been a wonderful time anchoring this energy with all of you. We have been waiting many years to bestow this gift upon the light workers of the earth. You are ready and we are celebrating that.

May the light of Mother/Father God shine brightly upon the pathway before you. Know that your responsibility as a light worker will take you into many different facets of life. You will meet people of all walks, see God present within every person you interact with, never turn your back on one who seems less conscious than you for it is your pearls of wisdom that may be their key to freedom and of course then again looks can be very deceiving. Many a master has presented himself of herself to their initiate in the form of what many class a beggar or a hobo.

Trust that spirit is guiding you and the more you relinquish your ego’s control to your soul, the easier it will be to experience synchronicity and just in case you have forgotten, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everythingfor a reason, with a purpose and your purpose was to be here today, for today will lead you in the direction of greater purpose.

Beloved ones trust that all is well in your world and always will be well in your world. I Kuthumi, assure you of the opportunities that will bring you your financial abundance will come to you under grace in perfect, harmonious and simple ways, please be open.

Before we leave you take a brief moment to give thanks in your heart to all the souls who are present with you today, give thanks to all the other hundreds of thousands of light workers across your planet who have worked together to make it possible for these abundant energies to bestowed upon earth at this time.

Every morning try and remember to connect with the 44 gold and violet balls of energy in your throat, in other words your abundance chakras and the one hundred chakras along your spine. Take a few moments just to visualise them flowing up and down your spine and set the intention every day that everything you experience be in accordance with the highest will of your soul and the divine plan of Mother Earth.

Ask to be a divine messenger of Mother/Father God and to spread the wealth of spirit financially, mentally, creatively, spiritually, and emotionally. And as you give, you shall receive. This I promise you.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. I greet and bless you in love, Adonai.


This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please

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11:11 New Earth Portal Activation by Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

11:11 New Earth Portal Activation
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Tuesday, 6 November, 2007 at Johannesburg, South Africa (posted 14 November, 2007)

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

Many of the New Earth grids have recently been anchored within Mother Earth’s body in preparation for post 2011. This has led to the Grand Council of our Cosmos agreeing that it is now time for the New Earth portals to be permanently activated. This will grant those who are ready access to the higher levels of the Akashic Records and our Sacred Platinum Blueprint. To date these levels have only been accessible by highly advanced Beings and a few humans who have managed to master the trappings of the old paradigm. We are now at the point of doing the same, and this activation will catapult us in the direction of bringing higher intelligence into our everyday reality and in so doing remembering how to harness and use the information and energy wisely.

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of initiation, understanding, tranquillity and new vision. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones the vibrations that each of you are opening to receive are ones creating an entirely new dynamic within your physical reality. This dynamic is not coming from outside of you, it is coming from the essence of your being and it is therefore a dynamic very new to you.

For years I have been speaking of all the new energies to come. We have spoken to Lightworkers everywhere about the importance of moving beyond ego, moving beyond personality even. The 11:11 New Earth portal is an amplification of this need to release. This particular gateway is an entirely new one, it grants you access to the higher levels of the Akashic records. Up until this point there have only been a handful of people so to speak who have been granted permission to access that level of wisdom and knowledge. With everything you have mastered within yourself you have earned the right to move into this realm however as always taking a giant leap of this nature requires of you responsibility. What you will see, what you will experience will become a part of you and much of what you will see within this realm that you will step into will completely change your perceptions of life altogether. What you will tap into will reveal to you levels of life that have eluded humanity up until this point simply because the majority of humanity is not ready for it as yet. You were not ready for it but now you are at a point in your personal growth where you are able to begin grasping the concepts that will be presented to you through what you will see, sense and come to understand as being the new earth.

I suggest you become accustomed to hearing me speaking of the new earth because this is the world that will be your life after 2011. This does not mean it will not be your life prior to that time what it does mean is that now is especially important because you have at your disposal some of the most powerful energies humanity has ever had access to and these energies are not here permanently, these energies are coming in waves and I have mentioned this before and as each wave penetrates the field of Mother Earth’s body you must be ready and willing to respond, to work with what is at hand and make the necessary changes.

In the past you worked with your issues in a manner that took a long time, for some it dragged on for years and previous to that for some even lifetimes. Many asked me this question: Kuthumi, does one ever reach the core of the onion? You know what beloved ones this is time where you are penetrating that core, layers and layers have been removed. All of this you have done for yourself, as each layer has fallen away you have been shown more of yourself. You have had to come to recognise who you are and often your authentic self has sacred the living daylights out of you, some have scurried back into the comfort zone of the old paradigm however many more of you have opened your arms in gratitude even though you have had moments where you doubted the pathway, you even questioned your own ability to continue on the path, the fact is you are here and you have mastered many of the old paradigm lessons.

The striping away of ego and personality has also been misunderstood by many. There are a number of schools of though experiencing rivalry at the moment and by now many of you will know that that is not something I will entertain and whoever chooses to create an argument based on what has been presented through my channel is taking it upon themselves to create such an experience. Information is simply that information, one can do with it what one wills, the most important thing is how do you feel inside of yourself when you have that information inside of you, either it resonates it with you or it doesn’t, it is as plain and simple as that and if it does not resonate with you it does not mean that you have license to create arguments based on what has been said. The truth never needs defending it always reveals itself and if your truth is in alignment with what is considered a greater truth it will reveal itself to you.

In this current timeline there are more levels of consciousness than have ever been before by this I mean a variety of levels of consciousness therefore do not expect everyone to resonate with what you say. This 11:11 portal that you are crossing through will reveal to you the aspects of yourself that are in conflict with your authentic truth this means the ego and the personality aspects of self that are governed subconsciously by the old paradigm will be challenged to move beyond those parameters of limitation and embrace this new dynamic that emerges from inside of you. There is an essence that is emerging inside of you that comes from the core of the essence of Father/Mother God, an energy as I said earlier, you are not accustomed to experiencing. Over the past eighteen months and more so the past three months there has been brutal energies at play, the brutality of these energies have not been there to cripple you in anyway whatsoever they have come with the force needed to show you what has become obsolete, what no longer serves the pathway of destiny you have chosen. As each new pathway of destiny has been anchored on an atomic level, on a molecular level, within every single vibration of your DNA and therefore cellularly you have brought this new dynamic into the sacred blueprint of your complete essence and this is what is attracting to you what we have recently been calling your ‘divine compliment’, the aspect of you that reflects your inner wholeness. One of the key areas of attention at this time is relationships, the reason being that it is the key area where balance will be anchored. So every relationship in your life regardless of it’s nature that has been a reflection or projection of imbalance in your life is being highlighted and removed if that is what is needed and in many cases and in fact most cases this is what has happened, the relationships have not been limited to romantic relationships, it has been in all areas.

As balance comes into the system of creation every single one of you are energetically experiencing a recreation of energy. The recreation of energy is establishing the new magnetic grid that you will utilise to attract to you your new life experiences which are already seeded within the new earth. Your future self has already connected with you, this is a part of you that you called to that has come to you now to ensure that you master the pathway that is now before you. You are being called to service and to serve alongside that divine compliment, the divine aspect of self. For many people this divine compliment may very well be and will in fact be a romantic partner but there are also a number of people who will connect with their divine compliment through someone of a similar gender and they may come forward as a friend, a teacher, a guide or a mentor. Some people have requested that the divine compliment manifest in this manner and you have the power to request this which is why it has been done in this manner.

The dynamic of relationships is the key area for the change needed to ensure the new earth is fully anchored in the physical world. It is the fundamental essence of everything and the relationship you have with yourself is the most important.

The 11:11 portal is taking you into a new dimension of relating to yourself, a new relationship with yourself. A time of releasing all the baggage of your past, your wounds in the form of insecurities, fears, distorted perceptions of self, the lack of deservability that you experience, low self worth, everything that makes up the four old paradigm pillars of poverty consciousness, victim consciousness, conditional love and lust consciousness. The one thing I ask all of you to keep in the forefront of your mind in every moment is this: the timeline you are now entering is unlike any timeline you have ever experienced in human form before, you cannot measure it and you absolutely cannot under any circumstance compare it to any thing you have experienced in your past. This in fact is it’s greatest quality and greatest advantage, everything that you come to experience from the 11th of November 2007 onwards is held within the core of the energy I speak of, that is the crossing into the new timeline, into the new way, the new world and at the same time stepping into the realms of the higher Akashic record vibration therefore you are doing yourself an injustice by denying yourself anything from that day forward because you are afraid it will be a repeat of your past. I repeat to you do not even dare to compare what is coming to you with what you have had in the past by doing that what you are then doing is pulling the old paradigm energy into the morphogenetic grid of your new life.

Very recently we activated the energies of the new morphogenetic like grids, these grids are unlike the ones that were created before. The morphogenetic grids that were originally created held information not energy, these grids are a combination of information and energy and serve as amplifiers of the energy and the information programmed into it. Your world was abused through the utilisation of morphogenetic grids because those in the know programmed the grids with very intense energy which would maintain the levels of ignorance that were required to maintain control over what you know as being the old paradigm. You have stepped beyond being governed by those energies, your energy vibrates way above that field and the sooner you realise that and remember it the easier it will be for you to move through all these new energy changes and the next fifteen months will be the most beneficial, most rewarding and most fulfilling of this particular timeline leading up to what will become the new world in 2012.

You are Merlin from this day forward. You are the greatest magician that has ever existed, the master alchemist, honour and accept this. Spirit is delivering to you the answers to your prayers, your most fulfilling romantic relationships are coming to you if you are not already in one, your most fulfilling friendships, your most fulfilling time of relating to God and the Goddess, Spirit and everything that makes up Spirit is now in front of you. Your energy, your powers so to speak will be like a new garden bursting to life and the only thing inhibiting that from being your reality is you entertaining the past paradigms, believing that your history needs to be replayed, it need not, your need is different, your perceptions regarding your needs will never be the same again. Keep your heart open to the empowering energies of every single facet of love that exists, these facets are dimensions of light which are fed by even greater universes of light calling to you to step out of the illusion and into this expansive new world that you have called for. In your imagings, your visualisations, your dreams, your prayers, your meditations, you have asked for all of this and I must have you know now God is delivering, the silver platter is in front of you, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to turn your back on it because you are afraid that your past will haunt you? Are you afraid to love again because your past relationships were so hurtful? Are you afraid to be creative because in your past you have been ridiculed, criticised and belittled because people did not resonate with your creative essence? Are you going to continue to be a victim, to live in poverty consciousness because someone with an ego and with a personality convinced you that you are undeserving of having every single one of your needs met, not just little bits of it but every single one of them fully met and beloved ones this energy coming through to you now is the energy, the vibrations that will change it and if your life does not change then there is only one person that you can turn to and that is you.

The gates to every universe is open and the 11:11 portal is your first introduction to the power of that energy, the power of your creative and co-creative abilities. The 11:11 annihilates the words cannot, I can’t, I am afraid, what if, none of that exists in the new world simply because it embodies the old paradigm consciousness. Old paradigm consciousness is simply a program that is all it is, all it ever was, it was a lie, it was a story woven into the dynamic known as greater consciousness, a story so dynamic that everyone bought into it and imagined it as real. The last two and half thousand years specifically have been the years of the great illusion in fact the greatest illusion that has ever played out in existence. You are the ones that are ensuring that the great illusion never tricks you again however what that entails is complete trust, complete faith and hope in yourself this means beloved ones you are now at a time where all self criticism must stop, self abuse, self rejection, self denial most stop by doing that to yourself you are denying yourself the gifts that are being presented to you now, the reward for all of your efforts, you have completed the initiation of the great illusion, you have mastered it and every single person will who hear these words or read these words in the future are making the transition. This is Spirit saying to you physically you have completed the initiation which means you never have to return to the great illusion ever again unless you choose to do so as an enlightened teacher but never again will you incarnate into the matrix of the great illusion unconsciously and if you want to ensure that that is the case for you then my beloved ones you need to give to yourself like never before, you need to open your eyes, open your heart and open your being to the potential of what God is presenting you with like never before. When you are opening your heart now, opening your being, opening your spirit and opening your mind you are not opening it to what you have left behind you are opening it to what is standing before you within the new paradigms, what you have stepped away from is now no longer a part of your energy field, what you choose to bring into your life now is your new life, it is the new dynamic and passing through the 11:11 portal shuts the door to everything you have left behind over the past eighteen months and even more so the past three months.

It takes maturity to recognise that everything that you have experienced until this point has served a purpose, it has been part of your initiation, it has been a necessary evil so to speak so that you can find yourself where you are now. It takes maturity and wisdom to acknowledge and to know that you have the power to create a different reality and that never again will you recreate what you have left behind because that world is no longer a part of your essence. It takes maturity, wisdom and love to open your being to receive your greatest good, it is only a fool that turns his back or her back on what Spirit is now presenting in the form of love opportunities, friendship, careers, emotional growth, spiritual growth, every single arena of life but we know you are certainly no fool otherwise you would not be listening or reading these words.

So now it is that the beings of the new earth, those who hold the sacred grids of this new time of your life step into your energy field and I ask you to still your mind and to turn your focus inside and welcome them into your energy field, acknowledge their presence. These beings will personally escort you into the new paradigms of the new earth that lie on the other side of the 11:11 portal. Before this transition is made I, Kuthumi, assisted by your master guides and all your key guardians embrace you in a spiral energy. This spiral energy moves around you creating a suction which begins to extract from your chakras all the old paradigm fears that may prevent you from fully embracing the gift being bestowed upon you now.

Relax your body and try to imagine this spiral energy swimming around and the suction like motion tapping into your chakras and with every breath you take in and every breath you release relax your chakras, let go.

I, Kuthumi, bring you the blessing of love and wisdom. I hand you the key to the new world, the key to every golden opportunity you have ever wished for. For some of you what you have asked for may come in ways that surprise you but the surprise will be far greater than your original intention or vision.

The spiral energy begins to expand around you as it expands it embraces all your energy bodies and begins extracting the same out of your emotional body, your mental body, the astral bodies, the spirit body. As all of this is removed you are now presented with the opportunity to fill that space with whatever it is you choose.

Take a moment now to consider what you would like to replace the vacuum with.

Magnetically we now attune all the systems within your body to receive this dynamic essence emerging from your core and all you need do is imagine an energy extending from the core of your being and bubbling up from the inside of you. It knows exactly what it needs to do, how to do it, when to do it, there is nothing else you have to do. This essence will permeate through every level of your being and attract to you that which you are dynamically attracting to yourself based on what you are focusing your energy upon.

The beings of the new earth now create a circle around you. The vibration created as a result of their presence dissolves any dense or negative energy in your energy field right now. The clearing of this energy now opens the 11:11 portal and opens the reflection of the 11:11 portal within your heart chakra. Imagine this gate opening and a brilliant blinding light extending from it, this light pouring into your physical body, filling your emotional body, your mental body, your spirit body and every other body beyond that.

This brilliant light is the passageway into the new earth, you must now walk into this light as blinding as it is trusting that every step you are taking is secure and as bright as this light is you still do not know what it contains. When you are ready walk if you have not begun already, feel the courage inside of you to step into this new world to claim what is yours by divine right and this energy is like water washing through all of your bodies and you will see the further you walk into the light the more accustomed your vision becomes to this light and you begin to see what is within the light. It may come in the form of symbolism, you may see faces even places, do not attach anything to it, just observe. Walk all the way in.

Soon you will reach an archway made of pearl, stop when you get there. This pearl gateway is a entrance to the higher world of the Akashic records. The information held within this sacred library can, will and has the potential to change your life forever. Before you step through I have to ask you a few questions. Are you fully prepared to embrace the new energy and the new life that will come to you as a result of what you will tap into? Are you willing to keep your heart open to love no matter what your past experiences have been? Are you willing to embrace the dynamic power of your authentic self and follow it’s directives faithfully? Are you willing to give up any and all attachments on a subconscious and conscious level linked to the old world, to past relationships, past belief systems, attitudes, thought processes and every single perception that has caused lack, loss and deprivation in your life, are you willing to give that all up? If your answer has been yes to all of these then beloved ones you are giving up your identity, the identity you have familiarised yourself with that you knew as the ego and personality that existed within the grand illusion.

The time that lies before you is a time of re-familiarising yourself with the truth of who you are, the being that exists beyond personality and beyond lower ego. This is a higher aspect of you that offers you a greater opportunity of mastery, a complete new level of life, new things to learn, new things to master, a new level of ascension. If you are still willing to follow us knowing that you are leaving everything behind then step through the pearl gate into the higher realms of the Akashic records.

As you enter this world beloved ones so it that the Archangel Metratron, the Archangel of Light, brings to you a blazing white flame. This flame is placed within your heart charka. The flame that will maintain the energies that you need to ensure the grand illusion and veils never blind you again. This white flame will serve as a beacon of light for you from this day forward, it is also a magnetic field drawing closer and closer to the core essence of your authentic self. Every step you take from this moment forth is a step that takes you to the oneness and wholeness of your divine compliment, the whole self. As you merge with this divine essence of self so every facet of your light becomes a reflection in your world. The dynamics of balance begin to rearrange themselves and settle within the foundations of your life when this occurs you will be shown the areas of your life needing your attention to ensure that you benefit from what you have now accepted as your new reality.

Breathe in deeply exhaling fully as the energy systems become accustomed to this new frequency.

Now beloved ones over the next ten days some of you might go through a period of mourning, this period of mourning is natural, it is the mourning of the old self, the old identity you thought was you, the old paradigm that you were lead to believe is reality, your life and your future. If this period of mourning manifests for you simply be within it do not under any circumstance try and stop it, your body needs that release it will not last longer than ten days. Through every level of release that comes so more of the new paradigm will anchor itself within you, the vibrations of this 11:11 gateway will keep the templates of self-mastery in place replacing all the old paradigm grids in your four lower bodies namely the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. During this time I, Kuthumi, will personally re-encode your chakras with the sacred signatures of the higher Akashic records granting you access to that information. Be aware of your dreams during this time. Listen to your heart and trust yourself.

Do not pay too much attention to the mental processes that will unfold over the next ten days. Your mental process is linked to the personality and ego which is why you need to focus on your heart and intuition. The mental process is the most unreliable right now it may mislead and will in fact try to simply because the personality and ego aspects of your old identity are fighting for their life. The grand illusion is fed through the mental dynamics impact on your thought systems which comes through the collective consciousness fed through the astral realms.

Focus on your heart, focus on you intuition. The minute you are analysing or thinking to much about anything you have bought into the mental program, step out. This will continue until the end of December 2007 so all it means is for that period of time your heart and your intuition are your voices of truth, your mind is the voice of the old world. You must work with the mind however by allowing the voice of your heart and intuition to replace the confusion with what you now know to be truth. Use what ever tools you have at your disposal to re-programme the mind so to speak, it is vital that you concentrate only on that which you desire to create not that which you desire to release this is very important, I repeat focus only on that which you are choosing to bring into your life. This is a key component in creating in the new world.

Lord Metatron now take his leave. The beings of the new earth begin circling you, as they circle you they create another spiral grid. This spiral grid is absorbing all the new energy from the essence of your being, the new dynamic coming from inside of you will merge with this spiral grid and you will begin to experience first hand the power, the light, the love, the magic and the miracles of your new creations. This is the gift of new life, this is the promise of the new earth, a whole new world of experiencing yourself, experiencing love, friendship, creativity and God/Goddess.

Breathe in deeply as this concept is drawn into the cells of your body. Your inner most being needs no convincing beloved ones it is only the human self that will need convincing that what you are now going to experience is not a farce, some silly idea or wishful thinking but that is in fact the reality of the new world, the reality that eluded you as a result of the great illusion and at the end of the day it will always boil down to what you choose to invest your energy in, what you choose to believe you are worthy of experiencing.

The energy these beings are creating will continue for the next few hours until your new grid is completely in place aligned with all your chakras and every other energy system within your body, this create the shifts chemically as well as psychologically, physiologically the changes are important because this level of light influences every system inside of you.

Your key word is trust, trust, trust. Give yourself the chance to experience a different life, allow yourself to receive your just reward and walk into the new world.

I, Kuthumi, embrace you in the golden ray of love and wisdom. My feminine counterpart embraces you in the platinum ray. As these two energies merge so the feminine aspect of love and wisdom and the masculine aspect of love and wisdom become one and settle harmoniously within the core of your heart chakra and there it will remain eternally.

When you feel ready, in your own time, we suggest you sit quietly, ask for permission to enter the higher realms of the Akashic records and explore them. See what lies there, discover what is a part of you and indulge in this new adventure. You are inventing new life. Do not make the mistake of expecting your past to replay itself in your future because in truth it doesn’t exist anymore. The only thing that exists is you here and now, you here and now only exist in the present moment as you experience yourself. This moment is all you have, what are you going to do with it?

Very gently begin drawing your consciousness back into your physical body becoming aware of your physicality, your surroundings. Draw your energy all the way through your physical body into the earth rooting yourself firmly within and upon the earth in order for this new dynamic energy to manifest the forms of what you visualise and intend to have in your physical life. You must be rooted to the earth, grounded, otherwise it will remain in the energy bodies, up in the air so to speak, the more grounded you are the easier it is to manifest all your needs as met.

Beloved ones every day without fail focus on the dynamic that exists within you, that powerful essence that is constantly in a state of creating your tomorrows and use the love and wisdom that I, Kuthumi, and my feminine counterpart have now delivered to you. Use this wisdom and love to bring to you your greatest love, your greatest wisdom so that you can truly experience heaven on earth.

And so it is beloved ones that we embrace you in the divine essence of love and wisdom , in the power of the new earth all its frequencies and all its blessings and we hold you through this very important time of releasing the ego and personality aspects of your old identity and welcome you into the world of your authentic self where the truth of everything that you deserve to experience awaits you. Embrace it unconditionally without expectation, just be simply, experience and give it the opportunity to show you how powerful it’s potential is. Prove your history wrong, prove to yourself that everything you experienced up until this morning was simply a part of your initiation completing the journey of the great illusion. May the light of the white flame burn brightly inside of you and may the power of your authentic self walk alongside you revealing to you the truth of the truth of that which is your truth and the life you deserve.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. I walk beside and I hold you in that light. Adonai.

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

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11:11 Stargate Energy Anchoring Experiment

Posted on November 13, 2007. Filed under: 11:11, Chakra, Energy Transmission, Grounding, Stargate |

Sometimes I make things too complicated. So many channellings I have read recently talk of people bringing in these Stargate energies and even the anchoring of them but not with a how to do it so I had a go at it 🙂 Very powerful, coolly silvery shimmery celestial and yet still substantial. This is closer to physical level than I expected!

I hope you enjoy this experimentas much as I did 🙂

Ground, Shield, Invite Guides & Allies to support and assist

Give yourself a quick shower of Reiki to heal and wash away anything that would inhibit this energy channeling. Set intention that you only receive as much energy as is comfortable and serves your highest good. I also suggest a visualizing something like an adjustable water faucet above you that the energy will come through to you with dial settings including “Just Right” and “Off”. Bring your attention to the roots growing out of your feet. Draw earth energy up through the roots, through your feet and legs, then on to your root chakra, and so on up until it fills your entire body. Once it reaches your crown chakra allow it to fountain out the top of your head returning back to the earth. Again picture the faucet above your head moving the dial to ‘Just Right’. Mentally or out loud invite the 11:11 energies to flow into your body down and out your roots into the earth. Again specifiy that only what is serves the highest good of all involved and is comfortable for you is to flow. ‘I offer myself as a channel and anchor for the 11:11 Stargate so that this energy may be fully brought to earth for the highest good of all beings. I give permission for as much energy as is comfortable for me to flow now. So Be It.’

When the energy stops flowing, you feel it is done or simply wish to end this session mentally move the dial to ‘off”. Thank the Universe/Goddess/God/Creator for this energy and thank your guides for support. Ground again, check your chakras and close any excessively open until they are normal. If you feel they need to be open for a time apply a patch of gold or platinum mesh over it for an extra layer of protection until it is back to normal.

Diamond Heart

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New Earth Grid Anchoring in Dubai Oct 22-2007 via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

NEW EARTH Grid anchoring in DUBAI
The Divine Light of Spirit is calling to us to pass through the gates of the old world into the NEW EARTH. Dubai is a key component in this time of powerful change. As a result two pillars of Golden and Platinum Energy were anchored in the area to support the manifestation of the Divine Plan of the New Earth to ensure critical mass to wake up to the opportunities of Soul Liberation and merging with the Divine Compliment being offered. Each person participating is encoded with the Divine Seeds of the New Earth and activate their Divine Agreements that must now be carried out to ensure that this last stretch of Planetary Change unfolds in accordance with the Divine Structures of Light that the Great Beings of our Universe have set in place. This is the time of redirecting power to the masses. If ever you thought life is doomed to be a struggle, encountering challenges at every turn and being bound to unfulfilling and loveless relationships, then this is for you. Read the transcript of the channeling conducted by Michelle in Dubai on the 22nd of October 2007.

NEW EARTH Grid anchoring in DUBAI

Channelled through Michelle Eloff ©
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
22 October 2007

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of empowerment, clear sight, authenticity and transparency. Greetings beloved one.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved one, as we gather with the hierarchies of Light, we present the collective consciousness of planet earth with the final phase of activation relating to the androgyny grids that have been anchored upon planet earth over the past two weeks.

This energy is one that brings to humanity the Golden and Platinum Spirals of Unity Consciousness. We have chosen to activate these energies here in Dubai specifically so that this particular portal can be re-awoken.

The androgyny portal located here in Dubai is one that penetrates the intricate systems of consciousness on a planetary level. These intricate systems are interwoven between the grids of sacred knowledge. Those grids are systems containing information that when tuned into begin revealing the higher plan of the new earth to what we call the response-able ones. The light and power that the beings currently serving humanity are bringing is not a power or a light that can be taken lightly and by this we mean it is not something that is taken without the knowing that it requires of you a level of responsibility. Responsibility simply and always being the ability to respond to what life delivers you.

So the collective consciousness of humanity is going to be taken through a cycle of very deep change. Up until this particular time changes have been happening rapidly, but in truth there are forty-eight months left for us to complete the projects of light that have been set before us by the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos, the Galactic and Universal Logi, and as each of these groups present us with what our tasks are we need to acknowledge that what has been asked of us is for a very important reason and the same lies upon the Lightworkers, you are asked and called to service for a very important reason.

Within the next forty-eight months there will be many layers of the old world removed. As each of these layers are peeled away so new worlds will replace the old one, and for now let us say the new world is simply a new way of being, believing, living, perceiving and responding as opposed to the old world being what you have all become accustomed to being your life that you knew prior to the great shift you have been through.

Forty-eight months of rapid change. Forty-eight months of every soul being presented personally with this opportunity to step fully into the sacred power of their divine self, to walk their path of power empowered within a human form not having to drop the physical body to attain that level of power, but to be the empowered one within the human state of consciousness, and within that state being in a position to move beyond the dense consciousness of the planet, of the communities of ignorance.

Now there is another extraordinary thing that will happen, and I am aware that this channel has already presented this concept to certain people, and that is that a time comes when you are in a position to merge with the exact reflection of your innermost beauty, innermost light and right now we will call this for the sake of giving it a name the “Divine Compliment” or the “Divine Counterpart”.

When one merges with the Divine Counterpart, as a couple you are presented with a whole new level, a whole new world of opportunity in terms of ascending the Gold and Platinum Spirals of Androgyny and returning to the one light of the oneness within yourself as an individual, but reflecting it back to each other every step of the way.

That concept on it’s own is a very sensitive one because humanity attaches glamour to the identities of twin flame, twin soul, soul mate, divine compliment etc. However when one recognises the Divine Compliment of self it is recognized without question, you will recognize him/her immediatley, you will feel it energetically and physically. The knowing that one has met oneself mirrored within another is an unquestionable moment in time. Two worlds meeting, the magnetism of these two energies connecting create the Vesica Pisces and that connection cannot and will not ever be severed. This is the blessing of beauty that Father/Mother God are bestowing upon humanity at this time, in other words it is your reward for everything that you are addressing, every part of you that you allow to be healed, every obstacle you overcome, every part of self mastery leads to this divine gift, the greatest gift of love and unity combined in one expression is delivered to you. The connection when the Vesica Pisces manifests between all the chakras of you and your mirror and that is when a whole new level of mastery and ascension begins. This lnew evel of growth cannot be experienced unless you have merged with this aspect of self.

This has been an important time of progression for Lightworkers. Lightworkers are all people who choose to work with the light inside of themselves, the light present in situations, in life in general and who make the changes necessary. Lightworkers are not limited to healers or channels, counsellors or authors preaching words of philosophy and metaphysics, no, Lightworkers are every single person choosing to acknowledge the light within regardless of who they are or where they are or what they choose to do.

So now it is that the energies of the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos, the Galactic and the Universal Logi coming together, their energies forming the Sacred Golden and the Sacred Platinum Grids in the form of Spiral Consciousness.

We ask you now to close your eyes for a while and to feel the light of these two spirals gently penetrating the crown chakra of your body, and every breath you take in draws the platinum and golden spiral consciousness into your body. The vibration of the spiral consciousness is fed into the cells of your brain and encoded into the major glands within the brain manifesting an intricate recalibration of consciousness, deeper awareness and greater understanding of what your sacred role of service is, in alignment with and in unison with us, the Masters of the light who work under the auspices of the great Logi.

Relax as these powerful vortices are activated within the brain. These code the crown chakra and third eye chakras with the spiral consciousness of the sacred platinum and golden spirals. These spirals form vortices within the body which serve as magnetic fields attracting to you that divine expression of self, the divine compliment, that part of you that you are to become one with so as to continue your journey upon the pathway which has become your walk to freedom, your return to inner sense.

Continue breathing as these magnetic impulses begin aligning themselves within the sacred geometric patterns of attraction, and these impulses emit a very unique vibration, a vibration that only your divine compliment will recognise. Once this vibration is established and encoded into your magnetic field so another level of encoding begins, and this magnetic vibration is one that is set up to ensure that you are kept perfectly in alignment with your sacred role of service with and alongside the Masters of the light and the Logi of light.

Breathe as all the minor chakras on the head are activated and all the magnetic impulses align, and as each of these magnetic impulses are aligned so the planetary chakras reflecting the same are activated.

The Planetary Logos now activates the twenty-four sacred crystals held within the earth in Dubai which will serve as the beacons of light guarding and maintaining the activation of the portal we have spoken of, and over the next twenty-four hours this portal will be completely re-attuned, revived and all souls choosing to be aligned with this vibration will be resuscitated and life will return to the empowered ones. Those empowered by the light of Father/Mother God, those empowered by the visions of prosperity consciousness, victory consciousness, unconditional love and divine love consciousness, will be supported in taking their rightful position of power to ensure that the grids of the new earth be anchored within the physical world and materialise so that power be in it’s rightful place – with those who are response-able, those who are answer-able to the light, those who take what they ask Spirit sincerely and respond when what is being asked for is delivered.

Now the spiral consciousness of the gold and platinum spirals move into the spinal cord, and these magnetic impulses become one with the spinal cord, one with the cerebral spinal fluid and the two spirals wrap around the spine connecting with each of the chakras as each and every breath is taken in and released.

As the major chakras of your body are encoded with this divine and empowering vision so all the minor chakras of your body are encoded with the same. Mother Earth’s body responds to this magnetic vibration and all the major and minor chakras of her body respond and open to receive the divine imprint of what we bring now, and once again our message to all of you is this: you deserve love, you deserve the best, you deserve everything that feeds your soul, your heart, your body, your spirit and mind, and this is shared with you through the manifestation of what we call the Divine Compliment.

Many of you have experienced very negative experiences in love, many of you have experienced abuse, rejection, repression and suppression. Your experience of love in plain and simple English language sucks! This is why we tell you that Father/Mother God is presenting you with your reward for everything that you have been through, everything that you have mastered. You have mastered the dark side of life and your choice to move out of the dark and into the light means you are ready to receive this just reward.

So those of you that have walked away from very negative experiences of love, those of you who have turned your back on relationships because it is just too painful, too much effort and just not worth your time think again, feel again because all it was was the process of moving closer to the light. The stairway to heaven is what you have climbed. Every single negative experience has been a step getting you closer to the light, another level of mastering the dark side of life and we tell you now that it is not over, life that is, and we ask you, in fact we urge you to keep your heart open because your Divine Compliment is closer than you think.

Continue breathing as we complete the recalibration of the magnetic field being encoded by these magnetic impulses, every cell in your body is being recalibrated with this spiral consciousness frequency. Every cell of your body is being reminded of your return to power. The magnetic vibrations in the cells of your body will penetrate your DNA, the molecules and the atoms of your body and by the new day of the new year to come, 2008 for those of you working with this energy now, you will feel that a whole new world has anchored itself within you, through you and all around you.

Take a deep breath in exhaling fully as your body responds to the vibrations of these spirals.

Now it is that the Universal Logos extends from the left palm a platinum pillar, from the right palm a golden pillar which are anchored in the earth. These pillars rest on either side of Mother Earth’s body, her left and her right, east and west. The golden platinum spirals represent heaven and earth, above and below, north and south and so it is with you that the same pillars are to your left and to your right. Pillars holding, pillars anchoring and the spirals moving through you. All of this is the new support system that you require in your life now to ensure that the divine plan of your new life manifests synchronistically in every area and upon every level of your personal life, in perfect unison with the Divine Compliment and every other person and place that will compliment your life journey from this moment forward.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale all these energies now move down your legs as well as through the base chakra, through the soles of your feet rooting firmly into Mother Earth’s body and encoding your sacred blueprint on earth as it is in heaven. This is the blueprint of the new earth that you have chosen, the blueprint of your light self for the dark self has been mastered.

The challenge that you face now beloved ones is to believe that the past is over, to believe that the dark side has been mastered, that the intensity of the trials and tribulations of your past have come to an end. This is not to say that you will never be challenged ever again, not to say that there will not be opportunities for more mastery and empowerment to happen, but how this will be will be very different, the quality of those lessons will be very different, they are not ones that are bound to the earth line, these are ones that move into the higher dimensions of mastery.

So are you ready to embrace the opportunity that moves you beyond the old paradigm? Are you willing to take a chance on life and love again and look what is right there by you and see that Mother/Father God is already presenting you with many of those just rewards for your efforts? Simply through a change of perception, the dropping of a fear, the acknowledgement of a strength, you will see it in a flash, the veil of illusion will drop and for some of you you will look into the eyes of your beloved and for the first time recognise them for who they truly are, what they represent and you will be able to step into that light. For some of you it will be a journey in a new direction where you will find the eyes of your beloved, either way it will happen.

All that is asked of you is to let go of your grip on any aspect of the dark world and to allow the residual energy of that past life to leave you and to embrace the new earth grids, to say yes to the new way, yes to true authentic love, to say yes to your true authentic self and to walk this path not alone but with your companion, your light side.

We ask you now to imagine all these powerful energies spreading out through Mother Earth’s body. Every beat of her heart sends a pulsation of this magnetic energy into the etheric field of planet earth which will then become a part of the planetary grids of higher awareness, and whoever is ready will be able to tap into this and receive their just reward. It is up to you to say yes to it, it is being presented but will not manifest unless you say yes to it, unless you open your heart, your mind, your body and your spirit to receive it therefore saying yes to a new pathway, to a new dance.

Allow your body to settle as all these energies move through every layer and every fibre of your being. This settles within the chakras, major and minor and over the next twenty-three hours we will continue bringing it all into divine balance. We ask you to maintain your focus on that which you choose to have in your life. The way you let go of the dark side is by concentrating on the light side nurturing and feeding those visions of love, of peace, harmony, joy and happiness. And so it shall then be done.

We thank you for your presence, for your time and your choice to serve. Peace always.

I am Kuthumi, Adonai.

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12th Dimensional God/Goddess Consciousness Activation and Anchoring by Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

Posted on November 3, 2007. Filed under: Ascended Masters, Chakra, Channeling, Grounding, Guided Meditation, Kuthumi, Michelle Eloff |

I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

12th Dimensional God/Goddess Consciousness Activation and Anchoring
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Tuesday, 22 August, 2006 at South Africa

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you upon this day, and to bring unto you blessings of truth, trust, faith and temperance. Greetings beloved ones.

Greetings Master Kuthumi.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones, today we shall take you into the Mystery School of Camelot held within the 12th dimension. We are also activating a 9th dimensional Crown Chakra initiation on a planetary scale upon this day and you, who are a part of anchoring this energy physically, will be assisted and the process will be facilitated by Lady Guinevere by opening the 12th dimensional consciousness of the 12 Divine principles of higher consciousness through your crown chakra specifically.

Beloved ones, the petals of the Flower of Light is what we open upon this day. The Flower of Light embodies the 12 Divine principles of higher consciousness. Each of you represent a petal in this Divine Flower of Light. You have come to this point to serve as an anchor for this 12th dimensional consciousness. Each of you will be encoded with the God/Goddess consciousness codes. This energy is entrusted unto you to hold Light, in service to the Grand Masters, Lords and Ladies of the Light of your Universe. Each of you hold a petal, yet you anchor the full Flowers of Light on earth as it is in the 12th dimension. One of the reasons why we work so intensely with the 12th dimension at this time specifically is because this is the point where the energies meet, where the Masters communicate and transmit consciousness to humanity. Lightworkers have been granted the opportunity to raise their vibrational frequencies and to open their chakras to receive higher quotients of Light and therefore emit higher quotients of Light. And upon this day specifically, the Great White Brotherhood attunes the energy, and you are receiving it a hundredfold greater than in the past. All the energies you are being exposed to at this time, through personal choice and as a result of personal choice, is the first in earths spiritual history. This level of energy in the amount it is emitted at this time, was not even experienced in Atlantis. The concentration of energy is the highest it has ever been in your earths spiritual history. That in itself demonstrates the faith the Masters have in the Lightworkers to transmute the darkness of the old world and serve as anchors of the Flowers of Light for the new world.

Beloved ones, it is also upon this day that 12th dimensional consciousness is absorbed into the crown chakra, feeding your personal Flower of Light with energy, encoding into it the 12 Divine principles of God/Goddess consciousness, and in so doing, shattering 12 levels of the old paradigm matrix related to the abuse of power specifically. Each of you will be guided to places within England, as well as the place you are located geographically as your home space, where you will anchor these 12 Divine principles of God/Goddess consciousness, and the energy you receive today becomes an antenna to receive the transmissions of the higher quotients of Light, emitted through the 12th dimension for the purpose of shattering the old matrix of the abuse of power and empowering the souls of humans to stand in the Light and to embrace their truth and emit the Divinity within, so as to create the templates of Christ Consciousness, resulting in a powerful wave of spiritual illumination, brought into being through the planetary 9th dimensional initiation, through the crown chakra, for your world today. I, Lord Kuthumi, stand as the central emissary of the petals making up the Flower of Light. This is held by my Divine Brothers of the Great White Brotherhood. Standing to my left is Lady Guinevere. Standing to my right is Lord Merlin. And it is the group energy we create, anchored through each of you present here today, who will carry this energy forth. It is upon this day that we anchor this energy of the Mystery Schools of Camelot and you will be guided by Lord Merlin and Lady Guinevere, and my energy Kuthumi, who walked as Sir Lancelot to bring the Light of life, existing within the Light of creativity, to inspire you to continue upon the journey you have chosen.

I shall now make way for Lady Guinevere to present her teaching upon this day, to bring forth the transmissions of the Goddess energy. She will take you through the 12th dimension and into the Mystery School of Camelot. Please begin by breathing very deeply in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, opening your consciousness to welcome her as I bid you farewell for now and make way for her presence. Adonai beloved ones.

I am Guinevierre, Lady of Camelot. Greetings and welcome to you today. It is an honour to be present with you in this place today for we are welcoming many levels of consciousness, that you as Lightworkers, have allowed in coming into being. We say allowed because it is through your personal choice that such energies have been made possible to be shared with other workers of Light. There was a time when there were not enough workers of the Light, active in their consciousness, to hold the templates the great Masters of Light had prepared for humanities ascension process. I Guinevierre, with the assistance of Lord Merlin and that of Lord Lancelot, Lord Arthur, Lord Uther and Lord Galahad, create the Flower of Light template and anchor it within your crown chakra with your permission. This will continue the process of shifting consciousness on a cellular level, ensuring that you as a Lightworker, continue to respond to the gifts of life, ending pain and suffering, and the belief that suffering is the only way to earn ones rightful place within the realms of the great ones of Light.

The time has come for those of higher awareness to let go of the beliefs that suffering, limitation and pain is the only way to lead the self to believe that one deserves reward. Many times we have heard individuals say “no pain, no gain.” That is truly an old paradigm way of experiencing and addressing life. Beloved ones, the 12 petals of the Flower of Light anchors the Divine consciousness of the God and the Goddess within you and I, Lady Guinevere, take you through your 12th dimensional initiation into the full understanding of the principles of Life within Light consciousness. A few days ago Lord Kuthumi performed a process, removing the plug in cervical one, leading to the inhibited flow of energy from the higher realms into earthly consciousness. He will continue performing this work with Lord Merlin, who used the star tetrahedron to remove the plug, allowing the greater consciousness to move into the aware aspect of the human self. For those of you who did not experience this, Lord Merlin will perform the same process upon you today, removing the plug placed there by beings of a denser consciousness. Many thousands of years ago, this interfered with the genetic structure of the human self. When this plug is removed, the structure of your cells change, and emitting the sound of Light, the star tetrahedron creates itself within the core of every cell. The five-pointed star is held within the centre of the star tetrahedron and the 12-pointed star holds the three-dimensional six pointed star and the three-dimensional five-pointed star.

Focus your attention on your crown chakra and imagine a crystal Flower of Light, opening to greet the heavens. And in the centre of the Flower is a 12-pointed star – imagine this taking on a 3-dimensional form, its energy rotating within the core of your crown. This rotation activates the Divine code of the God/Goddess and brings your healing consciousness into perfect alignment with that of the Universal Mother and the Universal Father, the Universal God and the Universal Goddess. The 12 levels of Divine consciousness are created in perfect harmony and balances one another, therefore, each of you present here today, and those who will come to experience this energy through the reading of these words, or hearing these words through each of you, will undergo the activation of having to complete the 12 levels of initiation to take one into full God/Goddess consciousness within the realms of the 12th dimension specifically.

There are 6 feminine and 6 masculine, each is in a direct reflection of one another, therefore the initiation entails that the God aspect and then the Goddess aspect of Self, must master each level of the initiation, so as to integrate the full power of the Divine consciousness we speak of. Each petal of the Flower of Light represents an aspect of the Divine God and the Divine Goddess. The crown chakra is your gateway to the higher dimensions, drawing energy from the lower chakras. It is vital that your lower chakras and your higher chakras always be open in a balanced fashion, spinning perfectly and aligned Divinely and gracefully with the higher consciousness of the emissaries of all that exists within Light and love. Your lower chakras anchor you on earth, your higher chakras or upper chakras anchor you to the heavens. You have chosen a physical incarnation for a very specific purpose, therefore it is vital that you remain grounded in your physical body, as much as you remain connected to the higher worlds. Many Lightworkers find it very difficult to maintain earthly life because they have forgotten the importance of remaining anchored in their physical bodies. Many believe it is important to focus mainly on the upper chakras and then neglect the lower chakras. Your lower chakras are as important and as sacred as your upper chakras are. Earthly living is as sacred as higher living is. The 12-dimensional initiation into the Mystery Schools of Camelot, required that every initiate must have the understanding of balance between heaven and earth. Perfect balance between God and Goddess. Therefore, every initiation you undergo will be a 2-fold process, 6 levels altogether, completing the 12 levels of Divine consciousness.

You will address each initiation from the perspective of your Goddess Self, as well as the perspective of your God Self. Every perspective will be taken into the realm of Light where your soul will show you different aspects of the perspective you have addressed initially.

The first level of Divine consciousness of the 12 levels we speak of is that of understanding how important it is to be grounded on earth and connected to the heavens. This facilitates the full anchoring of your personal piece of heaven on earth. The gateways to heaven are on earth, and this is the process your God and Goddess Self must come to master.

The second level is that of mastering emotional intelligence, understanding the purpose of emotions through the God and Goddess Self, in itself, is a masterful task. Mastering emotional intelligence will open many levels of self-awareness vital to the full anchoring of the Flower of Light within the crown chakra in its whole and complete state, as well as anchoring it within every other chakra related to your physical body.

The third is mastering the egos influence through the mental state, therefore belief systems and attitudes come under scrutiny, those protected by your masculine self and your feminine Self. This addresses all of the belief systems and mental attitudes projected by the men and women in your life: parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, peers and any other influential person in your life. Bear in mind that at times, a person male in gender, may very well represent a feminine energy and vice versa. The aspect of mastering the mind, so to speak, is vital in the upliftment of your energy beyond the paradigms of control as set in place by the very small minority currently governing and controlling humanities consciousness.

The fourth step for each of you beloved ones is surrendering in totality to the inner child Divine consciousness. Your inner child is your core stabiliser. This means becoming like the child, innocent, pure in thought, pure in response, pure in action is what leads you into the higher realms of receiving energy and transmitting energy. This does not mean that your thoughts, your actions or your deeds as an adult are impure. All it means is that connecting with the inner sensibility to respond to the joy of life is what is required, through the God Self and through the Goddess Self. The spontaneous response to life, being in the moment, is what the inner child represents in this particular round of consciousness we choose to focus on with each of you.

The fifth aspect is the initiation of conception. This means you are taken through the journey of connecting with your dreams, your wishes, your visions and the greater purpose of your plan on earth as it is in heaven. Many people have denied their dreams and their wishes because fear grips their heart and their belief in Self is so little they do not feel the pulsations of life inspiring them to entertain their dreams for even a moment in time. Your God and your Goddess Self take you back into the realms of higher Light, reminding you of the Divine purpose of being on earth, and bringing peace to the heart of each human on earth by leading peacefully.

And that, beloved ones, takes you to the final process, the final initiation of the 12th level of the Divine consciousness of the God/Goddess, and that is the manifestation of peace within Self. Peace does not necessarily mean that one will not continue to grow, to love, and become more self-aware. This is referring to the inner sense of peace present, regardless of the external environment presentation to the Self. Living within a constant state of peace manifests the true simplicity of life on earth as it is in heaven. Each of you has the full potential to anchor these initiations Divinely through your God Self and through your Goddess Self, and in mastering it, with completing these initiations, you serve as a Divine Ascended Master, assisting those who have chosen to awaken from the slumber of the old world and you will accompany them into the golden consciousness of the new world.

Take a moment to focus on how your body is taking in air. And breathe into your heart chakra and breathe out through your base chakra. PAUSE As you next inhale, draw energy from Mother Earth, and as you exhale, emit energy into the ethers around you. PAUSE

At this place of Avebury the Great White Brotherhood have gathered with the Sirian Masters of Light. Their ships of Light are above you. There are now 2,222 rays of energy pulsating through the ethers, connecting with the cells of your physical body and creating a very powerful shift of energy through your spinal column and into your pineal and pituitary glands. The purpose for these rays of energy is to increase the rate at which your pineal and pituitary glands are able to take in Light, the quotients of Light, extending into the realms of consciousness around you, will then be in a position to absorb the Light you will emit from your being.

Imagine yourself now within the dome of Light the Great Masters have created around Avebury receiving these pulsations, and everybody present in Avebury at this time will receive the benefits of these 2,222 rays of Light. Surrender to the presence of what is brought to you and simply allow your body to absorb the energies in its Divine perfect way. Take a moment to straighten your spine, draw your shoulders back slightly, opening your heart chakra. Raise your chin a little, opening your throat chakra and soak up the rays of Light the Great White Brotherhood present to you now. PAUSE

As you continue to receive this energy, we re-activate the dormant codes of memory for this place of Avebury. This particular point was one of the original points holding the Divine consciousness of the perfectly balanced and unified God/Goddess energy. The two circles in the centre of the greater circle represents the masculine and the feminine, the God and the Goddess, the Father and the Mother, united to create the greater Flower of Life and the greater love within the Flower of Life, birthing the Flower of Light. Each of you are now beginning to absorb energy through your base chakra, re-activating the Divine code of Light as anchored by the Great White Brotherhood at this place, held in sacredness by the Lords and Ladies of Sirius. We now have 444,000 beings of Sirius, Pleiades, Venus, Andromeda, Arcturus and Indigenous Beings of the Inner Earth, gathering with us now as the energies come. Simply surrender to the Light present and welcome your family of Light from the many dimensions of love who choose to share energy with you today, who have gathered to witness the resurrection of the memory of your ascended master status and the re-anchoring and re-activation of the Flower of Light. PAUSE

Ensure you are breathing fully and exhaling fully as the energy begins to increase in its pulsation anchoring higher quotients of Light through your chakra system. PAUSE
Lord Merlin now begins the activation of 77 chakras aligned to the Flower of Light within your crown chakra reflected directly into the heart chakra. You have 77 activated in your crown, and 77 activated in your heart, representing the merging of the heart and the mind. This also resembles the merging of the God and the Goddess, the Father and the Mother. Breathe as each petal of Light comes to life and the dormant codes of Light bring new life to your body, bring new Light to your being, opening your awareness to the realms of love and spiritual awareness that you to date had not experienced. The activation of these chakras permit you entry to the Mystery School of Merlin, where the Camelot teachings liberate the soul, opening heart and mind to higher levels of awareness. Continue to breathe in deeply and exhale fully. PAUSE

The beings of Venus and Andromeda begin to activate a powerful vortex of Light within the centre of this circle, one moving in a clockwise direction, one moving in an anti-clockwise direction, creating a perfect balance and emitting the Divine harmonious sound of Light. Clairaudiently, the sounds are absorbed into your body increasing the vibration of your pineal gland and filling your pituitary gland with even greater Light. I, Lady Guinevere, walk the figure 8 around each of you. The figure 8 is the symbol of eternal life, eternal Light, eternal love. It is the presence of immortality. You, beloved immortal souls, have walked with me many times and it was that all of us here today gathered at this exact place when Avebury was first created, and we agreed to keep the sacred teachings alive within our consciousness and that we would spread it for the rest to receive of its great blessings when sufficient were ready to open their hearts to receive the power of the Divine love of the great God and Goddess. Therefore it is truly an honour and cause for great celebration that we have made it back here together, upon this day, at this time as was agreed. You were also promised that in our gathering at this time, that a consciousness would be opened to each of you, unique to your Divine code. This strand of consciousness links directly to your Divine Master who has guided you and taught you in this lifetime. This will open another strand of opportunity in your service work. This opportunity anchors an abundance grid in your life for you, an opportunity to manifest abundance in whatever form you choose it to manifest, particularly through service, in Light, to the Light, within the purity of the vibration of Light.

Lord Merlin will also remove a crystalline implant placed between the dorsal vertebrae three and four. This has also impeded the ability to experience Divine love. Lightworkers are ready to have many of the implants removed that have inhibited the flow of energy. One must understand that some of the implants, so to speak, were inserted by the Masters of Light to ensure that the sacred information would not be abused. And because we have all gathered at this time, you are ready, you have completed your initiations, this implant can be removed. You are free and ready to absorb the Divine Love of the great living Universe. You are experiencing the higher quotients of love coming from the Grand Creators of the Second Universe who have been observing your progress for many years of your lifetime. 12 portals, held by the Lion consciousness have been activated, granting you access to the Second Universe, where you will receive great inspiration and the great teachers of that Universe will come forward to work with all of you.

Please take another deep breath into your body, exhaling fully. Continue to breathe in deeply, exhaling fully as Lady Venus, Lord Arcturus, I, Lady Guinevere, Lord Merlin, Lord Arthur, Lord Uther, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda and Lord Jesus stand in your midst emitting the rays of gold, emerald, sapphire and platinum. This creates a very powerful crystalline sheathe of energy around you, ensuring that no incarnate or discarnate being with ill intent will be able to penetrate this sheathe and interfere with your progress in any way whatsoever. Archangel Michael presents his energy to each of you, and with his great sword of Light, Excalibur, he begins to wield his sword in a clockwise direction, slicing through any attachments to any old paradigm consciousness. He now moves to the opposite direction with his sword, slicing through any cords of attachment to old paradigm consciousness. Breathe in and exhale as the energy is recalibrated.

Divine brothers and sisters, your energy is now fully within the 12th dimensional Mystery School of Camelot. You have taken your place within the 12-petal School of Light. I, Guinevere, am ever present. Call upon me at any time should you require guidance or assistance. Listen to the love of spirit. Respond to its nurturing energy. Always remember that you have been chosen because you chose to serve in the Light. In order to complete this initiation, your energy is now drawn into the centre of the spiral created by the beings of Venus and Andromeda, sealing the consciousness of the Divine God and Goddess Self within your crown and your heart chakras. Your 77 chakras will become fully aligned over the duration of the next 77 hours. The mastering of the initiations of the 12 levels of Divine consciousness is what will fully anchor your 77 chakras in your crown and in your heart permanently within your earthly consciousness. This will serve to reflect the rays of the 77 Divine principles of the 7th dimension of quantum knowledge.

Breathe in and exhale fully as Lord Merlin seals the energy grids. In your Light bodies you have walked around Avebury and you have activated all the codes of Light that we made at this place when it was first created. You will remember the purpose beyond the purpose for Avebury being where it is, and each of you will serve as keys to the awakening of Divine Light and the complete dismantling of the matrix holding the abuse of power by the minority who still believe it is their right. It is now the right of the Light to take its rightful place within the core of humanities consciousness and create from that purpose. May your life always be filled with Divine blessings knowing that you are of the Divine, representing the Divine. I am Guinevere, Lady of Camelot and I bid you farewell.

I am Kuthumi and I return at this point. Beloved ones, please keep your eyes closed as we facilitate the complete anchoring of the energy through the spiral of the vortex created ensuring that your energies are in proper alignment with all of that which has been brought to you upon this day. Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, drawing your consciousness down your spine and anchoring it on earth. Continue to breathe, bringing all of your energy back into your body, still connected to the Divinity that has been presented to you today. All the Grand Beings of Light, of love, of truth and Divinity will remain at this place for the next 77 hours, anchoring the energies that you as human beings, have chosen to be facilitators of. You are the seed planters and will activate the seed of memory within those who are ready. Consciously draw your energy into your physical body, feeling the earth beneath you. Place the palms of your hands on the earth, giving thanks to Mother Earth for holding you, for blessing you with her love, for blessing her with your love, for blessing you with her life-force and blessing her with your life force. PAUSE

And so the land of Avebury stirs into its full awakening. The codes of Light are once again active. Thank you beloved ones for remembering the promise you made to return at this time to this place, to sit with us and re-activate the Divine code of Light. Peace and blessings be with all of you.

Take a deep breath in, bringing your palm chakras to your heart, and as you exhale give thanks to your Self. We give thanks to all of those representing and embodying the Light, who stand with you in their Lightbodies witnessing the Divine ceremony of Light currently taking place.

Place your palm chakras on your knees. Acknowledge your ability to be flexible, to bend with the flow of life, the ability to be humble when needed. Give thanks to your knees, give thanks to your legs for carrying you, for supporting you. And give thanks to your body for being the vessel through which Light and energy, love and Divinity, are emitted and received, the body in which you hold energy, and the body through which you anchor energy. Acknowledge for a moment how precious your physical vehicle is and how greatly it has served you.

Once more we thank all of you beloved ones, for your presence today. When you are ready, open your eyes, acknowledging where you are physically and in the timeline you are in. Take a moment to take a look at nature around you. Acknowledge the beauty of nature and the life you are blessed to live. Beloved ones, we will now open the energy to answer any personal questions if you have any. Please proceed.

Question: Beloved Lord Kuthumi, I have a question. I’d like to know who are my Ascended Master guides in this lifetime and my Spirit Parents.

Lord Kuthumi: Certainly. Your Spirit Father is Lord Maitreya. Your Spirit Mother is Lady Portia. The Ascended Master guides specifically working with you at this current time is Master Serapis Bey, Lord Hilarion and Saint Germain. Do you understand?


I, Lord Kuthumi and Master Jesus work with you at specific times to anchor specific rays of energy for the Divine purpose of your soul contract. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you.

You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Q. I have a question Master Kuthumi from Robert who was at Glastonbury, and who would like to ask you, before I present my question, he’d like to ask if he could present his.

Please continue.

Q. He writes, I had a dream of paintings about 10 years ago now and I believe that I am starting to paint what I saw then. My question is am I on the track of what I am now painting in terms of the dream, where do I go from here and how do I incorporate the teaching of paintings into this? Also do these paintings have anything to do with the energies that I received on Friday. Do you have any guidance for me?

L.K. The energies he is receiving is most certainly being channelled through his paintings. He is also being shown a medium to tap into higher dimensional energies and activate many of the dimensional portals that open an individuals consciousness into the Divine creative inspiration of whichever flow of energy they are most aligned with. Therefore the time has come for brother Robert to open his energy beyond that which the constraints of his mind have contained until this point and to move beyond, allowing the imagination to guide the creations. Each painting embodies a frequency of energy. This presence, this complete picture so to speak, is what emits a frequency, resulting in the viewer experiencing a healing, or an alignment, or an opening to a new resonance of Light, love or truth. The most important guidance for brother Robert at this time is to literally create with the flow, grow within the flow, and trust that every stroke of the brush is being guided by the wisdom of heaven. There are many subtle levels of creativity taking place which the analytical mind is not permitted to inhibit, therefore it is an initiation of sorts for him to trust in the creative inspiration, to move beyond the barriers of the human mind and anchor the realms of Light within a form of sorts. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you very much.

You are most welcome.

Can I ask my question now please?

Yes, please do.

Q. Thank you. It’s in a similar vein. For a number of years now I was told that my painting work has included a high quotient of Light, of God Light, of Christ Light and healing energies, as well as many other things that are not known to me, which have been published on the TruthThruTrinity website under Art of Creation. I understand that the prints contain the same energies and I intend as part of my furtherance of service, linking the White Brotherhood to the whole of humanity, to post channelled art containing these frequencies under the banner of Prints of Peace. These will be free to anyone in the world to print off and benefit from. Can you please indicate how Elizabeth and I can best develop on a personal level at this time. And I would like to know who my spirit parents are please. Would you comment. Thank you.

L.K. Certainly, with pleasure. Lord Melchizedek is your Spirit Father, your Spirit Mother is Lady Quan Yin. Much of what has been conducted over the last 12 days specifically is part of expanding the energy for both you and sister Elizabeth. The words that we have spoken for brother Robert resonates into your frequency, as it is the same for you. The Prints of Peace will awaken within each one the Prince or Princess of Peace, the God and Goddess energy Lady Guinevere anchored with each of you upon this day. Therefore it is the consciousness of the Flower of Light that will be emitted through the energy too. Do you understand?

Yes I do, thank you.

L.K. So any new creations coming from this time forward will embody the 12th dimensional consciousness of the 12 levels of God/Goddess consciousness, activating an avenue for individuals being drawn to the creations to undergo their 12 initiations, 6 of the feminine and 6 of the masculine, as you have all been exposed to today. Do you understand?

Yes thank you Lord Kuthumi.

You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Thank you.

Q. Lord Kuthumi, I feel that I am ready and my earthly wish is to start (inaudible) with my own family. Could this be granted Master?

L.K. It is done. Trust, it will be in accordance with the Divine plan of your soul and the person who will share your life and the souls to come. Therefore trust in Divine time.

Thank you.

L.K. You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you sister.

Q. Master Kuthumi. I moved from Portugal to England because I knew that there was a purpose that I had to fulfil. I’m at a point in my life and I’m sure there are a lot of things that I should be doing, I’m at a crossroads. And I would like to know who are my Spirit Parents and who are the Masters helping me?

L.K. Certainly. Sister, at this point, you energy is undergoing many layers of unravelling of old world consciousness. You have also brought many of the collective consciousness imprints of the Portuguese people to England so as to integrate the crown energies. When we speak of the crown energies we speak of higher wisdom. This energy is being filtered through your energy system, genetically, on a physical biological level, as well as on an energetic level, to shift the paradigms of consciousness that has kept the people of your culture in any kind of poverty consciousness, especially suffering consciousness. Therefore the so-called melodrama that feeds their identity, can now be brought into a state of harmony where they can connect with the joy of giving, creating and receiving. Do you understand? There is a very beautiful Flower of Life opening in your heart chakra. This particular pulsation is one that you will share with children. Many children are attracted to your energy, even those souls waiting to incarnate on earth. When you are in your Light body, you are amongst children all of the time, and in your Light body you are part of a programme preparing the Rose children, the Emerald children and many of the Rainbow children waiting to incarnate for earthly living. You prepared your energies by aligning various frequencies of love specifically, through their chakric system, so they can withstand many of the harsh energies they are faced with on the earth plane. The shuffling of consciousness and energy between the Portuguese culture and the English culture is vital because you are preparing the way for those children to be born into the Portuguese culture embodying the crown consciousness which is coming in through the English culture. Now much of the English culture is very conservative as well and the old Victorian ways have stifled much of the creativity and spontaneity of the crown energy. You are an anchor between the two frequencies so that the Rose children, the Emerald children and the Rainbow children to come, will anchor their heavenly principles of spontaneity, of joy and Light. And this is part of your task on earth. Be patient however, for you are still undergoing that personal initiation. Do you understand? The Masters working with you at this time is Master Hilarion, the Ascended Master El Morya, I, Lord Kuthumi and Mother Mary. Your Spirit Mother is Mother Mary and your Spirit Father is Lord Sananda. Is this clear?

Q. Lord Kuthumi. Could you tell me who my Spirit Parents are, and maybe give me some guidance of where I am at the moment?

L.K. Certainly. Your Spirit Mother is Lady Quan Yin. Your Spirit Father is the Master Djwahl Kuhl. The energies you are facing at this time is related specifically to the knee chakras and part of your initiation is about learning to grow with the flow. You have a daughter yes?

Yes. I have two.

L.K. It appears to be the older one, is what has placed many subtle challenges in your way.


L.K. I beg your pardon?

She’s disabled, she doesn’t walk.

L.K. Very well. And that is about trusting, going and growing with the flow. Do you understand? Therefore, learning to love the body and what it is able to do is very important for you. Not only the physical body, but the subtle bodies and what each level the Light body has to offer. Your daughter can show you the power of spirit in what lies beyond physicality. Do you understand?


L.K. The time is coming, in other words you are being groomed for a time where you will access the energy of the higher realms and channel very powerful frequencies through your hand chakras, and through the chakras along your spine, bringing higher awareness and bringing information that will help people to understand, not only the process of the physical body, but the process of the higher bodies, and how being flexible and humble is, in itself, powerful gifts of expanding self-awareness. Is this clear to you?

Yes it is. Thank you,

L.K. Communicate with Lady Quan Yin and Master Djwahl Kuhl. Master Djwahl Kuhl has taken on many of the responsibilities I held. He is holding the energy of the third ray of active intelligence as well as the second ray of love and wisdom on the yellow ray. It is a powerful combination of healing and the combination of psychic and spiritual awareness that brings about the opening of the crown consciousness and leading by example through the integration and mastering of the lessons of those rays. Do you understand?

I think so laughter

L.K. Perhaps you need to spend some time studying the principles and the qualities of the second ray of love and wisdom and the third ray of active intelligence.


L.K. Yes. Is this clear to you now?


L.K. Some of it at least, yes? laughter The rest will make greater sense to you as your awareness understands and integrates what we have said today.

Thank you.

L.K. You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you sister.

Q. Lord Kuthumi. I have been guided now for the past number of years regarding astrology/astronomy and the way the planets are changing and new ones emerging. Can I please have more help to channel information that will enable me to help and inspire others. Also I understand that I am being schooled by the White Brotherhood in the new relationship with planets, asteroids and stars in order to, I think, write a book. Could you please comment on the situation emerging?

L.K. Certainly sister. The energy strand that you would know as Pythagoras was one of my incarnations, and it is this particular aspect of my energies held within the 15th dimension that is embracing you at this time, and taking you through the greater schools of Light, into the other systems of the other planets, introducing you to the frequencies of energies, to the properties and the purposes of each strand of energy. Therefore align yourself with the 15th dimensional energy of Pythagoras and the Great White Brotherhood and all the other energies required to be anchored within human consciousness so as to understand the quantum world existing beyond old paradigm consciousness. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

L.K. And the book will be anchored on earth as it is in the other heavens.

Thank you.

L.K. Does that answer your question?

I think so, thank you Lord Kuthumi

L.K. Peace and blessings be with you.

Thank you.

Q. Beloved Lord Kuthumi…

The group became aware of a gentleman bystander who was standing beside the central distribution stone next to the place where we were sitting, within arms length of Michelle Eloff as the Master Kuthumi was speaking through her.

L.K. Would you like to join us?

Gentleman – I am very pleased to say that this is my favourite spot in the world. I live abroad, I come here in the summer. I come as often as I can here because it gives me energy. I’m delighted to find all this going on – on my spot! And I don’t know anything about it and I’m delighted to be here.

L.K. Come and take a seat.

Gentleman – Well I have to get on a plane from Stansted in four hours time. I’d be delighted if you’d tell me something about why we’ve met, but then that would be selfish because you’ve got so much going on.

L.K. There is much love to be shared here. There is no limitation on what can be created and time will be stretched. May we take a moment to answer this sisters question before we proceed with you?

Q Blessings to you. Lord Kuthumi, over in Egypt within the group of 55, seven of us held the (inaudible) name of Shihan. Would you tell me please what our connections are, how we shall receive our guidance, (inaudible) the purpose of our meeting and, beloved one, whatever you know we need to know.

L.K. Beloved one, the energy of Shihan is what is known as the Shekinah presence. This is the Great Universal Mother bringing the new levels of consciousness of the Great Creator. By this we mean the energy of creation, of conception, of the Divine Self, is what is emerging into the consciousness of humanity through the understanding of the Divine balance between the God-Self and the Goddess-Self. This Shekinah presence will bring its communication, its inspiration, through each of you in a very unique way, specifically through the inspiration of the Mother energy, the nurturing energy, conceiver energy. Therefore through the heart chakra Light is received. Love is received, and the presence of the God/Goddess is expressed in a very unique, very peaceful and very non-judgemental manner. It is this energy that opens the heart of all present, to connect with the existence of love within everything regardless of the individuals personal truth, regardless of the religion they have chosen to follow, and everything connects in a unified breath of life and heart beat of love. This universal flow of consciousness becomes a Divine expression, giving birth to life in whichever form it chooses to create itself, creating a resonance that connects through the heart, through the non-judgemental heart. This moves up to the thymus chakra and into the core of soul consciousness, emerging in a Divine expression so pure and so joyous that nothing of judgement or of negative consciousness can penetrate its creation. Do you understand?
Yes, thank you so much.

L.K. You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you sister. Now brother would you like to speak?

Gentleman – I would just like to say that this is my preferred place on the whole planet, and our friend here is sitting in it. Laughter I’m delighted to see you all, but I would love to know if there is anything I can contribute or could be contributed to me, it would be wonderful, but I have to go and get on a plane very, very soon.

L.K. Certainly. Let us then say to you brother…

Gentleman – This is my favourite spot in the world, it always has been for me.

L.K. This particular place today, as we have activated the energies, are holding the Divine Flower of Light of the perfect balance of God consciousness and Goddess consciousness. It was this particular place that was encoded with the Divine balance between the God and Goddess consciousness, and because this energy has now been activated, that particular 12th dimensional consciousness is being filtered out to the world. So, in your choice to gather with this group today, even if it wasn’t at the exact time that all were gathered together, you too will take of this energy and you share it with those whom you meet. Therefore, the blessing that spirit wishes to bring to you today is that you stand within the Ashram of Lord Maitreya, the Great Master of service to the humans of this particular paradigm. It is the purity of essence through the Dove of Peace that you carry Light, that you share love and I, Ascended Master Kuthumi, known in many forms – I have walked this earth as Moses, I have walked this earth as St Francis of Assisi, I have walked this earth as Pythagoras, Lord Balthazar of the three wise men. I have stood on this planet as the Shah Jehan, facing the Taj Mahal, there have been many ways, and you have walked alongside me in many of those times. You have come to receive an activation of the memory within your cells, preparing you for the next level of your personal journey into the world of Light that you have chosen to experience, and through your personal awareness, to express and share with others. You will come to this place many times again, where you will receive more and more of that which feeds your soul. So thank you for bringing your piece of heaven to earth and sharing the creation of the great Flower of Light within the crown chakra, opening the pituitary gland and the pineal gland to receive the Light of the great emissaries of this universe and the universes beyond it. Is this clear to you?

Gentleman – That is absolutely clear and a most wonderful statement, and I’m extremely grateful for it. I would like to ask a question which has to do with more of three dimensions as we know them, and one more namely time. Can you, Lord Kuthumi, tell me, how old in our earth year this place is? When these stones were constructed and who by?

L.K. These stones were constructed by a group of beings – the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Venusians, Andromedans and Arcturans and many of the Inner Earthian beings.

Gentleman – It was much longer ago than the alleged historians think it is

L.K. Absolutely

Gentleman – Was 19 or 29 thousand years?

L.K. 29 thousand years ago.

Gentleman – That’s what I was told by somebody who did a kinesiological test on me and got that out of my subconscious, here on this spot.

L.K. On this spot, yes. Our gathering today is for the purpose of re-awakening all the energies that were encoded into this place at that time for humanity is now ready to begin remembering.

Gentleman – Why such a long interval?

L.K. Because the old matrix which was held in place by a morphogenetic field, created by individuals whose sole intention was to keep their power in place. Now many attempts had been made, however, the density of the 3rd dimension often overpowered many of those who came to awaken. However, there were various levels of consciousness that were awoken which led to this particular time now. So if you can see of the various gatherings of the various time lines is what has made this time possible now. Let us say, everything in its Divine time and for a Divine purpose.

Gentleman – Well, it couldn’t be better, it’s my daughter over there look, and we’re just about to get on a plane to Norway. So I’m absolutely delighted but I can’t stay any longer.

L.K. Very well brother. Blessings be with you and blessings to Norway. Thank you and have a safe journey. Peace and blessings.

Beloved ones, are there any further questions before we end the transmission?

Q. Yes, Lord Kuthumi, I have one further question. I’ve been thinking of different ways that I can serve spirit. I’ve done various different healing modalities and I’m thinking of teaching. I’m sort of confused as to exactly how best I can contribute to humanity. What can I do? You know, healing, teaching, whatever, I need some direct guidance with regards to that.

L.K. What is it that you are most drawn to, or most inspired by?

Teaching, workshops and also healing

L.K. What specific teaching modality, or what modality would you teach?

Self-development, self-empowerment.

L.K. Now if you visualise yourself doing this, what is the first image that comes to mind in terms of how you are doing it?

Through workshops, and lectures.

L.K. Very well. Now what do you believe is the first step to take in the direction of anchoring that physically?

Getting out and actually doing it, you know. laughter

L.K. Plain and simple, yes?

Because I want it sorted, I need to go and learn some more but I’ve been, you know, for the past 20 years I’ve been doing many workshops, learning and learning and thinking well, I haven’t learnt enough to share enough. It’s like, how often would I need to go and still learn?

L.K. Beloved one, you have a wealth of information at your disposal. Take what you have and share that. And if you need anything else it will come, but use what you have at your disposal NOW and share that. That is what is important, otherwise you could spend the next 20 years trying to gain more information and you will still tell yourself you don’t know enough. Every body emits a specific frequency which resonates with others of like mind and like heart, and there are many waiting for you to share what you know already. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you.

L.K. You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Q. Master Kuthumi, I guess I have more of the same doubt as sister. In Portugal I was a psychologist, but here I find myself with thousands of possibilities, plus I was doing some work in healing which I didn’t finish, so the thing is, where do I move? Do I go back and do some counselling course or do I try and do healing? I’m completely available to whatever, but not knowing where to go, so any light on this would be most welcome.

L.K. Sister, we suggest that you get a feel of what you would like most to do. If you want to focus more on the healing then anchor that intention. If you wish to go in the direction of counselling then anchor that intention by deciding that is the direction you would like to move in. Because then what happens is the universe can support you in that direction. The universe supports action, therefore the actions may be simply making the decision for an action to be anchored. Do you understand?

Yes, but in which way would I be serving more people, helping more in service, that is my question?

L.K. In fact, any one of those routes, because you will be taken to whomever it is you need and whoever it is needs you will be guided to you magnetically. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

L.K. You are most welcome.

Q. Lord Kuthumi, can I just ask what, regarding my daughter, is there anything I can do that would actually help her? She’s having physio.

L.K. Sister, we ask you to place the palms of your hand in this formation at the back of her head so that the palms of your hand would be placed in the occipital area and to sit with her like this, and just allow the flow of spirit to move through your hands and into her brain and into her spine. This will begin to activate the energy flow through the spinal nerves in whichever way she needs it. Do you understand?


L.K. Then at times you may be required to move your hand up and down her spine, supporting the flow of energy. Do this on a daily basis, if her body can withstand it. If at any time she says ‘no’, honour it, her body will need some time to integrate. Is this clear? Do it for as long as she permits it.

Inaudible question about if there is a chance her daughter will walk again

L.K. There is a good possibility. Is this clear? Beloved ones, I shall take one last question.

Q Lord Kuthumi. I’m hoping that the energies we received today will unlock doors which will enable me to tap into areas I haven’t been able to access previously, and give me the ability to answer spiritual questions with more confidence.

L.K. Absolutely sister. Set that intention for yourself daily and trust that it will be done. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

L.K. Very well.

And so it is then beloved ones, that we hold you within the presence of Light, truth, wisdom and love, blessing you with everything you need to manifest the Divinity of your Divine self on earth as you are in heaven. And may all that you need come to you under grace, under perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways ensuring the completion of the Divine journey you have chosen. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all one and with you always in all ways. May the Love and the Light of Father/Mother God embrace you and guide you, shining brightly upon the pathway before you, ensuring that every step you take be a steady one and the Light that you see be the Light of truth.

I am Kuthumi, Cohan of the golden ray of love and wisdom and I embrace you and greet you in love, truth and wisdom. Adonai.

Adonai, Lord Kuthumi

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit

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The Earth Changes Channeling from Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

The Earth Changes Channeling

Johannesburg – 02 August 2004
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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom, to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of deeper understanding, of expanded consciousness, of integration and of _expression. Greetings, beloved one’s. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you all upon this evening, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved one’s, as we gather with you this evening in the presence of the Christ consciousness, we bring to you as a group, and to you as individuals, information that we trust you will integrate in a manner and that will serve to awaken deeper levels of understanding within the hearts and minds of your fellow travelers, as well as within your own heart and mind.

More and more people ask “What is happening to this planet? In the year 2012, will everything come to an end?” Much of the information that has been written to date has manifested fear in people’s hearts and in their minds. Because they do not understand that humanity as a collective consciousness can affect how the changes impact on your planet and all its inhabitants, they feel afraid about the current & upcoming changes.

It is important that you understand that this kind of change has happened before. The planet has experienced polar shifts before. This is evident in history.

It is also important to know that humanity, in this particular timeline, has an advantage, which could in fact pose a problem, but with understanding the problem can most certainly become the solution. The difference is that humanity has far more knowledge and far more intellect than the last time the planet went through this kind of shift.

Other earth changes that have been recorded in your Earth’s history have been the times of Lemuria, and the changes of Atlantis. History is repeating itself where humanity has reached the point of self-destruction because of the lack of light. I say “lack of light” because of the lack of understanding and the lack of sufficient knowledge that can empower people to fully understand what consequences their actions create. So let me make it very clear that the darkness I speak of, is the darkness manifest due to a lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, and lack of wisdom, as well as the lack of love. Without love, light does not exist. Without love and without light, ignorance, fear and negativity become the order of the day.

Now if you observe the changes that have taken place within humanity’s consciousness over the past 25 years, you will notice there has been a steady progression in the expansion of consciousness. The consciousness I speak of is that of awareness, where more light is coming in the form of awareness, knowledge and understanding. However with this knowledge, more questions are arising, and with more questions come more answers, and with more answers therefore, more questions. And so the process begins to mushroom into a whole new and even more profound level of consciousness.

During the time of Atlantis people had learned how to utilize the power of nature by harnessing its forces. However, due to lust consciousness, being the abuse of power, greed and selfishness, the process of self-destruction played out. This was a time, one might say, when the lords of lust and the lords of light were in battle. The battle that took place was also between many highly adept alchemists, wizards, sorcerers and witches – the great manifestors.

This is where we could say white magic and black magic played itself out, hence the lords of light and the lords of lust. Those of lust consciousness adopted a belief in fear, in lack and in loss, and through that wanted to control and own most of what was in their environment. Their belief was that the more they could control and own, the more power they would have. That power would maintain their comfort zone and be a manifestation of more power. Therefore, no loss and no lack. This abuse could not be tolerated and as I have said, it moved into a process of destruction.

Now your planet and present timeline consciousness has been playing out along very similar veins. Most of you are already aware of the fact that 10% of the earths population either controls or owns 90% of the earth’s resources. This is in itself a severe imbalance. Modern technology has unraveled the use of other forms of technology that you would not be able to begin to comprehend. You would honestly believe that it is a manifestation of some kind of science fiction novel, or movie. But let me tell you, it exists. The researchers of your governments do not sit and play computer games all day. Serious research is conducted 24 hours of every single day, of every year. That research of technology has manifested in many levels of separation.

Now without going into too much of the highly sophisticated and advanced technology that the scientists of your planet have figured out, we will speak about technology that all of you are familiar with, of all of the gadgets that are supposed to make your life easier. Many of these gadgets emit radioactive rays. This impacts upon the environment. The radioactivity breaks down the negative ions in the environment, creating positive ions, which is a form of pollution, which not only weakens and breaks down your organic vehicle, but it does the same to everything else that is organic in the environment.

There are already people within media who are gaining more interest in the earth changes, and we believe that not too long ago it was written in one of your newspapers that the magnetosphere over Southern Africa is becoming weaker and weaker. The earth’s magnetic field, which is responsible for maintaining the magnetosphere is becoming weaker because of the pollution of various frequencies impacting upon that particular structure of energy.

Three thousand kilometers beneath the earth there are immense changes happening as well. The inner core of the earth is expanding. There are other core points of the earth that are cooling, which is also resulting in many of the weather changes upon your planet. All of this activity is for a purpose and has manifested as a result of certain actions.

Now it is important that we explain every aspect of this to you, so that you can see that it is a natural process and one that could not be avoided, because it is a part of the evolution of the planet as a being. And it may not need to manifest to the extent that it may manifest, if humanity as a consciousness can begin to pull together and live a more conscious lifestyle. So here we shall begin to speak more of what is happening to the earth, and then we shall move on to how humanity’s consciousness can contribute to supporting the changes as opposed to making them worse.

In fact your solar system is moving into a new energy space. There is already scientific documentation that this is happening, and I urge you to find out more about this. This solar shift is impacting upon the magnetic fields of other planets and affecting their atmospheres. Mars has already experienced changes where there has been a thickening of its magnetic field. Jupiter is experiencing magnetic shifts. Uranus’s magnetic field has already doubled in its intensity, and Neptune and Uranus appear to have had a recent polar shift. Other evidence that things are changing within the solar system is that since 1975 volcanic activity upon your planet has increased by 500%. Since 1975 earthquake activity has increased by 400% and between the years of 1963 and 1993, the manifestation of natural disasters such as floods, tidal waves, hurricanes, twisters etc, have increased by 410%. All of these are as a result of many of the changes that are taking place within your solar system, and not just upon your planet.

Of course it is important to know that the sun itself affects your planet and that the moon is undergoing shifts. Its magnetic field is also increasing. Now, as this is happening and the magnetic field on planet earth is decreasing, many things come into play. The impact of the lessening of the magnetic field on the human as a being is not entirely known as yet. We can however say that what humanity is currently experiencing within themselves, is as a result of the weakening of the magnetic field.

One of the side effects of the weakening of the magnetic field is people having difficulty maintaining balance within their bodies energetically. It will also affect people in that they will have difficulty maintaining physical balance, not being able to literally, stand up properly. Mood swings are another of the symptoms, and the emotional body becoming erratic and volatile in its _expression, and in the person’s ability to try and maintain some level of balance. People may find that at times this is easy, and at other times extremely difficult.

This is why the masters and many other grand teachers have been stressing the importance of becoming more consciously aware of how your actions affect the planet. Blindly moving through life with absolutely no consideration for other forms of life has created problems. The ozone layer is becoming weaker. This you have known for a very long time, but what we have found is that still much of the human race has not grasped how serious this is. Much of the human race has not grasped it because they do not understand it. Why is this? Because humanity still to a large extent believes in separation and duality.

Now no one can blame humans for thinking this because everything in your world confirms and affirms separation. If you are not united, as in physically joined to a tree, to a flower, to an apple or a banana, to a monkey or your mother, then how on earth can you be one with it? We say this because this is how many humans understand energy. Many people do not see the physical manifestations of Spirit, so if God is not dropping in for tea, (or any of the masters or angels) then how on earth can it be real, and how can you be one with it?

Therefore it is up to each and every single individual, through their own experience of manifesting unity, to guide others to understand the same. If a person does not understand that using products that are full of chemicals, are going to poison the earth, there is absolutely no reason for them to stop. But if people begin to understand that if you use products that poison mother earth, the seeds that you plant will produce poisonous food, which will then be lacking in nutrients and vital minerals. Your cattle will begin to die, or even worse they will produce young with deformities. Even their children may be born with deformities. The lack of education regarding such subjects has become a problem beloved ones.

Now moving out of rural consciousness and into suburban consciousness, there are even those who we would consider more dangerous, who do the same thing. The difference is that they have more resources at their disposal to cause damage. Let us look at the major companies of the planet that are responsible for manufacturing products that have poisons in them which are poisoning the earth. Because they are such large entities very few people will make a stand. One of the reasons why a stand is never taken is because the majority of society has absolutely no clue as to what is going on, but it is becoming evident by the impact that it is having upon your children. For those of you who are becoming more and more sensitive you are finding that your bodies are beginning to reject certain foods, and certain drinks, and that you are reacting in an allergic manner to products used upon your bodies, and in your environments. All of these beloved ones, are also red flags to show you that something is not working in harmony with the earth. What is being created and produced en masse is not for the good of the whole.

Now some people, (maybe even those who may come to read this material), may think, “Oh my goodness, there’s someone else, another conspiracy theorist, running off at a tangent.” This has absolutely nothing to do with that. This is fact. And if anyone who wishes to take the time to research the archives of many research institutions, and many of the faculties in government, you will find hard evidence that this is in actual fact true. The more you know, the more tools you have at your disposal beloved ones to make changes.

What we are trying to explain and bring into understanding, is that to become more conscious, is to become more responsible. The more responsible you are, the better the chances are that mother earth will be able to completely detoxify herself, and to bring her body back into balance. How do you think your body would be able to function, if every single day you were pumping very dangerous poisons into your body. Add a little sprinkling of rat poison or a few of the ingredients of many of the detergents used to your salad dressing, and see what that does to your body. This is what is happening to mother earth. She is being poisoned. This is also contributing to the shifts, because she as a body is also having to adapt and to support herself, in bringing her health back into balance.

Now let us take you out into space again to show you why you are all one, and how everything affects everything, even if it is out of your vision. As a result of all the shifts taking place within your solar system, more and more plasma is growing. This is resulting in many of the planets becoming brighter. All you need to do is to look up at Venus, and you will notice how much brighter that planet has become. And the plasma is expanding and increasing in many other areas in outer space. With all of these shifts and changes, thickening on certain areas, and thinning in other areas, the dangerous gamma rays are slowly also beginning to seep through, and this is very dangerous to the human body itself.

Again, within your physical reality, if there is more conscious living, you will be able to make sure that the impact is not as severe as it has been in past shifts, and as severe as it can become.

Humanities consciousness is now undergoing an even deeper shift because you are moving out of 3 dimensional consciousness, and into fifth dimensional consciousness. The magnetic changes automatically bring this about. Your planet is also already fully in the photon belt, and the photon energy is impacting upon your lives, upon your emotions, and upon your world collectively.

The journey through spiritual evolution has brought about a lot of understanding, but it has also manifested an immense amount of fear. Much of what has been written about and predicted by many prophets has already manifested, however, much of it has not manifested. And it is important that we bring this information to you now, because this also shows you that what has been predicted can be reversed. All predictions are based on a probable outcome, which is information gathered and based on past predictable behavior. So if the predictable behavior is changed, the prediction no longer manifests. And this is the aim of making all of this information available to all of you, in order to make you aware of how these shifts and changes taking place in the consciousness of humanity and within the physical structure of your earth and the solar system, can bring about changes that will support your earth, as opposed to destroying her, as has happened in the past.

Here also, it is very important that we remind all of you that as you have consciously chosen to make changes in your life, you are contributing to the shift in the collective consciousness of your planet. Each individual’s change makes the collective change. The more you learn, the more you know, and the more others will come to learn and to know.

So the whole modern movement in spiritual evolution is great cause for celebration, because even though all of this activity is taking place on a physical level, spiritually man is evolving at a rate that has not ever been recorded in earth’s history. The combination of intellectual intelligence, coupled with the strengthening of emotional intelligence, is creating the integration of spiritual intelligence. Beloved ones, without spiritual intelligence, one cannot be balanced. So physiologically humans have evolved, and intellectually humans have evolved, and those were the first two aspects of humanities evolution. And now the vital conclusion of that evolution into the golden age is the union of emotion and spirit.

That union of emotion and spirit, brought into balance with the physiological process and the intellectual process, will bring all the elements together to allow the state of evolution and ascension that your planet is working towards, to happen. This manifests in the greatest blessing of all for your planet, and that is the marriage and union of spirit and science.

Therefore it is very important for each person to understand the science within themselves, to understand that spirit animates each one of you, and that there is a science within that animation. It is important to understand that everything that has brought life, as you know it into creation, was as a result of that fusion of spirit and science. One could not and cannot exist without the other, and growth cannot reach the full potential of _expression and experience without spirit and science together as one.

So the spiritual movement as it is becoming more commonly known at this time, is for a very, very valuable purpose, and all of you actively building platforms upon which to build your lives, are the catalysts in creating the union between science and spirit. Everything that is breaking down within governments and organized institutions and religion, is a part of that process of bringing about deeper understanding and awareness, and expanding consciousness. This is so that people can feel empowered to individually and collectively stand up to the powers of lust, in order to bring balance back to the earth, and to bring balance back to life. That balance will re-manifest itself as the process of evolution revolves through another spiral of geological _expression and physiological ascension.

Now let us also tell you that many of the changes happening in your solar system, which are affecting your earth, are impacting upon your physical body, which is also bringing about what is being termed as the mutation or awakening of dormant strands of DNA in the human body. The frequencies of the earth are also increasing, which is allowing less density to be present, and of course the less density, the faster the rate at which energy vibrates. Therefore one is able to shift into other dimensions of reality.

Many of you are experiencing instant karma. It is not so much instant karma beloved ones. This is evidence that you are working in fifth dimensional consciousness. The fifth dimensional consciousness is such, that as you think, so you create. So if you feed energy into fear, what happens is that fear manifests. You invest energy in light, and light manifests. Now what happens is that many people are vacillating between the two, because third dimensional lower frequency still affects many people. So, on your good days, you find yourself experiencing higher levels of consciousness. This is also influenced by the shifts and changes within the magnetic fields of your planet. The reason is that you too are made up of electro magnetic energy. Magnetite is present in the human brain, so it also impacts within all the aspects that the brain governs and rules, and even those that you have not yet tapped into. This results in the neurological system being affected.

So there you can see how you are all connected to every level of energy within, upon and around your planet.

Now the geomagnetic field of the planet is being affected by the electromagnetic energy that is being created through a lot of modern technology, and especially many of those that you are not aware of. This is impacting on the animal kingdom. Birds, whales and dolphins, mice, and even molluscs use the geomagnetic fields to travel. Whales and dolphins however use the total geomagnetic field, not to find direction, but to assess the depth of water to know where it is shallow and where there is land. Now, where that geomagnetic field is affected, whales and dolphins beach themselves. If you go back in history not too far past, you will see that when there have been times when dolphins and whales have beached themselves, the geomagnetic field has been going through a severe process of shift, a kind of polar shift. So in actual fact, the polar shift is already in motion and the so-called prelude is not such as many have believed it to be.

Again, this is the reason why we are giving you this information. Because the more you know how it is affecting your planet, the more you can do to ensure that what has been playing itself out, does not continue in its intensity.

So beloved ones, taking responsibility for your life as an individual, by imagining yourself as a planet, as a body of light within the solar system you can begin to understand how important it is to take care of that planet, and in order for it to provide all of the resources required for all its inhabitants to function properly and in optimum energy. You can call the inhabitants of the your planet (your body) your organs and everything else that makes that planet (your body) tick. By taking full responsibility for ensuring that you know as much as you can possibly know, about what your actions, your thoughts and your words do, the more you are able to contribute to the change. We are not speaking only of your physical actions, but of your internal reactions as well.

We said earlier on that the moon’s magnetic field is also increasing. Now I’m sure that many of you are aware of the fact that on the day prior to the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the day after the full moon, many people behave like lunar-tics, behaving in ways that are out of character. There is an immense amount of emotional energy during that time when suicides, murders, rapes and violent acts take place, more so on these three days than at any other time of the month. Now because the moon’s energy is becoming stronger, you are also witnessing many more violent acts. This is where the moon, in a way, is supporting the process of revealing what is out of balance in society, within their emotional and within their mental bodies.

So, the more spiritually aware you become, the more emotionally aware you become. The more emotionally aware you become, automatically your spiritual awareness expands, and with that, your intellectual awareness and strength can be utilized to create physical change, that will support the physiology of your body and the physiology of your environment. So everything works together. Again, a perfect example of how everything is interconnected. How the moon is helping mother earth, and how the shifts and changes going on within your solar system is creating that shift, not only physically, but within the planet’s consciousness, which is automatically allowing for the process of shifting into different dimensions to take place.

Many people have asked whether the day will come when they will be able to shift from one consciousness or dimension into another dimension, and be consciously aware of it. The answer is absolutely yes, because the more you take responsibility, the better your chances are of experiencing it. The more you take responsibility, the better the chances are of your planet surviving. The more responsibility you take for you, the easier it will be for you to lead by example. Always remind yourself that if you want to see change happen in your world and within the great community of the collective consciousness, and even within your own intimate space, you have to be that change. Therefore there is only one way to lead and that is by example.

The more you learn, the more you understand, and the more you know. Share this with others. If you observe someone doing something out of ignorance, and you feel the moment presenting itself is apt for you to go forward and share that information with the so called ignorant one, then go ahead and do it. For far too long people have retreated within themselves not wanting to get involved. Lack of involvement so to speak, has separated the majority of humanity from their spirit, from their heart and from their mind. So the separation of the heart and the mind is a direct reflection of the separation between spirit and science. And all of that separation has manifested in the different religions, each one of them condemning the other and trying to convince everyone that their path is the only path, and through that they create wars. No one wants to get involved. No one wants to take it upon themselves to truly walk their talk, to live that truth and to make the effort to find their authentic selves. Why? Because they might be judged, they might be criticized, they might be rejected for who they are and what they have to say. All the years of shutting up has manifested in what your earth is experiencing today. So beloved ones, the news for you is that it is time to come out of the closet, and to show your true colours.

Many of you sitting in your individual space, and we speak not only of those present here this evening, but also of the ones who will come to read these words, say, “I will serve, I want to serve, I want to make a difference. How can I make a difference? I will represent the divine. I will protect other kingdoms.” But the moment many are placed within that spotlight, all the fears, all the programmes and insecurities rise to the surface, and one shrinks within oneself. Beloved ones, we do not say this in judgment, we are simply expressing the observations that have been made with many who are truly wanting to go forward and make a difference. And you can, if you will all work together. Take responsibility for your individual process, but open your heart, open your mind and open your life to welcome those who have the same so called mission, and together you will achieve this. So, with expanded awareness comes more focus and concentrated effort. Those efforts have a stronger impact on the social environment and collective consciousness and eventually that becomes the norm, because more and more people will see beyond the illusion and recognize the truth.

The way this will happen is that the more people come out and speak about what they know, about what they have discovered and intuitively feel, and the more people research their intuitive feelings, the thoughts impressed on the mind, and find the evidence, the more people will sit up and listen. Many people have said, “I will only believe once I can see proof”. Go and find that proof. You will not find it sitting in the comfort zone of past belief systems and programmes, waiting for Commander Ashtar or any other being of light to manifest in your office, or between you and your television set, telling you “Here I am, this is real.” It is time for that spiritual movement to take place, in other words, the movement of spirit being motivated by your spirit, to do something different. And that will manifest through each one of you in your unique ways, and those unique ways will create a powerful collective group of energy that will be able to support the process of change.

Now we will start with the questions, because these questions will give us the space to give more of the information that is important to you.

Question: I would like to know what will happen to people on the planet in 2012, with the tectonic plates moving, which presumably they will do. What will happen to the people on the planet? Will it be that some of them will move into another dimension because they are vibrating at a different level?

Answer: First of all sister, the tectonic plates move quite regularly, and as we said earlier on, since 1975 the frequency of earthquakes has increased by 400%, which is as a result of that tectonic movement increasing. By the year 2012, there will be a great difference in humanity’s consciousness. The planet, as you know it, will not disappear. As the tectonic plates are shifting, certain parts of the world are sinking, and other parts are rising. In fact for the full cycle of the polar shift to take place, in a way that one would see for example, Australia disappearing, and Atlantis rising again, could take anything between 1200 and 5000 years. So when they speak of the year 2012 being the year of that shift, it is the shift within humanity’s consciousness. It is the way that humans relate to life. You are accurate however, with regard to the dimensions that people will be able to access. There are already human beings who are successfully moving between dimensions, materializing and dematerializing their bodies at will, and utilizing the systems of energy available to them to educate humanity. Some of the “advanced teachers” of your world, who utilize the combination of both science and spiritual technology, are those who are able to do this. These are the ones who understand those frequencies, and what they bring in the form of teachings are there to assist those who recognize the opportunity, and go with it. So from now, leading up to the time of 2012, there will be more and more opportunity for people to evolve spiritually, and experience those levels of ascension in a more conscious manner. There will also be the opportunity for those souls who are not at the point of wanting to do that, to exit the planet by leaving their organic vehicles behind. So far, according to current, let us say, galactic statistics, 1.5 billion of the earth’s population will successfully go through the process of ascension. As you will understand it, of being able to move out of the third dimensional lower frequencies of fear motivation, and of being controlled by poverty consciousness, lust, conditional love and victim consciousness. They will have moved into the higher realms of living through prosperity, unconditional love, victory, divine love etc. This is then known as the golden era.

Question: Is there a critical number of people required to make a meaningful change, and how far are we away from it….(inaudible)

Answer: You have already achieved the so called critical mass required to bring about those changes, which is why we said earlier on that it is cause for great celebration. South Africa is the leader of change for the rest of the planet, and many of the shifts and changes culturally, and spiritually will take place in this country. There is such a diversity of energy here that it is possible for this to take place, this was initiated by a great teacher who came into power ten years ago. This teacher who you so fondly call Madiba, is one of the grand masters of light who manifested in a physical body to initiate this change. This man, Mandela is known all over the world as being one of the leaders of the greatest change that has taken place within world affairs.

Other areas of impact that have already attracted the world’s attention is Zimbabwe. Harare will become one of the cities of light. You can imagine Zimbabwe as a woman heavily pregnant, who is now in her state of labour and preparing to give birth to that new child of light. Zambia is another place. There it is more the mineral kingdom that is undergoing a lot of change, in the sense of bearing the impact of what has taken the form of the rape of Mother Earth. Madagascar is another place where the mineral kingdom is bearing the impact of the rape of Mother Earth. It is clearly evident that Iraq; the Middle East and America are also being affected by the impact of these changes, and the impact these changes will be having upon those areas of the world, and the citizens of those places.

Russia will rise with very valuable information, and in fact some of the Russian scientists are among those we have spoken of, who work fully with spirit and science and are bringing information regarding the changes taking place on all levels of life physically and etherically. Asia will experience, what we might call a detoxification wave, where victim consciousness and lust consciousness will be exposed to the rest of the world, bringing with it immense shock. That detoxification process will be the catalyst in many other so called “cans of worms” being opened. England, with the eventual complete break down of the monarchy will also show an immense amount of change.

Question: Could you say more about……(inaudible)

The application of the consciousness of community, a kind of sisterhood and brotherhood, by those, we will call you, “wounded healers” coming together, to assist those who are still sleeping and whose wounds are so deep that they are unable to move beyond the abyss they find themselves in. In fact brother, it always and only boils down to one thing, and that is to do whatever you can in your power to lead by example, and to ensure that the example is for the good of the whole. When one lives with that intent, one automatically attracts to oneself every opportunity required to make it possible, and to make it a reality.

Question: Master Kuthumi, were the Atlanteans human in form and did they experience a polarity shift? ……(inaudible)

Answer: They were most certainly human in form and yes, and a polar shift did take place. This was induced by the manipulation and abuse of energy during that time. If you study the various levels of evolution within humanity’s intellect, within their emotional and within their spiritual development, you will notice that there has been a rapid expansion in that particular field, from that time leading up to the present day. As more and more energy is being utilized and people are understanding it in a different way, it does make it more dangerous. It is difficult to explain how much more, because the earth has not as yet experienced that particular impact. The earth has come close to complete destruction on several occasions, but it has never reached that point exactly, where there was nothing left. But if the evolution of humanity continues as it is, without anything changing from this day forward, and people stop their personal growth, and even reverse behavior to as little as fifteen years ago, within the next 200 years, planet earth will no longer exist. That is the difference.

People have asked why it is that the Masters now have such a keen interest in planet earth, and many other forms of consciousness beyond what you are accustomed to knowing. It is because Gaia has asked for this help. She has sent out an SOS so to speak, and we are responding. There are many other civilizations that have heard this and come forward to assist. This is another of the reasons why there has been such an explosion of information, and modalities. All of this has been made accessible in order for humanity to make the changes necessary. Her final SOS went out on September 11, 2001. You call it 9/11. That was Mother Earth’s 911 call to the Universe.

Question: I am aware that it is August again. Do you have anything to tell us about the opening of the Lions Gate?

Answer: This is the second wave of the Sun Chakra. Last year was the first wave of this activation, which is known as the Sun Chakra, and is situated between the base chakra and the navel chakra. The activation of that chakra brought with it a new wave of creative energy, and with that energy a new level of information and consciousness, and more opportunity for people to access information that has not been accessed before. We speak of this information being accessed through forms of creative _expression, and of the receiving of imprints through imagination.

The second wave is bringing about the feminine aspect of this. Last year was the masculine aspect of this. This was also initiated through the Venus transit, which took place not so long ago, and the Lions Gate that was held last year by the white lions, this year is held by the golden lions. This too, supports the influx of the Golden Children, who are being born at a rate of knots at this time, and is also one of the reasons why many women are bearing more than one child at the same time. Because these souls are coming to continue what all of you are, in a way, being pushed to initiate and carry forward. The second wave of the Sun Chakra is also allowing humanity to feel safer to go into them self and explore their own vulnerability. This is not having to be done with intent, because it is happening automatically. People’s lives are changing with little effort, and it is through the relating of masculine and feminine that many of these changes are emerging. So it is these two aspects or energies of that Sun Chakra frequency that completes itself in this year. Let us also add at this time sister, that one of the gifts coming from this energy, is that the “blind” will “see”, the “cripple” will “walk”, and the “deaf” and “mute”, will “hear” and “speak”. We do hope that you understand this?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, in this age of busy-ness that we find ourselves being caught up in so often, are there specific angels that we can call on to help us to expedite what we should be doing?

Answer: There are angels for absolutely everything, did you know this? So perhaps you can call upon the angels of unbusy-ness, yes? Or perhaps you just need to call upon your angel of balance, yes? Now, to be a little more serious sister, it is a state or process of becoming conscious of how one reacts or responds to activity in one’s personal life. Some people do not respond well to an immense amount of external activity in their lives, and are better suited to other activity of a more gentle nature. You are one of those who work well being more active, mentally and physically. Part of your process of change now, is taking the mental energy and allowing it to manifest through creative energy, creative _expression, and therefore the manifestation of new systems of living within your personal life. Note that much of this will automatically manifest through your personal process of addressing what you have set your intention to address. So it will show itself to you. It is then up to you to decide what you will do with that information and energy. We suggest that you ask Spirit to assist you in aligning your energy with all the levels of consciousness………….(tape ends)…….This is an individual journey.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, greetings. In January this year I celebrated the wonderful gift I received from Spirit. ……(inaudible). Is there something you can tell me about what I did to receive this gift. It’s important to me because it will serve as part of the experience for this process (of teaching).

Answer: Brother, it was a process of intention, and of you actively committing on a conscious level to making a change in your life, and consciously choosing to participate in a frequency that would benefit the whole, as opposed to any kind of selfish gain. You moved out of the matrix of conditional love and _expression, and you moved into the template of unconditional love and _expression. By living that principle, you attracted to yourself that blessing.

Question: (Inaudible)…..

Answer: Beloved sister, every person, who has come to this room and who will read these words, is experiencing this energy for a purpose. The reason why we say this is because all of you are a vital link in the chain of life, and it is what you choose to do, or not to do, that will determine the energy that you contribute to the changes taking place within your personal life, and to the planetary changes taking place. You are fast approaching a time of great change. This particular change may take you upon a journey, not only a figurative one, but a literal one. This journey will reveal to you a deeper understanding of everything that you have experienced in your lifetime to date. It will also help you understand the patterns you have manifested, patterns that cause limitation and even at times your own tendency to sabotage your own efforts. This will revolve around certain issues of trust in your life. There is a deep solar plexus healing taking place. The solar plexus is the seat of the emotions. It is a kind of emotional maturing that you will go through, and that process will in a way, catapult you into a new lifetime. That new lifetime, or experience, is how you will be able to best serve, or in other words, live your divine plan.

Question: (Inaudible)….

Beloved sister, this is not your choice to make. What you need to do is to live your truth. By living this truth, you will show the way, which means that when they are ready to join you, or fit in, or follow, the way will be clear for them to do it. As hard as it is for you beloved one, it is important for you to remember that you cannot force the change. You can only be it. Acknowledge that by you accepting their current place within their own personal development, they will be able to accept you in your current place and experience. In a way this is known as unconditional love. It is human to want to bring those whom you love along. But to unconditionally accept those whom one loves the most can be difficult. So it is to accept what you cannot change now, and to trust that it will change in its divine time. Your husband and your children have chosen a path. You are showing a way, and you need to allow them to also live the way that they have chosen.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, do you have a message for my friend, xxxx?

Answer: There are certain people on the planet who are known as “earth processors”. What we mean by this is people who not only go through their personal process of healing, but who also take on the process of the collective consciousness. This often manifests in severe depression, and people feeling they are completely disconnected from life, from Spirit, and even those whom they love. Many of them feel that life is one big cosmic joke, and sadly some have taken their own lives. It is important that he understand that he is one such soul. It will be of benefit for him to work with someone who understands this concept and who can gently guide him out of that state. Try to encourage him to do something creative, even if it is writing about how awful he feels.

So, beloved ones, we do hope that you better understand how you are all connected, and how all the changes taking place on a planetary level as well as in your solar system, are influencing your present experience. We hope you also understand that your present _expression of what you are experiencing, is affecting the impact of those natural changes. Remember that responsibility, expanded awareness, education and knowledge, do mean added power. The power to make an informed choice, and the power to make positive changes. This empowers you as an individual, and the more the microcosm empowers itself, the more powerful the macrocosm becomes. Therefore, the more you take back your power, and search for the truth that you are inspired to seek, the more you will be able to empower others. Each of you are able to do this in unique ways.

In your field of current life experience you will be given the opportunity to do this. Do not limit how this can happen through any narrow-minded expectation of how it can manifest. Simply open yourself and open your being. That energy emitted, and the intention set, creates a powerful energy. This strengthens the magnetic field of your planet. The more balanced humanity becomes in body, mind and spirit, the stronger your electromagnetic energy becomes. Therefore the output of magnetic energy is purer, which therefore enhances the magnetic energy of your planet. With sufficient people, collectively and consciously working towards this and taking individual responsibility, you will have a collective force taking responsibility, which can and we believe will, reverse much of the impact that has been written about and predicted, which has given rise to so much fear in the human race.

An example of this reversal is that Cape Town was predicted to be completely submerged by a tidal wave. Table Mountain would have been an island. However, due to the collective consciousness, effort and energy, the celestial body that would have impacted upon the earth that would have resulted in that tidal wave, did not manifest. That is the power of the human force. This is why we say that the more responsible you become and the more knowledgeable you become, the more powerful you become to make positive change. Look at your present field of current activity, and identify how you can make a difference. What can you do and how can you apply it? Look at what your current strengths are, your knowledge and wisdom, and how you can utilize it to make a difference, in your life, your family’s lives and in the lives of your community. The problem that has manifested in the dominion of the material world is that people spend so much time chasing money that they have forgotten to look at the community’s needs, and initiate change there. When the community is rich in knowledge, when they are rich in spirit and are equipped with the tools that will sustain their lives, everyone benefits. Wealth in all its forms, and abundance upon all levels is equally distributed, and that is one of the paradigm shifts that need to take place.

The polarity, which has consisted of the separation of male and female, is coming together. It is the union of the creative self, and the manifestor, the God and Goddess, that will allow this to be. The more you embrace spirit, your Goddess self, and the more you embrace science, your God self, the more empowered you will become and the earth shifts taking place will come into balance.

South Africa has energy available to it that can be harnessed. That energy harnessed and projected with the right intent, can bring healing to the rest of your world. Many of the new leaders of light are emerging from South Africa, and will spread through Africa. Mother Africa will give birth to some of the greatest bringers of change that the earth has ever come to know. All of you are a part of that process. In your unique and individual way you allow that to happen. This is why so much is changing so quickly for South Africans. This is why so many who have left the country are feeling the pull to come back, because they know that this is where change will come from. The activity taking place 3,000 km’s below your earth is also showing the change that is taking place deep within the core and the heart of Africa, and all Africans. So don’t be afraid to show your true colours. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation for a reason. Your true colours pave the way for the rest of the world. The shift in consciousness that will take place in South Africa, and will also show that the rapid depletion within the energy over this area will begin to strengthen a lot quicker than anywhere else around the world.

And so it is beloved ones that we embrace you in your full power and in the full light of All That Is. May each one of you feel the inspiration to research the avenues of information and energy that will bring you deeper understanding as to how you can and will bring about change. May you know in your heart, mind, body and soul that you are the planet and that you are the solar system, and that you are a reflection of everything happening around you, and that what is happening within you is manifesting outside of you.

May each one of you feel the faith inside of your heart to persevere and be patient and trust in your own ability. May each one of you trust that life will support you, and that life will bring you all that you need. May the light of the God/Goddess self, of your fully mastered self and the God/Goddess light of All That Is, be the beacon that guides you on the path to find your truth. May the love of your God/Goddess self and Source Of All Life, bind you to that truth. May all that you require manifest for you in harmony, under grace, and in perfect and miraculous ways. Know that you are the polar shift and you determine to a large extent how it will affect your planet.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Light and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in Love. Adonai.

Michelle Eloff
Metaphysician, Crystologist, Lecturer, Clairvoyant,
Teacher, Trance Voice Channel, Author, Counsellor,
Soul Coach, Conflict Management Mediator, Soul Psychology, Psychocybernetics.

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StarchildGlobal: Finding the “Point of Power” and Activating the Earth Star Chakra

Posted on October 31, 2007. Filed under: Archangel Michael, Celia Fenn, Chakra |

I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

Finding the “Point of Power” and Activating the Earth Star Chakra
a message from Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn
Wednesday, 7 June, 2006

Dearest Lightworkers, as you work with these powerful June energies, and as you feel the power within yourselves, it is time, perhaps, to pay some attention to what we will call the “point of power”. This “power point” is that place, that moment, when you are fully connected to the power of Who You Are. When you feel the flow of Unconditional Love and Creative Essence moving through you.

We have spoken of this “point of power” before. It is created or found by placing your attention and your awareness fully on the Present Moment. By living completely in the NOW – without reference to Past or Future. This is the place of miracles and joy, for it allows you to accept whatever wonders and synchroncities the “flow” of Divine Creative Essence may bring you. Or…..just to enjoy the flow of pure peace and contentment in the process of Be-ing.

For we wish you to understand that miracles are unexpected acts of “serendipity”. These are different from “manifestations”, where you focus intention and draw energy into the act of manifestation. Manifestations are “expected” creations, which can be delivered in seemingly miraculous ways. But a true “miracle” occurs when a desire manifests without any need for conscious focus of intention. When this happens, you have become a “spontaneous creator”. Your desires take shape without any effort. Then you are truly a miracle worker!

The secret, dearest ones, if we may call it that, is the least possible effort. Just being open to the Flow of Divine Creative Essence. When this energy flows through you, the merest suggestion or hint of desire will manifest its miracles all around you. And if you are grateful and playful (instead of demanding and pushy), then this will continue. The quickest way to switch it off is to become judgmental, critical and demanding. The Flow will just go somewhere else….it loves to play and it loves Joy! Anything else repels the energy of miracles!

And the only place to find that flow is in the NOW. The moment you cease being present and step into the Past or the Future, you have moved into the realm of illusions and crystallization. There is nothing particularly wrong with this, if it is your choice, but it does not have the creative power to give you miracles or manifestation. It just gives you more of what you have already experienced. You can only create from the awareness of Total Presence in the Moment –

I AM……therefore I create…..

I AM …..therefore I receive miracles into my Life with Joy

Activating and Balancing the Earth Star Chakra

Dearest Ones, as you increase in your mastery and learn to manifest and make miracles, you will be running more and more powerful energies through your new crystalline gridwork or Lightbody. As the “voltage” increases, you will become increasingly “electrical”. It is crucial that you GROUND yourself and your energy in the Planet’s crystalline grids, or you run the risk of blowing a couple of “fuses” in your system!

The most effective way to ground the energy is to fully activate the new “Earth Star Chakra”. This is the Chakra that connects you to the Planet, both land and ocean. And since more than half the planet is water, the Earth Star chakra has a large “water” component. Its color is blue/turquoise – and the best crystal for working with this new energy is the Aqua Aura crystal. For the Aqua Aura crystal contains the energy of the crystalline Earth and that of Water. The Aqua Aura crystal is created by taking a clear quartz crystal and treating it with Gold. This combines the clarity of the clear quartz crystal with the vitality of the Gold Ascension Ray, to produce the clear blue color of the Planet. This crystal will help you to ground into the new Fifth Dimensional matrix or crystalline grid system.
The Return of the Mother Ocean to Human Consciousness

Indeed, dearest ones, the Earth is your Ancient Mother. But all life on Earth arose from the Oceans, and so, she is indeed, the “mother” of all Life. She is the Ancient Mother Goddess. She lives within each one of you, and she carries your Primal Consciousness and the spark of life within you.

Recently, she has become part of your awareness again. The tsunami of 2004 and the hurricanes of 2005 made you once again aware of the Ocean as a powerful force on the planet. But it does not need to be negative! The Ocean can reflect also the Joy, Serenity and Contentment of the Planetary Psyche.

And it is true, also, that many of you are hearing the call, the whispers of your ancient DNA, the whispers of Lemurian lifetimes….the whispers that call you to the Oceans, to become the Keepers of the Earth and the Oceans. Even now, amongst Lightworkers, there are many who are being called and trained to be Water Priests and Priestesses. To honor the element of Water, and to work with the Ancient Earth Mother – the Ocean!

From the Ancient Mother, you will learn the wisdom of Cycles, of Tides, of Flows and of Spirals of Energies. For out of the Oceans all manifestation originally came. She is indeed a powerful teacher for those who can listen and hear……..

The Song of the Ancient Ocean
channelled by Celia Fenn from the Oceanic Mother

I am the Ancient Ocean
The Original Mother
Out of my Womb
All Life arises.

Yes, beloved child
We are One.

The blood in your veins
Is the salt water of my Oceans.
You carry within you
The essence of my being.

For Life arose out of the Ocean
I am the original mother
And I am still
The Keeper of your Primal Essence



So far back
millions of years
only the waters swirled on the dark planet
and there was Light!
And the Land arose….
And so YOU came to be.
But I was there first
Dreaming of YOU….
Waiting for YOU to come….

Yes, beloved Child

You are the Ocean’s dream of itself
coming into consciousness…..
rising up
and walking the land
carrying the Light

Indeed you are a beautiful dream
come to reality
Beautiful Children of Light.


But you have forgotten me, my children.
You no longer know me
as your mother.

I call to you in the gentle waves
I come to you in dreams
Remember me
I am your Mother.

When you hear my voice again
We will become One
The Dreamer and the Dream

Walking the Land
Carrying the Light.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.
© 2006-7 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

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Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians

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I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians
Co-facilitated with Janosh

This was a very special workshop for me, since my meeting with Janosh was so obviously guided by Spirit. I had originally intended to do 3 workshops with other presenters, and then do this one with just myself and Archangel Michael. But, after meeting Janosh in Amsterdam, I was more than happy to share my “sacred space” with him. The image above comes from Janosh’s “Holy Grail” series, and incorporates the Magdalene energy, which is so much a part of the Grail legend and experience. For me, working with the Divine Feminine energy means that I work to carry this energy myself, and so facilitating with Janosh was a wonderful way of celebrating the coming together of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

This is probably my favorite image from the Netherlands tour. It expresses, for me, the essence of the Twin Flame energy, in Spiritual terms. It was taken in Janosh’s gallery in Amsterdam. I see the essence of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine coming together in the service of Spirit and the Higher Good. And this is essentially what the Twin Flame energy is all about. The image behind us, is one of Janosh’s works called “Time Shift”:

While we were there, we could definitely feel the energy of the Arcturians flowing from the vortex of the image and asking to be sent out into the planet as a way of reminding people of the huge shift and transition that is taking place between now and 2012 and beyond. There are many great cycles of time and experience that are at a point of change and transformation. The Cosmos is changing, the Galaxy is changing, and so is our Solar system and the Earth. We welcome in the New Solar codes that are being transmitted to us from the Galactic Center, and we thank the Arcturians for bringing us these powerful codes through the visual art of Janosh. Here is another image that I took in his gallery, expressing the transformations of the Earth within the Cosmos:

In our combined workshop, Janosh shared a Multi-media presentation that helped people to get in touch with their deep spiritual essence – what I call the “Cosmic Human”. It was a very powerful combination of visuals and music and meditation. This was follwed by Archangel Michaels’ channeled activations session called “The Perfection of Who You Are”.

Since Janosh and the Arcturians had worked to activate the “Cosmic Human” or the infinite part of our being, Archangel Michael worked to activate and transform the “lower” bodies, the Mental, Emotional and Physical, so that the transformations could be felt and experienced on every level.

The Perfection of Who You Are
An Activation/Meditation through Archangel Michael

To begin this meditation and activation, you will need to first connect with your “I AM” or Higher presence. This is what we call the “Cosmic Human” or “Human Angel”. That part of you that is infinite and eternal. To do this you can focus on the images above by Janosh, and allow yourself to feel that angelic and infinite presence within yourself.

For, as Michael teaches, Ascension essentially has two components, the first part is this connection with the Higher and Angelic self, that reaching up and finding that Heaven is within you.

The second part is allowing that “Heaven” to descend into the physical form, and this is the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. It is the process whereby Peace and Love will be brought to the Earth plane from the Spirit realm.

So, this activation enables you to prepare your physical being to accept the “Infinity codes” that are being transmitted to the Earth in 2007.

So, to begin the activation, breathe deeply and focus into your Heart Chakra.

Now, as you feel the energy within your Heart Chakra, feel how your higher chakras are open to the flow of energy from Spirit. The Crown is open, and then the Brow, and the Throat and the Heart. There is a clear flow of Spirit from the Higher Realsm and into your Heart Chakra. And so, as you feel this flow of energy, breathe deeply and say to yourself, I AM…..I AM a Cosmic Human…I AM…a Human Angel bringing Heaven to Earth.

And so, as you feel the Truth and Perfection of Who You Are flowing into your being, allow your Heart to open fully and to transmit the energies of Unconditional Love, Compasssion and Gratitude. Unconditional Love accepts All and Loves All. Unconditional Love is based in total Self-Accceptance. For All is beautiful and created form the great Love of the Source, and All is an expresssion of the Love of the Source. For the loving energy of Source creates according to the desires and wishes that you express. So, as you align with your perfection, you align with the Template of Perfection that was placed in your DNA by the Elohim angels who designed the human angelic form with all its potentials for you to explore. So, allow yourself to feel the Unconditional Love that flows through you.

Compassion is the energy that allows you to feel the path of others as if it were your own, for indeed it is. For, you are all One in your state of Love and Perfection. But, as you live on the Earth plane, you experience the blessing of individual consciousness, so you are able to exercise Compassion with Love, and bless the path and being of all who come into your life. For there is a reason for everything that you experience. For you are All One.

Gratitude is the mirror image of the Divine. For when you can look at all that you have created in your life, and say that it is good, then you are truly working with the Perfection of Who You Are. And when you express this gratitude, then your words and feelings flow to Heaven as a blessing that flows back to you, with more blessings and love.

And so, dearest Human Angels, now move your consciousness into your Physical Being, starting with your Mental Body and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Here, you can say to yourself, I am ready to release all old energy mental patterns that hold me back. I am ready to release all ideas and beliefs about limitation and lack, about pain and suffering, about low-self worth and judgment of self and others. In place of this, I am ready to embrace the new energy of Love and Abundance and Joy. For, as I clear away old patterns I create space for the flow of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude, to be expressed through my physical body, in ideas that create Joy and Abundance and Love. This expresses the Perfection of Who I Am.

Now, dearest Human Angels, move your energy to the next level, to the Emotional Body and the Sacral Chakra.Now say to yourself, I am ready to release all old energy emotional patterns that produce fear, anger, anxiety and stress. In their place, I am ready to embrace the the new energy of Love, Peace, Calm and Joy. I am ready to allow my Emotional Body to be used as an instrument to express the higher energies of Unconditonal Love, Compassion and Gratitude. All my emotions will be a reflection of these energies. This will express the Beauty and the Perfection of Who I Am.

And, finally, dearest Human Angels, allow your focus to move to your Physical Body and the Base Chakra. Say to yourself, I am ready to release all old ideas and energies and feelings and emotions about my physical body. I am ready to align with the Template of Perfect Health and Well Being that is within my DNA or physical akashic records. And , as I activate this template, I allow myself to experience perfect health and well-being. As I release all old energy ideas of guilt and punishment and unworthiness, I embrace the idea of my perfection and the knowledge that I can experience this perfection on the physical level as well. And so, I ask that as this template is activated, that I am empowered to release all the old patterns of disease and degeneration that are encoded in the DNA as well, that they may be released and replaced by the perfect codes of the Elohim template for Perfect Health and Well-Being. For this will express, on the Physical level, the Perfection of Who I Am.

And so, dearest Human Angels, as you finish these activations, breathe deeply and feel within yourself, the True Perfection of Who You Are!

And So It Is!

© 2007-8 Text by Celia Fenn, Starchild Global and Images by Janosh, Janosh Art
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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Water Consciousness Global Water Healing Program

Posted on October 26, 2007. Filed under: Chakra, Channeling, Co-Creation, Energy Cleansing, Energy Healing, Guided Meditation, Uncategorized |

Note: links edited. The Water Consciousness site has been down and I do not know if it will be fixed and so I edited the links to work through the internet archive.

I recently came across the Water Consciousness website which has guided meditations to heal Earth Chakras and one’s own chakras at the same time. After skimming the site and checking with my guides I jumped in and did the meditation to heal my adrenal glands and two oceanic Love Portals. I found it very powerful. When doing energy work that releases old stuff I often shiver and my eyes leak tears. I have found these occur during the most effective and cathartic sessions. If you ever have similar symptoms when doing energy work on yourself or when receiving a treatment do not be alarmed for it ins only your body discharging.

Diamond Heart

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