Celestial Energy Transmissions and Attunements: The Perseid Meteor Shower (Updated)

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Tonight is the height of the Perseid meteor shower this year. This photo of the shower in 2004 sends chills up my spine. I feel the urge to draw in the energy embodied in this celestial event. And so I rot myself into the earth and call in my guides asking them to help ensure only energies of the light come to me, just in case. I open my crown chakra like a peony blossom unfurls and drink it in. Again I ask my guides for help, this time in releasing any energy debris that inhibit the flow of the incoming Perseid energies. I tone as my solar plexus fills that region. I have drawn in Earth energies for years to nourish my being. What have I missed by not accepting transmissions such as these? I hesitated to accept them because I could find no precedent for it in my searchings. I am sure others have done this and even written of it. I simply could not find it.

This is fascinating. I try to channel these energies as if they are Reiki and I feel my palms grow cool and vibrate. I ask my guides if it is possible for me to be attuned to it for ease of channeling and would it be useful to others, again double check to ensure it is of the Light. Yes, yes and yes. This is going to take a while so I will close this post for now so I can be properly present for this gift.


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Update: I have attempted to embed the Perseid energy in this post. I have never tried to send energy via the internet before so I hope it worked!

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