Empowering Affirmations With Reiki

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Affirmations can be a good way to reprogram negative self-talk and the base assumptions on how we consciously and unconsciously expect the world to work. Let us start with self-esteem. Too many people treat themselves cruelly. If they treated their spouse in that manner it would be grounds for divorce yet they don’t stop and process the fact that this is self-abuse. They criticize themselves unrelentingly. The best  advice I have ever been given on how to treat myself in a healthy manner is as if I am my own best friend. I would not tolerate my friend calling herself dumb or worse when making normal human errors nor would I stand for others doing so.

The first thing to do is when thinking the negative thought is to stop yourself and delete in it some manner. One common suggestion which I found helpful is to imaging the thought written on a piece of paper and then visualize stamping it with a gigantic red VOID or CANCELED. If you like ask St Germain to come and burn it up in his violet flame of transmutation or just visualize yourself making a mental bonfire of negative thoughts with purple flames. Send reiki for a moment or longer if you have the time to help heal this thought pattern.

Next build a new thought pattern. For example say you call yourself names because you forgot to buy an item at the grocery store. Stop yourself, void it, then say something to the effect “I am normal human being making normal human errors. I am OK the Creator/God/Goddess does not make junk. It normal to make mistakes and I am still a worthy worthwhile human being”. Send reiki to yourself as you reprogram your thought patterns.

For self-esteem you can send Reiki into your heart chakra as you repeat affirmations such as “I am worthy of love, friendship, healthy relationships, etc”. If love is too hard start with “I am likable”, “I have a pleasant smile”, “My hair is a pleasant color”, “I don’t frighten children and small animals”, “my pet loves me”. Start as small as you need to and work your way up from there.

For scarcity issues, whether related to fear, hoarding behaviors, overeating, and the like, it might be skillful to work with the root chakra sending Reiki there while using affirmations such as “the Universe is filled with abundance”, “there is enough for everyone”, “I can take care of myself plus I have (name friends, family, spirit guides, etc) as back up”, “The World is a safe place”.

Now while I love working with affirmations to open to the infinite do not depend solely upon them and your guides to get you what you where you want to go until you can manifest things out of thin air 😉 You can use affirmations to get the perfect job yet you still need to go out and apply for it. You can’t meet Mr or Ms Right staying at home meditating upon all the qualities you hope for unless Ms/Mr Right is the meter reader. Just as it would not be wise to wrap yourself in white light and talk in front of traffic expecting your good intentions to protect you we all need to take practical action to manifest the affirmations into reality. Be open to miracles happening while still locking your car door.


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