Magdalene Flame Activation & Ceremony of Fire

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I am not Michelle Eloff, I am just someone who finds her writing and the channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

Magdalene Flame Activation & Ceremony of Fire


Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

20 th January 2006, Johannesburg, South Africa

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process faciltated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan,Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been  left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of understanding, blessings of deeper awakening, blessings of humour, and the blessing of peace. Greetings beloved ones!

Greetings Lord Kuthumi.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly with the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved Ones, as we stand in the presence of the great miracle called life, we bring you an energetic blessing of the 12 Buddhic columns of Illumination, specifically. These columns of light come to support your personal journey of rememberance, its purpose as a collective consciousness of energy contributing and facilitating to a process of illumination, in deeper inner awareness.The presence of illumination is what encourages the soul to continue its journey along its pathway of self-discovery, and humanity as a whole is on the verge of great new beginnings. The process of illumination has penetrated all the dense vibrations, and now rests securely within the core of Mother Earth, and the collective consciousness of humanity.

The time is upon you where every person on the planet is being affected by the great changes, regardless of their level of consciousness, or any other level of maturity. It is upon you, and this energy should be celebrated – for this energy marks the confirmation that all your prayers have indeed been answered.

Bear in mind that whenever one asks for change, for healing and peace – all of that which creates disharmony, disease and destruction, will come to the fore in order to be cleared; thus allowing all the other qualities of light to be.

The difference now is that Mary Magdalene has taken her rightful role as the key Goddess to Illumination for Humanity, and the 12 Magdalene Roses, known as the Flames of Illumination, vibrate in unison with the 12 Buddhic Columns of Illumination, and it is through the insights that Buddha has brought to your planet, that all will realise that all the teachings of the Great Masters have always been one and the same, yet interpreted by the perceptions and belief systems of individuals causing separation and seperate belief systems.

The time has also come for people to become aware of their true desires in life; for in understanding the authentic need, one recognises everything else one chases after is in fact what one believes will supply the authentic need, but in truth it is all part of the illusion. In the Holy Scripture it is said, ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else thereafter will follow’.

What do you feel the Kingdom of God inside of you is? What do you believe it is that you seek? Once you understand this, you will then realise that nothing else matters besides the manifestation of that authentic, deep need which will bring
the answer to absolutely everything you question. People have many names for it. You discover your own; for in knowing what it is, you will understand where it is you are to go. Is this all clear to you so far?


Very well. Beloved Ones, I shall now make way for Mary Magdalene to come forward and anchor the energy of the 2nd Magdalene Rose and Flame of Illumination. May each of you be blessed. I am Kuthumi. Adonai.


I am Mary Magdalene. Welcome!


I rejoice at your presence today, for in coming together in this purpose of uniting in consciousness, we are able to weave a new blanket of nourishment and protection for our beloved planet. Goddess Gaia is the sister of the 24 Goddesses of the great Sisterhood of Illumination, and as we come together and unite our love, and unite our understanding of the greater consciousness of love, we are able to support her as a Goddess in the collective, universal mind seeking her grand presence within the cesspool of energy that has caused, up until this point, pain and suffering.

Activating these roses brings to you a great opportunity of expanded illumination. It offers you the divine opportunity to carry the Flame of Illumination in your heart, along with the Roses of Rememberance. I celebrate your choice to sit with me today so that we can unite and build the 2nd of 12 of the Flames of Rememberance, therefore awakening humanity, illuminating them, and facilitating the Great Awakening.

Because humanity has opened their hearts to accept the presence of the Magdalene Goddess, it has opened 12 new gateways of creative energy which is being shared with the lightworkers equally. Each lightworker on the planet, who is in divine alignment with the frequency of illumination, through all the Masters of Light and Illumination, is receiving this current influx of energy. Take advantage of the inspirations that come to you; respond to the inner sense of searching and touching …. all the avenues that shall take you to that deeper sense of peace, that in truth everyone on the planet seeks. One cannot find the point of peace within, until one understands why the pieces are not together.

You are currently aware of the fact that your world is one trapped in separation consciousness. Everyone believes it is an island unto itself. Because of this, many of the energies are unable to hold a vibration long enough to manifest a global, sacred reunion and marriage of the God and the Goddess. We have however come up with a different solution, and this is to bring the energies in, in revolutions, and each lightworker taking on an aspect of the energy and seeding it wherever they choose to go, and that manifests the permanent reconnection of the original template of unity, the connectedness of all as being one vibration and divine expression of its greatest form ever to exist.

Each of you are carrying a vibration of the light of the Masters, of the Angels, the Archangels, the Gods, the Goddesses, all of you are connected. It is our request that each of you honour your connection and see the human aspect of self that chooses to sabotage the efforts, or would keep you in your state of forgetfulness. By each of you being diligent in your search for the inner quality that shall make everything in your life just perfect, will result in others discovering the same, for when you discover it, you automatically want others to experience it, because it is such a beautiful experience.

Please now will you focus your attention on your heart chakra. Visualise your heart as a rose – any beautiful colour you wish to imagine. (pause) Imagine this rose as an evergreen one; the petals never fall from it. It is always vibrant with life, it’s scent always present. (pause) This rose symbolises the presence of fluid love. It is the energy of unconditional love. When love flows constantly through any vessel, the vessel can not ever deteriorate in any form. It maintains its perfect vibration and life force.

Open your energy to receive the flow of fluid love. Call it forth to be present and full in your being. (pause) Call for it to be full and present in your physical body, in your mind, in your emotions. (pause) Ask for the fluid love to penetrate your thoughts, your belief systems, and all the aspects of yourself that influence your behaviour from day to day. (pause) Imagine you as you are, filled with fluid love, and acknowledge that you, as you are, are a vessel for this fluid love. You are a means for others to tap into it, to taste it, and to learn how to receive it on a permanent, ongoing basis, just like you are learning how to do it. (pause)

As fluid love becomes a permanent presence, it helps you remember the origin of your creation. It triggers the memory of the feeling and experience of authentic love, of unadulterated, unconditional love; the love that moves you to tears of joy, the love that has no expectation, and all it wants to do is give to you, to become one entity with you.

Focus on your heart chakra, and try and feel; if you cannot feel, imagine what it would feel like to experience such love in every moment of every day, and that everything that occurs around you is touched by this love, and that everything that occurs around you, you respond to from the point of love – and this love illuminates you. (pause) It shows you all the valuable gems and treasures within life. It shows you what exists beyond the person you imagine yourself to be. (pause)

The truth is there is nothing else that needs to exist, except love. It is a love that transcends …. everything, a love that dissolves anything of density, negativity or darkness. And it is a love unlike you have ever experienced before on a long term basis. I am sure most of you, if not all of you, have had a glimpse of this powerful love. 

This love now stands knocking at your door, asking to become a permanent fixture in your life. The rose, and its scent, is your reminder that love is part of your authentic need. Today go forth, obtain for yourself a precious rose. Inhale its scent, and allow its scent to permeate your body; allow its scent to caress all your senses, and touch the core of your cellular memory. Imagine that rose being in your hand right now adn smell it’s divine scent. (pause) Allow the scent to fill your nostrils and the combined energies of your heart as
a rose and the one you will obtain later filtering into your DNA and beginning a deeper stirring, a memory activation, a process of Illumination. This rose then begins to ignite a new flame. Imagine the ignition of a new flame taking place anywhere in your body you choose, and this flame becomes a deeper flame of passion – the flame of intuition, the flame that brings light and clarity. It is the flame that warms your heart, that melts everything inside of you that experiences a sense of isolation from God, and from Spirit, from your dearest and closest friends and family. It is the flame that burns through the cords of attachment to people, places, experiences and relationships that are in desperate need of ending and being set free.

Beloved Ones, what you are integrating today will melt the ice in you and around you. The anchoring of this flame and rose will bring about an energetic reunion globally, one that will set the stage for a physical, conscious collective reunion of the collective family. This is your time of a rememberance and a reunion with your Star Family, with all the members of soul groups who have worked together previously who are now coming together to perform their great tasks of service to the Light as illuminators, and I, Mary Magdalene, accompany you on this journey. I walk with you by your side holding your hand, comforting you if it is required, guiding you, bringing clarity. I communicate with you through nature, and through the beauty of the plant kingdom.

Take a few moments to indulge in the scent of your rose, in the essence of fluid love, and the warmth of your Flame of Illumination. Allow it to speak to you, to suggest what your path is from this day forward. Take a moment to simply be within it.

(long pause)

Ponder for a moment how you feel you can be of service to humanity as an illuminator; how do you believe at this time you can best serve; and are you willing for Spirit
to expand your journey, and to reveal to you greater ways of delivering your service as an Illuminator?

(another long pause)

Imagine yourself writing on a crystal tablet that which you have chosen.

(Pause)If you are willing for Spirit to expand your path, to reveal to you greater avenues, please write permission upon your Crystal Tablet.


Your personal Master Guide is in your presence already. Move your focus to where your Guide is, and he or she makes their way toward you. Your Guide welcomes you into the Temples of Illumination, and honours your choices and wishes to acknowledge that Spirit honours that which you have chosen, and you too are honoured for honouring your contract.

Your Master Guide asks you if you have any questions regarding being an Illuminator. If you have any please give them to your Guides now.

(long pause)

You may now hand your Crystal Tablet to your Master Guide, this Tablet is then sealed with a shield of light. An exact replica of your rose and your flame is imprinted upon your Crystal Tablet. This Tablet is handed to the Great White Brotherhood who will be a part of the facilitation of your services as an Illuminator and will oversee your personal journey
of self awareness. Imagine us as a group joining hands together, forming a circle of light. (pause) Imagine a great rose manifesting in the centre of the circle. (pause) This is the rose of rememberance for humanity that we anchor on your earth plane today. Breathe its scent in. (pause) Acknowledge its sweetness which reflects the sweetness of
life, and the sweetness of life is a gift to humanity, one that every person deserves to experience.

The Rose of Rememberance energy will trigger the deep inner need to find the truth to the purpose of life, and those who have been searching relentlessly and unconsciously will now find new levels of self awareness and consciousness that will direct them on the path to self discovery, illumination and truth, and some of them will even come your way.

Imagine the Rose of Rememberance as a gift of love to your world. It too is evergreen; its life force strong and stable, its scent ever present. Imagine this great, big rose in the centre of our circle beginning to emit vibrations which manifest replicas of itself, and the replicas of these roses lift into the ethers and begin to spread throughout the world. (pause) Imagine hundreds, then thousands, then millions of these roses spreading out and connecting with the hearts of humanity, and as each heart is opened to receive the Rose of Rememberance, they are blessed with the kiss of new life.


While all these roses make their way around your world, you will now see a flame ignite in the centre of the rose. This flame does not burn the rose; it is the flame of Illumination. It is the flame that burns through that which is illusionary, that which embodies fear and negativity. Because the rose is pure vibration of love, it cannot destroy it. Look into the flame, and see how it dances before your eyes. It emanates a sound, and it has an essence, it has a presence. Greet this presence. Acknowledge it. Connect with it.

(long pause)

This flame, like the rose, begins to give birth to millions of itself, replicas of its divine form, its light, its warmth; just watch as all the flames move into the ethers finding new homes. Your heart is the home of love within you. Forgiveness unlocks the front door to the home of love; understanding that everything in life occurs with a purpose releases one from the desire to continue the pain and struggle of suffering. Surrender is meant to be the simplest act on earth, as well as to love.

When you are ready begin to pour some love into the rose and into the flame, offering this Love to Lady Gaia and to the people of your world.

(long pause)

And we request that in your gatherings of light that you take a moment to give love to humanity, to offer of your love to those who have as yet not discovered the answers on their pathway, those who have not found the key to the front door of their house of love.

By giving unconditionally, you know you will receive unconditionally. By giving love to the world, you give love to yourself. By forgiving those whom you perceive as having done you wrong, you forgive the world, and you give the world the courage to forgive.

The anchoring of this particular Rose and Flame of Rememberance and Illumination brings with it a great wave of forgiveness. It is accompanied with a blessing. The blessings you
have received today through the cards this channel has given you is what we wish to share with you. So yes, we are taking advantage of the situation with the cards. Now you have it in black and white!

I am sure Master Kuthumi has revealed to you that as an Initiate, you continue to become illuminated, and as your illumination increases in strength and power so your responsibility as a Lightworker increases. It does not mean that you will be overwhelmed with information or tasks that will deprive you of a balanced life. It means the responsibility to yourself is what is greatest; taking responsibility for your life increases greatly as you climb the ladder of the initiate. I wish to remind you of this today, because what you are experiencing today is bringing the great wave of illumination for you, and in your process of forgiveness, you will find greater courage to take more responsibility. Your flame will add to the passion of life you currently experience, it will add to your creativity. Your intuition becomes sharper, and you will see, in not too long a time, your intuition is the governor of your action rather than your ego.

Please remember the power of love. Remember that you are a powerful conduit and vessel through which this love passes. Remember you are a Pillar of Light; you are a Column of Illumination.

I must take my leave now. Please keep your focus on the Rose and the Flame, until Master Kuthumi returns.

May you all be at peace. Au Revoir.

Au Revoir.


I am Kuthumi and I return at this point. Greetings beloved ones.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi.

and sisters, the energy that Mary Magdalene has opened for each of you
in your energy field today will add to your personal process of
understanding the qualities of life you have manifested, and where it is you are heading.

It is vital that all of you bear in mind the fact that your world is evolving. The evolvement I speak of is in truth
a RE-volvement. Evolution is simply the Revolution of energy. As energy
continues to revolve it becomes a spiral – either upward, or downward.
On a planetary scale, sufficient souls have stepped into the upward
revolution; therefore it is drawing up everything that comes within its energy proximity.

This is another reason why so many people are finding their worlds changing at such an accelerated pace. You have found this manifesting in your personal life already. You are catalysts for the change. Don’t shy away from situations where you are needed to break through illusionary belief systems. Do not be surprised when you find yourself in a situation where you have to speak your truth, even when you know it will bring you rejection or ridicule. Today’s rejection and ridicule becomes tomorrow’s belief system.
That is how it has always been. Do not be surprised if you find
yourself acting as a catalyst between people who do not see the truth
of their relationship with one another, and your actions become the
conduit for their change, releasing them, setting them free to journey
the path of their destiny.

The more you shy away from the truth, the longer the illusion has power. Living in denial draws out
the process of torture and suffering. It is less painful to face the
truth in the short term, than to deny it in the long term. People want to know the truth. Regardless of their spiritual or religious choice, people still want truth. It is happening in all areas of life regardless of culture, regardless of status, or gender. The time of truth is upon your planet, and it is the reconciliation of these truths that will give birth to a newly illuminated world. Do not shy away from those who seek truth. Allow their questions to guide the theme of conversation. You will not
be limited to your workspace as a therapist, if this is what you are,
to bring guidance. Lightworkers, it will now be in all areas. No more
are you able to be part-time therapist, or part-time follower of the Masters’ teachings. It is now ‘Live
It’, completely, on all levels, and in all ways. Many of you will find
such changes occuring in your personal relationships and affairs.

It is who you are truthfully, that matters. Your masks do not fool us. We see right through them, and I assure you every person in their authentic
presence, sees right through it too. It is only the ego that entertains
the mask. Therefore embrace your courage to shed the layers of defense,
to drop your mask, and to be who you are, and if you do not know who
you are, then be as authentic in what you think you are, until you find
another level of it, and continue until you know you are complete in
your authenticity. Do you understand?

Yes. (very softly!).

Ones, as teachers and illuminators, you stand within the Presence of
the 2nd Flame and Rose of Magdalene, the Rose of Rememberance, the
Flame of Illumination. Rememberance is a powerful key to illumination, and vice-versa. I have said to you before that in truth there is nothing that you have to learn, because you know everything already. The only thing that has happened is that you have forgotten that you know. This is as a result of the density of the world you are within, and your belief systems that cause many layers of defense, that cause the perceptions that either blind you, or illuminate you.

Choosing to follow one set of rules, especially
rules that do not resonate with you is sure to keep you in your state
of forgetfulness. And I have said already, and I shall repeat it; move beyond the illusion of your current comfort zones. Take risks. Do things you have not done before. It need not be major to begin with. Do one
little thing that you have not done before, and so your self-confidence
builds, your self-respect increases, and before you know it, you are
climbing Mt Kilmanjaro, you are exercising, you given up a destructive
relationship or spouse (laughter), you have given up chocolate (much
laughter from group…!!!), ….. and your life is peaceful. Each person’s
definition of peace is unique, which is why it is important that you
search that definition for yourself, and if the definition feels
incomplete, search beyond it. Go within, not only without. Have I made
myself clear?


Very well. Are there any questions I can assist any of you with?


Kuthumi can you maybe shed light for me on what happened last night,
what that’s all about, and how do I go forward from here, and if you
can maybe give me additional forms of protection if required.?


You are referring to your burglary I assume?

Yes, that’s right.

Sister have you not been working with major clearing over the past few weeks? (giggles) Have you not asked to be rid of certain energies that no longer serve you?


Very well. It is important to remember that when something is taken from the self, be it burglary, such as in your case, or something being lost, or simply the desire to give something away, it is the elimination of that which no longer supports the current vibration. Tanzanite is one of the most powerful psychic clearing stones
on your planet. It clears the core vibration of the 3rd eye chakra, and
the solar plexus, as a combination of energy. The tanzanite vibration
takes one into the heart of the 6th Dimension to receive the healing of the will and then returned to where one originates from in the current incarnation. You have been physically
ill. This too has been part of the great cleansing process that the
tanzanite vibration has taken you through. Communication systems will change, and have changed because your communication system is changing. (Tanzanite stones and stereo were stolen)

The violation of the space is what has impacted on you the most as we look at your energy field. This is around boundaries, and it reflects, even resembles to a great degree the invasion you experienced as a young girl and
young woman, the invasion of your sacred space, your intimate personal
space – not so? (pause) Sister it is time to say goodbye. You have
worked very hard to release yourself of that baggage so to speak. The protection is yours. You were not there when the invasion took place. It is simply material stuff, so to speak. You are not the object; you are not the material possessions. You were protected. That is what is most important. Your material possessions can and will be replaced, if and when it is needed. Do not identify yourself through material possessions. Identify you with you; honour that you were and are safe. Is this clear?

it is. Lord Kuthumi, with the invasion of the space, I feel pretty
unsafe again, and it did bring up quite a bit of fear. How do I go
about going forward with this, how do I – what else do I do? How do I
continue to protect the property?

wish to suggest something to you which will probably cause your belief
systems or your ego to resist. We suggest a ceremony of Thanksgiving!
(amusement!!) Give thanks to those people who came into your home and
took away everything that you no longer need – and you didn’t even have
to call them up and get them to come to you……(loud laughter from group)
Give thanks to them for taking all your baggage; give thanks to them
for honouring their contract with you; then give thanks that you were protected, that you were safe. Now it is all gone. There is nothing more for them to take – or do you want them to?


Then, once you have done your ceremony of thanksgiving, continue with a separate ceremony of gratitude, bringing in the spiral. The spiral will represent your upward revolution, and the ceremony of gratitude is giving thanks for always
being protected, in the past, the present and future, and giving thanks
to Spirit for everything that shall be brought to you from this day
forward as a result of your willingness to let go of that which is no
longer needed. Do you understand this?

Yes, Lord Kuthumi.

This will bring an added dimension to your Inner Child, one she’s not quite expecting, but one that will help her to see the experience from a different perspective. Right now all that is being seen is the negative, the bad, and what a terrible country you live in because of all the crime. What about giving thanks to all the criminals for doing your dirty work for you?

(loud laughter from group!)

rid of all the junk you no longer need. For all it is, is material
possessions, and when you ascend are you going to take it with you?


So what’s the problem?


You are a master manifestor, are you not? Are you not learning to manifest?


Therefore with great ease you will be able to manifest anything that you need. We believe it is a laptop computer?

Laughter, yes, and my digital camera

That too! Whatever you need. Is this clear?


Blessings be with you Sister.


Kuthumi .. I think as you know I have been struggling with my addiction
to these channelings. Can you please kind of assist me with this?

the only reason why you perceive it as an addiction is because you
doubt your own ability, therefore come for more confirmation that you are a good channel, that you are an obedient lightworker, that you are in actual fact what you wish you are to be.

That is what I am recognising within myself, but I …. I’m scared of actually giving up the communion with you.

Who said you had to do that?

In this form.

Who said you had to do that?


Exactly. Sister what is important for you
will result in you being present; the fact that you are getting upset
about everything happening that you will not be able to participate in,
is because it is not important. The ego aspect of you wants it, but does your soul truly need it?

No. I recognise that but I’m really struggling with the ego aspect – the part of me that doesn’t want to be left out, or miss out on something, you know.

about setting up then, a system where you get together with the people
of the groups, perhaps in the morning, or whatever time suits you, and discuss what you are experiencing together. Bring in the information that I have shared if you like, and start contributing what St Germain is giving through you. There you will still have the connection. It is also about feeling isolated from the collective group family that you are a part of; therefore if is your wish and your will, open the space in your space, to be anchored.

Thank You.

You are welcome.


Kuthumi, just picking up where Sister Carol left off, I also feel the
same way; it’s because we feel that we are missing out on the initiation ofthe channellings – and that’s what saddens us a great deal.


You are not missing out on anything. It is your ego’s desire that causes you to feel a sense of sadness. As I have said, initiates can never be deprived of initiation that is important; therefore if it is an important initiation, you will be present
– come hell or high water so to speak. If it is not part of your
imprint, contract, or vibration, then there will be no getting there.
Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

One of the greatest lessons at this time, which is part of the greater collective initiation, is recognising the simplicity within life. The ego complicates. The soul simplifies. When you acknowledge there is something you would like to participate in, but all factors determine it will not be possible, surrender
to it. Hand it over. Tell yourself, “soul, if this initiation is part
of my imprint, then you make sure I get there. If not, I accept”, and
continue with your life. Remember, the ego complicates, the soul
simplifies. This is the year, amongst other things, that all of you will learn how to experience the simple things in life, like choices being simple; and not tying yourselves up in that creative cake plait, what is it?

(Group laughter and some response)

I beg your pardon?


That’s it!

(much laughter from group).

Do you all understand? You cannot miss out on anything if it is meant to be part of your life experience. It is your limited belief systems, or rather your belief in limitation that results in a feeling that you are being deprived; that your growth will not be what you would like it to be, because you are missing out. It is impossible for you to miss out on anything that your soul has set in place for you, especially because you have the intention in place to experience your divine blueprint and plan. Has that answered your question?

Yes. Thank you very much.

Thank you.


Lord Kuthumi do you have a message for me with regards for my brother please, and my mother?

(long pause)


Sister, apologies, their energy fields are not granting us permission to access information.



Kuthumi, please may I ask a question about the latest in NESARA. We met
last night for the Emerald Tablets, and this came up, and apparently
President Bush is in the custody of the Galactic Federation, and that
the so-called person that addressed a public gathering was his clone.
Is that true?

(long pause)



So President Bush then in effect has not been arrested, as it were?


Thank You for clarifying that.

You are welcome.


Kuthumi can I ask you something about astrology please? I was having a
discussion yesterday to try and answer my own question. A while back
you mentioned to me that I had completed my life cycle and more, and I
was granted the gift of not shedding this body, but continuing on with
my path. In terms of my old..- my birth chart, the north node would
indicate where I came from and what my destination was. If this is the
case, would my birth chart no longer be valid – as such?


you need to do is take that which was given from your old birth chart,
and take it to its higher octave, therefore looking at all of the
attributes of strength and positivity. This will show you the direction
you are currently heading in. You could also experiment with the date
where you feel your transition took place, and draw up a chart from
that particular date, and see what it gives you.

And this is shifting into Quantum Astrology?

Yes it is.

the new planets that have been discovered in the last 10 years, we
don’t have a lot of information about them at the moment – because our
previous charts were not reflecting a lot of the energy that was
happening in our lives, would this possibly explain some of that?

Yes it would. It would also explain, or should I rather say because
not full consciousness is active, in other words at least 90 percent of
the human brain lies dormant, as well as the DNA, that would explain why one is not able to tap into the collective full consciousness of all
planets. As more and more people awaken, or more consciousness is
activated, more planets will be discovered, and these planets will then
become aligned with the … more expanded consciousness and awareness of humanity, and they will be integrated into the astrology chart, reflecting the higher vibrations of self, and the greater brain activity taking place. Does that explain it?

Ja, thank you very much.

You are welcome. We shall take one last question.


Lord Kuthumi, the NESARA thing, has Peter been on the wrong website? Are there other websites he needs to go into?


Yes. Beloved ones, let me remind you, discernment with the information. The internet is a gem of information, but some of it is not all coming from the truth of what is brought into being through the higher dimensions. Remember there are various dimensions of experience.
Some information may be reflecting events as depicted by 4th
Dimensional, or 3rd Dimensional experience; others are determined by
higher dimensional experience. Do you understand this?

Yes. Can you maybe assist us with the correct website that Peter can go on to…….?

In honesty… I do not have a Google search engine ….

(group erupts with laughter).

… we will leave that up to him.

Ok, and thank you, I’ll pass the information on …

Thank you very much.

Beloved ones, before we end, do you understand what I mean by the various dimensions of information?

Would be nice if you could elaborate.

I have in fact elaborated on this before, but I will remind you. Various levels of consciousness determine the levels of information available to individuals, which is why some information contradicts other information. You remember me having this conversation with you before?


This is why discernment is so important. If you read information, and it does not resonate with you, push it aside, it is not with your vibration, and continue until you find information that you feel does resonate with you, that you are comfortable with. It is not about judging information. Information is there.
It is what it is. It exists because it is being created, it is being
brought into a form, and it is being brought into a form because it
exists somewhere and there is a need for it, but not necessarily within
the existence that you are participating in. If you look at the
grander picture, you will see that there are many levels of existence –
you know already of – parallel universes, alternate universes,
etcetera, etcetera.

The hologram
that has been spoken of is simply the projection of an experience that
is created by a collective group consciousness, and if that hologram is
shattered, every piece of the hologram still holds the entire picture; it does not become a fragmented picture; therefore the search for truth is what takes you through the dimensions. The desire to find your true point of
peace, bliss, happiness, joy, whatever it is, will take you through
those dimensions, and where you were five years ago is a completely
different vibration to where you are today. And information you were
reading, or sharing, or practicing five years ago, you will probably
feel reject or question now. Everything grows; remember revolution – revolution and evolution are in fact the same thing. As you
evolve, you are revolving eternally, upward. That means everything else
will grow with it, and there are people who are still in the space, or
have stepped into the space that you were in five years ago and
that information or material, or modality of healing best supports them
now – but not necessarily you. Do you all understand this?


Does it answer that question?


does. I’ve had an experience where I’ve read something, and some of it
resonated, the other parts of it haven’t, so I’ve kind of gone with the
stuff that resonates. Is that the way to handle it?

That’s the way to do it. Discernment. Always discernment.


Lord Kuthumi I also find sometimes I’ve read something ten years ago, and pick it up again a few years later, and a few years later after that and there are different layers and depths to what I’ve read previously…


This is also a common occurrence, or something you read a few years ago, you’ve put aside, you read it now, and suddenly it makes complete sense. You re all clear on this?


Very well. And so it is then beloved ones that we embrace you in the energy that Mary Magdalene has brought forth. We shall continue holding the Rose and Flame with you. Know that the integration of the Roses and Flames emanated from the original Flame and Rose will take approximately 21 days to be completely anchored. During this time you
will continue with your personal anchoring process as a vessel for fluid love, as a pillar of illumination guided by Lord Buddha. Know that your relationship to Spirit, to nature, and to life in general will expand in its experience and expression thereof.

Your healing around forgiveness and the anchoring of gratitude is what will continue with healing, the release, and the manifestation of your authentic self.

May all that you need to bring this into being come to you under grace, in perfect, harmonious, and miraculous ways. And never forget that we are with you always, in all

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. Adonai.

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