Is it time to take responsibility for humanity’s psychic pollution of the Earth?

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Just thinking out loud, so to speak, here…..

I have been starting to feel that the Earth is not a helpless victim of abuse by members of the human race but that she is a loving Mother trying to take on and transmute as much of it as possible to give everyone a chance to get things right. Especially those who might possibly change their ways and make full use of their gift of physical incarnation. A friend once said to me that Gaia wants to give us a Garden of Eden which gave me those signifigent chills I always get when someone hits the nail on the head. Gaia is our loving Mother. She is trying to give all of her kids a good life and protect as many as possible from abuse by our siblings.

Then there is what I have read from many seperate sources that Gaia and the nature spirits try to take on humanity’s emotional emissions to try to keep the world in balance. At times this leads to violent weather and earthquakes as theyt ry to discharge that unchecked energy. Again this made some sense to me considering how badly I personally am effected by one person’s pain or anger. That energy is going somewhere.

And so I trying to make logical sense out of things that may not conform to logic I wonder how much is the bad weather around the world and violent earth movements caused by human negativity? Even if it is only a fraction of a percent I feel it would be worthy to explore energy clearing and healing as a way of helping Gaia to balancing things less dramatically. Just as humanity is being forced to confront the fact that pollution is having dreadful effects upon all creatures including human beings I think psychic pollution is part of the problem albiet to a lessor extent.

In any event clearing harmful energies from the world will benefit all the sensitives amongst us who are currently suffering from all the pain they pick up from the rest of us. Personally I think that is good enough to try clearing the harmful energies, but then I am one of those sensitives.

I know there are people out there already doing different work to clear negativity alone and in groups. I hope my meanderings here encourage others to give it a whirl as well. You too might find you feel better in general when your local environment is cleared periodically.

yours in rampant speculation

Diamond Heart

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Thought for the day

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Since no one is perfect, it follows that all great deeds have been accomplished out of imperfection. Yet they were accomplished, somehow, all the same. ~ “Mirror Dance” by Lois McMaster Bujold

BTW if you haven’t read her books they are quite simply, IMO, brillant. Start with Shards of Honor or the first two book in one volume Cordelia’s Honor then follow the book’s timeline not order of publication to avoid spoiliers.

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