On Using Reiki to Heal Past Life Issues

Posted on August 1, 2007. Filed under: Healing, Reiki, Reiki Healing Experiments, Reiki Healing Project, Reincarnation |

Once attuned Reiki will flow where it is needed automatically. Put your hands on your feet and it will still sooth your headache. It needs no conscious direction and yet it seems to me that it works a bit faster at healing when focused. I like to perform a distance treatment of sorts on myself when rooting out a past life issue. I use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol (No Time, No Space, All is One) to help me connect with the issue. I visualize that I am holding a tiny me between my cupped hands as I direct Reiki. If I have a specific memory I will send to that. If I am dealing with a stubborn recurring problem that conventional and complimentary treatments in the present won’t cure I will send Reiki to the first time that problem came up. Say I have a fear of water so I can’t take showers but no memory. I would send Reiki to the first time in any lifetime I felt afraid in any way related to water. Next I would send to the first lifetime, if any, I experienced trauma or death in relation to water. Then I would send to any lifetimes I experienced this fear with and without cause. Finally I would send to the moment this fear was re-awakened in my current

Reiki, while not an instant cure all, is extremely useful and requires the most meager of efforts to use. Lift arm and place hand on problem area. Want an even easier way? Mentally send Reiki to the area for a moment then relax and let it flow until it feels done. This is why I continually encourage everyone I know who is the least bit open minded about energy healing to get attuned. Our world, our societies, and our families need all the Healers they can get. Not to mention Reiki is fantastic at treating bug bites, bumps and bruises. Unfortunately it does not seem to effect my accident proneness!


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All very good suggestions.
Accident proneness seems to be related to GROUNDING one self and since most of us would like to be in the elevated process.
you must remember to ground your self if you are driving a car

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