Reiki Re-Attunements

Posted on November 16, 2007. Filed under: Reiki |

Once attuned to Reiki you never need another attunement as it enables you to effortlessly channel Reiki’s healing energy for life. While one does not need a re-attunement I have found them very useful. Just as regular practice increases one’s capacity to channel Reiki I have found a re-attunement can provide a similar boost. This can be particularly noticeable if a person has not practiced regularly or neglected regular self-treatments. Also I suspect that a re-attunement can increase the spectrum, so to speak, of Reiki energy channeled not just the amount of energy one is capable of channeling.

I have been attuned to Reiki both in person and via free online attunements and while none have been as powerful as my first experience each time I have felt that my channeling capacity has increased. As Reiki is a very safe and gentle energy I have felt safe experimenting in re-attunements like this knowing that the worst that can occur is nothing will come of it. Each time I would still go through a cleansing process after, some stronger than others, and each time I felt that my energy channels opened wider and clearer. I think re-attuning to Reiki is a very useful and recommend it to anyone who might feel they could deepen their practice in this manner.

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