Responsibility and vows, agreements and karmic contracts

Posted on October 16, 2007. Filed under: Karma, Past Lives |

I release all vows, agreements and contracts, karmic and otherwise, that have me take responsibility in any manner or form for things that are not truly my own. I release all such vows, agreements, and contracts like this for this and every other lifetime, here on earth and elsewhere, though and throughout all dimensions and modes of existence. All energies, cords, connections and such will now transmute into divine light and heal all the damages done by these vows, agreements and contracts for the highest good of all concerned now!

In many lifetimes people take on other’s pain and suffering out o compassion and never stop. Others do so as part of religious practice. Some did it as Sin Eaters taking on the sins of the dead and dying to eek out a megar, shunned existence. Whether out of love, out of debt, or other reason these agreements are harmful to the holder and do not allow the one who they sought to help learn the needed lessons from their experiences. I say this as an empath, former indentified patient of my family, and a former sin eater. I first learned of sin eating from a past life therapist. I kept recalling past life fragments that didn’t make sense and I didn’t identify with. She told me I had been a sin eater in many lifetimes which was why I had so much pain and memories of suffering in me that weren’t part of me. She worked with me to release them and suggested a form of this contract release that I have been trying different versions of ever since.I feel this has been of great help to me and so I share it here now hoping it will do so for you.


Diamond Heart

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