5th Dimensional Crown Chakra Activation with Lord Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds her writing and the channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

5th Dimensional Crown Chakra Activation with Lord Kuthumi
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Tuesday, 25 January, 2005 at South Africa

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee, the blessings of integration, the blessings of fusion, balance and synchronicity. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we gather with you upon this day, in the presence of the Christed energy, we wish to acknowledge and honour your choice to be present on this sacred day of activating and integrating into your being the right of your 5 dimension Crown Chakra. Initiating your physical body and subtle bodies into the realm of expanded consciousness, which the 5th dimension represents, is a powerful choice. Bringing higher levels of understanding into one’s energy field serves not only the purpose of your souls evolution, but also serves the purpose of assisting the collective consciousness in its evolution through the various levels of density and fear which drag it into the higher realms of light and positivity.

Your journey into the 5th dimension today, is one that prepares many levels of shifting energy not only in your crown chakra, but also in your base chakra. You all understand the concept of as above, so below, and so it is also applicable to one’s chakras. Therefore, your crown chakra impacts on your base chakra, reflects into your base chakra, and vice versa. Your base chakra roots you to the earth, your crown chakra roots you to the heavens. If you are ungrounded on the earth plane, you cannot be properly grounded in the higher planes. This ungroundedness results in many aspects of the self becoming fragmented, aspects of the self disconnect and one is left feeling scattered, confused and empty. When one is in such a fragmented state, it is difficult to remain centred, it is also difficult to understand what one’s true needs are. This results in the inability to manifest one’s needs as being met, the intentions set do not hold the clarity required for one to magnetically draw to oneself all the tools necessary to fulfill one’s needs. When one sets intentions, the energy is filtered out through the crown chakra. This energy is picked up by one’s guides and spiritual helpers, and it moves through the various dimensions of energy. Now when one it is not rooted properly on the earth plane, one is not properly rooted in order to manifest physically, so there is disconnection at both ends and this means the intensions do not reach their proper destination in order for you to attract what you require.

So being clear in your intentions helps you remain focused and grounded. Fear un-grounds you. Living in the past un-grounds you. Living in the future un-grounds you. One of the major reasons why most people have difficulty manifesting their needs as fulfilled is because they spend far too much of their energy worrying about the past, worrying about the future, and not investing enough focus, time and energy in the present moment in order to create a different future. By focusing on the problems of the past, one perpetuates these problems in the future, because energy grows where energy flows and if the focus is on negativity and fear, you are guaranteed to manifest the same in the future.

The reason why we discussed the base chakra with you as a group today, is because much of what you shall work with through your crown chakra will be to assist individuals and groups in understanding how the two chakras work together. How if one wants to completely connect with Spirit, one also needs to completely connect with Mother Earth. Mother Earth is the feminine aspect of Father Sky, the two are one expression of energy. Humanities journey to earth is important in the sense of balancing masculine and feminine energy. Integrating both principles in order to express a balanced expression of all life. One cannot be rooted only on the earth plane and not be rooted with the sky plane and expect to manifest balance and vice versa. An easy way to remember this is, as above so below.

Your interaction with individuals seeking balance is important because your journey into the mystery schools with Lord Maitreya, will bring about teachings you require in order to understand the higher levels of this particular teaching. I have often said, that unless you know yourself, you cannot know God. Therefore through your personal journey of keeping your crown and your base chakras balanced you will discover tools to assist humanity in manifesting the same balance but more important initially is the understanding of why it is so important. I have already mentioned this before, but I shall repeat it. One of the reasons why a number of people on the spiritual path have difficulty manifesting their basic needs as met is because they are all up in the heavens, so to speak. Too much energy in the crown chakra and insufficient energy in the base chakra. In order to manifest balanced rooting systems imagine a tree, this is how one should be, rooted firmly to the earth, drawing sustenance and energy from the Mother Earth, extending high towards the heavens, drawing sustenance and energy from Father Sun. Tree’s live for a very long time, they trust fully that their needs will always be met. The same applies to all of you, trust that all your needs will always be met physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Now let us begin with the activation:

Close your eyes beloved ones and make yourself comfortable in your seats. Take a deep breath in through your nose, as you exhale through your mouth allow your body to relax and become calm. On your next in breath breathe into all of your chakras and as you exhale, exhale from all of your chakras, balancing them and releasing any tension or anxiety. On your next deep in breath, imagine your body being filled with a tranquil blue light and as you exhale, release all stress, and all tension. Acknowledge to yourself that with every in and out breath your body is becoming more relaxed, your mind becoming calmer and your emotions more at peace. Remind yourself this is a safe space, one where you can open your energy to receive the blessings that Spirit bring to offer you.

Continue to breathe in your own natural rhythm, deeply in and out, and now imagine yourself entering a sacred magnificent garden. This is your personal sanctuary of beauty, of healing and of nurturance. This garden is where your inner child comes to, to receive healing, comfort and nurturing. This is the place where you interact with your guides. It is your safe haven. Take time to observe your surroundings and look at the beauty and the light present. All this beauty and light reflects your inner beauty, and your inner light. Breathe in the fresh air, and imagine every pore of your body open to absorb this pure clear air. Absorbing it into your muscles, into your bloodstream, into the cells and tissue of your body and into every major organ, right to the very centre of your bone marrow.

Take a look down now and you will see that you are following a pathway. This pathway leads you to two magnificent very grand and large golden gates and on either sides of the gates are a dragon. They are the guardians of the gates, the entrance to Shamballa. When you enter into a sacred space, you can only enter having asked permission first. Therefore ask the dragons for permission to enter into the sacred world of Shamballa. If permission is granted, the gates will automatically open and you can make your way into the sacred gardens of Shamballa.

Still following the path, make your way into the world of Shamballa, as you walk you become aware of a bright light coming towards you. The closer it gets, you recognize Lord Maitreya coming to greet you. His eyes filled with light, with peace, with ancient wisdom and deep compassion. He welcomes you and asks you to follow him to the Diamond Temple in the heart of Shamballa. When you eventually reach the temple, Lord Maitreya will walk in ahead of you, you are to remain outside.

Now in order to enter the Diamond Temple, you need to ask permission from the presence of the Diamond Temple and if permission is granted, you will see the doors expand to welcome you in and make your way to the centre of the diamond temple and stand before Lord Maitreya.

Now thank Lord Maitreya for the honour of being able to join him in the Diamond Temple. Thank him for his presence. You now need to invoke the presence of all your Master Teacher Guides and Angels. Invoke the presence of any other ascended Master being of Light whom you are affiliated to. Invoke the presence of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. Invoke the presence of the Sirian Archangelic League of Light. Invoke the presence of the Acturian League of Light. Invoke the presence of the Andromedan Intergalactic League of Light. If you have not done so already, invoke the presence of Archangel Michael. If you have not done so already, invoke the presence of St. Germain. If you have not done so already, invoke the presence of Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek. Invoke the presence of your divine advisor, the being of light who advises you regarding your life plan, who interviews and assists you with making vital decisions based on your divine life’s work.

Now look into the eyes of Lord Maitreya. As you do this you can imagine your crown chakra beginning to vibrate as impulses of light begin to penetrate your crown chakra. These impulses of light are being fed to you directly from the Diamond Temple. If you cannot feel it, simply imagine it. Imagine your crown chakra opening more and more to welcome the light and in so doing, your pituitary gland absorbs more light. The more light you absorb into your pituitary gland, the more balanced and clear your endocrine system becomes, this supports the process of balancing all the hormones in your body. This balance will help you release any toxins in your body that have manifested in the imbalance of your hormonal system that has manifested in the imbalance of emotions, and the imbalance of your mind in any way or form what so ever, connected specifically to your crown chakra. Simply draw the light into your body. Be in the presence and feel. By drawing this light into your body, all your subtle bodies are being prepared to merge fully with your diamond sheath. Your diamond sheath is one of the layers of your crystal body. This sheath ensures that your crown chakra remains open and connected to your 5th dimensional crystalline body consciousness at all times. Your diamond sheath facilitates the process of shifting all the levels of your current consciousness out of old paradigm thinking and belief systems and draws it into the new systems of 5th dimensional integration of light and application of energy.

Feel your body growing softer and relaxing and surrendering to the power and support of this diamond light. While this is taking place, Lord Maitreya steps forward and places his right hand upon your crown chakra and his left hand over the base chakra area. As he holds these two chakras in a powerful alignment of pure highly concentrated crystal light, your entire spinal column is realigned. Your cerebral spinal fluid is also flushed, removing any toxins, blockages and stagnant energy that have resulted in you feeling blocked or stagnant in any way what so ever, relating specifically to your desire to understand, at a more deeper level, what the next step is regarding your life’s work. Imagine this light flowing vigorously up and down your spine, drawing out all density and dissolving all negativity. This light releases any compacted negative energy between your vertebrae and releases any pinched nerves. As this continues, take a deep breath into your body, draw back your shoulders, open your heart chakra and straighten your spine, so that the energy can move smoothly between your crown chakra and your base chakra.

This light continues to intensify, the more intense it becomes, the more invigorated your body feels. This light eventually manifests what is known as your pranic tube, a tube of energy the size and diameter of your thumb and forefinger placed together. The light begins to change to a light blue colour. It now extends a hands length out above your crown chakra and it moves all the way down to your feet and it extends a hands length beneath your feet. Each time you breathe in and out you breathe through your pranic tube. With Lord Maitreya’s hands still on your crown and your base, the Star of David manifests around your body, as this occurs, all the beings of light present, witnessing your activation and initiation begin to chant the “Om” sound. Imagine the vibration of “Om” penetrating every cell of your body. As the vibration continues from the “Om” mantra, the Star of David becomes a three dimensional star tetrahedron -your Merkabah vehicle. Imagine the vibration of these beings chanting the “Om” mantra dislodging all negativity in every cell of your body. The vibration now increases as they take the “Om” mantra to a different note. This new vibration begins to dissolve all negativity dislodged from the cells of your body and at the same time, Lord Maitreya penetrates your crown chakra and base chakra with a powerful flush of pure diamond light, this light flushes through your body removing all negative energy, and any other residual energy, be it an emotion or thought that continues to limit, paralyse or debilitate you in any manner whatsoever. In order to breathe beloved ones, draw the air into your whole body nor just your lungs, breathing out, releasing and relaxing. Your diamond sheath is now ¾ around all your subtle bodies.

Your healing angels now step forward and stand behind you. Two of these angels take their hands and lay them upon your back, whichever areas of your back most require their energy. These angels scan all of the information stored on a cellular and energetic level in the area of your back. Your back is where you store past core issues. With the assistance of your inner child, they begin to remove the root to core issues that you are ready to be rid of. You can imagine this as threads of energy being pulled out of your back, for some of you it may appear like a smoke or a steam emanating from your back, some of you may see what appears to be blisters or boils manifesting on your back. Your healing angels remove all of this energy and will continue to work with you in this manner for the next 25 days. This particular process is for the purpose of releasing you from past time lines, time lines that keep you trapped in old paradigm systems, a belief in lack, victim and conditional love consciousness. Remember it is safe to end these cycles of self-torture and of abuse, the cycles of self-sabotage, self-doubt and self-rejection. Your healing angels will be present 24 hours a day, seven days a week, supporting you completely on any level, and on every level, to heal what your higher self has presented to you to release in order to clear the avenue of light between your crown and base chakra. All that prevents you from being completely balanced, grounded and rooted to heaven and earth will be shifted. Acknowledge to your inner child that it is safe and that you are ready and that all always will be well.

Now Lord Maitreya takes a step backwards, leaving the space for your healing angels to continue working on you. He now asks you to hold your hands up, hands facing upwards and he places his hands palms downwards upon yours, the chakras in the centre of your hand making an instant connection. Lord Maitreya opens his heart chakra to yours making a connection. He does the same with your throat chakra and with your third eye chakra. Lord Maitreya now explains to you that the work of a light worker is a role that in all truth continues eternally. The journey of service and self-exploration go hand in hand. He reminds you that each time you evolve to a higher level of consciousness and each time you experience an initiation, you take on more responsibility as a servant in the field of light work. As you serve so you will be served. As you stand as an ambassador of the truth of Mother-Father God, so the truth of Mother-Father God will always support you and be there within you and for you. Lord Maitreya also wishes for you to know that by accepting to walk as a light worker of the 5th Dimension, you choose to serve the world around you as much as you will need to serve the world within you. Serve yourself beloved ones and serve humanity,and in so doing you serve Spirit. Now if you are clear in your heart and in your mind about what Lord Maitreya has just said, and you still wish to continue and accept the commitment and the responsibility that comes with this activation and initiation, then please, out loud, repeat after us.

“I, (state name), consciously acknowledge that I have committed to the 5th dimensional pathway of higher light work. I accept the blessing and gift of serving as an ambassador of Mother-Father God and in so doing, I rejoice in receiving the blessing of manifesting and experiencing heaven on earth. I acknowledge and understand that it is part of my journey to help my fellow brothers and sisters travel the journey of human life, to manifest and experience heaven on earth”.

Take a deep breath in now through your nose, as you exhale through your mouth, absorb these words into your body. Now take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth and allowing the energy to settle in every chakra of your body. On the next in breath visualize your crown chakra expanding even further, as it absorbs more and more light. On the next in breath draw your entire crown chakra consciousness into the 5th dimension, rooting yourself in the light of Lord Maitreya. Take another deep breath in through your nose, aligning all of the energy and as you exhale, feel yourself calmly centred.

Now let us continue.

“I, (state name), acknowledge and commit to the path of soul service and in so doing serving man, serving women, and children. I honour and accept the gift and blessing of being able to serve alongside Lord Maitreya and being accepted as student of light …” (tape ends)

Questions to Lord Kuthumi:

Q: Lord Kuthumi, the past couple of days but yesterday was exceptionally profound, I was having sensations of almost my brain expanding and all these things going on in my head. Almost as if I’m switching frequencies, could you explain to me what’s happening and where I am at – at the moment please.

K: What you experienced was also in preparation for what you have experienced today. The shift in frequencies have been exactly that. As one raises one’s vibration to higher dimensions, one experiences it in this manner. This means it is becoming even more important for you to hold your thoughts, your feelings and your words in a higher quality of energy. This means that it is vital that you become extremely conscious of what you think, of what you say and what you do, how you do it and how you express it. Is this clear?

Q: Yes Lord Kuthumi. And my memory also seems to be particularly bad, I mean I’ve started having a loss of memory from when I had my first child, but lately I cannot even recall a book I’ve read or a movie I’ve seen. . .

K: Sister this happens because the energy is shifting to other dimensions, therefore certain parts of the short term memory can be wiped clean, so to speak. This does not mean that you have forgotten it forever, sometimes a keyword or sentence can trigger the memory, but this is as a result of these shifts in consciousness. Many people are experiencing it at this time and sometimes cannot even remember what happened in the morning of their day, or the day previous to the one they are experiencing. We suggest to you, beloved sister, that you take into your body a balanced amount of the Omega 3 and 6 oils, this will ensure that the areas of the brain required to retain higher knowledge can do this and still remain connected to the conscious consciousness of what one is experiencing in order to apply that information. It will also nurture your central nervous system and keep your chakra system in balance during this time of change. Is that clear?

Yes thank you Lord Kuthumi. You are welcome.

Q: Master Kuthumi, yesterday it was more around 1:30 – 2 o’clock, I just felt a total depletion of energy. I just felt like my entire body just plummeted to the floor and I felt so tired and absolutely drained, drained. It just plummeted. Why was that?

K You will notice that this happens more frequently. Especially since participating in activations such as the ones you have been. This usually happens when the energy disconnects from the physical body while the body is physically conscious. In other words your soul will move into a higher dimension of experience while you are awake. It is similar to leaving the body when one is asleep, the only difference is you are still awake. We suggest at that time, if it is at all possible, to actually lie down and rest and go to sleep. Often the soul is drawn out of the body or the soul will chose to leave the body at certain times during the day in order to be a part of higher dimensional interaction with high frequencies of energy. The soul is not bound by time and is not always discerning of when it leaves. You understand??

Yes. Very Well.

Q: I’d also like to ask, I think last night I made a kind of break through after years of a lot of illusion and the veils covering what were affecting me and stopping my growth, I finally realized it all had to do with nurturing and healing my inner child. And I think I’ve had a lot of grace and a lot of blessings in, in coming to terms with what happened in my informative years and I had such a long, long talk, another talk with my inner child. Has my process of healing my inner child really taken off now, and is all happening for me – as it were?

K: Do you feel and believe it is.

Q: I think so yes, not I think so, Yes I do know so.

K: Then it is so.

Q: Thank you.

K: You are welcome. Blessings be with you.

Q: Lord Kuthumi, regarding the inoculations for Michael John, (inaudible) . . . the process that she’s doing with the injections that I am concerned . . . . (inaudible). . .

K: Beloved sister, does your daughter have access to the information regarding vaccinations and their effects on the human body?

Q: No, I do believe . . . (inaudible).

K: Perhaps, let her read this first. However the choice at the end of the day is hers, and you need to trust that it is therefore in alignment with the child’s truth. Another suggestion we have to make is that you align with your grandson on the higher planes, call upon his higher self, his spirit parents and his healing angels and ask for divine intervention if the process of immunisation will be of great detriment to him on any level. Ask therefore that his higher self work with the higher self of his parents in order to filter the consciousness of that truth into their conscious minds, so that they feel safe in making a decision based on information they understand. Is this clear?

Yes Lord Kuthumi, thank you very much. You are very welcome.

Any further questions??

Q: Master Kuthumi, may I ask . . . (inaudible) . . . for life, . . . (inaudible) . . .

K: Brother where do you feel the doubt is coming from in your body? Where do you feel it? Do you feel it in your heart, or do you feel it in other chakras?

Q: Other Chakras.

K: Below your heart?

Q: Yes.

K: Then it is of the ego. Therefore it is, should we say, more self-doubt than an alert from your higher self to be cautious. The solar plexus is also one of the points through which the ego works. If one feels fear in those chakras, the solar plexus and the sacral chakra one is tapping into the fear related to survival. If it is in the heart chakra, then one must take note. Is this clear?

Q: It is Lord Kuthumi.

K: Do you feel comfortable with this explanation?

Q: Yes.

K: Very well. Then trust your heart. Blessings be with you.

Any further questions?

Q: Master Kuthumi, A few years ago I was talking with you about information on the new children and my son, you have mentioned it is best to keep them at home till the age of 3 and not to send them to school before that. A few months ago, I had a struggle . . . (inaudible). . . to send my son to school, even though he’s almost two, and not three, I asked for signs and I got the signs, and off he went to school and he seems like he’s doing well and I’m really battling with the guilt about sending him . . . (inaudible) . . .

K: Beloved sister, it is vital that you trust your heart with your son. The information that is being presented applies to the collective energy of the new children, many of them require the home environment up until the age of 3 years old. If it is any consolation, let us tell you that this channel felt the same way, and her 4-year-old son also joined a playgroup just before he turned 2. She too was wracked with guilt until she saw the benefits it had on her son’s state of well-being and mood. Is this clear? Trust your children to guide you as to what their needs are. Do not give your power away to an outer source of information. Even if it is information that the Masters have presented. Is this clear?

Q: Yes, thank you.

K: You are welcome.

Q: May I ask, if he is happy . . . (inaudible) . . . hard to let go of my child.

K: Do not apologise for a mother’s natural instinct. Sister, you are suffering from the separation anxiety more than he is in truth, that is your inner child process. Most adults experience this when their children step out of the nest for the first time. It is a regression to their first experience of being separated from the mother at birth, also the next experience of being separated from the mother when embarking upon their schooling career, you understand? So you are responding to your inner child’s need for comfort as a result of her separation anxiety. So trust that your son is perfect. You can ask that Archangel Michael and his Spirit Parents alert you if in any way whatsoever he is unhappy. You can also ask Mother Mary to hold him in an incubator of blue energy so that he always feel safe, even when you are physically not present. And ask the same for your inner child.

Thank you Master Kuthumi. You are welcome.

Any further questions before we end this transmission?

Q: Master Kuthumi, on several occasions I have tried to access any past life memory or experiences that were holding me back from healing and moving forward, because I always felt stuck and not being able to move forward. I was never able to discern or see any past life, persons or experience. It was a complete blank. I am worried, why can I cannot access those memories?

K: Every person is different. And it is not the way you need to discover what leads you. You saw that for yourself last night as a result of your realisation. Every person experiences their healing process differently, however there are collective experiences and some people find the answers in past life regression. The way you regress is emotionally, not visually, therefore your body may have memories of past lives, but you remember them through your feelings, through your emotions. This manifests in far more feelings and emotions coming to the fore, that don’t necessarily make sense, feeling ways that you can’t understand why all of a sudden you are feeling a certain way. Can you understand?

Q: Yes.

K: So trust that you have found what has blocked you and that visually tapping into a past life, is not the route you have to go. Is that clear?

Q: Yes. Master Kuthumi who are my Master Guides that work with me constantly?

K: There are up to a minimum of 14 guides working with a person at any one given time. Currently assisting you, is Babaji, one of the newly Ascended Masters Yogananda, Master Djwal Khul, the combination of Lord and Lady Vishnu and the Goddess Sarasvati. That appears to be the main influences at this time. Is this clear?

Q: Yes thank you. I’m so touched it is (inaudible) because I have been feeling their presence very powerfully, but I keep wondering and I even, if I could use the term, argue or fight with them to say that, Ok I trust that you are here and that your presence is here, but why don’t I see. Why don’t I hear you.

K: Sister, let us explain something very important. There are people who do not have clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities, as one would understand in those words. However their psychic abilities are in actual fact stronger than those who would be clairvoyant or clairaudient because they are having to trust solely on their intuition and the process of their inner senses as opposed to relying on clairaudient ability of hearing voices, or the clairvoyant ability of seeing faces or other visions. Do you understand?

Q: Yes.

K: Many believe that because they cannot hear or cannot see they are less evolved, that is not true. We are also not saying that those who see and hear are less evolved than those who don’t, you just develop skills in another manner but they are also very strong. Is this clear?

Q: Yes, just one last question, please Master Kuthumi. Will there come a time when I will be able to hear and see?

K: That is entirely up to you. What do you think?

Q: Well I sincerely hope so, because I think I have been waiting since my previous life time probably.

K: Remember there is no concept of time on the other side. So set your intentions and if it is part of your divine plan then it will be so.

Q: Yes thank you so kindly Master Kuthumi.

You are most welcome.

(Tape ends)

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.co.za

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