Connect With Your Higher Self, Guides & Higher Powers: A Reiki Healing Experiment

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Sending Reiki to another being forms a positive connection between you. When you send it to a powerful and positive spirit being this connection allows the being to send back energy to you if you choose to accept. This energy may be healing energy, some sort of attunement, words of wisdom, emotions or pure love. It may also enable them to more easily work on you to correct and heal anything that is not at the highest level of health possible.

Remember that positive beings never act without permission. Any being who does not respect your right to say no and tries to force anything upon you is not of the Light. You have the right to say no to anything including saying no to positive beings. I have turned away offers of help before many times feeling I was unworthy. This guide persisted in offering help until one day I thankfully got over myself enough to accept.

If you like me were inspired by Celia Fenn’s recent Earth Log discussing the Magdalena Matrix being reawakened you may feel drawn to contacting Mary Magdalene herself. If so you can use the technique below. Another idea may be skill is to send to the Magdalena Matrix to assist in it’s opening or to self-treat with the intention that you will gently sweep away or transmute anything that inhibits the opening of this energy in you as much as suits your highest good at this time.

Ground, Shield, Invite your Guides & Allies to help and support
Send reiki using intention or Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen to the being you choose – Your own higher self, Guardian Angel, or other being of the Light. Always specify that you choose to only have contact with beings who have your highest good as their intention and that you only receive what you and your body can comfortably absorb at this time. If you don’t sense anything that is OK. Send for a few minutes and try again. Also know you can self-treat at any time to heal any blockages to receiving communication.


Diamond Heart

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2 Responses to “Connect With Your Higher Self, Guides & Higher Powers: A Reiki Healing Experiment”

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I truly need help and assistance. I am struggling so terribly with knowledge I have been born with, yet have never nurtured, learned about or studied – I have no idea how to connect with all that I know to be the truth and every time I seek guidance I am requested to send money and that conflicts with everything I believe to be the truth. I am suffering, nearly a tortured spirit … knowing what is true and real, yet having little to know understanding of it – no guidance, no support and having a very difficult time connected with anything outside of our physical world. The conflict within me – of always knowing what is true, yet never having any idea about what to do with my truth is growing more and more difficult to cope with each day and causing great upset to me. I have no idea how to achieve a metitative state, connect with my third eye, find my guides or higher self and I truly need asistance, a mentor, a friend, a guide to help me – simply reading about what to do is not working for me – I am sad.

Hello Kimberly,

I have a suggestion for you that I believe will be of great help because it has been so for me. Join one of the free reiki groups and ask to be sent Reiki. Then study the files and take the attunement to Reiki 1. I especially recommend the Reiki_On and Reiki_Path groups for people new to Reiki. Both have a wide range of people from absolute beginners to Reiki masters. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing energy. You can’t hurt yourself with Reiki it would be like trying to give yourself a concussion with Nerf. On these Reiki discussion groups, which you can read online or through email, there are Reiki masters who generously give free attunements. Additionally they along with the members constantly offer Reiki to all who request healing on the lists.

A Reiki attunement gives you a constant stream of positive loving healing energy. Many people including me have found it very healing and helpful in coping with psychic/metaphysical events in our lives. It really has helped me get more conscious control of my empathy. It is my personal belief that all people should consider becoming attunned especially those with strong psychic gifts. Reiki has helped me build a strong foundation for a healthier life. I feel it is very important for anyone wishing or needing to expand psychically and spiritually needs a strong foundation to build upon before reaching outward and inward. Reiki is an excellent foundation practice because you are constantly healing yourself, bringing your mind, body & spirit into balance. Without that balance one is like a gymnast on the balance beam with vertigo.

I am a cautious sort so I always suggest that healing comes before spiritual and psychic expansion. It will help one deal with the changes much better. Also many find their gifts open up gently of themselves as they find their center.

Reiki has no prerequisites. You do not need other skills or be able to meditate for it to work. All an attunement does is open your innate ability to channel positive healing energies.

As for your higher self and guides they are always at your side awaiting permission to help as much as they can. It has taken me years to be able to communicate with them so do not despair. The thing is you do need to sense them in any way for them to help you. Simply talk to them either when you are alone or mentally. Always specify you wish to only contact beings of light like your Guardian Angel – just in case someone of lower vibration wants to play a bit of mischief. Tell them you want help including understanding of what you have experienced. Ask them to help you in every way possible including supporting you at times like this. Practice like this will help you develop a conscious relationship with your guides. Most contact starts out very subtle. One of the first times I heard from one of my guides was when I was eating an excessive number of potato chips. Mentally almost as if I was thinking to myself I heard in my head ‘put down the potato chips. now!’. I ate a few more and heard it again so I put them away figuring whether or not it was me it was good advice.

Diamond Heart

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