A Note On Communicating With Spirit Allies – You don’t have to hear them for them to hear you

Posted on August 9, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Devas, Energy Healing, Psi 101, Spirit Guides & Allies |

While it is much more interesting to be in full communication with one’s guardian angel, spirit guides and the like it is not necessary for you to sense them in any way in order for them to help you. Until the time comes that you can clearly communicate with your allies simply know they are there and keep asking them for help, healing and advice as needed. I am primarily an empath so even now I rarely get more than a sense that my allies are with me. I have had powerful healing occur without a the faintest hint of presence. For example I have used the MAP healing process for over a decade now much of it without being able to work the kinesiology communication the book recommends. I would simply open the Coning following the directions with long pauses since I could not confirm the proper connections had been established. It still worked just as good as these days with me using a pendulum.

So please don’t let your current lack of two way communication with your spirit allies stand in your way of learning to work with them.


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2 Responses to “A Note On Communicating With Spirit Allies – You don’t have to hear them for them to hear you”

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I once had a tape that asked you to ask for the name of your spirit guide. It tried to get the process started by asking leading questions with long pauses(like “the first letter of the name is…” etc.) and in your relaxed state you were supposed to wait for an answer. I don’t know if in my impatience I just made up a silly answer or not. But in any case, I don’t think I ever got an answer from the named spirit or a feeling of an answer. I think the name was so nonsensical that I was just joking with myself. I probably just took fragments from random movies or random thoughts. I think it was something like “Ariatronicon”. I like the idea of a spirit guide. But I don’t think I’ve made any connections.

It took me years to get even a name from my guides and even now communication is rare but improving. People I know and trusted were communicating with their guides so I just assumed mine were on hand and went ahead and talked with them. I would ask for help getting a decent parking spot and as long as I asked a bit ahead of time I would always get one. I used MAP and other similar healing programs that require the help of spirit beings and felt much better for it. I just had so many things happen that I couldn’t help but believe I had guides even without communication. Eventually I started using a pendulum and found this to be good for basic communication.

To use a pendulum you simply need something with a bit of weight at the end of a string. One can use a favorite necklace or a paper clip on a piece of thread. Cleanse it (I use Reiki and ask my allies to also clean it), dedicate it’s use to the light (to make it harder for a malicious or mischievous spirit from jerking me around), and call on the being you wish to communicate with to please take control of the pendulum for the duration of your conversation. Either ask the being to show you which direction is yes, no and maybe or simply ask them to use clockwise for Yes, counter-clockwise for No, and back and forth as Maybe.

It is probably for the best to cleanse and shield your home before doing this or at least a quick banishing. Simply say “Anything that is not of the Light begone to where you can do no more harm”. I like doing things in threes so I say it three times. A moment of caution can prevent much pain and trouble later both in the paranormal and regular life.

It can take time to get the pendulum to work. Just keep practicing a few minutes at a time until it works strongly for you.

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