22:22 Star Gate Anchoring from Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds her writing and the channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

22:22 Star Gate Anchoring
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Sunday, 22 January, 2006 at South Africa

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of accelerated awakening, the blessings of integration of the quantum field, laughter, and peace. Greetings Beloved Ones.

Greetings Lord Kuthumi.And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones today is a very important day indeed for there are many activations taking place on numerous levels. Today is the activation of the 22:22 star gate of the master architect of your universe. This energy impacts on all of you as master architects of the golden age of quantum consciousness. It is also a planetary DNA activation in other words the activation of the divine nature awakening within the self that is moving beyond the ego’s constructs of illusion and pain, and each of you are also connecting with and anchoring through all levels of dimensional living connected to the earth plane, your 22 chakras of your Sirian body. Some of you present here today have already activated the 22 chakras and those are the members of this group who travelled to Mocambique this past weekend and anchored the energy physically with the dolphins at the place called the Point of Gold. Those of you present, you are facilitating the anchoring for the group here today. It will take this group approximately 8 weeks to integrate this energy, to fully anchor it, whereas those who were physically present anchored it in four days. Be aware that your body will respond to the high vibrational frequency of these 22 chakras which I shall go into in depth, for this is something we have asked this channel to take further and to facilitate a facilitators’ workshop so that those of you interested in doing the same activations on others will be in a position to do so for you will have integrated the energy and gone through the 22 initiations that are required of you to hold the Sirian body in place linked to your own collective monad and that of the collective Sirian Galactic grid of quantum energy.

Let us begin with the activation of the 22:22 star gate. This particular activation is awakening within each of you the master architect code. Beloved ones this activation and the awakening of this code will initiate the stirring of your memory as a master architect within the universe of infinite creation and possibility. The quantum world is where everything that can ever come into existence exists; all potential and every possibility exists within this place. All of you here are ready to increase the vibration of your quantum energy body and take it to a higher level. This will result in an accelerated release of imprints, programs and implants that keep you attached to addictive behaviour relating to limitations specifically. It will manifest in the accelerated release of all the ego’s attachments to limitation and its need to create pain and suffering in order for you to feel worthy of abundance and love. This anchors this exact energetic vibration for your entire planet. Imagine yourself now in what is called the quantum world; this will manifest in any way you can imagine it. See it as a place filled with everything you could ever dream of creating. It is the world where endless negative energy can exist, or positive, depending on what you activate within it. It is the field of pure vibration where everything is transcended in a heartbeat. It is where the purest vibration of love passes through. This is the world of unlimited abundance and embodies the threads of the most powerful vibrations of abundance you could ever imagine. Allow the picture and feeling to unfold before you and imagine a portal and make your way to the edge of this portal also known as a gateway. This particular gateway holds the 22:22 vibration. Besides activating the master architect energy it also allows for the perfect energy of balance and cooperation to filter through the grids of limitation which have been created by humanity’s limited belief systems. Simply observe all the activity unfolding before your eyes, your inner eye, the activity unfolding in the senses of your body and all your subtle bodies. Imagine 12 magnificent Beings of Light emerging from the other side of the star gate.

These are 12 of the Sirian Lords and Ladies of the Light who come to greet you and who will facilitate your activation today. These members of Sirius are members of the Grand Council of Sirius. Some of you may recognise them or simply feel a sense of familiarity. Just be within it. (long pause)We now begin the activation of the quantum field of light. This energy passes from the other side of the 22:22 star gate and moves into the etheric field of planet earth. As it does this it penetrates the energy field of all your body’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and on every other dimension and in every other parallel and alternate reality. Allow yourself to simply open your energy to receive this powerful influx of quantum light and as this takes place we shall continue to transmit to you the energy of the master architect. Beloved ones you now stand in a time line in your current lifetime where you are ready to anchor the master grids as an architect of the future world. The grids you anchor as a physical human being on earth are there to facilitate all the incoming souls who shall incarnate within the next 5 years. These incoming souls are the key master architects of the quantum world. They are creating the quantum world in a physical world which you as light workers have initiated. Being a master architect means you need to stand in your authentic power and be clear about that which you choose to create. You will be required at times to create templates which shall become structures of immense light and healing, where others shall journey to for facilitation of their deep and very personal healing journey. You, beloved light workers and others like yourselves across the globe, are now anchoring the most powerful grids of energy ever anchored on your planet in this current timeline of spiritual history. The vibrations are bypassing that which was anchored in Atlantis, which is why we insist that all light workers take full responsibility for their actions and choices, for you are holding in place these grids of energy that shall ensure earth passing through the old template and paradigm of destruction and secure itself in the Golden Age of Quantum Light.

Quantum living will become the order of the day, because you are making it possible. No soul can anchor their energy in the quantum world of light and creation if they choose to harbour the concepts created by the old fearful paradigm and this is the energy facilitating the planetary DNA activation that we are currently activating as we speak. Beloved ones, become aware of how your body feels at this time and focus your energy on your heart chakra and your solar plexus chakra, for the combination of these two vibrations becomes your 22:22 master architect gateway for the next 22 days. This energy will then shift to your sacral chakra and your heart chakra manifesting the feminine and masculine qualities as one unified force of creation, power, will and receptivity, facilitating deep transition and a sense of inner safety resulting in the soul’s ability, in other words your ability, to truly be able to grow with the flow of your life. Trusting in the universe’s ability to work with you and through you is a challenge many of you currently face, and the planetary DNA activation which is resounding through your energy fields will facilitate an easy integration of this new vibration. Imagine the 12 strands of Divine Nature Awakening within you. Let it present itself in a way that you will feel comfortable and be able to recognise it by. Your DNA is teaming with consciousness. It embodies a life force beyond your wildest imaginings and can propel you through dimensions of consciousness you will never be able to comprehend in your current state of consciousness. Just open to it and allow it in.

Say “yes” to the quantum world around you, open your chakras to receive this energy and imagine the same 12 strands of DNA activating within the core of Mother Earth’s body. As your body responds to the quickening of the new life force imagine the mirror imaging manifesting in Mother Earth’s body, (pause) ….and see all the new electrical currents of life force and consciousness spreading through every fibre of Mother Earth’s body, including your own, and beginning to connect with every human being on the planet. Many people do not understand what lies beyond the confines of their pain and suffering. Many people are in the dungeon of their mind, battling a demon that in truth does not exist, one created by the constructs of the ego’s illusionary world manifested as a result of the projections of the forefathers’ and mothers’ ego, pain and suffering, and you beloved light workers are facilitating a massive accelerated release of these suffering, painful bodies of astral energy and giving humanity the opportunity to pass through the 22:22 star gate and experience divine balance and cooperation between the soul and the lower ego, manifesting in an allied body rather than 2 aspects of self, separate and disconnected. War is the old paradigm, beloved ones. There I no need for you to declare war on any aspect of your life. All that is required for you now is to make peace and allow peace to transform whatever exists inside of you that appears to be at war with anything within or outside of you. (pause) …Feel the energies continuing to pulsate through every level of light, every level of consciousness, making it possible for all who are ready to ascend to a new level of their quantum energy body. This applies to you and will result in an accelerated awakening of those souls currently sleeping.

These are the star seeds who have forgotten their purpose and mission, and can now awaken and anchor the original Atlantean seeds of higher awareness and expand the doorway to the quantum world. This results in more 6th dimensional fluid love coming to earth, therefore creating the possibility, the opportunity for more of humanity to enter the quantum world of abundance that exists within the 8th dimension and create heaven on earth.Feel the vibration of my words settling within your chakras, feel it being absorbed into your heart and settling in your cellular memory and being anchored as truth, vibrating in perfect peace and balance with your authentic truth. (pause) We now take the activation to the next level and align your 12 strands of DNA with the other 11 aspects of your self that make up your collective monad, the complete you; therefore you and the other 11 aspects become a strand of DNA making up the full bodied, complete conscious manifestation of the I AM, who returns to the God-head and is all that is. Don’t force it; just allow my words to vibrate through your being and trigger the memory and stir the truth to life within you. Breathe, beloved ones. Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, allowing the energy to move smoothly through all your bodies. The 12 Sirian Lords and Ladies now bring a powerful surge of energy through your energy bodies, anchoring it through your spine, grounding the planetary DNA activation through all your bodies and into your physical body on earth. Some of you may be feeling waves of heat, sensations and vibrations. If you feel any discomfort simply straighten your spine and breathe, breathe in deeply and exhale fully. (pause) Push your hips backwards, opening your sacral area. Draw your shoulders back a little opening your heart chakra space, and the energy can flow a little more freely.Beloved ones, in your mind now please repeat after me:”I fully and consciously call forth the completed grid of the 22:22 master architect template of quantum light, knowledge, love and wisdom. I give permission for the 12 Lords and Ladies of Sirius to anchor these grids in all my bodies and secure it in my physical body under grace, in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways. I ask for the continual flow of all 12 strands of active Divine Nature Awakening within me and the collective body of my monad. I ask that this be anchored through all levels, all dimensions, all aspects and all physical, connected aspects of myself.”Take a deep breath in, exhaling fully, allowing the energy to anchor itself in your body. This is clearing cellular memory, beloved ones, and stirring the memory of your Sirian body which shall now lead to the next phase of this activation which is the awakening of your 22 chakras of your star Sirian body. All of you have links to the Sirian world and the dolphin kingdom.

This process of activation is merging your body with your dolphin brothers and sister who will facilitate on-going initiations with you and will take you through the complete 22 initiations in order to ensure that you manifest all the dimensional levels of the Sirian body consciousness. We suggest that all of you at some time or another in the not too distant future physically interact with your dolphin brother and sisters. This will accelerate the integration of these energies and will seal many of your Atlantean codings in your body and accelerate the rate at which you remember the mission of all your multi-dimensional aspects currently focusing on the earth paradigm.Breathe in deeply, exhale fully, and 222 dolphins begin aligning their energy with you. These beings of pure divine love and joy begin the process of activating your 22 chakras. Beloved ones, we shall give you the explanation of the chakras. Simply allow the words to vibrate through you; do not try and analyse the information or place it in any category. By us verbalising the words for you now it will assist you in integrating the energy for you are in-land and not by the ocean. The ocean facilitates the crystal body’s ability to anchor; therefore imagine your self being in the aquamarine blue ocean. Take yourself into the water knowing that you are capable of breathing within this water and that no harm shall befall you at any time during this activation or at any time should you choose to physically, consciously, be within the ocean. The 22 chakras of your Sirian body activate the original plan of Sirius linked to Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, Madagascar, England, Mauritius, Russia, South Africa, North America, and New Zealand.

All of these places hold the original grids of the quantum world. Your energy is now being linked to all the geographic locations for they too embody the vibrations of the 22 chakras. This is connected to the Point of Gold in Mocambique that we originally aligned you with when we began this activation. For those of you who do not know, Point of Gold in Mocambique is Ponta d’Ouro. This particular point awakens the inner knowing of trust in the inner child, adolescent and adult self. Imagine 10 chakras to the left of your body, and 10 chakras to the right of your body, 1 above your crown and 1 beneath your feet – each of them approximately 12 inches above your feet – apologies, above your crown and beneath your feet, and those to the left and right are approximately 12 inches away from your body. Imagine these chakras like stars in the night sky, filled with a very beautiful electric blue energy. The chakra above your crown is your inter-galactic chakra. We will not give you the Sirian names because you will not be able to pronounce them; therefore what we give you now is a translation of the Sirian language. This chakra facilitates the inter-galactic travel in your Merkaba vehicle on a conscious level. Its full activation through all 22 levels results in your ability to project yourself through time and space, to interact with all the Sirian Masters, Lords and Ladies of the Light, Sirius A and B, and to conduct initiations within the Sirian temples. This is only permitted when all 22 initiations for that chakra is complete.

The diamond is the mineral vibration resembling the energy vibration of this first chakra.The second one is the one 12 inches beneath your feet. This is your stellar solar integration chakra. This facilitates the telepathic communication between earth and all other systems of inter-stellar transmissions, projected by beings currently occupying other dimensional communities, working akin to what you are currently a part of. This too, becomes a more conscious experience as the 22 levels of that initiation is completed. You will notice this becoming more conscious through your dream state. You will not have to have completed all 22 before you start feeling it. It will begin and increase in power and activity for the duration of the 22 initiations.

Your second chakra vibrates to the Quartz crystal vibration, and anchors an energy of immense clarity for the purpose of understanding the reason why you as a star being returned to planet earth as a star seed and which star seeds you are responsible for bringing to life; in other words which star seeds you are responsible for awakening from their deep slumber. Some of you may have been born into a family of sleeping star seeds; some of you may be marrying into a family of sleeping star seeds; some of you may be working amongst a family of sleeping star seeds; others of you meeting them socially or through your healing practice. Feel the vibrations of your first and second Sirian chakra pulsating through your spine, encoding the crystalline structure of “as above, so below”. This will amplify your heaven on earth and all the abundant energies you invest in it. Remember, be discerning about the quality of energy you invest; in other words your thoughts, your feelings and projections.Now move your attention to your left side and the 10 chakras on your left.

The first chakra is aligned with your crown chakra. This vibration connects you to the God-mind of the feminine principle of your universe. It facilitates the deep awakening of the goddess template of universal knowledge and wisdom, and vibrates in alignment with Rainbow Moonstone.

The second one is also in alignment with your crown chakra and it brings to life the memory of all the teachings received by the high priestesses of the University of Quantum Energy on Sirius, where you learnt about all the manifestation tools of quantum healing that would bring about miraculous healing for Mother Earth and every other goddess vibration, resulting in the raising of that particular energy’s vibration and merging it with Universal God-Mind. It vibrates to Amethyst.

The third chakra on your left is connected to your 3rd eye chakra. This is a divine passage through time and space. It is in itself a gateway of ceremony and initiation which the Queen of Sirius takes all initiates through. This is often referred to as an experience known as the dark night of the soul. However, it ensures that every soul pass through the temples of Hades, so as to rise beyond all the limiting experiences of every paradigm known to the conscious soul resulting in reunion with the Sirian template of awareness of all that is. This vibration specifically, is Lapis Lazuli.

The fourth chakra is connected to the throat chakra. This is where Lord Soltec of Sirius presents you with the feminine vibration of 6th dimensional love and takes the soul on the journey through the emotional body of reaction and suffering. This is connected to the planet Chiron or Sha-ron, whichever you know it as, and takes you through the powerful initiation of transcending all the conditionings of the wounded healer becoming the transformed healer. The wounded healer attracts those of similar wound, and together you walk through the same pathway of suffering. In the quantum energy body you move beyond that and you become transformed and transcend all wounds. This vibration is Rose Quartz.

The fifth chakra is connected to the nose chakra on the very tip of your nose. This takes you through the initiation of merging with the divine Mother and this brings all your four lower bodies into perfect alignment with the divine unconditional mother template, the nurturer, the goddess, the guardian; it helps you to become the universal mother.

The sixth chakra on your left connects to your heart chakra. This is where you pass through the 6th dimensional portal to enter the love temples of Sirius where all wounds related to love can be transcended. This is where Lady Nada meets you to experience the integration of the threads of unconditional love. You transcend all need to place conditions on any aspect of your life. This energy, as well as the nose chakra’s energy, vibrates to Strawberry Obsidian.

The seventh chakra takes you deep into the base chakra. This is your chakra of quantum awakening. It propels you through all your judgements of self as an initiator of the feminine energy of love. It challenges your fears around survival as a woman, as a being embodying feminine energy, it challenges your fear of being creative and trusting your in-tuition. It vibrates on the Ruby ray.

The 8th chakra takes you deep into your solar plexus, and here you stand before Lord Ra and the Council of Sirius where you receive the initiation of divine awakening to the true will and power of your collective monad. This chakra is your solar awakening chakra, where you awaken to the sun within, the warmth and presence of the goddess who guides you through the external world keeping you safe, showing you the inner reflection that exists within the external world and helps you burn through the veils of illusion that keep you trapped in time and space, linked to the paradigm of 3rd dimensional earth consciousness. Its vibration is Sun Stone.

The 9th chakra on your left goes deep into your sacral chakra. This is the feminine chakra of peace making. This transcends the violent aspect of the victim that keeps one in a manipulative pattern of dis-ease and pain. One can only transcend the initiation of this chakra when one is willing to hand over one’s pain, one’s need to create illness and wounds in order to receive attention and love from the external world. This is where, I, Kuthumi, stand with my feminine counterpart and challenge you to face the need for disease, for the drama of pain and the creation of wounds and betrayal so as to feel loved. This is one of the most important initiations of this chakric system, for you will not pass the level of 3rd dimensional manipulation until you have mastered this initiation. This vibration is Citrine.

The 10th chakra on your left connects to your base chakra. This anchors all 10 chakras on your left into your feminine, divine platinum body representing the universal mother, and brings the vibrations of the Shakina presence into your physical world. It takes you through the journey required by the higher self so as to align and recalibrate all the senses and levels of consciousness through your spirit, mental, emotional and physical body. Its vibration is Platinum.Beloved ones, breathe in deeply now. As these energies anchor within your 7 physical body chakras and you integrate their vibrations, what they mean and the journey they shall take you upon, it does not matter if you don’t remember it; it is inside you. Take another deep breath in and allow the energy to settle within the new cellular memory being created by your very powerful DNA activation. Now move your consciousness and focus to the 10 chakras on the right side of your body.

The 1st chakra links to your crown chakra and this is where you stand before Lord El Morya and you anchor the red ray of divine will and power in the crown, and you are taken through an incredible initiation of bringing divine will and power of your universal God-mind-self to earth. This initiation takes you through 144 levels of consciousness awakening, connected to the 144 aspects of self emitted by your monad when it chose as a collective body to send many aspects of itself out into the universe. Lord El Morya holds you within the gold vibration of this chakra and aligns your energy field with the mineral vibration of golden and amethyst energy. We believe you call this Ametrine.

The 2nd chakra on your right also links to your crown and this is where the King of Sirius stands before you and calls all the fragmented aspects of yourself together and facilitates a reunion with the external self and the internal self. This is the chakra that takes you through the inner world of separation brought on by the impact made on you by religion and any other separatist movement and facilitates the reunion with the God-mind and your complete monad. This vibration is held in place by the mineral known as Russian Citrine.

The 3rd chakra on your right is connected to your 3rd eye. This facilitates the quantum conscious awakening of the patterns you have created in the external world that result in any level of limited belief system. It is also the chakra that links you to Sirius A and Sirius B respectively.

The 4th chakra on your right is linked to your throat. This is held in place by Lord Hilarion, one of the grand masters of manifestation and brings you to the level of awareness required to take you through the multi-dimensional initiation of bringing pure intention to earth. It transforms your vocabulary to one embodying quantum language, bringing the understanding of the importance and necessity of pure word, verbalizing that which you will bring into creation. This particular chakra amplifies the energy of your words and will bring into manifestation what you speak. It will manifest in your physical word. Its vibration with the 3rd chakra combined, is Emerald.

The 5th chakra links to the chakra on the tip of your nose. This is where Master Jesus himself stands before you and challenges the directions you choose in life. The challenge is for you to build the trust in your masculine self as you’ve been challenged to build the trust in your feminine self, for if either one of those 2 aspects do not stand in alignment with one another you will not be able to create the vibration of pure golden consciousness, and you will find yourself doubting your creations and manifestations. Lord Jesus does not challenge you with arrogance; the challenges come lovingly, gently and this is what may challenge some of you for your expectation is one of pain and suffering. The vibration of this chakra is held in place by Aqua Aura.

The 6th chakra on your right is connected to your heart chakra. Here you have beloved Mary Magdalene standing in the presence of divine love, and takes you through the initiation of power – how you utilise your masculine power to bring your desires to pass. Its initiation and the purpose of this chakra being active will facilitate the rapid release of all past imprints related to the abuse of power either conducted by yourself or you being the victim of such abuse, which has inhibited your ability to fully open to 6th dimensional fluid love. The vibration this particular chakra is held in place with Mary Magdalene is Larimar Stone.

The 7th chakra connects deeply to your base chakra and St Germain manifests his powerful 5-fold flame around you and stands within the midst of all chaos you have created in your life and he asks you to look into the external world, for this chakra creates the bridge between the imagined external world of projections and the authentic world that exists beyond the illusion you have created, and challenges the ego to let go of its fabrications, to go through the 5-fold flame initiations that take you through the 22 levels of initiation of the 7th chakra, and stand in the pure light of the platinum ray, and the ray of 6th dimensional fluid love. Its vibration is blue Calcite.

The 8th chakra extends into your solar plexus, deep into the very core of this chakra. Here you are greeted by Lord Maitreya. He stands within the centre of the white flame and in this presence he challenges you to find the clarity of heart to stand in your power and take action accordingly, regardless of what the external world tells you. The initiation of this chakra transcends all the lower vibrations of the 3rd dimension and catapults you into 12th dimensional consciousness. Here you enter into the temples of Lord Maitreya. You are welcomed as an initiate of the 12th dimension, and you are groomed to conduct such initiations with the sleeping star seeds. You however, must pass it first. Its vibration is Selenite & Calcite

The 9th chakra on the right side of your body extends deep into your sacral chakra. You are welcomed by Goddess Isis into the temple of Horus where you receive the initiation of awakening to the God within. This is one of the most important initiations for men and women alike to embrace the masculine aspect of self; to see it not as an arrogant or aggressive aspect of self, but to see it as the nurturing father, the father aspect of self that is whole in self worth, that provides all that all of the self needs in harmonious, graceful and confident ways. It is this initiation through the God-self chakra that will reveal to you the extent of your power as a collective soul and monad. This chakra also links you to all the masculine aspects of the other 11 aspects of your collective monad. It activates the conscious link with your entire soul family and facilitates the ascension reunion of golden light so that all the members of your collective monad will meet fully conscious in the golden age.

The 10th chakra on the right side of your body holds the vibration of all the 10 chakras on your right, including the one beneath your feet. It is linked to the base chakra and will hold the same vibration on a mineral level with the 9th chakra, and its vibration is Fire Opal. It anchors the God within you on earth, and so the sacred union is taking place which Goddess Isis will facilitate within the temple of Horus, which is linked to the central temple of the final stage of ascension initiation on Sirius which only Lord Maitreya is allowed to conduct.All of these vibrations take you through the quantum worlds of all that you could ever imagine and beyond. This vibration and pattern created by the activation of your 22 chakras has brought the next level of your quantum energy body into full activation and your Sirian body.Please take a deep breath in now; allow the energies to settle deep within you and relax. Beloved ones for those of you who feel drawn to go through this process on a deeper level you will be facilitated in becoming a facilitator of this energy. I am sure you are now aware of why it needs to be facilitated on a deeper level before others can be taken through this, especially the sleeping star seeds. You have been initiated so as to initiate. The energy is of an exceptionally high frequency, therefore be gentle with yourself over the next 22 days.Hold your body in light, in love, and the vibration of God / Goddess consciousness for the next 8 weeks. The 222 dolphin beings present with you will keep their energy linked to you for the next 8 weeks so as to facilitate the completion of your activation. This energy is being anchored on earth. You are the conduits of this light. You are the Sirian connectors between heaven and earth. Know that you will be richly rewarded for your dedication to anchoring the light on earth. Spirit always reciprocates; there is always a fair exchange of energy. Allow yourself to receive it; judge not that which comes to you for when you judge it, question it or doubt it you will stop the flow. I can comfortably say this is the most profound and important initiation that we have conducted to date. I cannot explain in human terms the immensity of the energy we have grounded on your planet today; it is difficult to express our gratitude and our joy at this energy finally being accepted by humanity. You are the leaders of the light; you are the activators and know that every person whom you work with, interact with, nurture, heal and share life with, will benefit from what you have done today, and even those who you will never lay physical eye on, you are also affecting their lives.The master architect grid will continue to anchor itself for the next 20 hours, during which time you will complete the creation of the master architect grid in every single cell of your body, and as the cells of your body regenerate themselves you are regenerating with master architect energy, and all the old imprints of degenerative consciousness will continue to cease to exist within you. Beloved ones, follow your heart; do what you have come to earth to do.

Do not waste another minute for you have a mission. You are on earth on purpose and every moment you live has a purpose. Do not ignore it. We shall now complete the energy integration; take a deep breath in – as you exhale feel all the energy. Imagine it filtering around your body in clockwise and anti-clockwise spirals, and sealing all that has been done.

Give thanks now to the 12 Sirian Lords and Ladies; give thanks to the 222 dolphins who are with you and who will remain with you. Give thanks to all your personal guides, angels and masters who have facilitated this very powerful energy experience with you today. And give thanks to yourself for making the choice to participate in what we have conducted today. Take a deep breath in through your nose and as you exhale through your mouth start drawing your consciousness back into your physical body. Breathe the energy down your spine; as you exhale push it into your feet and into the earth. Breathe in deeply, drawing your consciousness back to earth, bringing all the heavenly experiences with you, and anchor yourself on earth. Rotate your neck, drawing your energy back in. Rotate your shoulders, straighten your spine, rotate your ankles and put both feet firmly on the earth. And welcome back into your body!

Beloved ones, because of the intensity of today’s particular energy activation we are going to make time for questions; however we ask that the questions focus on what has been conducted today. If there is anything you do not understand or anything else you need clarity on related to what we have done today, please feel free to ask your questions now.


Lord Kuthumi, in order to assist us anchoring the energy of the additional chakras is it advisable to physically get the stones that you gave us to work with that, and if so how would we do that?


Sister, this is dependant on each individual’s energy. Those who have difficulty grounding them self would benefit from carrying the crystals as a collective body on their body. Those who do not have difficulty grounding them self may feel at peace simply aligning with the energy with the crystal on an energy level. Working with the crystals physically facilitates a physical experience and physical anchoring, therefore it is entirely up to each individual and what they feel they need. Is this clear?

It is, thank you.


Lord Kuthumi, the 222 dolphins, are they the Amethyst Tablets?


Yes, they are sister. And are the Citrine Tablets related then to the Golden Tablets?Yes, they are.They’re one and the same thing?Yes.Why?Because of the vibrations increasing over the past few months many of the levels of energy are merging to become one energy, not having to be separate in order to facilitate a consciousness awakening or process of healing. The alignment then merges and instead of being separate the collective activation is far more profound and can penetrate deeper levels of consciousness. Is this clear?Yes, thank you. It is held by 44 Ascended Master, is that correct?It is. It answers your questions?It does, thank you very much.(Sneeze)

You are welcome. Blessings be with you, and bless you!


Lord Kuthumi I have a question. I want to ask about something – we are often in doubt as to whether to attend a particular channelling because we are trying to work with ourselves. Where is the balance of doing the one and the other?


This is part of the initiation itself. The challenge of self-doubt is an initiation. This is when one needs to use the system of asking Spirit for confirmation; if one is truly unable to discern for the self what is required, this system works very well. Do you understand this?

Yes I do. Thank you.


Lord Kuthumi I’m about to embark on the 7-fold flame initiation. Would that be incorporated into the chakra that you mentioned with the 5-fold flame?


Yes. It will only be able to anchor itself fully in the initiate once they have completed what St Germain presents them with. You understand this, yes?I was planning to do this on the 9th of March to begin with. Is that acceptable?That’s between you and St Germain!

Thank you.


Lord Kuthumi I’m going to be experiencing an anaesthetic tomorrow. How can I – what must I do to ensure that that doesn’t interfere with what’s happening today?


Sister, we will support you and you also need to ask Lord Arcturus before you are taken into theatre to place you within a crystalline incubator. This crystalline incubator will seal, in other words freeze, all the energy we have activated with you today for the duration of your anaesthetic. You are to visualize the 222 dolphins around you, creating a spiral around your body from toe to the tip of your head, creating another grid of protection around what we have done. It is vital that you do not consume any alcohol prior to what you are going to go through, and for at least 144 hours afterwards. We will ensure that your energy is safe. Is this clear?

Thank you, yes.


Lord Kuthumi, greetings. What sort of processes can one expect to have manifest in our lives as a result of today, not only personally but sort of further in our community?


Sister, one will notice that the challenges come up quicker. Fast and furious, as some of you call it! However, it is important to remember the challenge is not necessarily of a negative nature. Laughter, humour can challenge you. Have you ever been teased? That is a challenge of the aspect of self that takes life too Sirius-ly. Siriusly speaking! (laughter) One will learn that humour is in fact the most important tool the Master uses, for when you can laugh at the self you have overcome the ego’s serious nature. You will also become aware of your body physically releasing which is why a number of you have been experiencing very physical processes over the past few weeks.

The body, on a physical level, is making way for all the new energy. Some of you may find yourself challenged by people’s projections of their interpretation of reality. This may cause feelings of resistance or reactive behaviour, therefore boundaries relating to the self and what the self feels to be true is very important. The reason why this particular challenge has come forth is because in the past people have given their power away to external forces, to define what their situation is, to define them and to tell them what to do, telling them what they feel, what they don’t feel, how to feel, how to live, how to be and how to do. All of that is ending; therefore many people may find themselves with other who still insist in projecting their interpretation of life on others.

This is the challenge of the Master, having to speak when being spoken to, to give advice only when it is being asked, and not to project their own fears and insecurities onto others, especially children. Is this clear?Acknowledged.Over and above this you will find that those who do not vibrate to the 22 chakras will become very distant from you. Some of them may believe you belong to another planet and of course they are not far off – (laughter) – because the way you perceive life will change immensely, for no longer are you perceiving the world from the construct of the ego; you are seeing through the eyes of God, through your authentic self, and you will be able to recognise all the dysfunctions of the planet being the ego. This may at times result in you feeling you wanting to disconnect, to be away from the ego-based, fear-based, lustful-based experiences and people. You understand?Acknowledged.We’re not finished!Laughter.

The animal kingdom will undergo a very important transition as a result, and you will find more human / animal interactions of a miraculous nature. People will discover that they are hearing what the animals are saying; nature will by-pass the ego’s belief that such communication is impossible and it will take all of those interactions to a whole new level. This will then broaden the spectrum of medicine, homeopathic and we pray allopathic too, and the systems of healing that will take place specifically using quantum energy for healing. Many of you who have had perhaps physical ailments will find that you are speeding up the process of recovery because of the level of your consciousness, and this may challenge many of those still stuck in the old paradigm.

Do not give into their fears; remember of the old paradigm projects and rather be the example that will lead the way to what is possible beyond the ego’s construct. You understand?Such as creating new organs in the body?This is one of them, yes. Yes?Laughter. I’m working on that!As far as the children are concerned, they will be manifesting accelerated transitions in many areas of life, especially with regards to the relationship with their parents and between parents. You may find that the break-up of relationships becomes almost ridiculous in the next few months to approximately 2 years, because the energy is so powerful now all the systems of dysfunction must be brought into balance. You can look forward to remarkable breakthroughs regarding education and the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, wonderful breakthroughs with regards to inoculations, vaccinations in other words, where people will be able to accept without fear that the vaccinations have led to many of the children’s physical and emotional as well as mental dysfunctions to date. Is this clear? Acknowledged.The mineral world’s energy will amplify itself and the healings that can be conducted with the mineral world, the crystal world, will also increase in its vibration. This is connected to the Atlantean Technology which shall begin to create phenomenal leaps in consciousness relating to natural technology as opposed to synthetic technology. You understand?Yes I do. Thank you very much.Very well.Thank you.

You are welcome. Blessings be with you.


Lord Kuthumi, you mentioned that there was Sirian plan for planet earth linking various countries of the world, including South Africa. Could you share more information about that?


Sister, those will emerge as each geographical point has had their dormant sacred sites activated. People are linked to different areas; those of you in this group will in fact be travelling to some of those places, and may have already made such trips and it is this memory, this template that will emerge inside of you. These Sirian plans are linked to the original, let us call it, Utopia, where community living was the epitome of experiencing and sharing life. Living as a community, in other words, the common unity, is what will end separation; therefore that Sirian plan is linked to the complete removal of duality and the emergence of unity. This is what will become the new dimensional experience; those who are not ready for it will remain within the 3rd dimensional experience as they choose it to be. Others, such as yourselves, will create a completely different dimensional reality which you will continue to call life on earth but it will be experienced in a different way. Is this clear?Yes, so when you spoke of certain of us creating new templates, for instance we would create a new community of light, that is creating a template?

Yes, it is.


Lord Kuthumi, where was Atlantis physically? Was it connected at all to Ponta d’Ouro?


Sister, in truth, Atlantis is as big as you could imagine your world is now. Atlantis was not limited to one specific point. Atlantis was a collective consciousness, it was a being, it was a way of living; therefore every place on earth has a bit of Atlantis in it. You understand?I do.This is why so many different points on the planet hold such powerful crystalline vibration or other powerful magnetic energies, because these are the collective energies that held Atlantis in place, the Atlantean consciousness, technology and all its systems. It was not one little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, or the Indian Ocean. It was the world. Do you understand?I do.Very well.When we were swimming in the ocean in Ponta d’Ouro, it felt – the ocean was so incredibly warm and supportive, it was like amniotic fluid, and it felt as if there was so much information in the water that linked us to Atlantis, which is one of the reasons I was asking about that.Then it is right for you; that was your experience.Thank you.

You are welcome. Beloved ones, we shall take one final question.


Lord Kuthumi, when we talk about minerals is there also a change now in the mineral elements and how they can be used for healing humanity and other creatures on the earth?


Most certainly, yes.Could you explain a bit more?As the mineral vibrations of the physical earth undergo change, so the same mineral vibration within the body changes. That means minerals that could not be used previously within the body may now be able to be used. One will find that perhaps using an external mineral will be sufficient to charge the mineral levels within the physical body; perhaps even for instance, sucking a mineral will give the energy level required because it will be of a much more high vibration and it will not have the same toxic traces that are currently existing in the earth that have influenced many of the mineral and nutrient intakes for the human body, therefore using a mineral directly would have a far more … powerful influence.

Does this explain it for you?It does clarify it, thank you.You are welcome.And so it is then beloved ones, that we bring this transmission to a close, reminding you of what you have created today, what you have been a part of, and what you are facilitating. May you continue to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, that love you, that carry and comfort you; may you continue to build the relationship of trust with yourself, and with God, with the Goddess, and with Mother Earth; may all that you require to ensure this process comes to its full completion come to you under grace in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways; may you be embraced in 6th dimensional energy of fluid love, may your newly activated DNA serve you in alignment with the God-head; may this quicken the conscious connection of your I AM presence, and may this maintain the bliss of quantum consciousness on all levels for you, on earth as it is in heaven.I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.


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