The Voices In My Head Tell Me to Drink Water

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In both complimentary and conventional medicine practitioners encourages everyone to drink plenty of water. One bodyworker I have worked with always insists on her clients drinking water with a bit of lemon juice in it after a session. I who get few direction messages from my guides have received many a message to lay off soda pop and hit the water pitcher. I procrastinated, made excuses, and tried to compromise by reducing consumption to one cup a day. OK I would say one cup per day yet usually have two. Or more and say to myself it was OK because the rest of the time I only had one! Such a stupid thing to lie about even to myself.

Well in the end I gave it up. No soda for months. I started to detox with symptoms similar to the early stages of a sinus infection. Even with the detox my number of headaches greatly decreased both in frequency and intensity. After about two weeks the detox let up. Yay. Then a stressful event occurred and I decided to just have a little soda. Just one 2 liter bottle couldn’t hurt, right? BIG mistake. BIG BIG mistake. I got a migraine. My nerve endings felt fried extra crispy and my mood and manner were not kind, gentle and considerate. My sinuses plugged up worse than during the detox. My anxiety level rose several degrees to the verge of panic.

My other symptoms brings me to why I am posting about my little addiction here. My third eye started aching physically, my aura felt more permeable than usual, and empathically I felt raw and exposed. This made me wonder if others had noticed caffeine acting upon their psychic senses so I googled caffeine +psychic to find the very interesting channeling I will quote from below. Please read the entire article at the link since I can only quote a few paragraphs without permission.

Caffeine, the drug of choice

by Norma Gentile

Caffeine has the ability to open the 6th chakra, also known as the 3rd eye. It works on the innermost portion of the chakra, that which we would see as the core. Now remember that each sees and understands these things in a different manner, and each understanding adds to the greater whole of understanding.


The 6th chakra contains a number of interesting structures, which at this point in your evolution you typically keep closed. Ingesting larger amounts of caffeine causes the grids on these structures to decay. This allows the influx of energies into areas of your psyche that are private, and not meant to be shared. As a result there is a sense of being attacked by energies with a few words from a stranger, or from even the atmosphere or environment itself.

Your sense of privacy is heightened, and yet it is unattainable. Your ability to ‘read’ other’s is increased, but their pain, anger and other experiences seem to flood into your psychic mind, and lodge deeply in this core area of your 6th chakra. You become a channel for the world. Another vantage point is to note that the energies of other’s truly aren’t entering your mind. Rather, the shared experiences that exist in higher dimensions that link you with all others are being exposed. The grids on the core of the 6th chakra serve as a covering to multi-dimensional portals. When the grids are dissolved, as caffeine may do, the information from other lifetimes and probabilities can be accessed.

As a result, any energy to which you are exposed will trigger similar energies from all lifetimes, from all dimensions, from all probabilities to come into your awareness. No wonder caffeinated people tend to over-react! Since you as a race tend to notice what you call negative emotions much more than positive ones, you are apt to see these first.


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very interesting. I drink tons of coffee. Now if I could focus on some incoming interesting emotions from other people, perhaps I could write better character sketches for a novel. I don’t seem to write characters very well. I guess I’m too much of an amateur.
blog story and poetry in development

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