Healing Request: Fires in S. California, USA

Posted on October 23, 2007. Filed under: Reiki |

Please send Reiki to heal the causes behind and damage from the wildfires and any where else in the world in similar situation. Send to bring balance to every aspect of the region for the highest good of all beings including Nature. Please also send Cho Ku Reis to transmute negativity in the area.

Thank you

Diamond Heart

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2 Responses to “Healing Request: Fires in S. California, USA”

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I am here amidst the energy fields of
S. California (venice) The fire spirits are clearly audible in the energetic sense to me. This is a karmic cleansing, a release of all of the unconscious clutter that those areas take in from the collective mind…is burning. Inspirited comes to mind, as these old winds of change blow thru to fuel the sacred fire… for it is sacred. We are sacred. As the earth cleanses we too are cleansed. Rememeber to call in what you want and not what you don’t want. Energy goes where attention goes, so let’s stay positive, love, bless, believe, forgive, surrender, and trust.
***Om Shanti***

Hello and welcome 🙂

I hope you noticed I was mostly vague on the exact outcome on purpose in this healing request. The old fall back for Reiki channels of ‘whatever is for the highest good’ is a nice why of ensuring we don’t try to move things in the wrong direction with the best of intentions. It is only my hope to gently assist and ease the way to healing in whatever form serves the highest good whether or not that outcome is what I actually personally desire.

And while attention paid gives power ignoring that which is harmful will not eliminate it any more than ignoring my dirty dishes makes them clean themselves. Like my dishes that which is harmful needs dealing with before it turns into a moldy, germ-ridden mess. It is best to deal with it as calmly as possible with “Ick. OH well, let us wash the dirty dishes” instead of “OH NO! Dirty Dishes!!! (cue horror movie music)”.

IMO it is the strong emotion much more than thought that will increase that which is focused upon. And, again in my opinion, any increase possibly caused by the notice of working to eliminate a harmful thing is an infinitesimal increase compared to letting dirty dishes lie.


Diamond Heart

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