Soul Retrieval II: Reconnection

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Soul Retrieval Part I here

Let us assume you have followed the suggestion in my previous post and asked your guides to retrieve lost soul and personality fragments and that at least one has been fully healed and so is ready to rejoin you.


Shield yourself and your home specifying that only that which is of the Light may pass. Anything not of the light is to BEGONE to it’s next highest mode of existence & never to return.

Call in your spirit guides and if you wish also invite any beings of divine light and divine love who have your highest good as their intention to take part.
Ask them to bring to you what piece is ready to rejoin you. Double check to ensure that this piece of you has been totally healed and totally cleared of anything harmful before continuing. Specify that reconnection only occurs if it is for your highest good at this time. If not ask when to try again a few days, a week, or longer.

Picture this part of you as another person sitting in front of you knee to knee. Reach out and hold hands with it. Let it’s energy begin to merge with yours flowing into your hands, wrists and forearms. Let your energies intermingle for a few minutes. If it feels comfortable let more of it’s energy in. This might be all you need to do and the fragment will simply slip into your body and effortlessly meld back into you. Or you might need to do this process more than once before your healed soul fragment can flow completely in. If the fragment or you are not ready to fully rejoin send it back to it’s cocoon of safety with your guides until then. I have left hurt inner child parts to play with my guardian angel and other spirit guardians many times like this as well as asking them to help with soul fragments.

Thank your guides, check your grounding and shielding reinforcing as needed, then go on with your day. It is often best to do things like this not long before sleep time so you have a chance to integrate the changes physically, mentally and emotionally before needing to operate at normal level in daily life.


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