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There are several places on the internet where Reiki masters are kind enough to offer free Reiki attunements. A few offer free attunements to offshoots of Usui Reiki such as Shamballa and Karuna KI. I think this is wonderful because still in many places it can be hard to find a Reiki master to get an in person attunement. Also there is the matter of money. I agree that Reiki masters have the right to charge for their lessons. They can’t live on Reiki energy alone just like the rest of the human race. Yet still it is sad that many people who would love to become Reiki healers cannot because of the cost. Lastly there are those with severe social anxiety disorders and agoraphobia who as much as they desire to learn Reiki cannot bring themselves to attend a class or even leave their home.

Here are a few of the sites offering attunements. Please check them out to find the ones that suit your needs, read the files, and when you are ready sign up for an attunement. Most teachers have Usui Reiki III as a prerequisite for learning one of the newer forms so I suggest you start there. If you go no further that is fine. Many find Usui Reiki all they need. Do what suits you the best! Our world needs as many healers as possible to heal our world and ease our way to 2012.

GrassRootsReiki Usui Reiki I, II, & III

Reiki_On Usui Reiki I & II for both people and pets

Reiki_Path Usui Reiki I, II & III plus others

ShamballaLove Shamballa Reiki plus many, many more. Explore the archives to accept previously sent embedded attunements.

DolphinHealing  Sekhem-Seichim Healing System

May All Beings Know Peace

May All Beings Love and Be Loved

May All Beings Be Healed


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