Psychopomp – Helping stuck souls cross over: A Reiki Healing Experiment

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(edited to make purpose of the post more clear)

Psychopomp: a conductor of souls to the afterworld; e.g., Charon, Hermes

There are times when a soul becomes stuck between Heaven and Earth unable or unwilling to fully cross over from the earth plane of existence. Most often it is due to confusion at the time of death because it was so sudden and traumatic. At others it is because the person is so determined to stay and accomplish a goal such as watching over a loved one not knowing that they may be more effective at this once they have crossed over. Some fear punishment in the afterlife whether they actually deserve as much as they fear or not due to religious instruction during life. Finally sometimes it is because a soul is very harmful and those cases should be left to only the most skilled afterlife healers or better yet, imo, beings like Archangel Michael who when asked will gently but firmly wisk such beings away to a place where they can’t cause harm and hopefully may be brought back to the light.Always make sure that anyone you wish to assist is of the light so as to ensure you do not bite off more than you can chew. While one can always call in Archangel Michael to save the day I feel it better to ask him to take care of things beyond my ability so he doesn’t have to save me on top of it all. Or in other words don’t make one’s guardian angel work overtime unnecessarily okay ;)So far the easiest technique of assisting someone to cross over is once I have prepared myself (grounded, shielded, invited guides to help and support) is to ask that person’s Higher Self and Guides to gather around him or her to assist. Then I ask the Higher Self if I may send Reiki to it to pass along to the person as they are willing and able to accept it. Reiki is sent to the High Self so the person is not frightened by a stranger beaming energy at them in their confused state. Also it reduces the risk that one may get caught up in the person’s turmoil. As an Empath I have found the hard way it is best to take precautions like this so I may safely offer help and healing.I have felt people cross over after a few minutes of Reiki sent to their High Self and others who need it sent many times. I have also known people to cross just with the help of their guides when they were asked to join the person. Do not worry if it does not happen right way. When they have accepted enough healing they will go on their way to the next plane of existence.


Diamond Heart

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3 Responses to “Psychopomp – Helping stuck souls cross over: A Reiki Healing Experiment”

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Reiki healing does not heal a patient overnight though and healers should not promise an instant cure, since this cannot be guaranteed. However, most people may be able to notice immediate results such as pain relief or relaxation, but it is recommended that 3 or 4 sessions at a time are needed in order to confidently shift the energy channeling for your healing path.


While I do not always include a disclaimer about how fast Reiki works and the fact that it is not a panacea I have posted about it several times. In the case of working spirits as they are solely on the energy level I have seen it help them cross over in minutes. Others simply needed the boost from their guides and highself. Still others I would send daily for week after week before they crossed.

When working on in-body people I have seen the amount of time needed to heal varies and in cases full healing is not possible. Reiki still provides relaxation, comfort, and at least some degree of pain relief. I wish it or something else was a true cure-all. Still I am extremely grateful for what healing and help Reiki offers for I have seen seriously ill relatives symptoms eased by Reiki and other techniques like acupuncture in ways their conventional medical treatments did not. They were not ‘cured’ and yet their quality of life increased. Even partial pain relief is a blessing when pain medication isn’t enough. Reiki is a wonderful non-toxic complimentary therapy.


diamond heart

Psychopomp is also a Shaman’s way of helping the sick who are afraid of death cross over in a peaceful way. Yes, I agree that Reiki is also a good tool to use to achieve a peaceful passing.

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