Laying on of Paws: Attuning Pets to Reiki

Posted on August 16, 2007. Filed under: Animal Healing, Reiki |

We all have read stories of the healing effects of pets on their owner’s blood pressure and mental health or experienced it directly ourselves. Yet did you know that pets can be attuned to Reiki just as humans can? They can and very effectively in my experience. Soon after my first attunement I signed up my pets for Reiki level I at Reiki_On a yahoogroup that offers free attunements to Reiki I & II for both humans and pets. Soon after I would find them wanting to not sit on me and family members but lay next to us with their right or both paws upon us.

If you think your pets might enjoy being able use Reiki talk to them about it. Even if you are no animal communicator they will at least understand some of what you are trying to convey. If you are attuned offer them Reiki as you explain so they will have direct experience of the energy before being offered the attunement. Animals like humans have the right to refuse the energy so even if you sign them up for an attunement they may not accept it. You can always ask again in a few months in case they change their minds 🙂


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