Clearing and Shielding Your Home A Process by Amorah Quan Yin

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I recently found out that the Care2 Green Living site has a modification of Amorah Quan Yin‘s house clearing process from her book ‘The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka‘. Since there are limits what one can ethically copy from a book I am happy to direct readers of this blog to the page here: House Clearing for ghosts and Spirits


In the name of the I Am That I Am, I command that this home and grounds be filled with golden light from the City of Light where the Ascended Masters dwell. Only that which is divine may enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so. So be it.

I use the above invocation daily along with Archangel Michael’s Pillar of Light. I suggest using it not just on your home and property but your vehicle, place of work, and any land and buildings in that belong to the public such as roads, parks, and government buildings. Also if friends and relatives grant permission you may include their property in your request although it is always best to encourage people to do this work themselves. We all need to know that we are all powerful and important enough to receive gifts of protection and healing. It requires no special gift or virtue. We are all gifted this way so please use it and pass it on!May all beings know peace

May all beings love and be loved

May all beings be healed


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