Weather Working: Keeping & Restoring the Balances Between All Life

Posted on November 13, 2007. Filed under: Earth Healing |

When working with weather there is always the problem of keeping the balance. For example one merely intends to bring or repel water from a region one risks throwing surrounding areas and even areas on the far side of the globe out of their proper balance. More properly focus must be kept on balancing the amount of rain in one’s region so that the proper amount is restored without leaving others in lack or excess. Just as no one in wisdom seek to alter the balance of the world just so one may create a rain forest in the desert or an arid region in the rain forest even milder alternations in what should be that area’s norm must be carefully considered and changes outside of nature must be avoided unless one wishes to deal with the consequences.

Or to put things more plainly work within the norms of each region when weather working. Work to keep and restore the balance so that no are suffers and none find out that directing away all storms leaves one’s neighbors flooded and one’s self in a drought. Instead ask that which is in excess be gently directed to area’s that need exactly that. Ask that when storms must come they come as gently as possible so only that which is absolutely requires damage receives it. At times storms are needed to bring down the dead wood for the wild things that nest and feed upon it.

Human action is one part of weather troubles in the world today. I find it tragic that it is not enough to do the right thing for some to be motivated to change even in small ways so that others do not suffer. Especially so when I consider how the same pollution has warped the weather is the same pollution that has spread poisons around the world sickening people and animals of all ages. Even breastmilk is contaminated. And so I offer reiki to all hoping that it may heal us all so that all may act guided by their true selves not driven by fear and greed or worn and beaten into complacent despair.


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