Aligning With The Highest Possible Future Earth

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Amorah Quan Yin has some beautiful and powerful guided meditations in her books. I am happy to post this link to her website which has one particularly timely one on her website from ‘Affinity: Reclaiming The Divine Flow of Creation‘ so you will not need buy her book to experience her work for yourself 🙂 IF you have the book this exercise starts on page 125. In this meditation you ask for the help of the Pleiadian, Sirian, and Andromedan Emissaries of Light Her work is copyrighted without mention if full reposting is permitted so I will just quote one paragraph and a few steps of the guided meditation after the link here. If you are impatient to get to the meditation use your browser Find function (Ctrl F in firefox & IE) to pop down to the phrase ‘ Thirteen Chakra Meditation ‘.

The Crystalline Cities of Light

When doing the thirteen chakra bonding meditation with Higher Self and then with Earth chakras, you will use golden infinity symbols of light to make the connections.In doing so, you are aligning with the highest purpose of Earth and acclimating to Earth changes and pole shifts in a manner that produces the most gracious impact possible. The next chapter, Creating Your Pillar of Light to the Great Central Sun, is really a continuation of this one. I suggest that you read both chapters and then do the meditations back to back. If you cannot hold focus for that length of time, then do them individually. I will include instructions for that in the next chapter.


2. Invoke, “In the name of the I AM presence that I AM I call on the Dolphin Star Temple Higher Council of Light to anchor the Crystalline Pillars of Light from the Cities of Light around and through this room, anchoring it as a Sacred Dolphin Star Temple in the Cities of Light, where only that which is divine may enter, and all that is less than the divine, which is illusion, must leave now.”


5. Give yourself a new grounding cord made of whatever color of light feels appropriate to you. Send your grounding cord from your lower body to the Earth Star Crystal at the center of Earth. Ask the devas of the Earth Star Crystal to connect you exclusively to the highest potential future, and to the Christ Consciousness, of Earth.


10. Now call upon the aspect of your Higher Self of the Light that has a full lightbody form. Ask your Higher Self to come and stand in front of you and place the palms of its hands on yours. As you begin to feel your Higher Self’s presence, and the contact with the palms of your hands, breathe the love and light up your arms into the heart. When your heart chakra is full and overflowing, allow that love and light to
fill your whole body.

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