A Few Thoughts on Karma

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Karma is a complex subject so I couldn’t pretend to be an expert even if I wanted to fake it. I can only go by my own experiences, what I have read by various experts, and the theories I have pondered trying to make sense of it all. Many have written about Karma as if it is punishment, purely an eye for an eye. In my experience there is more to it than that. Yes there are times when painful experiences are the mirror of acts committed against others in one or more lifetimes. Then there are series of painful lifetimes that stem from the faulty decision that to avoid being a perpetrator to instead always be the victim.

There are karmic agreements that continue to bind when they no longer, if they ever, served one’s highest good such as vows of poverty when taking religious orders and so in subsequent lifetimes one continues to be poor until the vow is released.

There are karmic cords that tie people to one another in harmful ways. Patterns of behavior can carry from lifetime to lifetime. One can feel responsible for a friend and try to save them from their own behavior because one was not able to do it in a previous life when the friend really was their responsibility and were unable to protect her from harm.

To release karma sometimes all we have to do is ask our spirit allies for help. Say something like “All beings of Divine Light and Divine Love who are willing and able to assist me now please help me release and be healed of all Karma that I do not need to consciously know about or that I have already taken the necessary steps to release. Please do this as a comfortable rate. Thank you.”

For deeper Karma that you need to consciously know about it can be useful to work with a good past life therapist. You can also ask your guides to help you remember anything you need to consciously deal with in order to release it and be sure to ask them to do this at a comfortable rate. This is very important or else you might bite off more than you can chew. I know because I have done just that many times. It is best to ask to start with smaller, less painful issues so you can learn to work with your guides and find out how much you can healthily deal with at one time. If bringing up a past or current life trauma triggers unhealthy coping behaviors (ex. food binging) you are not ready for that level. Instead ask your guides to assist you in healing the issues related to the coping behaviors and help you find other ways of dealing with strong emotions.

I have found Diane Steins’s book Essential Energy Balancing very useful in some ways for releasing karmic issues. I admit some of the things she says are very odd even for me and I wouldn’t have tried the book except an excellent down to earth healer I know highly recommended it. Whether her cosmology is correct or not I know not. I just know I feel like deep shifts are occurring as I do the exercises and I have symptoms (tears, chills) like I get during a good energy healing session. If you are interested in this book see if a library near you has a copy at WorldCatLibraries here.

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