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DailyOM on Playing Mind Games

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The Power Of Disengagement
Playing Mind Games

I occasionally read Daily OM and find something useful. This one resonates with me as I have worked for some time now to not react from old programming particularly in relationships. I am sure most have experienced at least a few times in life how a family member can do or say something that sets you off and before you know it you are reacting like you did as a child to similar circumstances. It is a behavioral flashback that John Bradshaw described in his book Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child. Maybe more simply put is we all have buttons that can be pushed by certain behaviors. It is up to each person to remove those buttons and heal their source. Some buttons come from childhood experiences, some carry over from other lifetimes, with old unexpressed emotions trying to gain release. Some knee-jerk reactions stem from seeing something in others that we are selves are in denial about having as the Daily OM piece points out. I call it playing Motes and Logs. When someone sets off my temper I try to stop and examine what is it’s source so that I can treat it. Am I the one with the mote in my eye or the log? In either case there is self treatment needed even if it is only a tiny speck for my own benefit and hopefully so that there is that much less negativity in the world. Besides dealing with small issues is good practice for when I do find a log!

One more thought – if you find no mote, no log, and no old wound maybe the ‘need’ to encounter that person in your life is simply to stand up for yourself or to serve as an example to others on how to cope with difficult behavior.

Diamond Heart.

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