12th Dimensional God/Goddess Consciousness Activation and Anchoring by Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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Diamond Heart

12th Dimensional God/Goddess Consciousness Activation and Anchoring
a message from Kuthumi channeled by Michelle Eloff
Tuesday, 22 August, 2006 at South Africa

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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channeling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channeling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose. All Questions & Answers from the session have been left in the transcript as we have found the answers too have been of great benefit to our readers.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you upon this day, and to bring unto you blessings of truth, trust, faith and temperance. Greetings beloved ones.

Greetings Master Kuthumi.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones, today we shall take you into the Mystery School of Camelot held within the 12th dimension. We are also activating a 9th dimensional Crown Chakra initiation on a planetary scale upon this day and you, who are a part of anchoring this energy physically, will be assisted and the process will be facilitated by Lady Guinevere by opening the 12th dimensional consciousness of the 12 Divine principles of higher consciousness through your crown chakra specifically.

Beloved ones, the petals of the Flower of Light is what we open upon this day. The Flower of Light embodies the 12 Divine principles of higher consciousness. Each of you represent a petal in this Divine Flower of Light. You have come to this point to serve as an anchor for this 12th dimensional consciousness. Each of you will be encoded with the God/Goddess consciousness codes. This energy is entrusted unto you to hold Light, in service to the Grand Masters, Lords and Ladies of the Light of your Universe. Each of you hold a petal, yet you anchor the full Flowers of Light on earth as it is in the 12th dimension. One of the reasons why we work so intensely with the 12th dimension at this time specifically is because this is the point where the energies meet, where the Masters communicate and transmit consciousness to humanity. Lightworkers have been granted the opportunity to raise their vibrational frequencies and to open their chakras to receive higher quotients of Light and therefore emit higher quotients of Light. And upon this day specifically, the Great White Brotherhood attunes the energy, and you are receiving it a hundredfold greater than in the past. All the energies you are being exposed to at this time, through personal choice and as a result of personal choice, is the first in earths spiritual history. This level of energy in the amount it is emitted at this time, was not even experienced in Atlantis. The concentration of energy is the highest it has ever been in your earths spiritual history. That in itself demonstrates the faith the Masters have in the Lightworkers to transmute the darkness of the old world and serve as anchors of the Flowers of Light for the new world.

Beloved ones, it is also upon this day that 12th dimensional consciousness is absorbed into the crown chakra, feeding your personal Flower of Light with energy, encoding into it the 12 Divine principles of God/Goddess consciousness, and in so doing, shattering 12 levels of the old paradigm matrix related to the abuse of power specifically. Each of you will be guided to places within England, as well as the place you are located geographically as your home space, where you will anchor these 12 Divine principles of God/Goddess consciousness, and the energy you receive today becomes an antenna to receive the transmissions of the higher quotients of Light, emitted through the 12th dimension for the purpose of shattering the old matrix of the abuse of power and empowering the souls of humans to stand in the Light and to embrace their truth and emit the Divinity within, so as to create the templates of Christ Consciousness, resulting in a powerful wave of spiritual illumination, brought into being through the planetary 9th dimensional initiation, through the crown chakra, for your world today. I, Lord Kuthumi, stand as the central emissary of the petals making up the Flower of Light. This is held by my Divine Brothers of the Great White Brotherhood. Standing to my left is Lady Guinevere. Standing to my right is Lord Merlin. And it is the group energy we create, anchored through each of you present here today, who will carry this energy forth. It is upon this day that we anchor this energy of the Mystery Schools of Camelot and you will be guided by Lord Merlin and Lady Guinevere, and my energy Kuthumi, who walked as Sir Lancelot to bring the Light of life, existing within the Light of creativity, to inspire you to continue upon the journey you have chosen.

I shall now make way for Lady Guinevere to present her teaching upon this day, to bring forth the transmissions of the Goddess energy. She will take you through the 12th dimension and into the Mystery School of Camelot. Please begin by breathing very deeply in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, opening your consciousness to welcome her as I bid you farewell for now and make way for her presence. Adonai beloved ones.

I am Guinevierre, Lady of Camelot. Greetings and welcome to you today. It is an honour to be present with you in this place today for we are welcoming many levels of consciousness, that you as Lightworkers, have allowed in coming into being. We say allowed because it is through your personal choice that such energies have been made possible to be shared with other workers of Light. There was a time when there were not enough workers of the Light, active in their consciousness, to hold the templates the great Masters of Light had prepared for humanities ascension process. I Guinevierre, with the assistance of Lord Merlin and that of Lord Lancelot, Lord Arthur, Lord Uther and Lord Galahad, create the Flower of Light template and anchor it within your crown chakra with your permission. This will continue the process of shifting consciousness on a cellular level, ensuring that you as a Lightworker, continue to respond to the gifts of life, ending pain and suffering, and the belief that suffering is the only way to earn ones rightful place within the realms of the great ones of Light.

The time has come for those of higher awareness to let go of the beliefs that suffering, limitation and pain is the only way to lead the self to believe that one deserves reward. Many times we have heard individuals say “no pain, no gain.” That is truly an old paradigm way of experiencing and addressing life. Beloved ones, the 12 petals of the Flower of Light anchors the Divine consciousness of the God and the Goddess within you and I, Lady Guinevere, take you through your 12th dimensional initiation into the full understanding of the principles of Life within Light consciousness. A few days ago Lord Kuthumi performed a process, removing the plug in cervical one, leading to the inhibited flow of energy from the higher realms into earthly consciousness. He will continue performing this work with Lord Merlin, who used the star tetrahedron to remove the plug, allowing the greater consciousness to move into the aware aspect of the human self. For those of you who did not experience this, Lord Merlin will perform the same process upon you today, removing the plug placed there by beings of a denser consciousness. Many thousands of years ago, this interfered with the genetic structure of the human self. When this plug is removed, the structure of your cells change, and emitting the sound of Light, the star tetrahedron creates itself within the core of every cell. The five-pointed star is held within the centre of the star tetrahedron and the 12-pointed star holds the three-dimensional six pointed star and the three-dimensional five-pointed star.

Focus your attention on your crown chakra and imagine a crystal Flower of Light, opening to greet the heavens. And in the centre of the Flower is a 12-pointed star – imagine this taking on a 3-dimensional form, its energy rotating within the core of your crown. This rotation activates the Divine code of the God/Goddess and brings your healing consciousness into perfect alignment with that of the Universal Mother and the Universal Father, the Universal God and the Universal Goddess. The 12 levels of Divine consciousness are created in perfect harmony and balances one another, therefore, each of you present here today, and those who will come to experience this energy through the reading of these words, or hearing these words through each of you, will undergo the activation of having to complete the 12 levels of initiation to take one into full God/Goddess consciousness within the realms of the 12th dimension specifically.

There are 6 feminine and 6 masculine, each is in a direct reflection of one another, therefore the initiation entails that the God aspect and then the Goddess aspect of Self, must master each level of the initiation, so as to integrate the full power of the Divine consciousness we speak of. Each petal of the Flower of Light represents an aspect of the Divine God and the Divine Goddess. The crown chakra is your gateway to the higher dimensions, drawing energy from the lower chakras. It is vital that your lower chakras and your higher chakras always be open in a balanced fashion, spinning perfectly and aligned Divinely and gracefully with the higher consciousness of the emissaries of all that exists within Light and love. Your lower chakras anchor you on earth, your higher chakras or upper chakras anchor you to the heavens. You have chosen a physical incarnation for a very specific purpose, therefore it is vital that you remain grounded in your physical body, as much as you remain connected to the higher worlds. Many Lightworkers find it very difficult to maintain earthly life because they have forgotten the importance of remaining anchored in their physical bodies. Many believe it is important to focus mainly on the upper chakras and then neglect the lower chakras. Your lower chakras are as important and as sacred as your upper chakras are. Earthly living is as sacred as higher living is. The 12-dimensional initiation into the Mystery Schools of Camelot, required that every initiate must have the understanding of balance between heaven and earth. Perfect balance between God and Goddess. Therefore, every initiation you undergo will be a 2-fold process, 6 levels altogether, completing the 12 levels of Divine consciousness.

You will address each initiation from the perspective of your Goddess Self, as well as the perspective of your God Self. Every perspective will be taken into the realm of Light where your soul will show you different aspects of the perspective you have addressed initially.

The first level of Divine consciousness of the 12 levels we speak of is that of understanding how important it is to be grounded on earth and connected to the heavens. This facilitates the full anchoring of your personal piece of heaven on earth. The gateways to heaven are on earth, and this is the process your God and Goddess Self must come to master.

The second level is that of mastering emotional intelligence, understanding the purpose of emotions through the God and Goddess Self, in itself, is a masterful task. Mastering emotional intelligence will open many levels of self-awareness vital to the full anchoring of the Flower of Light within the crown chakra in its whole and complete state, as well as anchoring it within every other chakra related to your physical body.

The third is mastering the egos influence through the mental state, therefore belief systems and attitudes come under scrutiny, those protected by your masculine self and your feminine Self. This addresses all of the belief systems and mental attitudes projected by the men and women in your life: parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, peers and any other influential person in your life. Bear in mind that at times, a person male in gender, may very well represent a feminine energy and vice versa. The aspect of mastering the mind, so to speak, is vital in the upliftment of your energy beyond the paradigms of control as set in place by the very small minority currently governing and controlling humanities consciousness.

The fourth step for each of you beloved ones is surrendering in totality to the inner child Divine consciousness. Your inner child is your core stabiliser. This means becoming like the child, innocent, pure in thought, pure in response, pure in action is what leads you into the higher realms of receiving energy and transmitting energy. This does not mean that your thoughts, your actions or your deeds as an adult are impure. All it means is that connecting with the inner sensibility to respond to the joy of life is what is required, through the God Self and through the Goddess Self. The spontaneous response to life, being in the moment, is what the inner child represents in this particular round of consciousness we choose to focus on with each of you.

The fifth aspect is the initiation of conception. This means you are taken through the journey of connecting with your dreams, your wishes, your visions and the greater purpose of your plan on earth as it is in heaven. Many people have denied their dreams and their wishes because fear grips their heart and their belief in Self is so little they do not feel the pulsations of life inspiring them to entertain their dreams for even a moment in time. Your God and your Goddess Self take you back into the realms of higher Light, reminding you of the Divine purpose of being on earth, and bringing peace to the heart of each human on earth by leading peacefully.

And that, beloved ones, takes you to the final process, the final initiation of the 12th level of the Divine consciousness of the God/Goddess, and that is the manifestation of peace within Self. Peace does not necessarily mean that one will not continue to grow, to love, and become more self-aware. This is referring to the inner sense of peace present, regardless of the external environment presentation to the Self. Living within a constant state of peace manifests the true simplicity of life on earth as it is in heaven. Each of you has the full potential to anchor these initiations Divinely through your God Self and through your Goddess Self, and in mastering it, with completing these initiations, you serve as a Divine Ascended Master, assisting those who have chosen to awaken from the slumber of the old world and you will accompany them into the golden consciousness of the new world.

Take a moment to focus on how your body is taking in air. And breathe into your heart chakra and breathe out through your base chakra. PAUSE As you next inhale, draw energy from Mother Earth, and as you exhale, emit energy into the ethers around you. PAUSE

At this place of Avebury the Great White Brotherhood have gathered with the Sirian Masters of Light. Their ships of Light are above you. There are now 2,222 rays of energy pulsating through the ethers, connecting with the cells of your physical body and creating a very powerful shift of energy through your spinal column and into your pineal and pituitary glands. The purpose for these rays of energy is to increase the rate at which your pineal and pituitary glands are able to take in Light, the quotients of Light, extending into the realms of consciousness around you, will then be in a position to absorb the Light you will emit from your being.

Imagine yourself now within the dome of Light the Great Masters have created around Avebury receiving these pulsations, and everybody present in Avebury at this time will receive the benefits of these 2,222 rays of Light. Surrender to the presence of what is brought to you and simply allow your body to absorb the energies in its Divine perfect way. Take a moment to straighten your spine, draw your shoulders back slightly, opening your heart chakra. Raise your chin a little, opening your throat chakra and soak up the rays of Light the Great White Brotherhood present to you now. PAUSE

As you continue to receive this energy, we re-activate the dormant codes of memory for this place of Avebury. This particular point was one of the original points holding the Divine consciousness of the perfectly balanced and unified God/Goddess energy. The two circles in the centre of the greater circle represents the masculine and the feminine, the God and the Goddess, the Father and the Mother, united to create the greater Flower of Life and the greater love within the Flower of Life, birthing the Flower of Light. Each of you are now beginning to absorb energy through your base chakra, re-activating the Divine code of Light as anchored by the Great White Brotherhood at this place, held in sacredness by the Lords and Ladies of Sirius. We now have 444,000 beings of Sirius, Pleiades, Venus, Andromeda, Arcturus and Indigenous Beings of the Inner Earth, gathering with us now as the energies come. Simply surrender to the Light present and welcome your family of Light from the many dimensions of love who choose to share energy with you today, who have gathered to witness the resurrection of the memory of your ascended master status and the re-anchoring and re-activation of the Flower of Light. PAUSE

Ensure you are breathing fully and exhaling fully as the energy begins to increase in its pulsation anchoring higher quotients of Light through your chakra system. PAUSE
Lord Merlin now begins the activation of 77 chakras aligned to the Flower of Light within your crown chakra reflected directly into the heart chakra. You have 77 activated in your crown, and 77 activated in your heart, representing the merging of the heart and the mind. This also resembles the merging of the God and the Goddess, the Father and the Mother. Breathe as each petal of Light comes to life and the dormant codes of Light bring new life to your body, bring new Light to your being, opening your awareness to the realms of love and spiritual awareness that you to date had not experienced. The activation of these chakras permit you entry to the Mystery School of Merlin, where the Camelot teachings liberate the soul, opening heart and mind to higher levels of awareness. Continue to breathe in deeply and exhale fully. PAUSE

The beings of Venus and Andromeda begin to activate a powerful vortex of Light within the centre of this circle, one moving in a clockwise direction, one moving in an anti-clockwise direction, creating a perfect balance and emitting the Divine harmonious sound of Light. Clairaudiently, the sounds are absorbed into your body increasing the vibration of your pineal gland and filling your pituitary gland with even greater Light. I, Lady Guinevere, walk the figure 8 around each of you. The figure 8 is the symbol of eternal life, eternal Light, eternal love. It is the presence of immortality. You, beloved immortal souls, have walked with me many times and it was that all of us here today gathered at this exact place when Avebury was first created, and we agreed to keep the sacred teachings alive within our consciousness and that we would spread it for the rest to receive of its great blessings when sufficient were ready to open their hearts to receive the power of the Divine love of the great God and Goddess. Therefore it is truly an honour and cause for great celebration that we have made it back here together, upon this day, at this time as was agreed. You were also promised that in our gathering at this time, that a consciousness would be opened to each of you, unique to your Divine code. This strand of consciousness links directly to your Divine Master who has guided you and taught you in this lifetime. This will open another strand of opportunity in your service work. This opportunity anchors an abundance grid in your life for you, an opportunity to manifest abundance in whatever form you choose it to manifest, particularly through service, in Light, to the Light, within the purity of the vibration of Light.

Lord Merlin will also remove a crystalline implant placed between the dorsal vertebrae three and four. This has also impeded the ability to experience Divine love. Lightworkers are ready to have many of the implants removed that have inhibited the flow of energy. One must understand that some of the implants, so to speak, were inserted by the Masters of Light to ensure that the sacred information would not be abused. And because we have all gathered at this time, you are ready, you have completed your initiations, this implant can be removed. You are free and ready to absorb the Divine Love of the great living Universe. You are experiencing the higher quotients of love coming from the Grand Creators of the Second Universe who have been observing your progress for many years of your lifetime. 12 portals, held by the Lion consciousness have been activated, granting you access to the Second Universe, where you will receive great inspiration and the great teachers of that Universe will come forward to work with all of you.

Please take another deep breath into your body, exhaling fully. Continue to breathe in deeply, exhaling fully as Lady Venus, Lord Arcturus, I, Lady Guinevere, Lord Merlin, Lord Arthur, Lord Uther, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda and Lord Jesus stand in your midst emitting the rays of gold, emerald, sapphire and platinum. This creates a very powerful crystalline sheathe of energy around you, ensuring that no incarnate or discarnate being with ill intent will be able to penetrate this sheathe and interfere with your progress in any way whatsoever. Archangel Michael presents his energy to each of you, and with his great sword of Light, Excalibur, he begins to wield his sword in a clockwise direction, slicing through any attachments to any old paradigm consciousness. He now moves to the opposite direction with his sword, slicing through any cords of attachment to old paradigm consciousness. Breathe in and exhale as the energy is recalibrated.

Divine brothers and sisters, your energy is now fully within the 12th dimensional Mystery School of Camelot. You have taken your place within the 12-petal School of Light. I, Guinevere, am ever present. Call upon me at any time should you require guidance or assistance. Listen to the love of spirit. Respond to its nurturing energy. Always remember that you have been chosen because you chose to serve in the Light. In order to complete this initiation, your energy is now drawn into the centre of the spiral created by the beings of Venus and Andromeda, sealing the consciousness of the Divine God and Goddess Self within your crown and your heart chakras. Your 77 chakras will become fully aligned over the duration of the next 77 hours. The mastering of the initiations of the 12 levels of Divine consciousness is what will fully anchor your 77 chakras in your crown and in your heart permanently within your earthly consciousness. This will serve to reflect the rays of the 77 Divine principles of the 7th dimension of quantum knowledge.

Breathe in and exhale fully as Lord Merlin seals the energy grids. In your Light bodies you have walked around Avebury and you have activated all the codes of Light that we made at this place when it was first created. You will remember the purpose beyond the purpose for Avebury being where it is, and each of you will serve as keys to the awakening of Divine Light and the complete dismantling of the matrix holding the abuse of power by the minority who still believe it is their right. It is now the right of the Light to take its rightful place within the core of humanities consciousness and create from that purpose. May your life always be filled with Divine blessings knowing that you are of the Divine, representing the Divine. I am Guinevere, Lady of Camelot and I bid you farewell.

I am Kuthumi and I return at this point. Beloved ones, please keep your eyes closed as we facilitate the complete anchoring of the energy through the spiral of the vortex created ensuring that your energies are in proper alignment with all of that which has been brought to you upon this day. Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, drawing your consciousness down your spine and anchoring it on earth. Continue to breathe, bringing all of your energy back into your body, still connected to the Divinity that has been presented to you today. All the Grand Beings of Light, of love, of truth and Divinity will remain at this place for the next 77 hours, anchoring the energies that you as human beings, have chosen to be facilitators of. You are the seed planters and will activate the seed of memory within those who are ready. Consciously draw your energy into your physical body, feeling the earth beneath you. Place the palms of your hands on the earth, giving thanks to Mother Earth for holding you, for blessing you with her love, for blessing her with your love, for blessing you with her life-force and blessing her with your life force. PAUSE

And so the land of Avebury stirs into its full awakening. The codes of Light are once again active. Thank you beloved ones for remembering the promise you made to return at this time to this place, to sit with us and re-activate the Divine code of Light. Peace and blessings be with all of you.

Take a deep breath in, bringing your palm chakras to your heart, and as you exhale give thanks to your Self. We give thanks to all of those representing and embodying the Light, who stand with you in their Lightbodies witnessing the Divine ceremony of Light currently taking place.

Place your palm chakras on your knees. Acknowledge your ability to be flexible, to bend with the flow of life, the ability to be humble when needed. Give thanks to your knees, give thanks to your legs for carrying you, for supporting you. And give thanks to your body for being the vessel through which Light and energy, love and Divinity, are emitted and received, the body in which you hold energy, and the body through which you anchor energy. Acknowledge for a moment how precious your physical vehicle is and how greatly it has served you.

Once more we thank all of you beloved ones, for your presence today. When you are ready, open your eyes, acknowledging where you are physically and in the timeline you are in. Take a moment to take a look at nature around you. Acknowledge the beauty of nature and the life you are blessed to live. Beloved ones, we will now open the energy to answer any personal questions if you have any. Please proceed.

Question: Beloved Lord Kuthumi, I have a question. I’d like to know who are my Ascended Master guides in this lifetime and my Spirit Parents.

Lord Kuthumi: Certainly. Your Spirit Father is Lord Maitreya. Your Spirit Mother is Lady Portia. The Ascended Master guides specifically working with you at this current time is Master Serapis Bey, Lord Hilarion and Saint Germain. Do you understand?


I, Lord Kuthumi and Master Jesus work with you at specific times to anchor specific rays of energy for the Divine purpose of your soul contract. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you.

You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Q. I have a question Master Kuthumi from Robert who was at Glastonbury, and who would like to ask you, before I present my question, he’d like to ask if he could present his.

Please continue.

Q. He writes, I had a dream of paintings about 10 years ago now and I believe that I am starting to paint what I saw then. My question is am I on the track of what I am now painting in terms of the dream, where do I go from here and how do I incorporate the teaching of paintings into this? Also do these paintings have anything to do with the energies that I received on Friday. Do you have any guidance for me?

L.K. The energies he is receiving is most certainly being channelled through his paintings. He is also being shown a medium to tap into higher dimensional energies and activate many of the dimensional portals that open an individuals consciousness into the Divine creative inspiration of whichever flow of energy they are most aligned with. Therefore the time has come for brother Robert to open his energy beyond that which the constraints of his mind have contained until this point and to move beyond, allowing the imagination to guide the creations. Each painting embodies a frequency of energy. This presence, this complete picture so to speak, is what emits a frequency, resulting in the viewer experiencing a healing, or an alignment, or an opening to a new resonance of Light, love or truth. The most important guidance for brother Robert at this time is to literally create with the flow, grow within the flow, and trust that every stroke of the brush is being guided by the wisdom of heaven. There are many subtle levels of creativity taking place which the analytical mind is not permitted to inhibit, therefore it is an initiation of sorts for him to trust in the creative inspiration, to move beyond the barriers of the human mind and anchor the realms of Light within a form of sorts. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you very much.

You are most welcome.

Can I ask my question now please?

Yes, please do.

Q. Thank you. It’s in a similar vein. For a number of years now I was told that my painting work has included a high quotient of Light, of God Light, of Christ Light and healing energies, as well as many other things that are not known to me, which have been published on the TruthThruTrinity website under Art of Creation. I understand that the prints contain the same energies and I intend as part of my furtherance of service, linking the White Brotherhood to the whole of humanity, to post channelled art containing these frequencies under the banner of Prints of Peace. These will be free to anyone in the world to print off and benefit from. Can you please indicate how Elizabeth and I can best develop on a personal level at this time. And I would like to know who my spirit parents are please. Would you comment. Thank you.

L.K. Certainly, with pleasure. Lord Melchizedek is your Spirit Father, your Spirit Mother is Lady Quan Yin. Much of what has been conducted over the last 12 days specifically is part of expanding the energy for both you and sister Elizabeth. The words that we have spoken for brother Robert resonates into your frequency, as it is the same for you. The Prints of Peace will awaken within each one the Prince or Princess of Peace, the God and Goddess energy Lady Guinevere anchored with each of you upon this day. Therefore it is the consciousness of the Flower of Light that will be emitted through the energy too. Do you understand?

Yes I do, thank you.

L.K. So any new creations coming from this time forward will embody the 12th dimensional consciousness of the 12 levels of God/Goddess consciousness, activating an avenue for individuals being drawn to the creations to undergo their 12 initiations, 6 of the feminine and 6 of the masculine, as you have all been exposed to today. Do you understand?

Yes thank you Lord Kuthumi.

You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Thank you.

Q. Lord Kuthumi, I feel that I am ready and my earthly wish is to start (inaudible) with my own family. Could this be granted Master?

L.K. It is done. Trust, it will be in accordance with the Divine plan of your soul and the person who will share your life and the souls to come. Therefore trust in Divine time.

Thank you.

L.K. You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you sister.

Q. Master Kuthumi. I moved from Portugal to England because I knew that there was a purpose that I had to fulfil. I’m at a point in my life and I’m sure there are a lot of things that I should be doing, I’m at a crossroads. And I would like to know who are my Spirit Parents and who are the Masters helping me?

L.K. Certainly. Sister, at this point, you energy is undergoing many layers of unravelling of old world consciousness. You have also brought many of the collective consciousness imprints of the Portuguese people to England so as to integrate the crown energies. When we speak of the crown energies we speak of higher wisdom. This energy is being filtered through your energy system, genetically, on a physical biological level, as well as on an energetic level, to shift the paradigms of consciousness that has kept the people of your culture in any kind of poverty consciousness, especially suffering consciousness. Therefore the so-called melodrama that feeds their identity, can now be brought into a state of harmony where they can connect with the joy of giving, creating and receiving. Do you understand? There is a very beautiful Flower of Life opening in your heart chakra. This particular pulsation is one that you will share with children. Many children are attracted to your energy, even those souls waiting to incarnate on earth. When you are in your Light body, you are amongst children all of the time, and in your Light body you are part of a programme preparing the Rose children, the Emerald children and many of the Rainbow children waiting to incarnate for earthly living. You prepared your energies by aligning various frequencies of love specifically, through their chakric system, so they can withstand many of the harsh energies they are faced with on the earth plane. The shuffling of consciousness and energy between the Portuguese culture and the English culture is vital because you are preparing the way for those children to be born into the Portuguese culture embodying the crown consciousness which is coming in through the English culture. Now much of the English culture is very conservative as well and the old Victorian ways have stifled much of the creativity and spontaneity of the crown energy. You are an anchor between the two frequencies so that the Rose children, the Emerald children and the Rainbow children to come, will anchor their heavenly principles of spontaneity, of joy and Light. And this is part of your task on earth. Be patient however, for you are still undergoing that personal initiation. Do you understand? The Masters working with you at this time is Master Hilarion, the Ascended Master El Morya, I, Lord Kuthumi and Mother Mary. Your Spirit Mother is Mother Mary and your Spirit Father is Lord Sananda. Is this clear?

Q. Lord Kuthumi. Could you tell me who my Spirit Parents are, and maybe give me some guidance of where I am at the moment?

L.K. Certainly. Your Spirit Mother is Lady Quan Yin. Your Spirit Father is the Master Djwahl Kuhl. The energies you are facing at this time is related specifically to the knee chakras and part of your initiation is about learning to grow with the flow. You have a daughter yes?

Yes. I have two.

L.K. It appears to be the older one, is what has placed many subtle challenges in your way.


L.K. I beg your pardon?

She’s disabled, she doesn’t walk.

L.K. Very well. And that is about trusting, going and growing with the flow. Do you understand? Therefore, learning to love the body and what it is able to do is very important for you. Not only the physical body, but the subtle bodies and what each level the Light body has to offer. Your daughter can show you the power of spirit in what lies beyond physicality. Do you understand?


L.K. The time is coming, in other words you are being groomed for a time where you will access the energy of the higher realms and channel very powerful frequencies through your hand chakras, and through the chakras along your spine, bringing higher awareness and bringing information that will help people to understand, not only the process of the physical body, but the process of the higher bodies, and how being flexible and humble is, in itself, powerful gifts of expanding self-awareness. Is this clear to you?

Yes it is. Thank you,

L.K. Communicate with Lady Quan Yin and Master Djwahl Kuhl. Master Djwahl Kuhl has taken on many of the responsibilities I held. He is holding the energy of the third ray of active intelligence as well as the second ray of love and wisdom on the yellow ray. It is a powerful combination of healing and the combination of psychic and spiritual awareness that brings about the opening of the crown consciousness and leading by example through the integration and mastering of the lessons of those rays. Do you understand?

I think so laughter

L.K. Perhaps you need to spend some time studying the principles and the qualities of the second ray of love and wisdom and the third ray of active intelligence.


L.K. Yes. Is this clear to you now?


L.K. Some of it at least, yes? laughter The rest will make greater sense to you as your awareness understands and integrates what we have said today.

Thank you.

L.K. You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you sister.

Q. Lord Kuthumi. I have been guided now for the past number of years regarding astrology/astronomy and the way the planets are changing and new ones emerging. Can I please have more help to channel information that will enable me to help and inspire others. Also I understand that I am being schooled by the White Brotherhood in the new relationship with planets, asteroids and stars in order to, I think, write a book. Could you please comment on the situation emerging?

L.K. Certainly sister. The energy strand that you would know as Pythagoras was one of my incarnations, and it is this particular aspect of my energies held within the 15th dimension that is embracing you at this time, and taking you through the greater schools of Light, into the other systems of the other planets, introducing you to the frequencies of energies, to the properties and the purposes of each strand of energy. Therefore align yourself with the 15th dimensional energy of Pythagoras and the Great White Brotherhood and all the other energies required to be anchored within human consciousness so as to understand the quantum world existing beyond old paradigm consciousness. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

L.K. And the book will be anchored on earth as it is in the other heavens.

Thank you.

L.K. Does that answer your question?

I think so, thank you Lord Kuthumi

L.K. Peace and blessings be with you.

Thank you.

Q. Beloved Lord Kuthumi…

The group became aware of a gentleman bystander who was standing beside the central distribution stone next to the place where we were sitting, within arms length of Michelle Eloff as the Master Kuthumi was speaking through her.

L.K. Would you like to join us?

Gentleman – I am very pleased to say that this is my favourite spot in the world. I live abroad, I come here in the summer. I come as often as I can here because it gives me energy. I’m delighted to find all this going on – on my spot! And I don’t know anything about it and I’m delighted to be here.

L.K. Come and take a seat.

Gentleman – Well I have to get on a plane from Stansted in four hours time. I’d be delighted if you’d tell me something about why we’ve met, but then that would be selfish because you’ve got so much going on.

L.K. There is much love to be shared here. There is no limitation on what can be created and time will be stretched. May we take a moment to answer this sisters question before we proceed with you?

Q Blessings to you. Lord Kuthumi, over in Egypt within the group of 55, seven of us held the (inaudible) name of Shihan. Would you tell me please what our connections are, how we shall receive our guidance, (inaudible) the purpose of our meeting and, beloved one, whatever you know we need to know.

L.K. Beloved one, the energy of Shihan is what is known as the Shekinah presence. This is the Great Universal Mother bringing the new levels of consciousness of the Great Creator. By this we mean the energy of creation, of conception, of the Divine Self, is what is emerging into the consciousness of humanity through the understanding of the Divine balance between the God-Self and the Goddess-Self. This Shekinah presence will bring its communication, its inspiration, through each of you in a very unique way, specifically through the inspiration of the Mother energy, the nurturing energy, conceiver energy. Therefore through the heart chakra Light is received. Love is received, and the presence of the God/Goddess is expressed in a very unique, very peaceful and very non-judgemental manner. It is this energy that opens the heart of all present, to connect with the existence of love within everything regardless of the individuals personal truth, regardless of the religion they have chosen to follow, and everything connects in a unified breath of life and heart beat of love. This universal flow of consciousness becomes a Divine expression, giving birth to life in whichever form it chooses to create itself, creating a resonance that connects through the heart, through the non-judgemental heart. This moves up to the thymus chakra and into the core of soul consciousness, emerging in a Divine expression so pure and so joyous that nothing of judgement or of negative consciousness can penetrate its creation. Do you understand?
Yes, thank you so much.

L.K. You are most welcome. Peace and blessings be with you sister. Now brother would you like to speak?

Gentleman – I would just like to say that this is my preferred place on the whole planet, and our friend here is sitting in it. Laughter I’m delighted to see you all, but I would love to know if there is anything I can contribute or could be contributed to me, it would be wonderful, but I have to go and get on a plane very, very soon.

L.K. Certainly. Let us then say to you brother…

Gentleman – This is my favourite spot in the world, it always has been for me.

L.K. This particular place today, as we have activated the energies, are holding the Divine Flower of Light of the perfect balance of God consciousness and Goddess consciousness. It was this particular place that was encoded with the Divine balance between the God and Goddess consciousness, and because this energy has now been activated, that particular 12th dimensional consciousness is being filtered out to the world. So, in your choice to gather with this group today, even if it wasn’t at the exact time that all were gathered together, you too will take of this energy and you share it with those whom you meet. Therefore, the blessing that spirit wishes to bring to you today is that you stand within the Ashram of Lord Maitreya, the Great Master of service to the humans of this particular paradigm. It is the purity of essence through the Dove of Peace that you carry Light, that you share love and I, Ascended Master Kuthumi, known in many forms – I have walked this earth as Moses, I have walked this earth as St Francis of Assisi, I have walked this earth as Pythagoras, Lord Balthazar of the three wise men. I have stood on this planet as the Shah Jehan, facing the Taj Mahal, there have been many ways, and you have walked alongside me in many of those times. You have come to receive an activation of the memory within your cells, preparing you for the next level of your personal journey into the world of Light that you have chosen to experience, and through your personal awareness, to express and share with others. You will come to this place many times again, where you will receive more and more of that which feeds your soul. So thank you for bringing your piece of heaven to earth and sharing the creation of the great Flower of Light within the crown chakra, opening the pituitary gland and the pineal gland to receive the Light of the great emissaries of this universe and the universes beyond it. Is this clear to you?

Gentleman – That is absolutely clear and a most wonderful statement, and I’m extremely grateful for it. I would like to ask a question which has to do with more of three dimensions as we know them, and one more namely time. Can you, Lord Kuthumi, tell me, how old in our earth year this place is? When these stones were constructed and who by?

L.K. These stones were constructed by a group of beings – the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Venusians, Andromedans and Arcturans and many of the Inner Earthian beings.

Gentleman – It was much longer ago than the alleged historians think it is

L.K. Absolutely

Gentleman – Was 19 or 29 thousand years?

L.K. 29 thousand years ago.

Gentleman – That’s what I was told by somebody who did a kinesiological test on me and got that out of my subconscious, here on this spot.

L.K. On this spot, yes. Our gathering today is for the purpose of re-awakening all the energies that were encoded into this place at that time for humanity is now ready to begin remembering.

Gentleman – Why such a long interval?

L.K. Because the old matrix which was held in place by a morphogenetic field, created by individuals whose sole intention was to keep their power in place. Now many attempts had been made, however, the density of the 3rd dimension often overpowered many of those who came to awaken. However, there were various levels of consciousness that were awoken which led to this particular time now. So if you can see of the various gatherings of the various time lines is what has made this time possible now. Let us say, everything in its Divine time and for a Divine purpose.

Gentleman – Well, it couldn’t be better, it’s my daughter over there look, and we’re just about to get on a plane to Norway. So I’m absolutely delighted but I can’t stay any longer.

L.K. Very well brother. Blessings be with you and blessings to Norway. Thank you and have a safe journey. Peace and blessings.

Beloved ones, are there any further questions before we end the transmission?

Q. Yes, Lord Kuthumi, I have one further question. I’ve been thinking of different ways that I can serve spirit. I’ve done various different healing modalities and I’m thinking of teaching. I’m sort of confused as to exactly how best I can contribute to humanity. What can I do? You know, healing, teaching, whatever, I need some direct guidance with regards to that.

L.K. What is it that you are most drawn to, or most inspired by?

Teaching, workshops and also healing

L.K. What specific teaching modality, or what modality would you teach?

Self-development, self-empowerment.

L.K. Now if you visualise yourself doing this, what is the first image that comes to mind in terms of how you are doing it?

Through workshops, and lectures.

L.K. Very well. Now what do you believe is the first step to take in the direction of anchoring that physically?

Getting out and actually doing it, you know. laughter

L.K. Plain and simple, yes?

Because I want it sorted, I need to go and learn some more but I’ve been, you know, for the past 20 years I’ve been doing many workshops, learning and learning and thinking well, I haven’t learnt enough to share enough. It’s like, how often would I need to go and still learn?

L.K. Beloved one, you have a wealth of information at your disposal. Take what you have and share that. And if you need anything else it will come, but use what you have at your disposal NOW and share that. That is what is important, otherwise you could spend the next 20 years trying to gain more information and you will still tell yourself you don’t know enough. Every body emits a specific frequency which resonates with others of like mind and like heart, and there are many waiting for you to share what you know already. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you.

L.K. You are welcome. Peace and blessings be with you.

Q. Master Kuthumi, I guess I have more of the same doubt as sister. In Portugal I was a psychologist, but here I find myself with thousands of possibilities, plus I was doing some work in healing which I didn’t finish, so the thing is, where do I move? Do I go back and do some counselling course or do I try and do healing? I’m completely available to whatever, but not knowing where to go, so any light on this would be most welcome.

L.K. Sister, we suggest that you get a feel of what you would like most to do. If you want to focus more on the healing then anchor that intention. If you wish to go in the direction of counselling then anchor that intention by deciding that is the direction you would like to move in. Because then what happens is the universe can support you in that direction. The universe supports action, therefore the actions may be simply making the decision for an action to be anchored. Do you understand?

Yes, but in which way would I be serving more people, helping more in service, that is my question?

L.K. In fact, any one of those routes, because you will be taken to whomever it is you need and whoever it is needs you will be guided to you magnetically. Do you understand?

Yes, thank you.

L.K. You are most welcome.

Q. Lord Kuthumi, can I just ask what, regarding my daughter, is there anything I can do that would actually help her? She’s having physio.

L.K. Sister, we ask you to place the palms of your hand in this formation at the back of her head so that the palms of your hand would be placed in the occipital area and to sit with her like this, and just allow the flow of spirit to move through your hands and into her brain and into her spine. This will begin to activate the energy flow through the spinal nerves in whichever way she needs it. Do you understand?


L.K. Then at times you may be required to move your hand up and down her spine, supporting the flow of energy. Do this on a daily basis, if her body can withstand it. If at any time she says ‘no’, honour it, her body will need some time to integrate. Is this clear? Do it for as long as she permits it.

Inaudible question about if there is a chance her daughter will walk again

L.K. There is a good possibility. Is this clear? Beloved ones, I shall take one last question.

Q Lord Kuthumi. I’m hoping that the energies we received today will unlock doors which will enable me to tap into areas I haven’t been able to access previously, and give me the ability to answer spiritual questions with more confidence.

L.K. Absolutely sister. Set that intention for yourself daily and trust that it will be done. Is this clear?

Yes thank you.

L.K. Very well.

And so it is then beloved ones, that we hold you within the presence of Light, truth, wisdom and love, blessing you with everything you need to manifest the Divinity of your Divine self on earth as you are in heaven. And may all that you need come to you under grace, under perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways ensuring the completion of the Divine journey you have chosen. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all one and with you always in all ways. May the Love and the Light of Father/Mother God embrace you and guide you, shining brightly upon the pathway before you, ensuring that every step you take be a steady one and the Light that you see be the Light of truth.

I am Kuthumi, Cohan of the golden ray of love and wisdom and I embrace you and greet you in love, truth and wisdom. Adonai.

Adonai, Lord Kuthumi

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged. To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.co.za

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