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Starchild 11:11 : The Diamond Grid and the “Sacred Heart” of the Planet

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11:11 : The Diamond Grid and the “Sacred Heart” of the Planet
The Sacred Union of the Christos/Magdalena Energies

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

“For Your Heart is the Creation matrix for the New Earth. It is from and through your Hearts that you will create. It is in co-operation with all the other Hearts on the Grid of Love that you will create all that you desire Together.”

Dearest Lightworkers, this was the message that we gave to you at the 10:10 portal, as you moved through what we termed the “Diamond Doorway” into a new and radiant level of consciousness. Now we can say to you that at this time, on the 11:11, the Diamond Grid has stabilized on Planet Earth. Because of your intentions and your focus, you have healed and created this grid of Heart energy around the planet in co-operation with Spirit and the Angelic Realms. The work is complete. And now, because the Diamond Grid is stable, the Sacred Heart of the Planet is once again stable and able to open out and pulse with the love of the Source that comes to you through the Heartbeat or pulses of the Great Cosmic Heart. Dearest Lightworkers, we cannot tell you what joy is felt in the Higher Realms of Angelic Love as we see the Sacred Heart of the Planet once more revealed in Perfect Love. Indeed, the planet is entering into that blessed and beautiful state of Sacred Union, where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are in Perfect Balance.

This balance creates the power and the energy for the process of Creation in a perfect and balanced way. Dearest Lightworkers, we know that you have struggled to create in a balanced way, and that has been because the balance was not there on your planet. The mental or mind grid had become too strong, and those creations that came from the Heart were not able to manifest in purity and balance. And so, no matter how hard you tried, you never seemed to find that path of balance and joy. But, over the past years of your transformation, you have opened your Hearts and you have agreed to hold the Heart energy so that the Heart Grid could once again become a shining and beautiful reality on your planet. And we know, dearest ones, how hard you have had to work in order to hold that energy as it has connected up from Heart to Heart. We have seen how you have opened your Hearts to the Divine Feminine and how you have opened your hearts to each other. And so, you created a Shining grid of Radiant Diamond Light that encircles the Planet, from Heart to Heart. And, this Heart Grid which radiates Divine Unconditional Love will be the Grid that will provide the foundation for the New Earth. On this Grid you will create in Love and Harmony and with Divine Grace.

So, dearest ones, we celebrate with you the brilliant Diamond Light and Radiance of the 11:11. We see this Radiance surround your Planet as the Heart Grid is stabilized and takes shape once again. On the 12:12 of this Year…the Sacred Union or Marriage will be completed on this Grid, and the Creation of the New Earth will flow out of this Divine Sacred Union.


This will be a time of great power and joy – for the Balance will be Held. The Balance will return. The Great Goddess or Feminine Archetypal energy who holds the Balance in the Cosmos – Ma’at – will once again hold the Balance of Love on your Planet. And, All Life will return once again into a state of Balance and Divine Love. You have made that Choice for yourselves!

Dearest ones, we will be giving to you a “Sacred Heart” meditation in the next weeks which will enable you, as individuals, to work with the Sacred Heart energies within yourselves, and as such, to also work with these energies for the planet in preparation for the 12:12.

At this time, we would just ask that you see the balance of Masculine and Feminine energies on the Planet at this time as the Balance returns. First, dearest ones, with the help of the Indigo Children, you worked to establish the Christos of Christ grid on the planet. This was a grid of pure awareness and Higher Consciousness, that represented the Divine Masculine energies. It contained within itself the energy of the Spiritual Warrior, and it enabled you to reach for your Freedom to create beyond the limitations of the Third-dimensional mental matrix, and to create from the power of your I AM essence. It enabled you to connect with the Power within your being and to open yourselves to receive more and more Light into your Being.

And then, there were those of you who opened your Heart’s to the Radiance of the Divine Feminine. With the help of the Crystal Children, you welcomed the Goddess and honored her in your Life and in your Bodies and in your Hearts. You created a space for her in your Heart’s once again. And you accepted her in all her Solar Manifestation, with her power to create, and her passion and her sensuality. And so, the Magdalena Grids, or the Goddess grids, which had been closed and dormant, were re-activated, and then cleansed and filled with Light. This was not an easy process, and in this year of 2007, many dedicated Lightworkers have travelled to sacred sites all over the planet with the express purpose of cleansing the Magdalena grids and re-activating the Goddess energies, so that the Sacred Heart of the Planet might once more awaken. And so, the Sacred Heart might also awaken in every human on the planet who has made the choice to live in a Fifth Dimensional Reality of Divine Inter-connected Love.

And so, the work is done, and the Diamond grid shines around your planet and the Sacred Heart shines with a brilliant radiance.

We ask you to see how the two grids, the Christos Masculine Flame and the Magdalena Feminine Flame blend together. They are like alternate pulses within that one heartbeat, and they come together to create that perfect moment when the Two Flames of Love fuse to Become One in the Manifestation of Source Love that you call the “Twin Flame”.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, if you ask, what does this mean for you and your planet, we will say that it will mean that you will begin to feel a softness and a gentleness and deep love returning to your planet. You will begin to feel that flow of love and nurturing that comes through the Magdalena grids, to lift your Hearts and Spirits. The time of struggle will pass away, and you will feel how you are supported and loved by the energy that flows from this new Diamond Heart grid. Dearest ones, we ask you to open your Hearts at this time! It is only with an Open Heart that you will be able to connect with the Diamond Grid and feel the flow of the Heart energy as it moves through you and surrounds you with the Love and Grace of the Creator and the Abundance that comes through Love.

You will see this with the “eyes” of the Heart and not the Mind. In time, the mind will come to accept the Love and Support of this Shining Grid. It will come to feel the Love that pours from the Sacred Heart of the Planet. And then, Humanity will awaken to the Love within each and every Sacred Heart on the Planet, and then you will Create a New Earth from that Love.

Dearest Lightworkers, this is your moment. Rejoice with us and feel the Love and Support that flows to You at this time. You are abundantly blessed!

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The Earth Changes Channeling from Kuthumi via Michelle Eloff

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

The Earth Changes Channeling

Johannesburg – 02 August 2004
TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MICHELLE & THE LIGHTWEAVER PLEASE VISIT Please keep in mind that just reading this information will activate a process and shift for you. It is not the same as being in the presence of the channeling Master, but you will still benefit from reading it and aligning your consciousness with the associated Master.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom, to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of deeper understanding, of expanded consciousness, of integration and of _expression. Greetings, beloved one’s. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you all upon this evening, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved one’s, as we gather with you this evening in the presence of the Christ consciousness, we bring to you as a group, and to you as individuals, information that we trust you will integrate in a manner and that will serve to awaken deeper levels of understanding within the hearts and minds of your fellow travelers, as well as within your own heart and mind.

More and more people ask “What is happening to this planet? In the year 2012, will everything come to an end?” Much of the information that has been written to date has manifested fear in people’s hearts and in their minds. Because they do not understand that humanity as a collective consciousness can affect how the changes impact on your planet and all its inhabitants, they feel afraid about the current & upcoming changes.

It is important that you understand that this kind of change has happened before. The planet has experienced polar shifts before. This is evident in history.

It is also important to know that humanity, in this particular timeline, has an advantage, which could in fact pose a problem, but with understanding the problem can most certainly become the solution. The difference is that humanity has far more knowledge and far more intellect than the last time the planet went through this kind of shift.

Other earth changes that have been recorded in your Earth’s history have been the times of Lemuria, and the changes of Atlantis. History is repeating itself where humanity has reached the point of self-destruction because of the lack of light. I say “lack of light” because of the lack of understanding and the lack of sufficient knowledge that can empower people to fully understand what consequences their actions create. So let me make it very clear that the darkness I speak of, is the darkness manifest due to a lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, and lack of wisdom, as well as the lack of love. Without love, light does not exist. Without love and without light, ignorance, fear and negativity become the order of the day.

Now if you observe the changes that have taken place within humanity’s consciousness over the past 25 years, you will notice there has been a steady progression in the expansion of consciousness. The consciousness I speak of is that of awareness, where more light is coming in the form of awareness, knowledge and understanding. However with this knowledge, more questions are arising, and with more questions come more answers, and with more answers therefore, more questions. And so the process begins to mushroom into a whole new and even more profound level of consciousness.

During the time of Atlantis people had learned how to utilize the power of nature by harnessing its forces. However, due to lust consciousness, being the abuse of power, greed and selfishness, the process of self-destruction played out. This was a time, one might say, when the lords of lust and the lords of light were in battle. The battle that took place was also between many highly adept alchemists, wizards, sorcerers and witches – the great manifestors.

This is where we could say white magic and black magic played itself out, hence the lords of light and the lords of lust. Those of lust consciousness adopted a belief in fear, in lack and in loss, and through that wanted to control and own most of what was in their environment. Their belief was that the more they could control and own, the more power they would have. That power would maintain their comfort zone and be a manifestation of more power. Therefore, no loss and no lack. This abuse could not be tolerated and as I have said, it moved into a process of destruction.

Now your planet and present timeline consciousness has been playing out along very similar veins. Most of you are already aware of the fact that 10% of the earths population either controls or owns 90% of the earth’s resources. This is in itself a severe imbalance. Modern technology has unraveled the use of other forms of technology that you would not be able to begin to comprehend. You would honestly believe that it is a manifestation of some kind of science fiction novel, or movie. But let me tell you, it exists. The researchers of your governments do not sit and play computer games all day. Serious research is conducted 24 hours of every single day, of every year. That research of technology has manifested in many levels of separation.

Now without going into too much of the highly sophisticated and advanced technology that the scientists of your planet have figured out, we will speak about technology that all of you are familiar with, of all of the gadgets that are supposed to make your life easier. Many of these gadgets emit radioactive rays. This impacts upon the environment. The radioactivity breaks down the negative ions in the environment, creating positive ions, which is a form of pollution, which not only weakens and breaks down your organic vehicle, but it does the same to everything else that is organic in the environment.

There are already people within media who are gaining more interest in the earth changes, and we believe that not too long ago it was written in one of your newspapers that the magnetosphere over Southern Africa is becoming weaker and weaker. The earth’s magnetic field, which is responsible for maintaining the magnetosphere is becoming weaker because of the pollution of various frequencies impacting upon that particular structure of energy.

Three thousand kilometers beneath the earth there are immense changes happening as well. The inner core of the earth is expanding. There are other core points of the earth that are cooling, which is also resulting in many of the weather changes upon your planet. All of this activity is for a purpose and has manifested as a result of certain actions.

Now it is important that we explain every aspect of this to you, so that you can see that it is a natural process and one that could not be avoided, because it is a part of the evolution of the planet as a being. And it may not need to manifest to the extent that it may manifest, if humanity as a consciousness can begin to pull together and live a more conscious lifestyle. So here we shall begin to speak more of what is happening to the earth, and then we shall move on to how humanity’s consciousness can contribute to supporting the changes as opposed to making them worse.

In fact your solar system is moving into a new energy space. There is already scientific documentation that this is happening, and I urge you to find out more about this. This solar shift is impacting upon the magnetic fields of other planets and affecting their atmospheres. Mars has already experienced changes where there has been a thickening of its magnetic field. Jupiter is experiencing magnetic shifts. Uranus’s magnetic field has already doubled in its intensity, and Neptune and Uranus appear to have had a recent polar shift. Other evidence that things are changing within the solar system is that since 1975 volcanic activity upon your planet has increased by 500%. Since 1975 earthquake activity has increased by 400% and between the years of 1963 and 1993, the manifestation of natural disasters such as floods, tidal waves, hurricanes, twisters etc, have increased by 410%. All of these are as a result of many of the changes that are taking place within your solar system, and not just upon your planet.

Of course it is important to know that the sun itself affects your planet and that the moon is undergoing shifts. Its magnetic field is also increasing. Now, as this is happening and the magnetic field on planet earth is decreasing, many things come into play. The impact of the lessening of the magnetic field on the human as a being is not entirely known as yet. We can however say that what humanity is currently experiencing within themselves, is as a result of the weakening of the magnetic field.

One of the side effects of the weakening of the magnetic field is people having difficulty maintaining balance within their bodies energetically. It will also affect people in that they will have difficulty maintaining physical balance, not being able to literally, stand up properly. Mood swings are another of the symptoms, and the emotional body becoming erratic and volatile in its _expression, and in the person’s ability to try and maintain some level of balance. People may find that at times this is easy, and at other times extremely difficult.

This is why the masters and many other grand teachers have been stressing the importance of becoming more consciously aware of how your actions affect the planet. Blindly moving through life with absolutely no consideration for other forms of life has created problems. The ozone layer is becoming weaker. This you have known for a very long time, but what we have found is that still much of the human race has not grasped how serious this is. Much of the human race has not grasped it because they do not understand it. Why is this? Because humanity still to a large extent believes in separation and duality.

Now no one can blame humans for thinking this because everything in your world confirms and affirms separation. If you are not united, as in physically joined to a tree, to a flower, to an apple or a banana, to a monkey or your mother, then how on earth can you be one with it? We say this because this is how many humans understand energy. Many people do not see the physical manifestations of Spirit, so if God is not dropping in for tea, (or any of the masters or angels) then how on earth can it be real, and how can you be one with it?

Therefore it is up to each and every single individual, through their own experience of manifesting unity, to guide others to understand the same. If a person does not understand that using products that are full of chemicals, are going to poison the earth, there is absolutely no reason for them to stop. But if people begin to understand that if you use products that poison mother earth, the seeds that you plant will produce poisonous food, which will then be lacking in nutrients and vital minerals. Your cattle will begin to die, or even worse they will produce young with deformities. Even their children may be born with deformities. The lack of education regarding such subjects has become a problem beloved ones.

Now moving out of rural consciousness and into suburban consciousness, there are even those who we would consider more dangerous, who do the same thing. The difference is that they have more resources at their disposal to cause damage. Let us look at the major companies of the planet that are responsible for manufacturing products that have poisons in them which are poisoning the earth. Because they are such large entities very few people will make a stand. One of the reasons why a stand is never taken is because the majority of society has absolutely no clue as to what is going on, but it is becoming evident by the impact that it is having upon your children. For those of you who are becoming more and more sensitive you are finding that your bodies are beginning to reject certain foods, and certain drinks, and that you are reacting in an allergic manner to products used upon your bodies, and in your environments. All of these beloved ones, are also red flags to show you that something is not working in harmony with the earth. What is being created and produced en masse is not for the good of the whole.

Now some people, (maybe even those who may come to read this material), may think, “Oh my goodness, there’s someone else, another conspiracy theorist, running off at a tangent.” This has absolutely nothing to do with that. This is fact. And if anyone who wishes to take the time to research the archives of many research institutions, and many of the faculties in government, you will find hard evidence that this is in actual fact true. The more you know, the more tools you have at your disposal beloved ones to make changes.

What we are trying to explain and bring into understanding, is that to become more conscious, is to become more responsible. The more responsible you are, the better the chances are that mother earth will be able to completely detoxify herself, and to bring her body back into balance. How do you think your body would be able to function, if every single day you were pumping very dangerous poisons into your body. Add a little sprinkling of rat poison or a few of the ingredients of many of the detergents used to your salad dressing, and see what that does to your body. This is what is happening to mother earth. She is being poisoned. This is also contributing to the shifts, because she as a body is also having to adapt and to support herself, in bringing her health back into balance.

Now let us take you out into space again to show you why you are all one, and how everything affects everything, even if it is out of your vision. As a result of all the shifts taking place within your solar system, more and more plasma is growing. This is resulting in many of the planets becoming brighter. All you need to do is to look up at Venus, and you will notice how much brighter that planet has become. And the plasma is expanding and increasing in many other areas in outer space. With all of these shifts and changes, thickening on certain areas, and thinning in other areas, the dangerous gamma rays are slowly also beginning to seep through, and this is very dangerous to the human body itself.

Again, within your physical reality, if there is more conscious living, you will be able to make sure that the impact is not as severe as it has been in past shifts, and as severe as it can become.

Humanities consciousness is now undergoing an even deeper shift because you are moving out of 3 dimensional consciousness, and into fifth dimensional consciousness. The magnetic changes automatically bring this about. Your planet is also already fully in the photon belt, and the photon energy is impacting upon your lives, upon your emotions, and upon your world collectively.

The journey through spiritual evolution has brought about a lot of understanding, but it has also manifested an immense amount of fear. Much of what has been written about and predicted by many prophets has already manifested, however, much of it has not manifested. And it is important that we bring this information to you now, because this also shows you that what has been predicted can be reversed. All predictions are based on a probable outcome, which is information gathered and based on past predictable behavior. So if the predictable behavior is changed, the prediction no longer manifests. And this is the aim of making all of this information available to all of you, in order to make you aware of how these shifts and changes taking place in the consciousness of humanity and within the physical structure of your earth and the solar system, can bring about changes that will support your earth, as opposed to destroying her, as has happened in the past.

Here also, it is very important that we remind all of you that as you have consciously chosen to make changes in your life, you are contributing to the shift in the collective consciousness of your planet. Each individual’s change makes the collective change. The more you learn, the more you know, and the more others will come to learn and to know.

So the whole modern movement in spiritual evolution is great cause for celebration, because even though all of this activity is taking place on a physical level, spiritually man is evolving at a rate that has not ever been recorded in earth’s history. The combination of intellectual intelligence, coupled with the strengthening of emotional intelligence, is creating the integration of spiritual intelligence. Beloved ones, without spiritual intelligence, one cannot be balanced. So physiologically humans have evolved, and intellectually humans have evolved, and those were the first two aspects of humanities evolution. And now the vital conclusion of that evolution into the golden age is the union of emotion and spirit.

That union of emotion and spirit, brought into balance with the physiological process and the intellectual process, will bring all the elements together to allow the state of evolution and ascension that your planet is working towards, to happen. This manifests in the greatest blessing of all for your planet, and that is the marriage and union of spirit and science.

Therefore it is very important for each person to understand the science within themselves, to understand that spirit animates each one of you, and that there is a science within that animation. It is important to understand that everything that has brought life, as you know it into creation, was as a result of that fusion of spirit and science. One could not and cannot exist without the other, and growth cannot reach the full potential of _expression and experience without spirit and science together as one.

So the spiritual movement as it is becoming more commonly known at this time, is for a very, very valuable purpose, and all of you actively building platforms upon which to build your lives, are the catalysts in creating the union between science and spirit. Everything that is breaking down within governments and organized institutions and religion, is a part of that process of bringing about deeper understanding and awareness, and expanding consciousness. This is so that people can feel empowered to individually and collectively stand up to the powers of lust, in order to bring balance back to the earth, and to bring balance back to life. That balance will re-manifest itself as the process of evolution revolves through another spiral of geological _expression and physiological ascension.

Now let us also tell you that many of the changes happening in your solar system, which are affecting your earth, are impacting upon your physical body, which is also bringing about what is being termed as the mutation or awakening of dormant strands of DNA in the human body. The frequencies of the earth are also increasing, which is allowing less density to be present, and of course the less density, the faster the rate at which energy vibrates. Therefore one is able to shift into other dimensions of reality.

Many of you are experiencing instant karma. It is not so much instant karma beloved ones. This is evidence that you are working in fifth dimensional consciousness. The fifth dimensional consciousness is such, that as you think, so you create. So if you feed energy into fear, what happens is that fear manifests. You invest energy in light, and light manifests. Now what happens is that many people are vacillating between the two, because third dimensional lower frequency still affects many people. So, on your good days, you find yourself experiencing higher levels of consciousness. This is also influenced by the shifts and changes within the magnetic fields of your planet. The reason is that you too are made up of electro magnetic energy. Magnetite is present in the human brain, so it also impacts within all the aspects that the brain governs and rules, and even those that you have not yet tapped into. This results in the neurological system being affected.

So there you can see how you are all connected to every level of energy within, upon and around your planet.

Now the geomagnetic field of the planet is being affected by the electromagnetic energy that is being created through a lot of modern technology, and especially many of those that you are not aware of. This is impacting on the animal kingdom. Birds, whales and dolphins, mice, and even molluscs use the geomagnetic fields to travel. Whales and dolphins however use the total geomagnetic field, not to find direction, but to assess the depth of water to know where it is shallow and where there is land. Now, where that geomagnetic field is affected, whales and dolphins beach themselves. If you go back in history not too far past, you will see that when there have been times when dolphins and whales have beached themselves, the geomagnetic field has been going through a severe process of shift, a kind of polar shift. So in actual fact, the polar shift is already in motion and the so-called prelude is not such as many have believed it to be.

Again, this is the reason why we are giving you this information. Because the more you know how it is affecting your planet, the more you can do to ensure that what has been playing itself out, does not continue in its intensity.

So beloved ones, taking responsibility for your life as an individual, by imagining yourself as a planet, as a body of light within the solar system you can begin to understand how important it is to take care of that planet, and in order for it to provide all of the resources required for all its inhabitants to function properly and in optimum energy. You can call the inhabitants of the your planet (your body) your organs and everything else that makes that planet (your body) tick. By taking full responsibility for ensuring that you know as much as you can possibly know, about what your actions, your thoughts and your words do, the more you are able to contribute to the change. We are not speaking only of your physical actions, but of your internal reactions as well.

We said earlier on that the moon’s magnetic field is also increasing. Now I’m sure that many of you are aware of the fact that on the day prior to the full moon, the day of the full moon, and the day after the full moon, many people behave like lunar-tics, behaving in ways that are out of character. There is an immense amount of emotional energy during that time when suicides, murders, rapes and violent acts take place, more so on these three days than at any other time of the month. Now because the moon’s energy is becoming stronger, you are also witnessing many more violent acts. This is where the moon, in a way, is supporting the process of revealing what is out of balance in society, within their emotional and within their mental bodies.

So, the more spiritually aware you become, the more emotionally aware you become. The more emotionally aware you become, automatically your spiritual awareness expands, and with that, your intellectual awareness and strength can be utilized to create physical change, that will support the physiology of your body and the physiology of your environment. So everything works together. Again, a perfect example of how everything is interconnected. How the moon is helping mother earth, and how the shifts and changes going on within your solar system is creating that shift, not only physically, but within the planet’s consciousness, which is automatically allowing for the process of shifting into different dimensions to take place.

Many people have asked whether the day will come when they will be able to shift from one consciousness or dimension into another dimension, and be consciously aware of it. The answer is absolutely yes, because the more you take responsibility, the better your chances are of experiencing it. The more you take responsibility, the better the chances are of your planet surviving. The more responsibility you take for you, the easier it will be for you to lead by example. Always remind yourself that if you want to see change happen in your world and within the great community of the collective consciousness, and even within your own intimate space, you have to be that change. Therefore there is only one way to lead and that is by example.

The more you learn, the more you understand, and the more you know. Share this with others. If you observe someone doing something out of ignorance, and you feel the moment presenting itself is apt for you to go forward and share that information with the so called ignorant one, then go ahead and do it. For far too long people have retreated within themselves not wanting to get involved. Lack of involvement so to speak, has separated the majority of humanity from their spirit, from their heart and from their mind. So the separation of the heart and the mind is a direct reflection of the separation between spirit and science. And all of that separation has manifested in the different religions, each one of them condemning the other and trying to convince everyone that their path is the only path, and through that they create wars. No one wants to get involved. No one wants to take it upon themselves to truly walk their talk, to live that truth and to make the effort to find their authentic selves. Why? Because they might be judged, they might be criticized, they might be rejected for who they are and what they have to say. All the years of shutting up has manifested in what your earth is experiencing today. So beloved ones, the news for you is that it is time to come out of the closet, and to show your true colours.

Many of you sitting in your individual space, and we speak not only of those present here this evening, but also of the ones who will come to read these words, say, “I will serve, I want to serve, I want to make a difference. How can I make a difference? I will represent the divine. I will protect other kingdoms.” But the moment many are placed within that spotlight, all the fears, all the programmes and insecurities rise to the surface, and one shrinks within oneself. Beloved ones, we do not say this in judgment, we are simply expressing the observations that have been made with many who are truly wanting to go forward and make a difference. And you can, if you will all work together. Take responsibility for your individual process, but open your heart, open your mind and open your life to welcome those who have the same so called mission, and together you will achieve this. So, with expanded awareness comes more focus and concentrated effort. Those efforts have a stronger impact on the social environment and collective consciousness and eventually that becomes the norm, because more and more people will see beyond the illusion and recognize the truth.

The way this will happen is that the more people come out and speak about what they know, about what they have discovered and intuitively feel, and the more people research their intuitive feelings, the thoughts impressed on the mind, and find the evidence, the more people will sit up and listen. Many people have said, “I will only believe once I can see proof”. Go and find that proof. You will not find it sitting in the comfort zone of past belief systems and programmes, waiting for Commander Ashtar or any other being of light to manifest in your office, or between you and your television set, telling you “Here I am, this is real.” It is time for that spiritual movement to take place, in other words, the movement of spirit being motivated by your spirit, to do something different. And that will manifest through each one of you in your unique ways, and those unique ways will create a powerful collective group of energy that will be able to support the process of change.

Now we will start with the questions, because these questions will give us the space to give more of the information that is important to you.

Question: I would like to know what will happen to people on the planet in 2012, with the tectonic plates moving, which presumably they will do. What will happen to the people on the planet? Will it be that some of them will move into another dimension because they are vibrating at a different level?

Answer: First of all sister, the tectonic plates move quite regularly, and as we said earlier on, since 1975 the frequency of earthquakes has increased by 400%, which is as a result of that tectonic movement increasing. By the year 2012, there will be a great difference in humanity’s consciousness. The planet, as you know it, will not disappear. As the tectonic plates are shifting, certain parts of the world are sinking, and other parts are rising. In fact for the full cycle of the polar shift to take place, in a way that one would see for example, Australia disappearing, and Atlantis rising again, could take anything between 1200 and 5000 years. So when they speak of the year 2012 being the year of that shift, it is the shift within humanity’s consciousness. It is the way that humans relate to life. You are accurate however, with regard to the dimensions that people will be able to access. There are already human beings who are successfully moving between dimensions, materializing and dematerializing their bodies at will, and utilizing the systems of energy available to them to educate humanity. Some of the “advanced teachers” of your world, who utilize the combination of both science and spiritual technology, are those who are able to do this. These are the ones who understand those frequencies, and what they bring in the form of teachings are there to assist those who recognize the opportunity, and go with it. So from now, leading up to the time of 2012, there will be more and more opportunity for people to evolve spiritually, and experience those levels of ascension in a more conscious manner. There will also be the opportunity for those souls who are not at the point of wanting to do that, to exit the planet by leaving their organic vehicles behind. So far, according to current, let us say, galactic statistics, 1.5 billion of the earth’s population will successfully go through the process of ascension. As you will understand it, of being able to move out of the third dimensional lower frequencies of fear motivation, and of being controlled by poverty consciousness, lust, conditional love and victim consciousness. They will have moved into the higher realms of living through prosperity, unconditional love, victory, divine love etc. This is then known as the golden era.

Question: Is there a critical number of people required to make a meaningful change, and how far are we away from it….(inaudible)

Answer: You have already achieved the so called critical mass required to bring about those changes, which is why we said earlier on that it is cause for great celebration. South Africa is the leader of change for the rest of the planet, and many of the shifts and changes culturally, and spiritually will take place in this country. There is such a diversity of energy here that it is possible for this to take place, this was initiated by a great teacher who came into power ten years ago. This teacher who you so fondly call Madiba, is one of the grand masters of light who manifested in a physical body to initiate this change. This man, Mandela is known all over the world as being one of the leaders of the greatest change that has taken place within world affairs.

Other areas of impact that have already attracted the world’s attention is Zimbabwe. Harare will become one of the cities of light. You can imagine Zimbabwe as a woman heavily pregnant, who is now in her state of labour and preparing to give birth to that new child of light. Zambia is another place. There it is more the mineral kingdom that is undergoing a lot of change, in the sense of bearing the impact of what has taken the form of the rape of Mother Earth. Madagascar is another place where the mineral kingdom is bearing the impact of the rape of Mother Earth. It is clearly evident that Iraq; the Middle East and America are also being affected by the impact of these changes, and the impact these changes will be having upon those areas of the world, and the citizens of those places.

Russia will rise with very valuable information, and in fact some of the Russian scientists are among those we have spoken of, who work fully with spirit and science and are bringing information regarding the changes taking place on all levels of life physically and etherically. Asia will experience, what we might call a detoxification wave, where victim consciousness and lust consciousness will be exposed to the rest of the world, bringing with it immense shock. That detoxification process will be the catalyst in many other so called “cans of worms” being opened. England, with the eventual complete break down of the monarchy will also show an immense amount of change.

Question: Could you say more about……(inaudible)

The application of the consciousness of community, a kind of sisterhood and brotherhood, by those, we will call you, “wounded healers” coming together, to assist those who are still sleeping and whose wounds are so deep that they are unable to move beyond the abyss they find themselves in. In fact brother, it always and only boils down to one thing, and that is to do whatever you can in your power to lead by example, and to ensure that the example is for the good of the whole. When one lives with that intent, one automatically attracts to oneself every opportunity required to make it possible, and to make it a reality.

Question: Master Kuthumi, were the Atlanteans human in form and did they experience a polarity shift? ……(inaudible)

Answer: They were most certainly human in form and yes, and a polar shift did take place. This was induced by the manipulation and abuse of energy during that time. If you study the various levels of evolution within humanity’s intellect, within their emotional and within their spiritual development, you will notice that there has been a rapid expansion in that particular field, from that time leading up to the present day. As more and more energy is being utilized and people are understanding it in a different way, it does make it more dangerous. It is difficult to explain how much more, because the earth has not as yet experienced that particular impact. The earth has come close to complete destruction on several occasions, but it has never reached that point exactly, where there was nothing left. But if the evolution of humanity continues as it is, without anything changing from this day forward, and people stop their personal growth, and even reverse behavior to as little as fifteen years ago, within the next 200 years, planet earth will no longer exist. That is the difference.

People have asked why it is that the Masters now have such a keen interest in planet earth, and many other forms of consciousness beyond what you are accustomed to knowing. It is because Gaia has asked for this help. She has sent out an SOS so to speak, and we are responding. There are many other civilizations that have heard this and come forward to assist. This is another of the reasons why there has been such an explosion of information, and modalities. All of this has been made accessible in order for humanity to make the changes necessary. Her final SOS went out on September 11, 2001. You call it 9/11. That was Mother Earth’s 911 call to the Universe.

Question: I am aware that it is August again. Do you have anything to tell us about the opening of the Lions Gate?

Answer: This is the second wave of the Sun Chakra. Last year was the first wave of this activation, which is known as the Sun Chakra, and is situated between the base chakra and the navel chakra. The activation of that chakra brought with it a new wave of creative energy, and with that energy a new level of information and consciousness, and more opportunity for people to access information that has not been accessed before. We speak of this information being accessed through forms of creative _expression, and of the receiving of imprints through imagination.

The second wave is bringing about the feminine aspect of this. Last year was the masculine aspect of this. This was also initiated through the Venus transit, which took place not so long ago, and the Lions Gate that was held last year by the white lions, this year is held by the golden lions. This too, supports the influx of the Golden Children, who are being born at a rate of knots at this time, and is also one of the reasons why many women are bearing more than one child at the same time. Because these souls are coming to continue what all of you are, in a way, being pushed to initiate and carry forward. The second wave of the Sun Chakra is also allowing humanity to feel safer to go into them self and explore their own vulnerability. This is not having to be done with intent, because it is happening automatically. People’s lives are changing with little effort, and it is through the relating of masculine and feminine that many of these changes are emerging. So it is these two aspects or energies of that Sun Chakra frequency that completes itself in this year. Let us also add at this time sister, that one of the gifts coming from this energy, is that the “blind” will “see”, the “cripple” will “walk”, and the “deaf” and “mute”, will “hear” and “speak”. We do hope that you understand this?

Question: Lord Kuthumi, in this age of busy-ness that we find ourselves being caught up in so often, are there specific angels that we can call on to help us to expedite what we should be doing?

Answer: There are angels for absolutely everything, did you know this? So perhaps you can call upon the angels of unbusy-ness, yes? Or perhaps you just need to call upon your angel of balance, yes? Now, to be a little more serious sister, it is a state or process of becoming conscious of how one reacts or responds to activity in one’s personal life. Some people do not respond well to an immense amount of external activity in their lives, and are better suited to other activity of a more gentle nature. You are one of those who work well being more active, mentally and physically. Part of your process of change now, is taking the mental energy and allowing it to manifest through creative energy, creative _expression, and therefore the manifestation of new systems of living within your personal life. Note that much of this will automatically manifest through your personal process of addressing what you have set your intention to address. So it will show itself to you. It is then up to you to decide what you will do with that information and energy. We suggest that you ask Spirit to assist you in aligning your energy with all the levels of consciousness………….(tape ends)…….This is an individual journey.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, greetings. In January this year I celebrated the wonderful gift I received from Spirit. ……(inaudible). Is there something you can tell me about what I did to receive this gift. It’s important to me because it will serve as part of the experience for this process (of teaching).

Answer: Brother, it was a process of intention, and of you actively committing on a conscious level to making a change in your life, and consciously choosing to participate in a frequency that would benefit the whole, as opposed to any kind of selfish gain. You moved out of the matrix of conditional love and _expression, and you moved into the template of unconditional love and _expression. By living that principle, you attracted to yourself that blessing.

Question: (Inaudible)…..

Answer: Beloved sister, every person, who has come to this room and who will read these words, is experiencing this energy for a purpose. The reason why we say this is because all of you are a vital link in the chain of life, and it is what you choose to do, or not to do, that will determine the energy that you contribute to the changes taking place within your personal life, and to the planetary changes taking place. You are fast approaching a time of great change. This particular change may take you upon a journey, not only a figurative one, but a literal one. This journey will reveal to you a deeper understanding of everything that you have experienced in your lifetime to date. It will also help you understand the patterns you have manifested, patterns that cause limitation and even at times your own tendency to sabotage your own efforts. This will revolve around certain issues of trust in your life. There is a deep solar plexus healing taking place. The solar plexus is the seat of the emotions. It is a kind of emotional maturing that you will go through, and that process will in a way, catapult you into a new lifetime. That new lifetime, or experience, is how you will be able to best serve, or in other words, live your divine plan.

Question: (Inaudible)….

Beloved sister, this is not your choice to make. What you need to do is to live your truth. By living this truth, you will show the way, which means that when they are ready to join you, or fit in, or follow, the way will be clear for them to do it. As hard as it is for you beloved one, it is important for you to remember that you cannot force the change. You can only be it. Acknowledge that by you accepting their current place within their own personal development, they will be able to accept you in your current place and experience. In a way this is known as unconditional love. It is human to want to bring those whom you love along. But to unconditionally accept those whom one loves the most can be difficult. So it is to accept what you cannot change now, and to trust that it will change in its divine time. Your husband and your children have chosen a path. You are showing a way, and you need to allow them to also live the way that they have chosen.

Question: Lord Kuthumi, do you have a message for my friend, xxxx?

Answer: There are certain people on the planet who are known as “earth processors”. What we mean by this is people who not only go through their personal process of healing, but who also take on the process of the collective consciousness. This often manifests in severe depression, and people feeling they are completely disconnected from life, from Spirit, and even those whom they love. Many of them feel that life is one big cosmic joke, and sadly some have taken their own lives. It is important that he understand that he is one such soul. It will be of benefit for him to work with someone who understands this concept and who can gently guide him out of that state. Try to encourage him to do something creative, even if it is writing about how awful he feels.

So, beloved ones, we do hope that you better understand how you are all connected, and how all the changes taking place on a planetary level as well as in your solar system, are influencing your present experience. We hope you also understand that your present _expression of what you are experiencing, is affecting the impact of those natural changes. Remember that responsibility, expanded awareness, education and knowledge, do mean added power. The power to make an informed choice, and the power to make positive changes. This empowers you as an individual, and the more the microcosm empowers itself, the more powerful the macrocosm becomes. Therefore, the more you take back your power, and search for the truth that you are inspired to seek, the more you will be able to empower others. Each of you are able to do this in unique ways.

In your field of current life experience you will be given the opportunity to do this. Do not limit how this can happen through any narrow-minded expectation of how it can manifest. Simply open yourself and open your being. That energy emitted, and the intention set, creates a powerful energy. This strengthens the magnetic field of your planet. The more balanced humanity becomes in body, mind and spirit, the stronger your electromagnetic energy becomes. Therefore the output of magnetic energy is purer, which therefore enhances the magnetic energy of your planet. With sufficient people, collectively and consciously working towards this and taking individual responsibility, you will have a collective force taking responsibility, which can and we believe will, reverse much of the impact that has been written about and predicted, which has given rise to so much fear in the human race.

An example of this reversal is that Cape Town was predicted to be completely submerged by a tidal wave. Table Mountain would have been an island. However, due to the collective consciousness, effort and energy, the celestial body that would have impacted upon the earth that would have resulted in that tidal wave, did not manifest. That is the power of the human force. This is why we say that the more responsible you become and the more knowledgeable you become, the more powerful you become to make positive change. Look at your present field of current activity, and identify how you can make a difference. What can you do and how can you apply it? Look at what your current strengths are, your knowledge and wisdom, and how you can utilize it to make a difference, in your life, your family’s lives and in the lives of your community. The problem that has manifested in the dominion of the material world is that people spend so much time chasing money that they have forgotten to look at the community’s needs, and initiate change there. When the community is rich in knowledge, when they are rich in spirit and are equipped with the tools that will sustain their lives, everyone benefits. Wealth in all its forms, and abundance upon all levels is equally distributed, and that is one of the paradigm shifts that need to take place.

The polarity, which has consisted of the separation of male and female, is coming together. It is the union of the creative self, and the manifestor, the God and Goddess, that will allow this to be. The more you embrace spirit, your Goddess self, and the more you embrace science, your God self, the more empowered you will become and the earth shifts taking place will come into balance.

South Africa has energy available to it that can be harnessed. That energy harnessed and projected with the right intent, can bring healing to the rest of your world. Many of the new leaders of light are emerging from South Africa, and will spread through Africa. Mother Africa will give birth to some of the greatest bringers of change that the earth has ever come to know. All of you are a part of that process. In your unique and individual way you allow that to happen. This is why so much is changing so quickly for South Africans. This is why so many who have left the country are feeling the pull to come back, because they know that this is where change will come from. The activity taking place 3,000 km’s below your earth is also showing the change that is taking place deep within the core and the heart of Africa, and all Africans. So don’t be afraid to show your true colours. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation for a reason. Your true colours pave the way for the rest of the world. The shift in consciousness that will take place in South Africa, and will also show that the rapid depletion within the energy over this area will begin to strengthen a lot quicker than anywhere else around the world.

And so it is beloved ones that we embrace you in your full power and in the full light of All That Is. May each one of you feel the inspiration to research the avenues of information and energy that will bring you deeper understanding as to how you can and will bring about change. May you know in your heart, mind, body and soul that you are the planet and that you are the solar system, and that you are a reflection of everything happening around you, and that what is happening within you is manifesting outside of you.

May each one of you feel the faith inside of your heart to persevere and be patient and trust in your own ability. May each one of you trust that life will support you, and that life will bring you all that you need. May the light of the God/Goddess self, of your fully mastered self and the God/Goddess light of All That Is, be the beacon that guides you on the path to find your truth. May the love of your God/Goddess self and Source Of All Life, bind you to that truth. May all that you require manifest for you in harmony, under grace, and in perfect and miraculous ways. Know that you are the polar shift and you determine to a large extent how it will affect your planet.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Light and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in Love. Adonai.

Michelle Eloff
Metaphysician, Crystologist, Lecturer, Clairvoyant,
Teacher, Trance Voice Channel, Author, Counsellor,
Soul Coach, Conflict Management Mediator, Soul Psychology, Psychocybernetics.

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Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians

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I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well!

Diamond Heart

Personal Transformations and Activations with Archangel Michael and the Arcturians
Co-facilitated with Janosh

This was a very special workshop for me, since my meeting with Janosh was so obviously guided by Spirit. I had originally intended to do 3 workshops with other presenters, and then do this one with just myself and Archangel Michael. But, after meeting Janosh in Amsterdam, I was more than happy to share my “sacred space” with him. The image above comes from Janosh’s “Holy Grail” series, and incorporates the Magdalene energy, which is so much a part of the Grail legend and experience. For me, working with the Divine Feminine energy means that I work to carry this energy myself, and so facilitating with Janosh was a wonderful way of celebrating the coming together of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

This is probably my favorite image from the Netherlands tour. It expresses, for me, the essence of the Twin Flame energy, in Spiritual terms. It was taken in Janosh’s gallery in Amsterdam. I see the essence of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine coming together in the service of Spirit and the Higher Good. And this is essentially what the Twin Flame energy is all about. The image behind us, is one of Janosh’s works called “Time Shift”:

While we were there, we could definitely feel the energy of the Arcturians flowing from the vortex of the image and asking to be sent out into the planet as a way of reminding people of the huge shift and transition that is taking place between now and 2012 and beyond. There are many great cycles of time and experience that are at a point of change and transformation. The Cosmos is changing, the Galaxy is changing, and so is our Solar system and the Earth. We welcome in the New Solar codes that are being transmitted to us from the Galactic Center, and we thank the Arcturians for bringing us these powerful codes through the visual art of Janosh. Here is another image that I took in his gallery, expressing the transformations of the Earth within the Cosmos:

In our combined workshop, Janosh shared a Multi-media presentation that helped people to get in touch with their deep spiritual essence – what I call the “Cosmic Human”. It was a very powerful combination of visuals and music and meditation. This was follwed by Archangel Michaels’ channeled activations session called “The Perfection of Who You Are”.

Since Janosh and the Arcturians had worked to activate the “Cosmic Human” or the infinite part of our being, Archangel Michael worked to activate and transform the “lower” bodies, the Mental, Emotional and Physical, so that the transformations could be felt and experienced on every level.

The Perfection of Who You Are
An Activation/Meditation through Archangel Michael

To begin this meditation and activation, you will need to first connect with your “I AM” or Higher presence. This is what we call the “Cosmic Human” or “Human Angel”. That part of you that is infinite and eternal. To do this you can focus on the images above by Janosh, and allow yourself to feel that angelic and infinite presence within yourself.

For, as Michael teaches, Ascension essentially has two components, the first part is this connection with the Higher and Angelic self, that reaching up and finding that Heaven is within you.

The second part is allowing that “Heaven” to descend into the physical form, and this is the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. It is the process whereby Peace and Love will be brought to the Earth plane from the Spirit realm.

So, this activation enables you to prepare your physical being to accept the “Infinity codes” that are being transmitted to the Earth in 2007.

So, to begin the activation, breathe deeply and focus into your Heart Chakra.

Now, as you feel the energy within your Heart Chakra, feel how your higher chakras are open to the flow of energy from Spirit. The Crown is open, and then the Brow, and the Throat and the Heart. There is a clear flow of Spirit from the Higher Realsm and into your Heart Chakra. And so, as you feel this flow of energy, breathe deeply and say to yourself, I AM…..I AM a Cosmic Human…I AM…a Human Angel bringing Heaven to Earth.

And so, as you feel the Truth and Perfection of Who You Are flowing into your being, allow your Heart to open fully and to transmit the energies of Unconditional Love, Compasssion and Gratitude. Unconditional Love accepts All and Loves All. Unconditional Love is based in total Self-Accceptance. For All is beautiful and created form the great Love of the Source, and All is an expresssion of the Love of the Source. For the loving energy of Source creates according to the desires and wishes that you express. So, as you align with your perfection, you align with the Template of Perfection that was placed in your DNA by the Elohim angels who designed the human angelic form with all its potentials for you to explore. So, allow yourself to feel the Unconditional Love that flows through you.

Compassion is the energy that allows you to feel the path of others as if it were your own, for indeed it is. For, you are all One in your state of Love and Perfection. But, as you live on the Earth plane, you experience the blessing of individual consciousness, so you are able to exercise Compassion with Love, and bless the path and being of all who come into your life. For there is a reason for everything that you experience. For you are All One.

Gratitude is the mirror image of the Divine. For when you can look at all that you have created in your life, and say that it is good, then you are truly working with the Perfection of Who You Are. And when you express this gratitude, then your words and feelings flow to Heaven as a blessing that flows back to you, with more blessings and love.

And so, dearest Human Angels, now move your consciousness into your Physical Being, starting with your Mental Body and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Here, you can say to yourself, I am ready to release all old energy mental patterns that hold me back. I am ready to release all ideas and beliefs about limitation and lack, about pain and suffering, about low-self worth and judgment of self and others. In place of this, I am ready to embrace the new energy of Love and Abundance and Joy. For, as I clear away old patterns I create space for the flow of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Gratitude, to be expressed through my physical body, in ideas that create Joy and Abundance and Love. This expresses the Perfection of Who I Am.

Now, dearest Human Angels, move your energy to the next level, to the Emotional Body and the Sacral Chakra.Now say to yourself, I am ready to release all old energy emotional patterns that produce fear, anger, anxiety and stress. In their place, I am ready to embrace the the new energy of Love, Peace, Calm and Joy. I am ready to allow my Emotional Body to be used as an instrument to express the higher energies of Unconditonal Love, Compassion and Gratitude. All my emotions will be a reflection of these energies. This will express the Beauty and the Perfection of Who I Am.

And, finally, dearest Human Angels, allow your focus to move to your Physical Body and the Base Chakra. Say to yourself, I am ready to release all old ideas and energies and feelings and emotions about my physical body. I am ready to align with the Template of Perfect Health and Well Being that is within my DNA or physical akashic records. And , as I activate this template, I allow myself to experience perfect health and well-being. As I release all old energy ideas of guilt and punishment and unworthiness, I embrace the idea of my perfection and the knowledge that I can experience this perfection on the physical level as well. And so, I ask that as this template is activated, that I am empowered to release all the old patterns of disease and degeneration that are encoded in the DNA as well, that they may be released and replaced by the perfect codes of the Elohim template for Perfect Health and Well-Being. For this will express, on the Physical level, the Perfection of Who I Am.

And so, dearest Human Angels, as you finish these activations, breathe deeply and feel within yourself, the True Perfection of Who You Are!

And So It Is!

© 2007-8 Text by Celia Fenn, Starchild Global and Images by Janosh, Janosh Art
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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Mary Magdalene channeled though Michelle Eloff Feb 25, 2005

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I am not Michelle Eloff. I am just someone who finds channellings that she shares extremely helpful. I hope you will find them so as well! Please click on the link to visit her website.

Diamond Heart

Mary Magdalene
Channelled through Michelle Eloff© – 25 February 2005

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings, of integration, of upliftment, the blessings of re-juvination and realignment. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may be together with you upon this day as we hold each one of you, firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved sisters, as we gather with you in the presence of the Christed energy, we embrace each one of you, within a powerful coning of protection, to assist you in the ascension of light that you as individuals have chosen to experience upon this day. Your journey into the seventh dimension, will be facilitated by Mary Magdalene, for the purpose of awakening the inner qualities of light and sound, of love and wisdom, of power and knowledge in the seventh point of truth, in each and every core cell of your being.

This process is also meant to activate all the levels of consciousness within your chromosonal structure, to filter into the energetic patterns of light, for the future generations, to come through your direct genetic lineage, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. This is also extended into your multidimensional selves, as well as those aspects of you currently embodied in parallel realities. Beloved ones, these initiations penetrate all levels of your consciousness, therefore, it will filter into those aspects of you currently experiencing any form of consciousness. This means you, as a collective soul, are undergoing change upon levels and within dimensions that you are currently unaware of. This does not mean that you are not feeling the effects of it. Mother Earth has very recently undergone a massive shift in her consciousness, this is filtered through all the aspects of herself, experiencing any kind of consciousness. You beloved ones are part of that. You are organic matter, like she is. You are also super-consciousness, God/Goddess mind, like she is. Therefore what she experiences so do you and visa-versa.

Mary Magdalene comes forward today for the purpose of activating within your body the tools necessary to assist you as a facilitator of manifestation of light and sound, of love and wisdom, of power and knowledge and truth, awakening in the hearts of humanity these tools will serve you personally as well, and assist you in seeing light within yourself, hear sound within your soul, connecting with love and wisdom inherent within your being, assisting you in understanding the power of knowledge. That knowledge is power. That truth makes this possible. I shall now step back for Mary Magdalene to deliver her transmission to you and I shall re-transmit when she is complete. Therefore, adonai for now…….


I am Mary Magdalene, greetings. I welcome you sisters into the ashram of light held by Master Jesus, supported by Lord Sananda and overlit by Lord Maitreya, integrated through the realms of higher wisdom by the beloved Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Your presence is of great value to your world and the worlds of light. I have come to welcome you into the role of catalyst of light. I welcome you into the world of transformation. The story of my life has been sorely mis-understood. The representation of Mother/Father God was always meant to be the core understanding of the life that I, Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus experienced. The distortions were for the purpose of ensuring that humanity remained dis-empowered. I am sure most of you know that when the Scriptures were written they were not taken verbatim. A group of people in power changed the teachings for the purpose of maintaining their powerful positions. The majority of society at that time was unable to read or write. This ensured these elitists could maintain their power and control over humanity.

One of the most important parts of the initiation that we will conduct today is breaking the full matrixes that took root when the Scriptures were deliberately altered to keep humanity trapped in an illusion. Lust consciousness, victim consciousness, poverty and conditional love consciousness have ruled your world for aeons of time. The sixth ray of devotion has been one of the most misinterpreted and abused rays of all the seven major rays of your earthly realm. Christianity has been responsible for this, not the Christians who follow the faith, but the original powers who deliberately distorted the teachings. They believed that if humanity could be convinced of their worthlessness, of their powerlessness, of their incapacity to communicate with God directly, there would never be any threat of rebellion from humanity. From this perspective it guaranteed their positions of power for all eternity. They did not anticipate that humanities inbred compass of light would eventually result in their downfall. It has taken time, but it most certainly has come into being.

I am extremely honoured to be present with you today sisters, your presence is assisting our process of reactivating the codings and compasses within the consciousness of your world. All of you here experienced the life of Master Jesus. You met him face-to-face, interacted with him, as you did with me. It has been vital that we make this connection so that you can remember what you saw and what you heard. That memory is what will be the catalyst in the world. We are beginning to join the dots in a manner of speaking, bringing all the souls together who were there, who had first hand experience. We are actively working to help you remember, you will become the teachers, the scribes, the communicators and the deliverers of information that will not be able to be denied any longer, because people will resonate with the truth. They will remember the truth, the real truth. They will begin to remember what they forgot and they will forget what they were forced to remember to keep them dis-empowered.

Over the next six years, I, Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus will work with all of you. You are one part of many groups around the world, who we are now working actively within awakening, and this ascension is not only for your personal progress, in fact this ascension is one of the most vital for the children of your planet. You see it has become extremely important that the old ways of communicating and developing relationships with God do not be passed on to the other generations. Simply, because it keeps humans in a state of debilitation, of paralysis and forgetfulness. The faith within the hearts of people who follow their faith is pure and authentic. We are referring to the basis of the teachings that people have adopted as truth. Each one of you are instruments in bringing the true Truth of the necessity of universal spirituality, to the hearts and minds of men, women and children. Hearts and minds are uniting, they are no longer separate. Your world is moving away from polarity and duality, and I am responsible for ensuring that the ancient gods and goddesses remember who they are, remember their roles. You are a god or goddess because you are a part of Mother/Father God. Mother Goddess and Father God are one, as are you.

The role of awakening humanity to the fact that duality is an illusion is a mighty task, but all of you have the capability to make this reality. You have already been doing it, so it is not something that is going to be totally new to you. You will find that the amount of people you attract will increase in number, and people searching for their inner Goddess or God will also increase in number, and will find you sometimes in mysterious ways, or you may find yourself in places and situations that you did not consciously plan to be in. However, whoever is with you will be there for a purpose.

Currently the changes taking place within the inner planes and around the systems and bodies of energy of Mother Earth are profound. You are all already feeling the influence and side effects of the changes that she is undergoing. The first level of the sacred unnatural seals of light have been broken. The reason why I have said sacred is because had humanity known a little while ago that the original seals were in fact not active, it would have interfered with the plan that we have successfully brought into activation. The unnatural seven seals of Jehovah are in the process of being dismantled through all 144 dimensions of experience that humanity has the ability to draw consciousness from. The 12 sacred star crystal seals are beginning to vibrate and eminate a new force of life for the purpose of uplifting humanities consciousness. The more this happens the faster corruption and heinous crimes will be revealed. It is not often we suggest people watch the news bulletins or read newspapers, in this case however, we suggested it so that you can monitor the effects the new energy is having and how quickly it is revealing the hell that all have been living in so far. When the religious worlds can accept that hell is not a place in the core of the earth that they will go to, or that heaven is not up in sky, a place that they will go to, they will realise that their state of mind and heart is in fact the place where heaven or hell resides. The gates to heaven are on earth and I’m sure you have heard this a number of times already, but I shall reiterate what Kuthumi has said on a number of occasions, and that is, you have to find the kingdom of heaven on earth before you can enter it in the other dimensions. Earth is a school of higher learning, it is one of the most intensive programmes of awakening available in your universe. By being on earth you have volunteered to take a collective consciousness into a new world, this in itself has been an immense task.

You personally are also undergoing the release of cellular imprints and memories that go all the way back to the very beginning of the dark ages. You are tapping into the timelines where some of the most traumatic wounds were inflicted relating to being either slain or incarcerated for your belief systems and some of you were kept as slaves to be punished on a regular basis for your belief systems. You were considered the spawn of Satan. These people believed that you were of the seed of the dark one. You could see where the core of their belief systems had taken root but there was no way of proving your innocence. You now have the chance, all of you to do this, not so much your innocence, rather than your inner sense, that sense is what will show others that common sense should be that we are all one regardless of where you are physically or energetically. Common sense should be, that all understand that God is present in every divine manifestation regardless of its form, this unites the kingdoms of life that give birth to light and sound which manifest love and wisdom and give birth to further power and knowledge, that was always held within the central core of truth.

Universal spirituality is made up of these seven pillars. Imagine the Star of David and the central point, is the point of truth. The Star of David vibrates with light and sound and this manifests a three dimensional structure, which eventually becomes a star tetrahedron, which in fact all of you have manifested around your body over the past months. This is the first level of your Merkabah bodies, often referred to as your light body. This is the body that you travel in when you visit inter-dimensionally, when you travel to the higher ashrams and mystery schools to receive your training on the inner planes, because everything is happening at such an accelerated rate it is important to do this, there is insufficient time to do this in a physical way. Another reason why many of you are experiencing accelerated lessons, extremely intense experiences within your life, and for many of you it feels as if there is no breathing space between issues. I would like to ask you to attempt to view your life as a celebration. Celebrating the fact that you are honoured by the higher worlds, therefore, the experience of such challenges is certainly not for the purpose of punishment, but rather showing you how capable you are and how much you are able to integrate and release at any given time. So rather than fear your process rejoice in the fact that you have been blessed with the honour of accelerated growth. Accept that Spirit has heard your call for Ascension, and it has been granted. You are climbing the stairway to inner heaven, most certainly a cause for celebration

The sixth ray of devotion is a path all of you are walking already. Master Jesus stands on your feminine side, your left side, and I, Mary Magdalene stand on your masculine side, you’re right side. Jesus and I are facilitating the reunion of your inner Mother Goddess as well as your inner Father God. The emerging of the Mother God in you raises your consciousness to the highest levels of universal Mother and nurturer. This brings you into another level of power as a creator, as a nurturer, and as an alchemist. Each of you is drawing upon the cycles of the sun as well as the cycles of the moon. If your natural cycle as a woman has been unpredictable, you will notice within a period of approximately 3 moon cycles, your menstrual cycle will come into full balance. Any woman working with the programme we are currently presenting to your planet who is no longer of age to menstruate, will find that her inner power and wisdom manifests a new cycle of expression, one that she can rely on in a more comfortable way. Those of you who still experience a menstrual cycle will find yourself moving deeper into the sensuality of mother Goddess. Not solely of a sexual nature, but the true sensuousness of the Goddess. This raises humanities vibration out of the lower base aspects of base chakra and sacral chakra, governed mainly by lust consciousness, and the world can come to embrace the sensuality of the true Goddess who gives, and who receives, who creates the goddess who moves through Hades yet merges even more powerful, rather than broken or attracting victim consciousness. You will see women’s power arise like never before. She will come to take a stand in her rightful place in all sectors of society. Each of you ladies here today have a role to play in different sectors of society, to stand your ground and to root the Mother Goddesses fully empowered goddess energy, in that environment.

Q: Can I interjected and ask for he truth about female disciples be given to us………?

MM: Kuthumi says you are very sharp today sister, well-done, well done………that is where Jesus and I came together, there were female and male disciples. Are you happy with this?

Q: So were there 24 disciples?

MM: All together yes.

Q: ……….female aspects as well as male aspects?

MM: Kuthumi’s favourite saying, for him to know and you to find out……

MM: The reason why it has been done in this manner is because this is part of the memory inside of you, all of you. This is the information that you will present, these are the memories you will have regarding your interactions during that time. This information is already written and there are certain powers, as you well know, who have access to this information, but because the system of revealing the information is constantly sabotaged we had to find another way to do it. And this is how it is being done. By the information coming from the core of your truth, it comes untainted. It comes from the memory banks of your true experience. You may find memories coming through your sleep state. You may even find yourself inspired to write a story. You may find yourself inspired to create different mediums that symbolise the expression of Mother Goddess and Father God working in union to bring humanity back to light and therefore life. Easter is around the corner, another reason why we chose to bring the ladies together. By Easter all of the disciples will have been contacted in a conscious manner. On the day of resurrection your cells will have manifested more than 65% of its memory. Memory does not always manifest visually or mentally. Therefore it will be very important to acknowledge your feelings, to acknowledge your body, she will be your loudest teacher and guide. At times you many even find yourself living those experiences again, you may find yourself observing your life and insights and revelations ignite in your heart and mind, and you understand what is going on in your life because you will have remembered the teachings that Jesus and I gave you. It will be truly miraculous at times, because of how the puzzle will fit together and how the dots in your life will join seemingly unexpectedly. These revelations are keys to what you learnt and what you taught the other people. One of the reasons why things got out of hand is because all of you who were taking the teachings to the general people were giving them too much power. People began to rise out of their victim consciousness and were demanding certain systems of support be brought into power and this scared the living daylights out of those in power at that time. The females were hunted down first. You were considered the easiest prey to keep quiet. I am not going into too much detail regarding that, some of you are already feeling it in your bodies, and this is what eventually also manifested the importance of keeping women quiet, keeping their mouths shut. Women are the voice of Mother Goddess. Women were considered, more in touch with God than men for the simple reason they could carry and give birth to life therefore they were honoured in that manner. Men seeded it, but did not have the capacity to nurture the life. Mother Goddess is considered to be the bringer of all life. Many have also seen Mother Goddess to be above Father God, that is not true, they are One. Your world needs to remember for the sake of your children, for the sake of the future of your planet. I do however, have faith in all of your abilities to do precisely what you need to do.

Q: ………….your experience and training as a sex priestess in the order of Isis… I read a book……I have a strong resonance with this…………. I was wondering if you could share more with us….with your work as a sex priestess?

MM: Certainly. As I said earlier on, the emerging of the Goddess as a sensual being is about giving life. A sex priest or priestess rather, is about tapping into the powerful forces of sexual energy. Sexual energy can bring about the manifestation of what you would consider miracles. It brings powerful healing into the body and also dismantles any forces or formations of negative energy. This is one of the reasons why sex is abused to the degree it is because internally humans are aware to a degree of just how powerful that energy is. They have forgotten how to utilise it. However, darker levels of consciousness have always used it as a system of control. Men are controlled by their baser instincts, because there was a time where woman who were sex priestesses abused the power that they had been granted and tapped into and made men slaves for this energy. It is vital to understand that the sexual energy I am referring to is not limited to what humans experience currently. This energy, focused properly, opened dimensions of access to individuals. One was able to enter dimensions of profound power and draw that energy to earth. The manifestation of this energy brought about incredible experiences of ecstasy, experiences which could be likened to merging with the consciousness of Mother/Father God where all is revealed. Your modern-day is working towards accessing the original power of sexual energy. The sexual energy was not always used with men present and women would use this energy in groups, working individually as well as collectively to open dimensions, which would raise their consciousness to levels you cannot even comprehend at this time. This brought about the emergence of new races, the emergence of spiritual technology as well as highly advanced technology of a more technical nature as well as medically, to draw worlds together. This was how the United Universes, often worked together in the manifestation of Wisdom, Power and of Love and Light. Because none of you have true memory recall of the extent and intensity of this power, it may not make much sense to you other than, comparing it to whatever sexual experience you have had until this point. What you have experienced is truly a pinpoint in comparison to the full power of the combination, of the kundalini in-breath (infinite?) expression of sexual energy in its full manifestation of power of raising the consciousness, into dimensions you could not imagine, bringing that power into the space of earth, and projecting it into the environment. The beauty it manifested, would take your breath away. The energy and power and light it brings into the body, would probably cause you to dissolve. But you have the power to retap the sensuality of the goddess, to draw that power into the world, you see, only females have the ability to use the sexual power in that nature, to open the dimensions of the other worlds, and bringing into a lower dimension, such as the earth plane, and use it

Do you understand this?…..Yes……… Does that answer your question? Yes……

At this point we can add that one of the core reasons why abuse is at the level that it is, is because of religious belief systems. If you have to peel back all the layers, right in the very core, right at the very beginning, you will find it was linked to the falsification of the original teachings of Master Jesus. The belief around my origins, being a prostitute, being considered filthy and of lowly nature, that automatically tainted the sacred act of sexuality, the sacred integration of sexuality. Sexuality is power, so you can understand why it was necessary to ensure that the power was put to rest. What better way to do it than make people feel repulsed by it? Another truth, is that sex workers, you know them as prostitutes, have come about because the base and sacral chakras have been turned down, to the degree they currently are.

The distortion of the base and sacral charka resulted in deep inner dis-ease, therefore disease. All diseases related to that are linked to the inner hate, to the inner repulsion yet comflict of desire and extreme need to explore ones sexual power. Everything you can see is out of balance that comes as a result of the distortion of the original truth, and as more and more people make peace with their sexuality in a healthy and constructive way, all will come into balance again. Women will eradicate diseases such as endometriosis, infertility, ovarian cysts and cancers of the reproductive system. Many of these diseases are rooted in lifetimes where they have been persecuted simply for the fact that they were female.

When people can make peace with God and embrace their Goddess selves and allow their faith to accept and trust God to be their inner motivation, to follow a calling of authenticity which takes them Home, the world will come into balance. Therefore do it for yourselves, be that, and each one of you here, follow the calling of your heart. God speaks through the heart. The intellect of man sits in the third eye centre, which is directly beneath the crown chakra, the throne of Mother/Father God if we can call it this, therefore the two are meant to be together. The intellect of Mother/Father God and the intellect of men are of one mind, the universal mind. The infiltration of the conditionings of the old world will take time, patience and perseverance always pays off. That is what the powers of the old world did. Now it is time for the powers of the New World to apply the same principles, accepting the essence of the application but of a completely different nature.

Q: At the moment I am researching the truth about you and your life and I am not having much success, so I wonder if you could share something of the truth with us?

MM: I am permitted to reveal that I most certainly was the female partner of Master Jesus. We were lovers and we had children together. Our children were meant to carry with the disciples the original plans of the blueprint of Mother Earth into the Golden Age. We lived harmoniously amongst the Essenes. The Essenes would be the Great White Brotherhood in physical body, having brought many of the manuscripts of Light, as created by Lord Maitreya and the Grand Elohim of all levels of light and light consciousness. It was meant to be a time of the greatest awakening ever witnessed, within any plane of consciousness. The awakening would have re-established all the original levels of consciousness that were originally in place and beyond; prior to the fall of mans consciousness. It appeared as if all the work to raise man’s consciousness had been successful and the plan was on its way to completion. I worked within many schools, with children and with women, healing was taught, most of the modalities that are currently in effect at this time were available quite freely during that time. People were in touch with what they were creating inside themselves and outside themselves. The stories that you were taught in your Sunday school and your religious classes at school are not even the tip of the iceberg of what the true teachings were and this is why we are here with you all today. You are the voices, you will bring the stories. It may seem surreal and out of this world. It is out of this world, because you are moving out of it into the new paradigm, into the New World of Light, therefore you have to trust. What you sense is part of the truth. There is no surprise that you cannot find much about my life. Many dread the day the truth is revealed, that Jesus was a man of flesh, that he was a lover and a father of children that he seeded. This certainly will change the course of humanities evolution. One of the reasons why it has been delayed is because there were great concerns regarding humanities reaction to finding out that what we are proposing is in fact the truth. But there are sufficient people actively conscious to hold the systems in balance so that the truth can be known. There will to a degree still be ones who will absolutely not accept it as their truth, in their time they will find the truth when they are ready. Those who are ready will be given it. Are you clear?

Q: I have many more questions that are cropping up…….can I asked what happened to your children and why the plane of light that was taking place then was not accepted?

MM: Because of the threat it posed to people who were in power at that time there was corruption in governments, just like your modern day. The children, the identity of our children have had to be protected so that the lineage, the descendants, would be able to hold those codings genetically without interference. That lineage will be revealed in the not too distant future. You are clear?……….Thank you…yes……

Sister A……..your role, as I’m sure you are already aware of, is to bring the Goddess and her power into the medical world. There are a number of doctors such as yourself, who are remembering the true role of their lives, and you are responsible for regrounding the original plan of light for the healers of the world. Healers in specialist areas will find it very interesting, how the new technology of Light and Spirit impact on the body, physiologically and psychologically. Remembering the original plan will also show you new techniques which can be applied by individuals, very easily, in a personal space, towards having all-round health in their bodies physically, as well as the emotional and mental bodies. The challenge you will face is trusting that what you are receiving is authentic and that it will in fact work. The deeper the belief the more powerful the result. I’m sure you have witnessed the power of one’s belief systems and what it manifests, and the faith of many people following a specific path of religion, their faith is strong, many of them refuse to waive from the faith because they believe it is truth. That is a key example of true belief for everyone. It does not matter what you believe in, it is the power of the belief system that causes light or dark, constructive energy or destructive energy. One of the reasons why a dark energy can be so powerful or corrupt members in government are so powerful is because of the level of their belief in their power. Many people have asked, why is it that people in destructive positions and who do not believe in the powers of light are so successful and get away with what they do. It is very simple, they believe they can.

So equal your level of belief and imagine what you will get right. It is very simple, not so? But perhaps easier said than done? So practice always makes perfect and remind yourself that you are building your belief system in you, in Mother/Father God, and in as much as you are building a relationship of trust with Mother/Father God you are building a relationship of trust with yourself. It will take time because the inner child is not used to this kind of relationship. Patience and perseverance always pay off. Make notes of your achievements and successes, and keep a journal of how things change as your faith grows in strength.

Sisters, the light chamber in which we have held you in during this transmission has completed its infiltration into the core of yourselves, the activation is in its full expression and for the next few weeks you will feel the waves of energy moving through your body. Some of you may experience it in the form of hot flushes, some of you may experience it in the form of your skin itching,………………tape ends……………..

And you may from time to time find yourself needing to rest. Please listen to your body. The codings currently awakening inside of you will automatically present tools in your life in the form of books that you may come across, ideas that you will be inspired with, new modalities that you may find, all this is part of the journey. The map will be provided. It is within you, and we guarantee you the support to find your way. Your guides are there for a purpose, to guide you. Therefore remember to request intervention. When you forget to include your guides, as they are your teachers who work with you in your life’s deeds, you may find yourself at times feeling overwhelmed by the service you are a part of. You may feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with the responsibilities of your life. Stop! Centre yourself and realign your connection with your guide. Tell them what you need, and ask them to intervene at different times. Ask them to assist you in manifesting, so that all your needs are met on all levels, so that you can harmoniously and gracefully do what needs to be done. Let them take care of the small details so that you can do what you must do. The Goddess force will be there for you. It will also be there to open men’s hearts to their Goddess power. This too will heal many wounds within government, between countries, between families, because Girl Power and God Power are One Power.

Divine sisters, please take a deep breath into your body, as you breathe in and out visualise a magnificent liquid gold energy entering the pores of your skin and moving into your physical body. Imagine your breath filtering this liquid gold energy into your bloodstream. Imagine it pumping through your heart until your whole body is glowing with this magnificent golden light. Imagine the gold energy raising your vibrations, feel your body becoming lighter………….continue to breathe deeply into your belly and as you exhale release…. what your body doesn’t need. On your next in-breath imagine a magnificent amethyst energy entering your lungs and moving through your body.…the deeper magnificent violet of Amethyst…. clear and pure………breath it in but as you exhale let go of what your body doesn’t need…guide the Amethyst light to penetrate your muscles, guide it to penetrate all your major organs until your bone marrow becomes a brilliant violet light……remember to breathe in deeply and exhale what your body no longer needs…now imagine yourself manifesting in the centre of the most exquisite opal you can imagine..filled with different colours, milky textures, and every colour of the opal feeds your body with life and light……you need to breathe in deeply, and exhale from your body all that it no longer needs……and imagine the opal energy merging and becoming one which you’re auric field….manifesting a shield of protection around you with you held safely in the centre. Now imagine this opal energy penetrating all of your charkas and as you breathe in and out ..all its colours merge with your charkas forming a row of the rainbow vortexes of light spinning in a balanced and harmonious way…..remember to breathe in and out…..on your next in breath visualise a diamond manifesting in the centre of your third eye…and imagine it extending into your crown charka….as you breathe in and out imagine the power and light of the diamond energy moving down your body until it reaches your toes……each in and out breath moves it further down your body…and as it moves it fills your body with the energy of truth….diamonds represent all facets of truth, Diamond light reveals illusion….and shows all facets of truth…………as this Diamond light fills your body you will be shown all the facets of your truth as the days and the weeks and months unfold for you……when the diamond energy reaches your toes imagine expanding it beyond your physical body, so it too mergers with the opal and your auric field…….you need to breathe deeply in and out…….your next in breathe manifests a magnificent emerald in the centre of your heart charka …….imagine this emerald crystal expanding in size horizontally and vertically…..and with each expansion it takes your knowledge and your wisdom, your consciousness and awareness expands with it……….imagine your body beginning to bubble with energy……..this bubbling of energy serves the purpose of dissolving any anxiety or tension, conflict or confusion, any dense energies, any stagnant and stuck energies in your physical or etheric bodies…….imagine emerald light expanding beyond your physical body horizontally and vertically with each breath, take it beyond your opal shield……..expand it beyond this room…..horizontally and vertically continue to expand it until it embraces your entire planet……this emerald light embraces Mother Earth as much as it embraces you, Mother Earth has on occasions been referred to as the Emerald planet……. the emerald light holds her in alignment with her divine print of golden consciousness..the golden consciousness is within you …and her golden consciousness of emerald light is around you, around her and in the core of your hearts……take another deep breath in and as you exhale we would like you to take a few moments to communicate with your guides and to set any intentions with them that you feel rise in your heart, these intentions will be added to the programme of light you have currently being initiated into. We shall give you some time to do this now….and as you exhale feel yourself grounding your energies on Mother Earth, imagining the roots extending to the core of her being, and imagine yourself like a tree rooted to the earth your branches reaching to the heavens drawing energy and support and sustenance from both…….sisters we welcome you into the seventh dimensional consciousness of the sixth ray of devotion. We are honoured to be able to share the wisdom and light of the higher worlds with you.

I am Mary Magdalene may you be at peace, namaste.


I am Kuthumi and I return at this time to continue the process of holding your energy within the layers of light that you have activated within your subtle bodies. Sisters, all of your chakras have been raised within a vehicle of light and are being held within a spiral of energy on the seventh dimension. This spiral of energy is assisting you in raising your levels of awareness beyond the paradigms that you have become accustomed to regarding any levels of teaching around religion as well as spirituality. Your journey is to find your road to God. Your journey is to find the voice that will awaken the Goddess within you. The process of finding and manifesting, will manifest systems of expression, of exploration, and experience that others will come to utilise to define the same authentic truth within themselves.

Universal spirituality is about the word of Mother/Father God resonating within the heart of every man, woman and child, regardless of their culture, gender or their race. That is what true common unity, communion is all about. Communion is the union of the common units of light within all. Holy communion is the union of all those spiritual units of light within you merging, rejoicing and experiencing the expression of that universal divine truth. The separation of the teachings and the word of Mother/Father God has now come to its end, and as Mary Magdalene steps fully into her role with Lord Jesus who will very soon be raising his vibration to another ray, one of the cosmic rays, so you will see humanity shifting another rung up the ladder. Great change is taking place within your world. This is the catalyst to the onset of the manifestation of peace to come. It is important however beloved sisters, that you do not become disturbed if the situation appears to get worse before it gets better. What appears to be a worsening situation will simply be the exposure of darkness that has always been practised. The acknowledgement of what has occurred will bring peace to being. But one must know what is out of balance in order to manifest true balance.

Each of you will be assisted in finding that inner peace and balance in yourself, and therefore may I reiterate Mary Magdalene words of ensuring that you communicate with your guides regularly so you do not find yourself in a sense feeling separate from Mother/Father God, being abandoned in any way. The inner child is a master at feeling this, you as the adult, the initiate, have the responsibility to take your inner child out of the state of arrested development and to raise it as you would raise your own child within a structure of love, peace and harmony. This trans-parenting process will bring you into alignment with another level of liberation which will show you how to support and how to come into a process of being a guide for the children of your planet. All of you beloved ones, are way showers, for those to come and the masters who are reincarnating in physical body at this time are relying on you at this time to break through those barriers. You have willingly accepted the responsibility because it was part of your contract in coming to earth. You are simply now being reminded of what you need to do even if you don’t remember agreeing. Beloved ones this is the final wakeup call, this is the awakening of the inner compass to put you on the universal path of the manifestation of your universal self and your universal truth.

Are there any other questions at this time that we can assist you with before we end this transmission.

Q: Lord Kuthumi recently I had been working with my inner child who seems to me to be very golden and loving and whenever I connect she seems extremely happy and light, it is particularly with the adult self that I’m really struggling with, could you give me some guidance on this?

K: Certainly, sister just like a physical child can guide an adult through lessons, your inner child, that golden one can do the same, therefore we would suggest to you that you ask her to show you what she feels to be in your best interests as an adult to do next in order to bring your adult self into a state of peace and centreness…….Thank you…You are welcome.

Q: Religion has caused so much havoc, is religion going to actually die out? Will it be taken over by spirituality and consciousness in the new age?

K: Beloved sister, yes it will, we have spoken before of groups moving away from the collective consciousness, which has chosen to move into the golden age, therefore the souls who have chosen awakening will certainly manifest that reality. It may take a while but it will most certainly happen. More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that even though there are a number of separate religions, that the message, the true core message, is in actual fact the same. The difficulty will lie with the more rigid conformist religions that will be locked within those ancient archaic systems of limited beliefs.

Q: Especially those religions that believe that only they have the right answers?

K: Yes, there is also another system of souls not on your physical plane who are in fact within another plane. These are the ones who have passed over into the other world with the firm belief that Jesus will come to resurrect them and take them to another world. The belief system behind it is what has kept them in a state of limbo for a very long time. With this new wave of life that is coming in a number of lightworkers will find that sometimes even consciously they may be transported into the dimensions where these souls lie to reveal the light to them at times. For some it may be a shock to see the density of the limbo energy, that is the only way we can describe it currently. It is important that you hold the light and space because then you will draw souls out of a state of limbo and back into the process of life. This offers them the opportunity to experience a level of ascension. Is this clear? Religion has been one of the greatest, if in fact not the greatest wound for Mother Earth, because the very core of the experiences of destruction have been maintained by the veil of religion. It was a very clever set up and it is now past its sell by date.

And so it is then beloved ones that we embrace each one of you within the light and power, the love and sound, the knowledge and wisdom and the truth of all that is. We embrace you in your fully expressed Goddess and God self, we bless you with the divine insight, the foresight and the hindsight, the clarity, the courage, the patience and perseverance, to continue on your journey and to see it through to competition. Trust in those many invisible arms that hold you, know that not ever have you, or will you walk alone, for we are all one and we are with you always, in all ways. May the love and light of the Mother/Father God/Goddess be with you, embrace you and shine through you, so that at all times you can see clearly the direction you are to move in, the pathway ahead of you, and may all that your soul requires and desires manifest under grace in perfect and miraculous ways, through the abundance sources which Mother/Father God provide, may all, always be well in your world.

I am Kuthumi Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in Love. Adonai

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New Earth, New Life Anchoring Channelling with Master Kuthumi and Mary Magdalene

Posted on October 12, 2007. Filed under: Channeling, Kuthumi, Mary Magdalene, Michelle Eloff, Paradigm Shift |

New Earth, New Life Anchoring Channelling with Master Kuthumi and Mary Magdalene 

Channelled through Michelle Eloff ©

Johannesburg, South Africa

29 September 2007

This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted or used for monetary gain, and the source of the information be acknowledged.

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Please note that reading this information will have an effect on you. You will energetically be linked with the Channelling being and a similar process facilitated with you. It is not exactly the same as being in the presence of the channelling Master, however the effects are just as powerful. Do not concern yourself too much regarding time lines given to the participants in the channelling. You will be taken through a similar one in accordance with your Divine Plan, Timing & Purpose.

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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of trust, protection, synchronicity and divine inspiration. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones you have gathered at a time where there are many energies at play. Each of these energies influencing you on many levels. Each level that you are experiencing an influence upon is pulling you in a direction, one that is leading you down the pathway of complete and total soul liberation. For eons of time humanity has played out the game of self sacrifice. You have experienced many cycles of mastering self doubt, mastering self rejection, self hate, and many other such qualities. This is now the opportunity to embrace yourself on a new level and experience the new level of life which is being offered to you within a package called ‘the new earth new life’. You have witnessed how humanities insecurities and separation from love has created a world of deprivation. A world that sorely lacks the qualities that are considered godlike or goddess like. Today’s particular activation of grids requires of you the vigilance in terms of asserting yourself, asserting your Will, and saying no to those aspects of your lower ego that insist on keeping you trapped in the quagmire of old consciousness. Everything within you and around you, is changing. And any part of you or any aspect of you representing the old will be transmuted. Right now most of you, are experiencing more of the light qualities than you are the dark. Dark being negativity, or plain simply the absence of love. Where there is fear, love is lacking. So your personal fears are calling to you, for love. Now love is very limited in terms of what you understand the definition to be and this journey that all of you are embarking upon is a lesson in love, divine love, unconditional love, in fact all facets of love that exist. You have been exposed to conditional love, primarily, you have experienced some levels of unconditional love with people in your life but, the majority of your experience of love, has been conditional. These conditions are being disintegrated at this time for the matrix of conditional love has already been dismantled to a large extent. Some of you are probably aware of the fact that there are just a few aspects of your life experience that appear to be holding you back and those aspects are what embody conditional love. Conditional love is a label, yet it consists of many of your greatest challenges. In fact conditional love is what has created some of your greatest wounds. Your life experience has revealed to you, and perhaps for some of you this will be a new insight, but your past experience has revealed to you that you have attracted into your life the people who reflect your greatest pain, your darkest negativity, your worst fears and your greatest wounds. Think about it. Think about some of the people that you have attracted into your life that you have had immense challenges with and what they have supposedly done to you. No-one has done anything to you. The only thing that has ever happened is that you have brought upon yourself that which you believed you deserved. On a subconscious level, most of the time. Were you to accept the fact that you have attracted that to you because of your beliefs you are in that instant empowered because no longer are you giving your power away to a person or a situation that you have been holding onto, because oh my goodness, poor you, you were abused, you were betrayed, not to say that there is no sympathy or empathy for anyone who has experienced that. What we are saying is that record has now played itself to its end. You are now stepping into a new story where you are changing the course of your life, by saying goodbye to your history, by putting an end to the process of recreating your history, based on those attachments to people and events, that caused wounds in your life. Let me put it this way. As long as you choose to wallow in self pity or any other victim consciousness you will not experience the levels of freedom and soul liberation you yearn for. It is your responsibility and only your responsibility to change the course of your life by changing your perceptions of your reality.

The new earth is a place in which you can and will thrive. New life is literally that. New life. The opportunity to experience life like you have never experienced it before. Therefore there are new beginnings, new opportunities currently making its way toward you of epic proportions. New opportunities that will change your life forever and the only thing standing between you and the ‘new earth new life’ gifts is your lower ego, your attachments to your wounds, your self pity, your lack of self acceptance, your lack of self worth and any other aspect lacking love. Yes it is easier said than done, but for how long are you going to buy into that! Sometimes, if not every time, it is only your belief in the fact that it is easier said than done, that makes it difficult. Remember these words now. The lower ego complicates and the soul simplifies. So when you find yourself facing complications you are dealing with the lower ego aspect of whatever the situation is, being it the people in the group or the person you are interacting with or the energy that is feeding that particular creation. You are in a position and have the power to ensure that your life can be simplified to such a degree that the work of Spirit, God, whoever it is, that you relate to, can flow through you freely.

This does not ever mean that your lessons will come to an end, but as I have said before, the manner in which you master your lessons is more simplified, and you are able to extract that wisdom a lot quicker than the past or when you choose to react from that place of fear based lower ego belief systems. So what you as a group and individuals are currently experiencing today is the onset of one of the greatest waves of change to grace humanity. It is a tidal wave of new energy that will literally wash through all the fears and every single attachment the lower ego insists on hanging onto, therefore every person, every community, every country, every business, group whatever it is that comes together, will experience the foundations being washed away, if those foundations insist on remaining in the old paradigm.

Beloved ones this is certainly not a threat, it is a fact. It is happening. You have already experienced it and will continue to experience it. The difference is that the intensity of this energy is 200,000 times more intense than the energies you experienced as little as 6 months ago. The reason why these energies have intensified to the degree that they have is because your time has sped up and there are more and more souls requesting liberation from the old paradigm, and of that group of souls, yours was a voice, your soul requested exactly that, which is why you are here today. And every soul who makes the same choice in the future will come to hear these words. So, in order to fully experience the new earth and new life, you need to choose, choose between the old way of living, reacting, blaming, withdrawing and withholding life, energy, information, whatever it may be, for fear of it being taken away from you, for fear of going without, lack and loss.

The energy that is coming to earth and to every single one of you, on an individual and collective basis is coming to serve the greater good of the whole and those of you who are being called to service, to serve humanity, it is your responsibility, to share what you are given. To share the wisdom, to share the love. And wherever there are barriers placed around that love and wisdom, I assure you, it will be torn down. This is not a timeline for barriers and defences. And I can tell you, this is probably the most important challenge for humanity, is because you guard and protect your wounds, you hold onto all the defence mechanisms that will ensure you are never exposed to any level of pain again, accepting, not only does it protect you or shield you from negativity, it also isolates you, isolates you from love, from life, and you end up lonely, miserable, bitter and resentful. Is there anyone in this room today who would like that as their future? Is there anyone present who would like to imagine that that be their future or even entertain the idea that that is the future? So then, take up your sword of truth, slice through the chords that attach you to that which creates limitation and isolation in your life and make a choice today. A choice that empowers you and opens the pathways to soul liberation for you, like you have never experienced before. And today you will say yes to your soul choosing life, your soul choosing the gifts of the new earth which are new life.

Every one of you are messengers of the divine word. You are messengers of Divine Light, you are the movement of light which embody the most powerful love you could ever imagine experiencing. And I speak not of just romantic love. I speak of a love far greater than you have ever experienced. A love that is all consuming, that when you tap into it, it feels as if your own skin will burst open because you cannot contain it and the only way to manage it is by giving it out. Share it with all of those around you. Imagine feeling that level of love not only for those whom you love, but that level of love for humanity, for everything that is a part of you, seen and unseen, it is that love that becomes the tidal wave bringing cleansing, bringing the transmutations all of you have prayed for.

Right now there are three specific grids, which are like blankets around your planet. These grids are filtering all of the energies that impact on your base chakra, your sacral chakra and your solar plexus, within the physical realm of your physical life. These grids are also influencing the 12 chakra system which all of you will be operating from, in a very short space of time, that’s if some of you are not there already. You will experience higher levels of sensitivity to the two worlds, the old paradigm and the new paradigm. The 12 chakras amplify everything that you are experiencing, for a very good reason because it brings that sense of awareness that was lacking previously. When you are aware of the different worlds and how the old world affected you and how the new world is being created, you are in a conscious position to make decisions to enhance the creations of this new space, this new time, the new world that you have called into manifestation.

The millions of light workers on your planet which include all of you, has brought this about. Without your choice to move beyond the old paradigms, this would not have happened. Now there are choices available to humanity that serve every level of consciousness. In the past it was mainly the lower levels of consciousness that impacted on everyone. You were dealing with a very dense third dimensional reality. The astral plane is what fed your energy field. This is what has created many of the fear based stories that you buy into. I have said this before and for those of you who have heard these words, please bear with me, because there are others that will benefit from this, but I must tell you something, the belief in Satan or the devil, is an illusion. It is a creation that you have adopted and accepted as being a reality. The role that the fallen angel Lucifer played ended a long time ago. But it is humanities belief systems and perceptions that have kept that story playing over and over again. Tell me, what is the benefit of indulging in such a destructive belief system. How does it benefit humanity in any way to fear the devil, to fear Lucifer, Satan whatever name it is used. What is the benefit of keeping humanity in fear? What does it do to serve the greater good? And when I speak of the greater good, I speak of the vibrations of love that empower individuals, communities and nations.

The fear based grids of two and a half thousand years ago, some came in before that, need not be a part of your reality any longer. Think about the stories you have bought into. Think about the myths, think about the fears that govern you on a daily basis and ask yourself, how real are they? Where do they come from? And what good are they doing you? Your ego’s role is to keep you safe. That is your survival instinct. Fight, fright and flight. Your lower ego was manipulated, real good! To such an extent that it is the governing force in your life, and everything in your external environment continues to feed the fears of your lower ego.

This wave that is coming that I speak of, as a result of the grids today, will also challenge you to be highly aware of how the controlling forces of negativity are constantly trying to lure you into their webs. It is in your face all the time beloved ones, and your advertising and media are key players in it. On a subconscious level you are intimidated and overpowered by this propaganda. And you are in a position to shield yourself to all of this and choose to focus mainly on anchoring light. You are already on the road to experiencing what the new earth will be all about. The new earth is the world where Light reflects Light. Where every aspect of power in its light source and form will be reflected. And it is those of you who choose to live within the realms of the new earth consciousness, that will free the rest of the world from the old paradigm. But you need to master first what you will then teach. So over the next 18 months you’ll see many changes manifesting on a personal level as well as in communities, groups, organisations, business, and nations.

There are three major portals coming up beloved ones, 2010, 2011, and 2012. These major portals will come about as a result of the ascension wave that is already beginning, which will come to its apex in December 2008. You are in a position to relieve yourself of all the density that you have carried from your past life by this I mean the old paradigm, the life you are leaving behind. This is a time when you need to sit with yourself, to examine every aspect of your being, because the 12 chakras are like amplifiers, which will make it impossible for you to step into any programme related to denial. This is the time of facing yourself head on and embracing all the light aspects of yourself and forgiving or releasing those aspects of self that represent the old way. Each of you are a leader in your own right. I’ve always said there is only one way to lead and that is by example. There is never any other way. This is your time to shine, this is your time to choose your Self, to choose love and every single quality of life, so I ask you now to close your eyes please.

Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Relax the muscles of your body. Take a moment now to think about your old life, your past life. This may take you back to your teenage years or even younger, perhaps your early twenties. Think back to the times when you felt limitation, inhibition, confusion, shame and fear. Notice how your body reacts, your emotions change when you think back to those times, and I ask you now again, is this what you are going to choose for your future? Is this the quality energy you want influencing your future creations? If it is then by all means continue with your drama.

If not, you now have the power to step away from that, once and for all. Many of you have stepped away from a great deal of it, today is your final crossing over, the final step into ‘the new earth new life’ paradigm.

Now I want you to start focussing on everything that inspires you, think about the things that give you joy, the people who you love and who love you. Imagine all the things that represent freedom, peace and harmony for you. I want you now to evoke the full power and presence of your liberated Self. Open yourself to welcome that part of you who has achieved complete soul liberation and who is thriving in ‘the new earth new life’ grids. While you do this, the 12 chakras of your current spiritual system begin igniting like brilliant flames of light and as each flame ignites, it grows brighter with every new hope, new wish and choice to be motivated by love. Keep focussing on that energy. I will now step aside and Mary Magdalene will come through to continue this journey. Keep focussing on the Light.


I am Mary Magdalene. Welcome into this world, of new Light, a world where you are the co-creator, a world in which you have been called into. You are the leaders of this great new world and I have come in service to each of you, to assist you in crystallising all of these energies. Before we continue please will you invoke the power, the light, the love and presence of your personal guides, masters and governors.

Feel the energy vibrations rise as all these grand beings of Divine Love gather with us today. All the Lords and the Ladies of the Divine worlds of Light, empowerment, love, wisdom and truth are gathering around us. The Elohim of grace, the Elohim of divinity, the Elohim of honour, integrity, truth and justice, gather with us now. The Great White Brotherhood and The Great White Sisterhood, the Council of Freedom, and the Grand Master of all that is, with his feminine counterpart now stand within our presence.

Move your attention to your heart chakra. Feel this chakra opening like a flower greeting the rays of the sun. And feel the love from your unseen supporters filling you through this chakra. Feel the energy of their love, their wisdom, their support, their grace and their unconditional acceptance of you, enfolding you. As you are wrapped up in this blanket of energy, so it begins to expand and becomes a spiral galaxy around you. And this galaxy is filled with many forms of new life. This is the galaxy known as You.

I want you to just listen to the tone of my voice as you are now carried through the realms of light, into the expanded worlds of divine love, the world of power, of wisdom and unconditional love. Feel the cells of your body opening to receive the gentle caress of these energies. As each energy flows into the cells of your body, it moves into the molecules, it moves into the atoms. Your DNA is vibrating in response to this new energy. All the cells of mother earth’s body begin to respond. Her DNA, the molecules and atoms of her being, responding in unison with you, to receive, to choose this power, a power that is yours by divine right, a power that shall lead you into the realms of peace, harmony, abundance, magic and miracles.

Breathe in deeply, opening your chakras to receive this energy and codings. Open your heart to receive more of this divine light and the divine love. Now turn your palm chakras up to receive. Draw this energy into your body. As your energy expands, so the energy of your 12 chakra system is activated beyond the earth plane. Each template of the 12 chakras is expanded to unite with the 44th universe, the realm where all the new structures of divinity are created and where the structures of that divinity now become a part of your blueprint. As you are receiving through your left palm, we ask you to turn your right palm down, and as you receive, the energy moves through you, and you give to mother earth. And so it is, that which is in heaven, becomes one with the earth. Divine souls, you are the manifestation of the vessels through which the divinity of heaven becomes one with earth. You are the keys to the worlds of freedom in all its forms and in whatever form it represents itself in your life.

Breathe in deeply expanding your energy field even further and all those beings who are currently present with us all open their heart’s chakra extending the divine love of the universe and the grand master and that of his feminine counterpart to embrace you and so the three grids of the new world are absorbed into your heart chakra. Their energy extending into your solar plexus, then into your sacral chakra, and into your base chakra, the energy moves down the meridian of your legs, and into the chakra’s of the soles of your feet and into mother earth’s flesh.

Over the next three hours this energy will increase in its intensity and vibration adding to your energy another 33,000 systems of light. The 33,000 systems of light are linked to the higher universal dimensional energies. This raises the vibration that your lower ego has been accustomed to functioning within, to a new level. It is through this new system that you will be introduced to the new life you have chosen. Through this contributing to the creations of the new earth, you, divine ones, are the creators of the world that shall come into being after 2011. You are the ones joined by your fellow brothers and sisters all over the world who are ensuring that the old paradigm does not bleed into the new one and become the theme of consciousness yet again. So your responsibility is the most important to yourself for in the complete healing and liberation of yourself you liberate humanity.

I ask you now to turn the chakras of your hands onto your heart chakra. Begin to fill your heart chakra with love for yourself. Begin by acknowledging that you are a divine manifestation of the breathe of Father/Mother God. You are one aspect of the mighty presence of all that is. Therefore you are all of that and more. Acknowledge to yourself how much courage it has taken for you to master what you have mastered. Acknowledge how much you truly loved humanity, that is evident because you are on earth again. And it is only a being filled with an extraordinary capacity to love that could return to a dimension as dense as earth and overcome what you have overcome, to master what you have mastered in order to show mass consciousness the road to freedom. Take some of the love that you feel for those whom you love most and turn it on yourself. It is the self love that shall keep the grids of the new earth fully active. It is self love that shall overflow into unconditional love for everyone else around you, that will keep the gates to heaven open. And the gates to heaven are not something up in the sky. The gates to heaven are in fact on earth. There have been many powerful men and women who walked the earth before you did. Some of them were you! Why do you think such beings of immense power would do such a thing as come to a place filled with such hostility and density. They seeded the earth just like you do. Every step you take plants a seed upon mother earth’s body. Everything you say to another is a seed planted within their heart and within their mind. The hostility inside of you is not natural. Loving is natural. It is from this energy that you were created.

Breathe in deeply and as you exhale move your hand chakras to your solar plexus. And fill this chakra with the same love you filled your heart with. All the angles of your power are now drawn into alignment with the divine grids of the 44th universe and every single blueprint of every single being of power who walked the earth before you. All the seeds that the earth was encoded with, you have access to and that is what you will begin accessing from this day forward. All of you have been assigned with specific tasks in service to self and therefore to humanity. These seeds will now take roots within the physical world and will spurt forth as powerful trees of life, of knowledge and wisdom, from which humanity will be sustained. For it is the fruit from these trees that will feed them and you are that fruit! For it is your gems of wisdom, and knowledge that becomes the sustenance humanity now needs in order for them to make the final crossing. Feel the power of the almighty presence emerging inside of your solar plexus. You are now naturally powerful. And you know exactly what to do to empower yourself and humanity. Your period of forgetfulness is now fast coming to its end. While you concentrate on your solar plexus just listen to my words.

‘You are a divine manifestation of the divine essence of the Holy Mother and the Holy Father. Your chakras carry the blue print of each of them. The earth was seeded with your energy because you were entrusted with the role to liberate humanity. You have returned at this volatile time in earth’s spiritual history, in earth’s physical and economic history, to bring about changes that have never been witnessed in such a dense realm before. You are masters embodying light who are ready to remember the power inside of you. You are beings in a physical body, who know exactly what is needed at this time. Your confusion is an illusion. Your fears are an illusion. You are precisely in the place you need to be for it is where you are now that your energy is needed most. You do not need to be a saint, you do not need to be a healer to weave the magic of spirit. You are in a variety of walks of life for the reason that it will bring the light to all places. You are remembering, you will continue to remember, your body knows the truth, your authentic self is pushing through the veils of illusion revealing its power to you and it is safe for you to step in to the skin of your authentic self. Lead by example. Free your self by surrendering to that power. Let go of any need to hold onto anything that causes disharmony, limitation or pain.’

Breathe in gently as you move your hand chakras to your sacral chakra, and as you do this you embrace the love of our Divine Mother. This is the receptacle of life, the Holy Grail, the place in which all divine love from our sacred mother is fed into you. You sacral chakra is your water element. It is the chakra that governs your emotional body. Allow the energy to flow, for when you block your emotions, when you deny your truth or when you fight and resist that which chooses to come forth, your water element freezes, it becomes stagnant, and you are left in a state of isolation (ice-o-lation). When your sacral chakra is blocked, your base chakra is deprived of the energy it requires to ground everything you need in your physical reality on earth. Your sacral chakra is your feminine power. It is the creative force of the divine mother working through you, and when you reject her, you reject life. You reject your power and ability to attract to yourself everything you need to ensure that you are physically and materially taken care of. The Holy Grail is a receptacle of energy that is in a state of endless creation. It is meant to overflow, for it is the overflow that helps those who have not reached the same levels of realisation that ones such as yourselves have. Denying yourself your right to love, to receive and to give, deprives everyone. When you deprive yourself, you deprive our cosmic parents of your love. You turn your back on their support and no matter how loud they knock on the door of your heart you will not hear them because you are frozen in time, in the space of fear.

I ask you now to consciously open your sacral chakra to our divine mother, the feminine principle that attracts to you the divinity of your power, the power that is the inspiration for your world and within your world. Our divine mother is your creativity. Every time you create you are honouring her, you are honouring your own inner divine goddess, the divine feminine that is as essential as the divine masculine.

Breath in deeply expanding the energy of your sacral chakra to receive the light of the three grids. Your sacral chakra is connected to your subconscious mind, your subconscious is your divine feminine and works in one unity-consciousness with the sacral, as above so below. Your sacral chakra represents that which is below, your subconscious represents that which is above. It is the divine feminine that takes in everything that you impregnated it with through the conscious mind. Your conscious mind is your divine masculine which is represented through your base chakra. By honouring the sacredness of the power that is your divine feminine, you become acutely aware of how important it is to ensure that the conscious is seeding the subconscious with seeds of pristine intension. Therefore if your conscious mind focuses on fear, lack and loss, you are seeding your subconscious with those seeds and that is what the divine mother will deliver to you, for your seeds are held within gestation in the subconscious as well as your sacral chakra and the divine mother is your most loyal ally, for she gives you everything you believe in without fail. So the seeds of your belief systems become the reality of your life. Take a moment to bless the divine feminine inside of you through your sacral chakra extending it into your subconscious and make a commitment to yourself today that you will ensure that she is impregnated with only that which embodies pristine intension. Seeds that empower everyone. The divine mother honours what you believe you deserve. She will never ever give you anything less than what you believe you deserve. The new grids being woven through your 12 chakras will push you to examine all the aspects of your belief systems so that you can see the power of the divine feminine working in your life. Everything that you have manifested in your life to date, is based on what you believe and the seeds that you have planted in your subconscious. The consciousness embodies the belief systems in your sacral chakra.

Now keep the hand chakra on your left hand, on your sacral chakra and move the palm of your right hand to your base chakra. Open your energy to receive the blessings of our divine cosmic father, the masculine presence that is there as eternal support. The active part of all areas of life. This is your earth element. This is what grounds you to the earth. This is what ensures that everything that you have agreed to do in service manifests physically. By rejecting the base chakra and the sacral chakra it is impossible to manifest on earth that which you have created and secured within the heavens. Your base chakra is as important as your crown chakra. Your sacral chakra is as powerful and important as your third eye chakra. Your solar plexus is the seat of power which is expressed through your throat chakra and your heart merges and sustains all three above and below. Your base chakra is linked to your conscious mind. It is the active part of you. The part of you that impregnates the divine feminine. It is the part of you that actively responds to the divine inspiration that you have tuned into through your sacral chakra and through your subconscious.

I, Mary Magdalene assisted by your personal guides will work with you for the remainder of this day taking you through an advanced healing of the subconscious mind. For the next few days, approximately 7 days, you will experience of the falling away of the old paradigms that have been stored within the subconscious, offering you an opportunity to continue with a clean slate. Your ability to seed the subconscious will be amplified, intensified, and the time for it to come into manifestation will happen a lot quicker than what you are accustomed to in the past.

Take a deep breath in as you feel the light and support of all your personal guides and masters projecting energy to your base chakra. The energy of your base chakra now moves down your legs, into your feet, out through the soles of your feet rooting you firmly to mother earth. This energy extends to the very core of her being, uniting you as one, for when you are connected to mother earth, she too can support you in your physical reality by ensuring that you are safe, and that all your needs are honoured within her realm.

You are a divine being of power, a co-creator, you are a spark of light within the collective journey of life. You represent the sparks of love in which you were created. You are not meant to walk alone. Yes you are individual but you are all one. This sacred time is a time of merging the grids of unification consciousness so that all the sparks of love within the journey of life can come together and in so doing strengthening the power of love, and strengthening the life force and vitality of life, offering everyone a network of support, a grid of safety, a home in which all of you can co-create.

All the beings who are present with all of us will remain in this presence, holding the energy until all of that which you have agreed to do as a group is completed. I Mary Magdalene honour each of you for the journey you have chosen. And again I wish to remind you, you are remembering! It is safe for you to release your grid on your fears, to let go of all the old ways, all the old ways of doing things, and embrace this new way. I assure you, life will never be the same again, when you choose. So choose for your life never to be the same again.

The three grids that you are absorbing now, will dissolve over the next 72 hours, making way for the next level of the three grids to come into being. Their will be four levels all together, which you will absorb into your heart chakra all of which will merge with the 12 chakras. This will take place over a period of 14 days. This is now fully active in your energy field and will be completed. May each of you honour the truth that resides in you, that truth that lurks beneath the veils of illusion that you have adopted and the stories that you have bought into that do not represent the truth. May all of you be liberated in your desire to be what you were created to be. I am Mary Magdalene. Au Revoir.

I am Kuthumi, I return very briefly beloved ones, just to emphasise that what Mary Magdalene has conducted with you today is a process that you may not understand to its full extent however you will see the effects of this in your life over the next 18 months. There are still many new grids that shall come forth, leading up to the final portal of 2012 but what is most important is what you are doing with your life now, how you are living your life now.

I, Kuthumi, Cohan of the golden ray of love and wisdom will continue to be every present ensuring that each of you extract the wisdom from the lessons of life by applying love, by experiencing and accepting love.

It is vital that you all recognise that the structures of the old world do not work and cannot serve in the new world. The old world is based on a completely different set of rules and laws that do not honour the greater wisdom of all that is. Many of the original laws were omitted. Now in the new earth new life grids, you will be exposed to the laws that you were denied in the past. And it is these laws, these principles, that will fuel your life resulting in greater expanded awareness, accelerated spiritual development at the same time the accelerated release of the lower ego. Therefore, anything embodying fear, or attachment to the old world, will dissolve. Whether you like it not! However the gifts of that will far outweigh any level of discomfort that you may feel at the time of the changes taking place.

So beloved ones we wish to thank all of you for making the choice to gather upon this day. Welcome the new life that you have now opened your heart to receive. The new journey you have said yes to. You are a leader. You are a light worker. You are everything that is and more because you are you. Unique, divine and powerful. And every single one of you embody a unique seed, one that no-one else carries, which is why your role is so important and your contribution in services is so important because when all those seeds are rooted and they take life, your earth will be re-ignited. May all that your soul requires at this time to ensure that you are fully liberated from the old paradigm come into being, under grace, in perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways. Look to those who walk your life path with you. Acknowledge the Christ within them, recognise their light, that your light shine through. Allow the higher purpose of soul ego to be your motivating force, for it shall show others, how to do the same. Be firm in the truth that you have chosen. May your boundaries be one of love. Do not be afraid to speak your truth when the voice of the old paradigm confronts you. Stand your ground and walk tall.

Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you knowing that there is not ever a moment that you walk alone, for we are all one, with you, always, in all ways. May the light of Father/Mother God shine brightly upon the path you have chosen, and may every step you take be a steady one.

I am Kuthumi, Cohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

To download the recorded audio of this channelling, please click here.

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