Soul Retrieval

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A person’s spirit can fragment from trauma. Usually the fragment(s) will leave the body sometimes retreating to a safe place in spirit realm, others get stuck in the place of trauma. Sometimes fragments get stuck in other people. Sometimes this even happens though a love connection, friend, family, or romantic, where one or both people give fragments to the other. Think of all those who say they feel as if part of them died with the loved one. And still other times not all of the soul can fit into the body in a lifetime. At times the body is not energetically strong enough to hold that much of the soul so the more high voltage bits must wait until an incarnation occurs where the physical form is suitable. For example I have an bit from a starseed lifetime waiting right now for me to heal enough for it to integrate with the current me. One more thing.

Additionally people commonly leave personal energy behind in places they spend a lot of time at, experienced trauma, or simply loved being there. Have you ever noticed how the energy changes as you live or work in a place for a time or how it shifts when there is a new co-worker? BTW beds are the worst for collecting harmful energies because people tend to discharge it strongly as they sleep. Always be sure to clear a strange bed before sleeping in it.

To start regaining any missing pieces simply ground, shield, and ask your guides to retrieve soul or personality fragments, personal energy or anything else that is YOU, take it to a safe place for cleansing, healing and repair as needed, and once it is ready and you are ready ask it to be gently reintegrated into your current being. Do whatever self-healing practices you know to prepare for the re-integration and keep asking your guides for help with this. You may feel your energy shift right away as your fragments are retrieved before anything is rejoined to you.

While I don’t think the personality bits and energy is as important as the soul parts I noticed a significant change when I started asking for those things to be recovered as well. Places that I lived before that I remembered with excessive longing have only a wistful hold on me now. I feel less out of sorts when returning home after visiting relatives. Sometimes I deliberately, consciously infuse a tiny bit of my personal energy in the room I am staying at to make it more comfortable for the duration and remove it before I go.

I had come across references in soul retrieval in several books and experienced several spontaneous soul fragment returns during bodywork. What triggered me to try it on myself was reading “Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness” by Shakuntala Modi a psychiatrist. She helped her clients though hypnosis not neoShamanism. It was a facinating, and at times creepy, read. Unfortunately google books does not have an excerpt. If you are interested in reading this book check your local library or try worldcat here and try for an interlibrary loan.

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