The Importance of Compassion in Healing

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Recently I have been receiving flashes of communication from spirits. Mostly my guides with a few others like a relative who has passed on. He asked for healing energy for him and his wife who is also no longer in body. I am ashamed to say that I sent Reiki and each time I focused on him. I only met them a few times in life when I was very young and can only remember a few bits of him. Stories I heard in the family made me thing less of his wife and so I neglected this plea for help for them both. Well yesterday I learned something of this lady’s childhood that made me get out of the gossip and into my heart. I felt compassion for what she went through which opened my heart enough to finally let her in. A few minutes later I felt a timid presence ready to take off if I rejected asking me to help her help her living children who are in great conflict with one another. She asked nothing for herself. I could not hear her before because I had no room in my heart for her. Compassion allowed me to finally listen and properly fulfill my agreement to send Reiki to both people.

Diamond heart

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Bringing humanity, the Earth, and all beings into balance

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It is an interesting synchronicty for me to come across and finally read Earth Keepers and Ocean Keepers : Creating the Paradise Earth from Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn tonight. After posting my request for healing in Southern California I settled down to send more Reiki that way. Beings of light appeared to assist staring with Thunderbird who then took me to meet a fire Goddess of the American Southwest. Then Thunderbird took me to the ocean where I met a being who lives in the ocean. Down deep where the pressure is great is where he was. I think he may be an orca but I am not sure. He pressed me to force humans to change their ways, to stop polluting the world and driving everything out of balancing. I refused saying I would not do so even if I could force people to my will. I told him the most I would do was encourage people to work in concert with Nature to bring things back to balance and do what I can personally. It must have been a test because after that he agreed to help. I then offered myself as a channel for any and all energies that served the highest good and made sure to specify only what I can comfortably channel as I felt these beings were quite powerful and could easily fry my psychic circuits if they did not take care. When the energy flow let up I thanked them and they left.

Later I was surfing the internet and came across that channeling. hmmm. Does this mean I am an Earth or Ocean Keeper? I don’t know. I do like the idea of helping manifest the Paradise Earth and the sooner the better! Oh well until I find an How To book for this I will do my best to keeping going with the flow and keeping my promises to beings kind enough to help me.

Diamond Heart

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Sometimes spiritual expansion is such a pain in the neck…

Posted on September 23, 2007. Filed under: Personal |

I have such a crick in my neck today. Today the heating pad is my best friend and I am on the edge of breaking out the ibuprofen (generic Advil) even though it chews up my innards. blech. I have had some wonderful experiences recently. A part of a past life self closest to my high self rejoined me. Or should I say joined me since that piece was never part of this earth incarnation until now? Anyhow it was an awesome experience. Next I, an agoraphobe with enough other a anxieties, phobias and OCD behaviors to qualify as a Proto-Monk, went into a store by all by myself for the first time in years and felt nothing more than nervous. Yay! I have been assiduously applying Reiki and using other techniques to acclimate and integrate the incoming energies affecting us all plus prepare for my in-person Reiki II attunement (2 part exposure therapy, 2 parts learning how to teach, 1 part respect for when the day comes & I am asked treat someone who think internet training is a load of hooey). The Reiki II training and attunement was another spiritual expansive experience. Oh and the past two weeks I have felt like a human light house with my third eye strobing and pulsating like never before. About a month ago a psychic told me I should get medium training because her guides said spirits wanted to communicate through me. A few weeks before that I felt odd sensations in my third eye as I was falling asleep. I queried my allies one of which who said she wanted to clear it out so I said sure do whatever you can. The last thing I remember is Kwan Yin installing a big crystal in freshly excavated charka.

Next on my list of peak moments was Celia Fenn’s September 20th Earthlog. She touched on one of my most triggering issues when she brought up the Cathars. I have no specific memory of being one of them just a seizing sensation in my chest the first time I heard of them and tears when I read of their massacre. I do have recall of other lifetimes of being killed for being a psychic female who either spoke out or who refused the unsavory attentions of powerful males. Which is why I had to force myself to start this blog and force myself to post even though I have all kinds of ideas bubbling up and frothing to get out. The only acquiescence to this fear is that I don’t use my given name. I sit myself down and reiki myself until I can start writing. I have to go and walk around the house and reiki myself some more a good part of the time before I can finish. This brings me to my throat chakra.

The throat chakra governs communication. It also covers standing up for one self – sticking one’s neck out for what is right, stuff like that. Grief can lodge here as anyone choked by grief unable to breath knows all too well. Fear to communicate especially one’s truth means there is a blocked throat chakra. Add to that injuries in the current incarnation triggered by or indicating weakness from past life traumas. I won’t name the methods in case anyone is easily triggered but only a little thought will give you a list that needs release for full healing to occur. Additionally indirectly the throat chakra is effected by the shoulders. Shouldering responsibility for things that are not truely yours can and will bleed over into the throat exacerbating any issues there especially those touching on communication. If you can’t or won’t speak up to your family, friends, or boss when you are taking on their burdens is a double whammy. In my case my problem is I used to take on other’s pain and suffering like an empathic sponge. I have been learning my job as empath is to assist others in learning to deal with their own stuff, not taking it on myself and leaving them with vital lessons unlearned which means it will just keep on happening in one form or another until they DO learn to take proper care of themselves.

So here I am today with a major crick in the neck so I can barely turn my head. Funny ain’t it to be one’s own pain in the neck! ha. Anywhooo this pain is from spiritual expansion my throat chakra isn’t ready to cope with even with Reiki, MAP, and all the other stuff I do including a visit last week to a gifted healer who worked on the small ache I had in the neck then. Even the best help can’t prevent trouble sometimes even if it is triggered by good – in fact WONDERFUL – events. Stinks doesn’t it :-p

Oh well it is off to the ibuprofen for me and a lie down my buddy the heating pad. Maybe then I can get out of my own way and post the stuff my sub/super conscious has been prodding me to explore on collective trauma and their effect on the world-mind plus the thing on Gaia and nature being out energic shock absorber and buffer that has been peculating in my poor brains.


Diamond Heart

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