You must save yourself before you can save others

Posted on September 8, 2007. Filed under: Attunement, Healing, Hundredth Monkey, Laying on of Hands, Psychic Healing, Reiki |

Self-healing is not an indulgent luxury. If you neglect your own needs how can you do your best when assisting others? Remember that in airline emergencies people are told to first put oxygen masks on themselves before helping others because if they fall unconscious before finishing helping the other person neither of them will be saved.

Also consider the hundredth monkey type theories that a certain number of people must be at a certain level for the entire collective to rise. Every bit you heal yourself is one more one more drop of healing in the ocean so many have worked hard to create.

The world needs as many healers as possible so take care of yourself. Short on time and money? Sign up at one of the free Reiki attunement teaching sites and treat yourself every chance you get. Reiki yourself with one hand at stop lights or both when you are a passenger in a car. Simply place your hand on your thigh and let it flow – no one will ever know you are healing yourself. Reiki will flow where it is needed. Reiki whatever problem areas are in reach when you are utilizing the facilities in the throne room or again simply lay your hands on your thighs to let it flow where needed. Set the intention before going to sleep that you will from now automatically transmit Reiki to yourself (and any others who wish to receive it, if you like) when needed as you sleep.

Heal the world one piece at a time starting with yourself.


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