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Bringing humanity, the Earth, and all beings into balance

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It is an interesting synchronicty for me to come across and finally read Earth Keepers and Ocean Keepers : Creating the Paradise Earth from Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn tonight. After posting my request for healing in Southern California I settled down to send more Reiki that way. Beings of light appeared to assist staring with Thunderbird who then took me to meet a fire Goddess of the American Southwest. Then Thunderbird took me to the ocean where I met a being who lives in the ocean. Down deep where the pressure is great is where he was. I think he may be an orca but I am not sure. He pressed me to force humans to change their ways, to stop polluting the world and driving everything out of balancing. I refused saying I would not do so even if I could force people to my will. I told him the most I would do was encourage people to work in concert with Nature to bring things back to balance and do what I can personally. It must have been a test because after that he agreed to help. I then offered myself as a channel for any and all energies that served the highest good and made sure to specify only what I can comfortably channel as I felt these beings were quite powerful and could easily fry my psychic circuits if they did not take care. When the energy flow let up I thanked them and they left.

Later I was surfing the internet and came across that channeling. hmmm. Does this mean I am an Earth or Ocean Keeper? I don’t know. I do like the idea of helping manifest the Paradise Earth and the sooner the better! Oh well until I find an How To book for this I will do my best to keeping going with the flow and keeping my promises to beings kind enough to help me.

Diamond Heart

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Is it time to take responsibility for humanity’s psychic pollution of the Earth?

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Just thinking out loud, so to speak, here…..

I have been starting to feel that the Earth is not a helpless victim of abuse by members of the human race but that she is a loving Mother trying to take on and transmute as much of it as possible to give everyone a chance to get things right. Especially those who might possibly change their ways and make full use of their gift of physical incarnation. A friend once said to me that Gaia wants to give us a Garden of Eden which gave me those signifigent chills I always get when someone hits the nail on the head. Gaia is our loving Mother. She is trying to give all of her kids a good life and protect as many as possible from abuse by our siblings.

Then there is what I have read from many seperate sources that Gaia and the nature spirits try to take on humanity’s emotional emissions to try to keep the world in balance. At times this leads to violent weather and earthquakes as theyt ry to discharge that unchecked energy. Again this made some sense to me considering how badly I personally am effected by one person’s pain or anger. That energy is going somewhere.

And so I trying to make logical sense out of things that may not conform to logic I wonder how much is the bad weather around the world and violent earth movements caused by human negativity? Even if it is only a fraction of a percent I feel it would be worthy to explore energy clearing and healing as a way of helping Gaia to balancing things less dramatically. Just as humanity is being forced to confront the fact that pollution is having dreadful effects upon all creatures including human beings I think psychic pollution is part of the problem albiet to a lessor extent.

In any event clearing harmful energies from the world will benefit all the sensitives amongst us who are currently suffering from all the pain they pick up from the rest of us. Personally I think that is good enough to try clearing the harmful energies, but then I am one of those sensitives.

I know there are people out there already doing different work to clear negativity alone and in groups. I hope my meanderings here encourage others to give it a whirl as well. You too might find you feel better in general when your local environment is cleared periodically.

yours in rampant speculation

Diamond Heart

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If you have trouble waking up even after a good sleep….

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Or have excessive trouble waking up feeling spacy and clumsy you may not be fully in your body. Many people travel astrally as they sleep. Sometimes it is to do work on other levels to help others, healing performed by one’s guides on one’s self, or just for fun even if you do not recall. In any case you too might find it useful to instruct yourself before sleep to return to your body one minute before waking for any reason. I also suggest asking your guides to assist until you can do this automatically on your own. I tried this after years of waking up in disorientation running into walls and stubbing my poor toes even after a full night’s sleep. I think I should credit my guides for this as I had been asking them several days for help with that problem when the solution popped into my head. Send thanks their way if it works for you too!

Diamond Heart

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StarchildGlobal Ascension Shock & The Deep Healing of the Human Heart

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This is not a recent channel yet I found it of importance at this time. It covers several questions I had and confirms some things my guides have been transmitting to me. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

I am not Celia Fenn. I am just someone who finds her writing and her channellings that she shares extremely helpful.

Diamond Heart


Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


This article or channel was originally given as an individual channel for a client. Archangel Michael asked me to publish it as an article, with the client’s permission. He felt that the information given here is important for all humans who are going through the “completion” phase of the Ascension process right now.

The client originally asked two questions that were interrelated for her. The first was about the deep depression she was feeling, and about why she felt that she did not want to be here on the planet any more. I have been receiving an increased amount of mails from people saying much the same thing. Where, they ask, is the Joy and the Fun?

Then she asked about a soulmate relationship that had seemingly been brought to her almost as an answer to her prayers, but that had caused the collapse of her present partnership and had not brought anything else in the way of joy and love at this time. She felt confused and a little cynical and disillusioned about this as well.

This was the answer from Archangel Michael:

Dearest One, after the 11:11 stargate in November of 2005, the energy on the planet began to increase in Radiance and Intensity, allowing the first wave of Ascension candidates to break through to the Ninth Dimension of Consciousness. At this level, you take on “Global Stewardship and Mastery”. You are really in the graduating class of the Ascension process!

But, the irony with this phase of the Ascension process, is that you are required to be absolutely GROUNDED and connected to the Earth, otherwise you will spin off into illusions and delusions. So the “Ascension” becomes a “Descension” into your body. And this is a full “descension”, you have to incarnate fully and completly in order to carry the high vibrational energy of expanded consciousness.

Now, as you fully incarnate, maybe for the first time in your life, you may experience two important reactions. Firstly, your body comes under a great deal of physical stress, including depression, and secondly, you begin to see that much of what you have believed and accepted has been illusion. But these steps are a necessary part of the process.

Firstly, the Depression that you feel. Depression is a Base Chakra issue. It is caused by blockages in the base chakra that do not allow enough of the vital life force to reach the physical vehicle. So the person becomes tired and disillusioned and cannot see a way forward. The base chakra also carries the memories and impressions of your childhood years.

Initially, as you incarnate fully, the base chakra begins to clear, and you feel very tired and irritable, since the energy levels in the base chakra are being gradually raised and increased in the grounding process. There may also be anxiety episodes and insomnia, as the increased energy stresses the body. But know that the body will find its balance, the body is designed to stay in balance.

Now, know that there have been repressions and blocks that have been in place for many many years, that involve deep feelings and childhood memories, but the body will heal and find the balance once it is allowed to release these FEELINGS and replace them with new feelings. For the key here is FEELINGS.

As the base chakra clears, you are put in touch with all the feelings and reasons that initially made you close off and create blocks and repressions that you may have successfully carried all your life. But, now you connect with your Inner Child on a very deep level. You start to feel isolated, vulnerable and frightened. You become very aware of pain and suffering, and you don’t understand why you chose to come here.

In short, you are connecting with the deep hidden FEELINGS of your Inner Child. As the Heart opens in the process of Ascension, you begin to connect with the deep memories of the Heart that lie beneath the rational mind and that often motivate much of your subconscious behavior.

The heart is wounded by the experiences of childhood. You were unable to express your love, you felt isolated and cut off from Spirit, and you did not want to be here. These are the deep memories of the Heart. These are the deep memories that you are clearing away and healing. You are healing the deep wounds of your childhood heart.

And so, you are being given this time to really connect deeply with your heart and to FEEL what needs to be felt, in order to heal and release.

The healing will not come from telling yourself that everything is fine. People told that to you all your life. You need to FEEL that on a very deep level. To feel within your Heart and Soul that all is indeed well, that being on the planet was a good choice, and that you are here for a reason. And above
all that you are SAFE.

Now, it may seem very different to you, for when you look around you see war and suffering and pain. But know, that these are choices that are being made, and you do not have to be part of these choices, you can make another choice. And know too, that if those who chose violence understood that their choices come from a deep fear lodged in their heart’s in their early years, they might choose differently as well. In fact, they may well do so, as now is the time of the deep healing of the Human Heart.

So, understand, dearest souls, that you are now truly feeling, rather than thinking. And you are learning to listen to what your body feels, and to learn to align those feelings with the impulses from your Higher Self and Soul.

Know that the loneliness and the isolation are illusions from childhood, as your soul leaves the radiance of the soul family and takes on material form. Matter feels dense and dark, and the soul feels panic and loneliness and abandonment as it struggles in this new place. And so all the “mythologies” of “dark” and “light” and struggle are born. It is time to release them and understand that they are no more than childhood stories that you made up to explain why you felt so lonely and alienated and lost. You are no longer children. You are empowered beings of light and you live in the Radiance of Divine Love.

It is time to begin to see and perceive and feel the “Oneness” and the Unity and the Love between the souls who are the Human Family.

So, dearest soul, as you deal with these deep feelings of depression and shock, know they are illusions. You are always loved and you are always connected to the Source and to the Light and Love. You can never be alone because you are part of the Great Heart of the One!

And so it is, that this feeling of being alone and lost is a FEELING. It is a genuine soul feeling from your past, and many past lives, that needs to be addressed and dealt with. And you can do this by gently telling that Inner Child that it can release those feelings and see them as illusions. Allow yourself to see and FEEL the light that warms you and holds you and know that it is indeed safe to be here.

And that you chose to be here for a reason, and that as you grow and heal in your heart, that reason will become ever clearer to you.

And that reason will be Joy and Love and Growth! You will see the adventure of life as it is meant to be!

As for the Soulmate issue, well we can tell you that as your soul clears away old issues and your heart becomes “clearer”, you begin to connect with people on the Heart level and the soul level. That is because you can now “see” with your heart or with your feelings. But, often this gift is in advance of the deep healing that needs to occur in other aspects of your being. And so it is that you may attract a soulmate before you are fully ready to manifest the relationship. You see the soul is ready, but the physical reality is not yet. Spirit is always ahead of physical reality. This is part of
the necessary alignment between soul and body that constitutes “grounding”. The soul must wait and work with the body.

So, you may be like a little child, wanting to grab the candies before they disappear. In effect the soul is learning to work with the heart and the feelings and the body, and to let you know that you must wait until all is in place before manifestation can take place.

This is the law of “Divine Timing”. The soul may show you a perfect soulmate because you are now sensitive enough to perceive the voice of your soul right now, but you still need to wait until material conditions allow the manifestation of that relationship ,which exists in the spiritual, to be grounded into
the physical. This happens in Divine Timing and not in your timing.

And so it is, that you are right that you need to wait. Be accepting, but wait and get on with your life. Your Higher Self and Soul will guide you to the
manifestation of that relationship when the time is right.

In the meantime, accept that you are in transition, and that things are changing rapidly in your life. Maybe these changes are too rapid, and you are feeling a little shock. At times like these, you need to really call on Spirit for help and guidance and support. It will be given. For what is happening here is merely an alignment between soul and body. If the soul is more powerful than the body, then there will be a period of adjustment as they calibrate to the speed of the other.

And feelings of shock, anxiety and not wanting to be here are part of the deep stress of this new alignment between Higher and Lower

But, at the end of this process, you will have a fully healed and opened heart, and your Higher and Lower aspects will be fully aligned.

And then you will be ready to manifest and create and experience the deep joy of the physical plane on the New Earth.

As for your spiritual work, know that the most important work you can do now is connect with your inner turmoil and find peace. This will complete your Ascension, for you are in the final phases, the grounding phases of the work. For the goal of Ascension is to bring heaven to earth, and not for you to leave the earth.

So, as you align with Spirit you will find peace and joy. You will release the depression and you will become a fully integrated human angel.

It is indeed a great privilege and an honor to be among the first wave to experience the completion of the Ascension process, as you finally heal your Heart and come into complete physical balance.

Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself, spend time in peacefulness and tranquility. But above all, know that you are deeply loved and supported as you do this important transitional work.

© 2006-7 Celia Fenn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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Send Reiki To Your Highest Future Self & Future Earth: A Reiki Healing Experiment

Posted on September 8, 2007. Filed under: 2012, Co-Creation, Energy Healing, Guided Meditation, Healing, Hundredth Monkey, New Age, Paradigm Shift, Reiki, Reiki Healing Experiments, Reiki Healing Project, Spirit Guides & Allies, Thoughtforms, Transmute |

These experiments are inspired by the guided meditation I posted yesterday by Amorah Quan Yin. While the intention is for the same end result please don’t let that stop you from using both techniques 🙂

Send Reiki To Your Highest Possible Future Self



Invite your spirit guides & allies to support and assist

Ask for Reiki and whatever divine energies that serve your highest good at this time and for this process be transmitted to you now.

First treat yourself with Reiki intending to transmute or wash away anything that inhibits or blocks your reaching the highest point of soul evolution in this incarnation. Do your normal self treatment process while holding this intention or simply place your hands over your head sending Reiki down though your crown chakra flushing every level and aspect of your being with energy down out through your feet and roots, into the earth. If you are uncomfortable or unable to hold this position put your hands where they are comfortable and send Reiki that way, just use the visualization to flush the energy from your crown down out through the feet. When the energy is running clear to your mind’s eye or you otherwise sense it is enough stop.

Next send Reiki, using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or intention, to your highest possible future self. This will help you make contact on the energy levels. Once you have connected visualize this future you sitting facing you. Take your future self’s hands telling it that you wish to blend with it. If you like follow the script of Amorah Quan Yin’s meditation here to connect your chakras one by one. alternatively draw in the energy from your future self through your joined hands as if you were sipping a think shake though a straw. Do this until your entire body is filled with as much energy as it is comfortable with at this time. Thank your future self as well as your guides, check your grounding, drink some water and eat a small snack with protein like nuts if you have the urge to eat especially if you crave sweets. Eating especially protein helps you ground. Strong work like this is often best done before sleep so that you have a full night to integrate and adjust to the changes.

Send Reiki To The Highest Possible Future Earth



Invite your spirit guides and any other beings of the light who wish to support and assist

Cup your hands in your lap imagining that you hold the precious jewel that is the best possible future Earth of 2012 floating there between in your hands. Use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or intention to connect with it. Open your heart and send it your love as well as Reiki. In this Earth all earth changes took place gradually with plenty of warning so those in few areas that would change too drastically for habitation for a time had plenty of time to move and those people received the help they needed to find new homes and good jobs. In this Earth all the people took back their personal power and worked with each other for peaceful political solutions to violence around the world. People occasionally scratch their heads wondering why they used to get caught up in the old traps of fear about earth changes and the like. Isn’t it nice it turned out to be a whole lot of fuss about nothing they say. Isn’t it fascinating how instead of massive earthquakes we just had lots of tiny barely noticeable tremors in the earthquake zones. And Wow isn’t it still mind bogglingly wonderful that everyone got together and manifested a cure for global climate change! And so on and so forth.

Add to the above visualization as you like. For every worry that arises create a gentle alternative, send Reiki to empower that image, then treat yourself for that worry until it is totaly healed. If worries or out and out fear rears up at any time about these changes self-treat and make a general offering to all beings who are willing to release those fears as well.

Now this isn’t a substitute for physical action to bring about positive changes. You still need to vote and take political and personal actions to create the kind of world you want to live in. Exercises like these are the spiritual half of the equation that will = Peace Global Transition To The Age Of Aquarius.

Let us all work to manifest the best possible future by every positive means possible!

Disconnect from the dominant paradigm and dissolve those thoughtforms that say the only way for massive global changes to occur is though violence, pain and suffering.

Sever all karmic contracts and agreements that require you to submit to authority even when it does great harm.

Accept that we are all The Chosen One. It is up to us whether we take this assignment of Co-Creation or go back to the old job for another round of trials and turmoil.

The Creator God/dess in Me Salutes the Creator God/dess in You


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Daily Exorcizes: All-Purpose Energy Clearing Invocation *Includes Spirit Releasement aka Exorcism

Posted on August 22, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Attachments, Cleansing Techniques, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Egregore, Energy Cleansing, Energy Healing, Entity Removal, Healing, Psychic Healing, Reiki, Spirit Guides & Allies, Spirit Releasement, Thoughtforms, Transmute |

Ground and Shield.

I ask all Beings of Divine Light and Divine Love to aid me now. Please remove from me, everyone and everything I have permission to request healing for all that is harmful. All harmful energies, attachments, agreements, contracts, contacts entities, possessions, cords, connections, implants, thoughtforms, or anything else that is harmful. Cleanse, heal, transmute, or remove all that is harmful as fast as comfortably possible. Please fill me, everyone and everything I have permission to request healing for with as much Divine Light and Divine Love as we can comfortably hold until nothing harmful including illness can abide in us. I ask for this though and though out all levels, all the (energy) bodies, all the lifetimes, dimensions and modes of existence and between them. Heal all the damage and bring the healing into the present now. Thank you.

Everyday for sometime now I have asked for healing for all beings including exorcism as needed. I do not thing possession is a common thing but after witnessing something I can’t call anything else I know it occurs. Since I like to clear myself and my home daily I decided to include all things that I have the right to ask for healing for. I can’t clear a person’s property without permission while I can clear government property and buildings barring only the living quarters of elected officials. Public roads, lakes, etc. all are ethically fair game for clearing. Rather than name each and every place and thing I tried to come up with the least wordy all purpose prayer with some help from Diane Stein’s Essential Energy Balancing books. I have personally found them helpful even the first one which is not laid out nearly so clearly as the the following workbooks. If you are curious about these books read the previews available at Google Book Search: Essential Energy Balancing I, Essential Energy Balancing II, Essential Energy Balancing III.

May All Beings Be Healed.


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Regarding Yourself With Loving Kindness

Posted on August 21, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Spirit Guides & Allies |

Infinitely precious, loved, and beloved.

That is how our guides see us.

We are as dear to them as our most cherished loved ones are to us.

Just for today try to comprehend this and let in their unconditional love in to heal your wounded heart.

Infinitely precious, loved, and beloved.


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Heal the Earth: Offering Reiki to Nature Spirits

Posted on August 18, 2007. Filed under: Co-Creation, Devas, Energy Healing, Nature Spirits, Reiki, Reiki Healing Experiments, Reiki Healing Project, Spirit Guides & Allies |

Ground, Shield, Invite your allies to assist, then mentally call out to the nature spirits in charge of the land you live upon and all it’s plants and animals. Just in case specify that you only wish to work with beings of the light. Ask them if they would like to accept Reiki to heal and balance for the highest good of all beings. Even if you don’t get a reply that you can perceive you can offer Reiki by letting it flow with the intent that it only goes to those who wish to receive it. Send until the flow stops of itself indicating the Spirits have accepted all that they can for that session or end it sooner if you wish by saying Reiki Off. If you like make an appointment to meet with them again to send more Reiki or simply contact them at the time you wish to offer it. Thank the Nature Spirits for letting you be of assistance, thank you allies, reground if you need to and go on with your day.

I started experimenting with offering Reiki to the spirits of the land and the devas watching over all life to help clear and heal the area i live in. Uncleared old negativity here kept attracting more negative energies. I am sure this wasn’t good for my health in general but in particular it was my empathic sense that was suffering from this. I tried clearing the home and land in different ways including asking Archangel Michael to help. I figured with the damages done on the energy in this area that the nature spirits and devas could probably use help as well. I knew that Machaelle Small Wright who wrote the MAP book also has written some highly regarding books on working with nature but they required kits and flower essences I could not afford. I already had Reiki so I decided to wing it and see if I could facilitate healing with it instead. I can feel the difference in the land and see the difference in the plants flowering more vigorously than ever and only small incursions of bugs like japanese beetles which normally devour many of my plants.

I have branched out a bit offering Reiki to public lands from roads to national parks after distance clearing them to the best of my ability. Um actually Archangel Michael’s because I always ask him to remove anything strongly harmful that I shouldn’t tackle myself. I can’t do anything for lands I don’t have permission from the owners’ to work on. The closest thing I have been OKed so far to do is to send packets of Reiki to a public area with the intention that anyone who wants it can have it human, animal, spirit. Think of it like putting up a bird feeder to benefit the birds nesting in your neighbor’s trees. the birds are free to come and get it if they wish. Sometimes I do this offering distance Reiki at major road intersections. Every bit of healing benefits all beings including me so ultimately it is quite selfish of me to wish to help others be healed 🙂 I want my life to be as enjoyable as possible and if I have to make others happy to achieve this so be it!!!

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How to Channel Healing Energy Without Reiki

Posted on August 18, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Channeling, Energy Healing, Energy Transmission, Laying on of Hands, Psi 101, Reiki, Spirit Guides & Allies |

1 Ground

2 Shield

3 Ask your guides to assist

4 Ask that whatever divine energies that serve the highest good of the ne to be healed be channeled through you at a level that is comfortable for both of you. Ask and intend for help to ensure that your personal energy does not go into the recipient. Ask and intend that you be as a clean hollow bone and that you be a pure instrument of healing acting for the highest good of all concerned.

5 Visualize the energies entering through your crown chakra flow down through the third eye, then the throat, then the heart. Let it continue
on though the rest of your chakras and into the earth. This will help keep you grounded, give you a mini treatment yourself, help heal your
energy channels so you can be a more effective channel in the future, and be of service to the Earth herself.

6 Continue with the visualization bringing back the focus to the heart chakra. Let energy coming from above flow from the heart chakra down the arms though the minor chakras in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and from the hands flowing outward. If at any time the energy becomes too intense for you or the recipient reduce the flow coming in through the crown. Imagine it coming into you though a faucet and you turning down the
level or ask your guides.

7 When finished thank your guides and the Powers as you know them for the energy telling them it is enough. They may stop the flow before this.

8 Ask your guides to remove anything you have picked up from the recipient and the recipient picked up from you and to deal with it appropriately for the highest good of all. If you wish glide your hands over the heal-ee’s aura to clear away released energy. Clap three times and shake your hands vigorously after.

9 Guide the recipient though grounding and shielding to prevent dizziness. Shielding is to help prevent the recipient from picking up other’s energy while their aura and chakras opened wide to accept the healing. A glass of water with a bit of lemon juice is always good after healing. If either of you are extra hungry have a snack high in protein like a few nuts. I know I used to be ravenous after energy work even if I had eaten not long before until I got acclimated.

For best results practice practice practice. Practice on yourself and on willing friends and family. Practice on your home, vehicle, and possessions not just crystals and such. Best of all (in my own opinion) get attuned to Reiki. It is a wonderful short cut that allows people with simple training to become channels for a powerful gentle healing energy. I channeled healing energies for years before I took up Reiki but never as powerfully as I do now. It is like finding out instead of just having an antenna I have a satalite system hooked up to my TV all this time. I just needed someone to show me where the On switch was hidden.


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Book Review: ‘The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka’

Posted on August 16, 2007. Filed under: Angels, Animal Healing, Ascended Masters, Attunement, Books - Nonfiction, Chakra, Channeling, Co-Creation, Energy Healing, Energy Transmission, Pleiadian, Reiki, Shielding, Spirit Guides & Allies |

By Amorah Quan Yin

WorldCat Library Listing


This is one of my most favorite and regularly used books. It is a veritable library of powerful energy healing exercises in one book. I am afraid my copy is rather dogeared and bedraggled from constant use. Like the MAP process you sit or lie down and simply open a healing session – and it is OK to do most of them before sleeping so it’s OK to drop off. Unlike MAP you will be inviting the aid of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, not nature spirits. The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are Light beings from the Pleiades who wish to help humanity heal itself – and boy do they do good work!

The book is a wonderfully clear and comprehensive instruction manual to prepare for the work with exercises to clear you and your home’s energy, grounding, Aura healing, chakra and energy system clearing, severing negative psychic contracts, and decording. All of this before it covers Ka Activation, Dolphin Brain Repatterning, 12 different healing Chambers of Light, 5 different Love Configuration Chambers of Light and much much more. Heck I will just post the table of contents in a moment. There is too many good exercises in this book for me to not at least name them!

Chapter 7 Ka Activation
* Meeting the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
* Clearing and Activating your Ka Template
* Opening Your Ka Channels

Chapter 8 Dolphin Brain Repatterning
* Dolphin Moves
* Ethric Hands-On Dolphin Brain Repatterning

Chapter 9 Chambers of Light
* PEMS Synchronization Chamber
* Interdimensional Chamber of Light
* Quantum Transfiguration Chamber
* Integration Acceleration Chamber
* Ascension Chamber
* Sleep Chamber
* Stress Reduction Chamber
* Dolphin Star-Link Chamber
* Divine Axis Realignment Chamber
* No Time and Space Chamber
* Emotional Healing Chamber
* Multidimensional Healing and Integration Chamber of Light

Chapter 10 Love Configuration Chambers of Light
* Unification Chamber
* Angelic and Archangelic Chamber
* Divine Feminine Chamber
* Divine Masculine Chamber
* Yin/Yang Chamber

Chapter 11 Subpersonalities
* Integrating and Healing Your Subpersonalities
* Subpersonality Harmonization Chamber of Light
* Meeting your Inner Nurturer
* Meeting your Inner Child
* Meeting your Inner Warrior/Warrioress
* Meeting Your Inner Spirit
* Meeting your Personal Shield

Chapter 12 Additional Pleiadian Lightwork healing Techniques
* Cocoon Healing
* Clearing Erroneous Neural Pathways
* Self-Healing with the Quantum Transfiguration Grid
* Cellular Reorientation and Repatterning
* Restoring Life Force to Food

Chapter 13 Higher Self Connection
* Meeting and Blending with your higher self
* Divine Axis Alignment with your higher self

Chapter 14 Sustaining the Ka Work
* Ka Maintenance Process
* Ka Balancing Chamber of Light
* Recommendations for Ongoing Pleiadian Lightwork

Care2.com has two modified excerpts of this book. The first is a version of the Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light – one I personally have found the most useful . The second is a very effective energy cleansing technique for the home. Enjoy!

Self-Healing to Reduce Overload

Follow the directions on the above page just add that you want an Integration Acceleration Chamber of Light 😉

House Clearing for Ghosts and Spirits

Next say this invocation: “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I command that this home and grounds be filled with golden light from the City of Light where the Ascended Masters dwell. Only that which is divine may enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so. So be it.”

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