Bringing humanity, the Earth, and all beings into balance

Posted on October 24, 2007. Filed under: Co-Creation, Nature Spirits, Personal, Spirit Guides & Allies |

It is an interesting synchronicty for me to come across and finally read Earth Keepers and Ocean Keepers : Creating the Paradise Earth from Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn tonight. After posting my request for healing in Southern California I settled down to send more Reiki that way. Beings of light appeared to assist staring with Thunderbird who then took me to meet a fire Goddess of the American Southwest. Then Thunderbird took me to the ocean where I met a being who lives in the ocean. Down deep where the pressure is great is where he was. I think he may be an orca but I am not sure. He pressed me to force humans to change their ways, to stop polluting the world and driving everything out of balancing. I refused saying I would not do so even if I could force people to my will. I told him the most I would do was encourage people to work in concert with Nature to bring things back to balance and do what I can personally. It must have been a test because after that he agreed to help. I then offered myself as a channel for any and all energies that served the highest good and made sure to specify only what I can comfortably channel as I felt these beings were quite powerful and could easily fry my psychic circuits if they did not take care. When the energy flow let up I thanked them and they left.

Later I was surfing the internet and came across that channeling. hmmm. Does this mean I am an Earth or Ocean Keeper? I don’t know. I do like the idea of helping manifest the Paradise Earth and the sooner the better! Oh well until I find an How To book for this I will do my best to keeping going with the flow and keeping my promises to beings kind enough to help me.

Diamond Heart

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