Reiki Showers with a Chakra Bath : A Reiki Healing Experiment

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I have been enjoying Reiki internal energy showers for over two years now. The more I learn about reiki the more I find that focus and intention really increase the effect. A few days ago I thought of a more detailed and focused Reiki shower where one bathes away anything that does not serve from each chakra after first performing the basic shower.

Ground, Shield, Invite your Guides & Allies to help and supportSit or lie in a comfortable position. Lay your hands in your lap facing palm up or facing together and send Reiki fountaining up to the top of your head. If you wish draw or speak any Reiki symbols you feel are needed sending them over your head and then ‘dropping’ them into your crown chakra like a falling leaf drifts gently down to earth. Let the Reiki flow into your crown chakra as well, down on through every part of your body until it flows down out of the roots growing from soles of your feet all with the intention to prepare you for the chakra clearing. Continue this general clearing longer if you feel it is needed.

Next bring your focus of the flow of Reiki to the chakras in your feet all the while starting the send at the crown chakra on down through the body. I find sending it this way keeps me from getting spaced out during the process and automatically sends the cleared debris of the treatment into the Earth for composting. Infuse the chakras with Reiki gently washing away any blockages and repairing any damages. If you have not done much grounding you might find your feet chakras nearly closed and full of blocked energy. If so just work with this process to correct this. When the feet feel done treat the chakras in your ankles, knees, and hips each set one step at a time if only for a few moments. See the energy flowing outward from each chakra as if it was a little lighthouse as the chakra is cleared. Although these are minor chakras these are areas that often subject to injury or illness like arthritis in later life. Care for them now so you are less likely to need to later.

On to the Root Chakra. Again infuse this chakra noting any problems then focusing the flow of reiki on that area. Primal issues are stored in this chakra. Scarcity, survival, reproduction, and the things that trigger the flight or fight response are most often found here. Also in general issues relating to the first seven years of life. Your Kundalini is stored here. Be sure you have a healthy root system going in the minor chakras below this as well as clearing the major chakras before attempting to charm that powerful snake. Once the energy flows clearly until he chakra radiates like a small lighthouse or you feel enough is done for now move on.

Next is the Sacral Chakra just below the navel. Usually seen as orange and relating to physical creation, intimate sexual relationships – even if not physically consummated, reproduction, sexual abuse whether or not physical contact was part of it. This chakra often contains issues relating to the second seven years of life up to age 14. Breath the reiki into this chakra focusing on blockages and such. Once again treat this region until it is done then move on.

Solar Plexus – relating to the color yellow, issues relating ages 14 to 21, Ego healthy or unhealthy, interpersonal relationships. personal power. I found many of my inner kids there. Treat as you worked with the others then move up to the next chakra while continuing the flow from your hands up to your crown and down down down on out through the roots of your feet.

Heart Chakra Love, Green and Pink, compassion, ages 21 to 28, most emotional aspects of relationships including to one’s way of relating to one’s own self. Bathe this chakra with Reiki dissolving blockages and healing the damage until it beams as clear as can be done in one session.

Pectoral Chakras – not a traditional chakra yet IMO still in need of care. Care for this region tenderly for lack of tenderness to you may be lodged here as well as Mother issues and emotional nourishment. Please use Reiki treat this and other sensitive areas in yourself and if in relationship in your beloved for healers are not allowed to work these areas out of respect for their client’s privacy.

Thymus chakra aka High Heart Chakra. Cosmic and Unconditional Love. Not the personal love of the Heart but the Age of Aquarius everyone-is-my-brother-and-sister sort of love. While considered a minor chakra it is vital relating to the immune system. A broken lower heart can damage the upper heart as well. you may find issues relating to trusting the world and one’s fellow humans here. A lack of connection to others might be centered in the thymus as well. Some see it aqua, some pink, some turquoise. Work with whatever color feels right for you and treat it as you did all the other chakras.

(((to be continued in a bit, must take a break yet wish to share this now)))

An alternative to treating all the chakras in one go is to treat one chakra per session for a week or two for a more detailed exploration. Another thought is to treat one chakra per day from feet up to the crown and then start the cycle again. If doing one of these I suggest treating feet, ankles, knees & hips in one session with the root, the pectoral chakras and thymus along with the heart, and hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders with the throat, and eyes & ears (and base of the skull if you wish) with the third eye.NamasteDiamond HeartTechnorati Tags: , , ,


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